Antarctica: Separating Fact from Fiction

Russian Orthodox patriarchs blessing penguins. Astronaut heroes getting air-lifted out. Secretaries of State showing up for the tour. Heirs to thrones joining expeditions. Just when did Antarctica become the new hot vacation destination? 70 years ago this week, the Pentagon went there too.

Held Hostage at Incirlik

It may be 1979 all over again as an autocratic, though democratically elected, ruler of a Muslim nation is apparently holding over 1500 American servicemen hostage at their own airbase. Tonight's update on Erdogan, the Turkey Coup, and the situation at the airbase.


On June 1, 2016 a baffling, bizarre ceremony was performed to launch the opening of the Gotthard Base railway tunnel in Switzerland. We're quite sure that if Dr. Strangelove had been a real person, he would have been seated in the audience and loving every minute of the strange ballet. It's time we talk about what Stanley Kubrick likely knew oh so well: that the old Nazi power players never went away. They have, indeed, put "the band back together."

Palmyra and the New Digital Masons

On April 19, 2016 Trafalgar Square will stage the unveiling of a new 3-D printing and stone cutting application whose mission is to restore damaged history. Is there a danger that such a technology might also be used to "ethnically cleanse" history?

Leave it to a Nazi to Tell the Truth about Ukraine

Andre Biletsky is the fuehrer of the Social National (read: National Socialist) Assembly of Ukraine. Like Adolf Hitler, who also did jail time on charges of terrorism or attempting to overthrow the government, Biletsky claimed to be a political prisoner before being elected to the national assembly. Biletsky and his Azov Battalion deny using the … Continue reading Leave it to a Nazi to Tell the Truth about Ukraine

Rumors of War with Russia, Part 8: Ukraine’s ‘Operation Citadel’

Reliable Novorossiya sources indicate this morning that Kiev is massing up to 90,000 troops, hundreds of self-propelled guns, tanks and armored infantry fighting vehicles for an offensive against the pro-Russian Donbass forces. Donetsk has been under heavy bombardment, with hundreds of artillery or mortar shells fired overnight into Sunday. Donetsk People's Republic Prime Minister Alexander Zakharchenko has declared that a large-scale Ukrainian assault is imminent and cancelled all leave while ordering the DNR [Доне́цкая Наро́дная Респу́блика - JWS]/DPR's tanks and guns to front line positions.