The Bubble Explodes, Bring on the “ESF”…Essential Survival Fundamentals

Picking winners with your excess funds ain’t too easy, unless you are rigging the system, Bankster style.  In fact, it is nearly impossible to even pick investment winners 50% of the time.  The pros that don’t benefit from inside financial rigging try to get just a few winners, (hardly a 50/50 ratio of winners to losers) ride them hard, and cut all the losers loose as quickly as possible.  Folks, we are staring at one of the easiest winning trades in world history right now!  The exchange of legal tender fiat currency units for GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins).   In all my years I have never seen an easier trade, and to boot it all, it basically costs you nothing.  Just the premium on the physical bullion or coins.

Tired of the Bullshit? Good, It’s Time to Get Dirty & Take the Trash Out…!

We need to wake up, clean up the house, rebuild our house (not frickin’ flip it), and earn our place in the world’s key trade outlets.  Sounds hard, right?  Wrong.  That’s what real Americans do, or at least did, per the Wolfpack.  It should be easy with some hard work and favorable trade winds at our backs.  Especially when you have some of the most natural resource rich lands on God’s green earth under your feet.  You just got to get back to frickin’ work!  And for you pansies out there, it can actually be fun, so let’s get back to work!  Don’t like that theory?  Go the hell somewhere else, you are boring me to tears.

Bernanke’s reboot of housing bubble comes full circle

Ever since former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan started the central bank down a path of Keynesian madness, the entire economy has been based on a series of bubbles, crashes, and more bubbles.  And most notable and recent of these bubbles was the one involving housing that not only popped in early 2007, but led the … Continue reading Bernanke’s reboot of housing bubble comes full circle