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NEW YORK (RM) -- The Russia Analyst is on Gab -- a 300 character per post, free speech microblogging platform that's gaining thousands of users every day, as people get fed up with the Social Justice (Cold) Warrior and Democrat/Legacy Media/Big Silicon Valley driven #FakeNews censorship at Twitter. If you're on Twitter and wish to sign up for the Gab wait list, just go to @JoinGab

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Announcement — RogueMoney Radio with V and CJ Five Days a Week Mon-Fri 8 a.m. EST

NEW YORK (RM) -- After a few years of V the Guerrilla Economist doing the weekly radio show at 8 p.m. Eastern time Friday nights, longtime RogueMoney listeners and readers may notice that Team RM is now offering a plethora of audio podcast/YouTube and text content from our contributors.

Mornings with V -- aka The AMs with V and CJ -- is now a weekdaily webcast Mondays through Fridays 8 a.m. EST. Ken Schortgen Jr. and Deb @BanksterSlayer Caruthers also have their own YouTube channels, with Ken's Daily Economist show posting once or twice a week. Check the RM main page with the RM TV 'Live' link at the top of our site for interviews with newsmakers and financial survival/geopolitical analysis interviewees such as Syria Girl (@PartisanGirl) Mimi al-Laham and Peter Schiff.

If you like what we're doing, show your love and support for us by subscribing to these YouTube channels, following us @TheRogueMoney @FinanceExaminer @BanksterSlayer @ProducerCJ1 on Twitter (and soon, the James Winston Smith the Russia Analyst on Gab -- watch this space), as well as liking us on Facebook. Please also consider purchasing the Rogue Report "2017 The Year Ahead" available at the 'RogueReport' link - for $24.99. As V hinted on Tuesday's podcast, Team RM is also planning on offering soon some special 'swag' items as a way of showing your support for us and spreading the word. -- JWS

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Bee in Eden — Team RogueMoney’s Deb @BanksterSlayer Caruthers YouTube Channel

You've heard her contributions on the Guerrilla Economist Radio Show, The Other Side of Midnight with Richard C. Hoagland and other talk radio programs. You've read her articles here at RogueMoney. Now you can subscribe to Debra Caruthers aka @BanksterSlayer's own YouTube channel. You can also read show transcripts at the Sedona Deb Blog.

In this first episode of her YT channel, Deb takes on one of her favorite topics -- the ancient esoteric origins of monetary alchemy and the cult of currency creation. This show was recorded on August 26, 2016 and posted on Friday, September 2, 2016. 

- James "Winston" Smith the Russia Analyst

A Team RM Announcement from the Russia Analyst

Tempus fugit. As the pace of global geo-economic change accelerates and the financial balance of power tilts eastward, the Russia Analyst is changing tactics to keep up with the times. Henceforth, per our promise at the start of 2016, we plan far fewer lengthy analyses here at RogueMoney -- save for those which have already been 'in the pipeline' and which will be contributed in three to five page length for an upcoming paid subscription analysis product the Guerrilla will announce soon involving the whole Team RogueMoney. 

Boxing Day and New Year’s Greetings from the Russia Analyst

Dear Team Rogue Money and readers, As of December 31, 2015 James "Winston" Smith the Russia Analyst will no longer be publishing analyses at We want to thank V, Wolf Gray, Ken Shortgen Jr. and 'W the Intelligence Insider', Thorny Bastard in Shenzhen, the ladies known as @BanksterSlayer, Joyann and many others who know … Continue reading Boxing Day and New Year’s Greetings from the Russia Analyst