If…If’s & But’s Were Candy & Nuts We Would All Have A…?

Maybe a new saying should be put into place, as we should just forget “no pain no gain,” and rewrite the cliche, ”no pain just gain” for the new US mantra.   After all, making America great again couldn't involve it having already gone dramatically backwards.  Naw, no way, and to really cloud the picture, wait till you see the 3rd world discussion below in the “Final Thoughts” segment.

As the System Crumbles, It’s Church Pews are Still Filled with Parishioners

But meanwhile, those who worship the paper markets within the paper pews, those very markets that actually don’t exist anymore, are about to tell me, “But WG, we had equities rising in Europe and in the US.  All right after the anti-establishment vote from Italy, and to top that off WG, oil skyrocketed in the face of announced production increases to boot, so you are the one that doesn’t have a clue, WG!”  And as you put your ear muffs on, I will say once again, “The paper markets are fraudulent, so their paper indicators are meaningless except to those still assembling in the pews of paper system worship.  Singing the praises of their quarterly statements.

YIELD…! Funeral Ahead…!

One thing is for sure, the biggest bubble in world history is starting to get “thin in the skin,” as in ready to pop.  Which bubble, you ask?  The western debt markets.   Putting that aside for the moment, the good news of late is that nationalism is on the rise in the USA with a Trump victory, but it ain’t the only thing on the rise.  “Yields” are as well folks.  It would appear a debt funeral is “dead” ahead, along with an associated paper wake.  

The Winds of Change are Howling & The Reckoning Approaches a Crescendo!

Key points were that the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution” will likely get dusted off (with a Trump victory that is) and restored;  the US will default on it’s debt leading to the largest redistribution of assets in world history; and the US will potentially be divided, at the right point in time, into various regions (been discussed in the past) or countries if you will.  That last point makes it the right time to revisit the Wolf Gray theory on “sovereignty.”  In this case, a “ghost sovereignty” for someone who farms out more than 50% of their debt.  Many other points were discussed but I only feel comfortable outlining the above issues. 

Ignore the Media Noise & Follow the Honest Business Monetary Trail to Safety

From WG's cigar smoke filled office I maintain that this is how a business competitor or partner handles questions or negotiations when they are clearly in a position of strength.  And that is the key.  They are in a position of strength.  The level of confidence seen here can only come from knowing what a well planned future likely holds, a future that is about to reap recognized dividends that the competition will wish they had.  But if your eyes are open, this evidentiary trail to proper business and constructs of safety are already crystal clear.   In fact it is in broad daylight, only to be obscured by an ineffective US media and a deluded Sixpack public that is in denial of the realities.

The Bubble Explodes, Bring on the “ESF”…Essential Survival Fundamentals

Picking winners with your excess funds ain’t too easy, unless you are rigging the system, Bankster style.  In fact, it is nearly impossible to even pick investment winners 50% of the time.  The pros that don’t benefit from inside financial rigging try to get just a few winners, (hardly a 50/50 ratio of winners to losers) ride them hard, and cut all the losers loose as quickly as possible.  Folks, we are staring at one of the easiest winning trades in world history right now!  The exchange of legal tender fiat currency units for GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins).   In all my years I have never seen an easier trade, and to boot it all, it basically costs you nothing.  Just the premium on the physical bullion or coins.

Business “Truthers” in an Angry Search for Critical Mass

A business’s very success or failure can reside within the confines of a good marketing program.  But if no one is seeing or hearing the message, then you haven’t a prayer of selling any products or solutions.  Recently I had the privilege of communicating with a pretty high level thinker from the UK.  One idea became crystal clear, the messages of financial truth aren’t remotely close to reaching an important level of critical marketing mass. 

What’s that I See In Your Wallet? A True “Store” of Value!

It ain’t just a store of value.  GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins) literally are, and they can serve as your “Store.”  They can procure anything you “need” with efficiency in a near perfect continuity of purchasing power.  An ounce of gold or silver will come close to buying as much of any needs based product today as it did 100 years ago, if not MORE!  While what’s most likely in your wallet will get you about 1/99 of what it could buy 100 years ago.  GSBC’s are a store of value, and literally a “Store” in and of themselves.  An item that people will be wanting for themselves in quantity if at all possible.  So “What’s in your store, and what’s in your wallet?”  

It Ain’t Complicated, It’s EFP!

The current corrupt system has made an industry out of a simple service tied to “the health and good will to one’s fellow man.”  I have no problem with that except for the 3rd word in the prior sentence, the one that ruins the whole system’s script, “corrupt!”