PolitRussia’s Ruslan Ostashko on America’s Russophrenia Outbreak As the MSM/Clinton Propaganda Machine Melts Down

Russophrenia -- the belief that Russia is a weak, hopelessly backward country with an economy in tatters smaller than Italy's, but is simultaneously on the brink of taking over the world (or at least defeating NATO and 'the West'). (The Russia Analyst cannot claim to have invented the word, it comes from RT columnist and Irishman Bryan MacDonald, himself the victim of smears and harassment by the fanatical Russophrenics of the Interpreter Mag who now 'work' for RFE/RL at this and other American taxpayers' expense).

To this definition the Russia Analyst can add an addendum, which is that Russian agents or at least 'useful idiots' are everywhere in the (post)West, especially in the FBI as it drops truth bomb after truth bomb from at least five investigations into the extended Clinton crime family, whose apologists have been accusing Bureau director James Comey and the Republicans of being either in cahoots with the Russians or at least playing into their hands...

Battle for Syraq SITREP 4: AlCIAeda Treason Exposed — U.S. State Dept. Denies Arming Syrian Al-Qaeda Affiliate, Threatens Russians with ‘Body Bags’, Terror Attacks

On Tuesday the U.S. State Department spokesman John Kirby denied under reporters' questioning that Washington has been covertly arming the Al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria. The awkward questions came after German journalist Jörg Todenhöfer, who has spent more time interviewing the jihadists both ISIS and 'non' ISIS over the last five years of conflict than perhaps any (post)Western reporter, published the boasts of an alleged Al-Nusra commander about receiving hands on technical support as well as TOW missiles from Americans, Israelis and their Sunni Persian Gulf state allies inside Syria.

Naturally, the response of the mainstream media has been to ignore the interview. Neocon trolls and 'Free Syrian Army' (FSA) fanboys, many of them paid Washington think tank shills for Saudi Arabia or Qatar, have insisted 'the Assad regime' faked the Todenhöfer interview using an actor playing the terrorist. But Damascus has been adamant that not only is the CIA directly arming al-Nusra, bypassing the 'moderate' FSA middlemen, but that the Syrians have recorded audio of U.S. military members engaged in direct radio contact with ISIS before the Deir Ez Zor strike of September 17 killed over 62 Syrian Arab Army (SAA) soldiers. That audio has yet to be released by the Syrians, but Todenhöfer isn't backing down against critics attacking him or the authenticity of the interview.

Dugin: ‘Our Guys’ Bombed in U.S. Deir Ez Zor Provocation, Syria Strike Shows Globalists Prefer War to Losing Control

Alexandr Dugin may not be 'Putin's brain' as some have called him, but he remains an influential figure in Moscow. Dugin's Katehon think tank and Tsargrad TV's patron, 'God's oligarch' Konstantin Malofeev, is quite connected in what we would call Orthodox Christian-patriotic 'Kremlin circles'.

Katehon/RT/The Duran Contributor Andrew Korybko on Hybrid Wars and Faux Revolutions

While Team Rogue Money is breaking down the next moves and countermoves in the Greater Middle East as we enter 'October Surprise' season, we highly recommend this interview by Jay Dyer of JaysAnalysis.com with Andrew Korybko. Andrei is a member of the expert council for the Institute of Strategic Studies and Predictions at the People’s Friendship University of Russia (whose English language motto is "creating the world elite"). Andrew's work on colored revolutions and the tactics of Washington's hybrid warfare waged to support the decaying petrodollar is highly respected in Moscow, including at Alexandr Dugin's Katehon think tank where he is a contributor. - JWS

Southfront: D.C. Establishment/Dirty Deep State Trying to Escalate Ukraine Conflict to Demonize Russia and Help Hillary

This outstanding nearly eight minute video from Southfront summarizes the increasing tensions in the Donbass as well as between Ukraine and Russia. In the wake of a botched Ukrainian infiltration operation in Crimea earlier this month that left two Russian servicemen dead, Moscow is carrying out large scale summer exercises and moving powerful equipment closer to Ukraine's borders on its own territory.

Battle for Syraq SITREP 1: SAA Advancing to Taqba, Russian Reports of Turkish Advisers Leading Aleppo Jihadists

The following is the Russia Analyst's first attempt at producing a shorter, more easily read SITREP about the fast-developing military situation in Syria and Iraq. As we announced earlier this week, we also plan to introduce SITREPs on the upcoming Brexit vote, the ongoing immivasion/destabilization of the European Union, the build-up of NATO forces near Russia's borders, and the escalation of hostilities along the contact line between the Ukrainian Army and the breakaway Donbass republics.

The Saker Interview w/Catherine Austin Fitts of the Solari Report

The Florida-based former Swiss military analyst known as The Saker had a second telephone interview with Catherine Austin Fitts of the Solari Report last week. The topics included: the difference between Russian multi-polar diplomacy and Washington's language of threats and bluster, the rapidly degrading U.S. Deep State, and Russia's limited war aims in Syria. You can listen to the interview or download a full PDF transcript of the discussion here. - JWS