Electoral College Putsch Fails Miserably, More Electors Go Rogue Against Hillary than vs. DJT

As the Russia Analyst, V and the team of contributors predicted here at RogueMoney, the push by Big Hollywood B and C list actors, George Soros (G)NGOs and the Democrats' presstitute propaganda machine failed miserably. These once mighty and now collapsing legacy media forces could not persuade all but a tiny majority of Electoral College delegates to change their vote. In the end on December 19th only two Republican delegates from Texas, one of them (Chris Suprun) an accused 9/11 stolen valor case and general sleazebag, followed through on threats not to back Trump.

On the Democratic side, the efforts by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's daughter Christine Pelosi to make electors switch their votes or demand an intelligence briefing on Russia's alleged hacking of the election before following through backfired. In yet another sign of just how many millions of Democrats couldn't stand the entitled 'it's my turn' Hillary, four Washington State delegates wrote in Colin Powell and Faith Spotted Eagle of the Yankton Sioux Nation. One Dem delegate from Hawaii backed Bernie Sanders, the Vermont socialist that Hillary blames Russian hackers and Wikileaks for exposing how she cheated out of the Democratic nomination. Another Democrat from Maine tried to back Bernie only to be told he could not do so by law in his state.

Trump Mocks MSM and Gamma Male Ex-CIA Troll Evan (Egg McMuffin) McMullin

Before anyone gets too excited about the snowball's chance in hell of a successful electoral college putsch against Donald John Trump on Monday, it's worth looking back at other #FakeNews courtesy of the dying legacy media. Such as...independent (neo)conservative candidate' Evan McMullin was TIED with Trump in the Beehive State of Utah. Does anyone remember that anymore, or did it get buried under all those 'Trump has no chance/Hillary is unbeatable' pronouncements on CNN and (P)MSNBC?

Seven Days in December: Obama and MSM’s Failing CIA Soft Coup Against Trump

On Monday, December 19 U.S. electoral college electors will convene at their respective state capitols across the country to cast their votes for president. There is almost zero evidence, despite massive and overwhelmingly favorable legacy media coverage of those electors demanding a briefing from the CIA on alleged Russian hacking support for Trump, that 37 Republicans of the 306 electoral votes pledged to the Trump-Pence ticket will abstain or support someone else, sending the contest to the GOP-led U.S. House of Representatives. In theory, if the election were sent to the U.S. House, GOP Representatives could support someone besides Mr. Trump -- but they probably couldn't do it without facing the justified wrath of the voters who sent them to Washington.

So the question remains what's the game afoot here? Mr. Trump's spokesmen and women such as Kellyanne Conway have already provided the answer: to de-legitimize president elect Trump as 'Putin's puppet'. Yet Hillary Clinton already made that argument and lost in humiliating fashion.

What Trump's official spokesmen won't say on the cable networks is what his unofficial ally Roger J. Stone will tell Infowars listeners: part of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have decided they can dictate policy to the president elect...if not to what Hillary Clinton called the 'deplorables' who put him into office. But the spooks who think they can override team Trump and through their super hawk buddies in Congress, block any significant shift in American foreign policy from the dead end of the last three administrations had better remember this: the U.S. is not Ukraine, whose weak government they easily overthrew in February 2014. Unlike the Berkut riot police whose commanders were suborned through bribery with the remainder swept away by violent activists spearheading a larger protest movement, the USA's got plenty of people in and outside of government ready to fight back against a coup...

Battle of Syraq SITREP 10: SAA Victory in Aleppo, Debacle at Palmyra

The Empire -- or its Saudi Arabia-n and Qatari foreign legion with some wink and nod help from the dirty deep state in 'the (post)West' -- has struck back. After whining for weeks about the Syrian Arab Army grinding down Washington and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)'s special snowflake jihadists and vastly exaggerating the number of east Aleppans held hostage by the same, the lame duck Obama Administration has admitted the proxy battle for Aleppo is lost. Yet hundreds of kilometers to the south, in the desert oasis city of Palmyra, ISIS has struck back without a single documented U.S. led coalition air strike to check its advance. Just like when ISIL conquered the city in 2015, executing its archaeologist in residence while pillaging priceless civilizational heritage, and Obama didn't permit a damned thing to be bombed near the Daeshbags.

Robert Ford, the terrorist empowering former American Ambassador to Syria, and neocon Daeshbag propaganda specialist Michael D. Weiss of The Daily Beast can scarcely contain their glee. Of course, since taking Palmyra seems to be easier than holding it in a valley surrounded by open deserts, the end result is likely to be hundreds of barbecued ISIS terrorists once the Russians, who had pulled out of the city two days before it fell, return with a couple of TOS-1 Buratino air bursting rocket flamethrowers.

Short Battle of Syraq SITREP 7: Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Receiving Pantsir Air Defense Systems

While the Obama Administration appears to be flailing about for some action to look tough on ISIS or the Russians ahead of the November 8th U.S. elections, in Syria the pro-government forces continue to advance in Hama province and reduce the jihadist stronghold of east Aleppo.

The announcement by the Assad government that various rebel factions are in negotiations to leave behind the Al-Qaeda loyal Nusra die hards as well as reports that a high level Turkish delegation is headed to Damascus for talks are indicative of the tide turning decisively against U.S./GCC proxies. It would appear that any neocon hopes for a radical revision of facts on the ground will have to await the arrival in the White House of their war queen Hillary Clinton. With the Turks abandoning their Nusra proxies in Aleppo, only direct American intervention that risks all out war with Russia can save Washington's decade-long project to topple Assad.

Putin’s Grey Cardinal KGB/SVR Lt. Gen. (Ret) Leonid Reshetnikov: CIA Plotting Removal of Russian President — Including Via Assassination

On Friday, September 2, 2016, a Mercedes Benz sedan crashed head on at high speed into a BMW driven by Russian President Vladimir Putin's chauffeur, killing him instantly and putting the Mercedes driver into a coma. The crash occurred around mid-day along Kutuzovsky Prospekt, one of the busiest thoroughfares in Moscow, while neither Putin nor anyone else was in the black Russian Federation Council BMW.

In the Russia Analyst's September 11, 2016 post about the wreck and widespread reporting of 'conspiracy theories' that the Mercedes Benz was hacked and hijacked by unknown parties to careen into Putin's driver, we mentioned retired KGB/SVR Lt. Gen. Leonid Reshetnikov. In our article, we speculated that this was more of a message than an actual attempt on Putin's life, and we also cited Reshetnikov's widely translated interview of April 2015 with Argumenty y Fakti discussing assassinating world leaders as a standard tool in the CIA's black bag. Thanks to the translations of the Moscow-based expats at Russia Insider, we have English subtitles of the retired KGB/SVR analyst strongly hinting in a broadcast on the Tsargrad TV channel last month that the September 2nd wreck was indeed, a warning regarding the life of (his think tank the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies' (RISS) principal patron) Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

Battle for Syraq SITREP 4: AlCIAeda Treason Exposed — U.S. State Dept. Denies Arming Syrian Al-Qaeda Affiliate, Threatens Russians with ‘Body Bags’, Terror Attacks

On Tuesday the U.S. State Department spokesman John Kirby denied under reporters' questioning that Washington has been covertly arming the Al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria. The awkward questions came after German journalist Jörg Todenhöfer, who has spent more time interviewing the jihadists both ISIS and 'non' ISIS over the last five years of conflict than perhaps any (post)Western reporter, published the boasts of an alleged Al-Nusra commander about receiving hands on technical support as well as TOW missiles from Americans, Israelis and their Sunni Persian Gulf state allies inside Syria.

Naturally, the response of the mainstream media has been to ignore the interview. Neocon trolls and 'Free Syrian Army' (FSA) fanboys, many of them paid Washington think tank shills for Saudi Arabia or Qatar, have insisted 'the Assad regime' faked the Todenhöfer interview using an actor playing the terrorist. But Damascus has been adamant that not only is the CIA directly arming al-Nusra, bypassing the 'moderate' FSA middlemen, but that the Syrians have recorded audio of U.S. military members engaged in direct radio contact with ISIS before the Deir Ez Zor strike of September 17 killed over 62 Syrian Arab Army (SAA) soldiers. That audio has yet to be released by the Syrians, but Todenhöfer isn't backing down against critics attacking him or the authenticity of the interview.

Escalation: Washington Claims Strike That Killed Scores of Syrian Soldiers Was a Mistake, Russian MFA Calls UNSC Closed Session, Asks If U.S. Deliberately Aiding ISIS

The Russia Analyst had intended to write a short Syraq SITREP regarding whether the fragile ceasefire deal struck between Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov would hold. As with Friday's news that CIA, Turkish, Saudi and Qatari-backed 'moderate' 'Free Syrian Army' jihadists cursed and threatened American special forces as infidel pig-dog occupiers, our analyses keep getting overtaken by events on the ground. As one astute commenter to our post from late Friday night/early Saturday morning observed, the evidence supporting Dr. Jim Willie's assertion that the CIA's jihadists are at war with the Pentagon's Kurdish proxies (while not killing U.S. soldiers...just yet) keeps piling up.

While New Yorkers in the Guerrilla's home town were talking about the (conveniently timed) IED blasts that injured at least 29 people in Manhattan Saturday night, across town the United Nations Security Council was convening in a closed door session. According to Russian AND (post)Western media, Moscow's envoy to the UN Vitaly Churkin stopped just short of accusing the U.S. of deliberately killing Syrian soldiers in support of ISIS. But he also questioned exactly WHO is in charge in Washington, the civilian leadership at the White House, or the Pentagon and CIA?

Charlie Foxtrot: U.S. Special Forces Cursed as ‘Infidels’ and ‘Pigs’, Threatened by ‘Moderate’ FSA Jihadists Washington/Langley Spent Billions to Arm and Train

The filmed stream of curses for American special forces soldiers happened this week in the Syrian-Turkish border town of Al-Rai, occupied by U.S. and Turkey-backed 'moderate' 'Free Syrian Army' jihadis

Sens. John McCain, Mrs. John McCain Lindsey Graham, Rep. Adam KinzingerThe Daily Beast's Michael D. Weiss, Bellingcat's Eliot Higgins, Charles 'Doha/Ahrar-al-Sham' Lister, Hillary 'muh No Fly Zone to protect these bastards from getting bombed by Russia' Clinton and many other advocates for the 'moderates' of the 'Free Syrian Army' could apparently not be reached for comment on this. Perhaps they'll just memory hole the whole thing and pretend it never happened with a lot of help from the press -- but that didn't exactly work in covering up #HillarysHealth due to that whole viral YouTube videos thing. Another example of what the Guerrilla calls the Obso-elites stupidity and incompetence.

As Italy-based American expat writer Theodore Robert Beale aka Vox Day says, "There is clearly some brilliant stategery taking place in the Pentagon these days. These gentlemen are clearly ready to fight WWIII against a Sino-Russian alliance."

Houthis Advancing on Najran, Saudi Arabia; U.S. Sending More Abrams Tanks to Replace Armor Destroyed by Yemenis

Defense One is a publication which is about as Establishment friendly as it gets in Washington. Relying as it does on advertisers from what the late President Dwight Eisenhower referred to as "the military industrial complex" it's rare to see this magazine publish anything that would rock the boat too much or force a reevaluation of business as usual at the Pentagon. One exception has been its admission published several months ago that Russian electronic warfare now has the U.S. military's capabilities outclassed (even if one doesn't accept Russia's version of what happened to the USS Donald Cook or the existence of what the Russia Analyst calls Moscow's 'battlefield off switch'). 

Another small nugget revealing much about what isn't discussed in polite D.C. foreign policy wonk company was published on August 9, under the surprisingly frank headline "Saudi Losses in Yemen War Exposed by U.S. Tank Deal"