Antarctica: Separating Fact from Fiction

Russian Orthodox patriarchs blessing penguins. Astronaut heroes getting air-lifted out. Secretaries of State showing up for the tour. Heirs to thrones joining expeditions. Just when did Antarctica become the new hot vacation destination? 70 years ago this week, the Pentagon went there too.


Synchronized Like Gears in a Clock

Slaves to numbers. Codes and secret symbols hidden in plain sight. Do you see the three number "elevens" that fit like puzzle pieces in this instantly recognizable Bankster priesthood logo? Our intelligence insider, W, kindly offers his thoughts on the playout of agendas yet to come.

The Mission of the Magi

The tale of Three Wise Men has been told and re-told during the Christmas season for hundreds of years. Perhaps it gives people a warm and fuzzy feeling to think that some influential group of men felt moved to pay homage to that one special baby who would grow up to change the world. Would it surprise you to know that, contrary to the traditional dramatization, the Three Magi were just intel agents of our old nemesis, that Babylonian Bankster Priesthood, off on a mission to squash any Messianic dissent from the established narrative?

Eight Trump Cards in 2017

Few magazine covers titillate the Alt-Media Webiverse more than The Economist's supra-symbolic vision of the year ahead. The Rothschilds never fail to disappoint us. However, we must smirk at the fact that the 2016 cover failed to display even a hint of one Donald J. Trump, an omission that the magazine itself now admits. The editors have now made up for that omission, in spades, by presenting not just one "Trump" but EIGHT of them.

Earthquakes in One Place After Another…in the Same Day?

Christchurch, New Zealand was thrown out of their collective beds nearly on the stroke of midnight this morning by a 7.9 earthquake and subsequent tsunami hitting the eastern coast. The depth of the tremor was quite shallow, only 10 km. But the dot that few have yet connected is that the globe has suddenly experienced at least FIVE major magnitude quakes at that SAME depth within days or only hours of each other.

Ken Schortgen Jr., Debra Caruthers and @Evo_Consultants on What to Expect from a Trump Presidency

"The Professor" Ken Schortgen Jr. @FinanceExaminer talks the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) intervention in the markets on Election Day and what a Trump presidency means for the near economic future, in terms of infrastructure spending, repatriation of dollars held by U.S. corporations overseas, renegotiating globalist trade agreements and tax cuts stimulus.

In a separate segment, Deb @BanksterSlayer Caruthers and @Evo_Consultants talk on November 10th about the global economic paradigm shift. - JWS 

Hey India, Got Gold?

Imagine what it would be like if you woke up one morning and the news flashed across your tablet: GOVERNMENT RECALLS ALL PAPER DOLLARS OF $50 AND $100 DENOMINATIONS...AFTER MIDNIGHT YOUR MONEY IS NO LONGER VALID. Science Fiction? Well it just happened in India. Today.

Can the Fall of Babylon Be Far Behind?

"Where are they LEARNING this stuff?" was the $64 trillion dollar question asked aloud by a journalist upon reading the Wikileaks emails that indicate that Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta may have engaged in Satanic rituals meant to mimic child sacrifice. And all of that followed Weiner revelations that Huma Abedin kept an "insurance" file on her computer with disgusting sexual images of Hillary Clinton in a lesbian encounter with an underage girl. Exactly how far will this go before the American public cries "ENOUGH!"

Cosmic War v.2

The Elite Masters may now have shown their true agenda. They don't intend to battle Vladimir Putin. No, by Jove, they intend to battle Zeus! On October 13th, Obama pulled yet another Executive Order out of his hat. This one orders the nation to prep for attacks from our own solar system. Never let a good cosmic war go to waste.