С новым годом from Vlad — Russian President Refuses to Retaliate for Expulsion of 35 Diplomats, Prepares for Improved Relations with PEOTUS Trump, Wishes Americans a Happy New Year

Something amazing just happened to close a 'frequency shifting' 2016 on a hopeful note. Perhaps mindful that since Machiavelli's time if not the birth of Christ human beings have been impressed more by magnanimity and mercy than vengeance, more cheered by hope than fear, and in the spirit of the most beloved Russian holiday which represents families gathering together and new beginnings on January 1st, Vladimir Putin announced his government will not retaliate for the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats from the U.S.

Instead, Putin released a note looking ahead to cooperation with a President Donald J. Trump, as well as inviting the children of accredited diplomats including Americans to the Kremlin as his guests for a New Year's concert. Putin's announcement tossed in the trash the 'fake news' C(IA/Clinton)N(ews)N(etwork) reported that the Russian government was going to close the Anglo-American School of Moscow, which serves the diplomatic community's children representing over 60 countries in the Russian capital. As president elect Trump tweeted, well played Vlad, well played.

Turning the Nazi Tide: Forgotten Lessons from the Battle of Moscow 75 Years Later

75 years ago, soldiers of Hitler's Wehrmacht were close enough to the Kremlin to see its church domes through their scopes. But the spearheads of a 'Europe united against Bolshevism', who had led the largest invasion in history numbering some 3.5 million men a few months before, would advance no further. Today an anti-tank barrier stands along the highway through the northwest side suburb of Khimki, marking the spot of the closest German approach to the Russian capitol.

Aided by the superb intelligence of deep cover agent Richard Sorge in Japan, the Soviets knew the Imperial Japanese would not attack in the Far East on behalf of their Axis allies. That enabled Stalin and his top commander Georgy Zhukov to transfer "15 infantry divisions, 3 cavalry divisions, 1,700 tanks, and 1,500 aircraft from the Far East to the European front in November 1941" and to turn the tables on a Wehrmacht that for two years had dominated Europe and known only victory.

EU(SSR) Parliament Passes Resolution Against ‘Russian Propaganda’, @EUvsDisinfo Smears Radio Host @RealAlexJones as a Kremlin Mouthpiece

As the European Union (EU) continues to crack up with Brexit potentially being followed by the first steps toward Italexit and Austria-exit this winter, the European Parliament attacked what it called Russian propaganda this week in an emotionally debated resolution.

Like most activities of the chamber in Strasbourg, France, however the resolution which passed despite more abstentions and opposition than votes in favor, is meaningless -- except to demonstrate to Moscow and the world that a significant bloc of MEPs, mostly hailing from the former Soviet bloc states bordering Russia, can shamelessly conflate 'Russian propaganda' against the EU with the beheadings, tortures and bloodthirsty calls to jihadist violence of the Islamic State (see the text for yourself here).

Dugin: ‘Our Guys’ Bombed in U.S. Deir Ez Zor Provocation, Syria Strike Shows Globalists Prefer War to Losing Control

Alexandr Dugin may not be 'Putin's brain' as some have called him, but he remains an influential figure in Moscow. Dugin's Katehon think tank and Tsargrad TV's patron, 'God's oligarch' Konstantin Malofeev, is quite connected in what we would call Orthodox Christian-patriotic 'Kremlin circles'.

#TinFoilHillary’s Vast Right Wing Kremlin Conspiracy Theory of Putin as the ‘Grand Godfather’ of Nationalist Thoughtcrime Worldwide

The most common epithets one tends to hear as a member of the alternative media or someone who's followed it for many years are "tin foil hat" and "conspiracy theorist". Therefore it's grimly amusing when the roles are reversed, and it's the Establishment Candidate and her "lamestream media" who are the ones promoting the ridiculous conspiracy theories.

As we'll discuss in this and an upcoming article, we believe much of the material for Clinton's speech was cribbed if not plagiarized from Soros-network influenced Central Asia 'scholar' Sarah Kendzior and 'investigative journalist' turned obsessive over Texas separatists Casey "Michelle". However, other players in the extended Atlantic Council/Soros networks -- such as former NATO spokesman Ben Nimmo, who blamed Russian media for the Brexit -- also seemed to have been uncredited by Hillary's speechwriters.

Since hardly anyone personifies an increasingly despised Washington Establishment more than Hilary Rodham Clinton, the most detested woman in America, the response of the pro-Donald Trump "AltRight" and Breitbart.com has been the 'maintaining frame' through still greater trolling and amused mastery. Others have invoked a quote often attributed to Indian independence leader Mahatma Gandhi, "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." Make no mistake, if the #AltRight 'trolls' and anti-globalists who share their loathing of Mrs. Clinton weren't alarming her handlers with hashtags Twitter keeps having to shadowban like #HillaryCoverageIsCrap, #HillarysHealth, #SickHillary, #HillarysStools, #HillarysHuma and the like, Clinton wouldn't have given the speech.

July 23 (10th) — The Placing of the Precious Robe of the Lord in Moscow

On July 23 [N.S.] the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates the Deposition of the Precious Robe of our Lord Jesus Christ in Moscow, in memory of the acquisition of this sacred object in 1625. Before coming to Russia, this honored relic changed hands more than once. According to the Gospel account, one of the soldiers acquired His chiton [inner tunic] – the Lord’s Robe – by lot:They said therefore among themselves, Let us not rend it, but cast lots for it, whose it shall be: that the scripture might be fulfilled, which saith, They parted My raiment among them, and for my vesture they did cast lots (John 19:24).

(US)IS Shoots Down Russian Piloted SyAAF Hind Gunship

No wonder the Guerrilla Economist and Team RogueMoney's friend John B. Wells of the Caravan to Midnight program calls them 'USIS' --

The Islamic State has released video it says shows the shoot down of a Russian piloted Syrian Air Force Mi-24 helicopter gunship east of Palmyra this weekend. The Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed that the two pilots on board were killed when the chopper crashed after making a low altitude strafing run in support of the Syrian Arab Army units engaged in combat with the Daesh terrorists. Several things are notable about this incident but it's interesting to notice:

1) The Russian Defense Ministry says ISIS used a TOW anti-tank missile, of the type that the CIA supposedly only supplied to vetted 'moderate' Syrian rebels, but which also was used to down a Russian rescue helicopter last November after Turkey's ambush downing of a SU-24 bomber inside Syrian air space. The perpetrators of that ambush who were part of the 'Free Syrian Army' Latakia 'Coastal Brigades' were caught by the Syrian Arab Army.

2) The usual neocon (Trotyskite and now pro-Sunni Salafist sectarian), NATO-linked Atlantic Council Bellingcat and supposed ISIS expert commentators are letting the masks slip, tweeting 'Free Syrian Army' fanboys' glee over the shoot down:

Victory Day/9 мая

To all WW2 veterans and RogueMoney readers in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazahkstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and the nations of Europe -- congratulations on this 71st anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany! - JWS

Putin’s Retired SVR Lt. Gen. ‘Grey Cardinal’ Says the New World Order is Behind Cold War 2 and the Destabilization of Europe

"Politics is the art of knowing your enemy and rendering him harmless." - Ivan Ilyin, Vladimir Putin's favorite 20th century 'White Russian' philosopher311 days passed between the #CharlieHebdo terror attacks and Friday the (November) 13th's ISIS inspired mayhem in Paris. It's been since 136 days since we published an article on Putin's 'grey cardinal' or 'brain' … Continue reading Putin’s Retired SVR Lt. Gen. ‘Grey Cardinal’ Says the New World Order is Behind Cold War 2 and the Destabilization of Europe