Antarctica: Separating Fact from Fiction

Once again, the Internet has its panties in a bunch over whatever it is that “they” do not want you to see in Antarctica. From “perfect pyramids” to “ground-radar evidence” of lost cities to “UFO-shaped tunnel ports,” you will not get bored with the endless variety of conspiracy theories and “look at this!” YouTube videos. And as usual, the public is once again being treated to a buffet of half-truths and limited hang-out diversions.

So, what do we know and why should we care?

I’ll answer that second question first. We should care simply because there IS an obfuscation in progress. We should care because many important people from incredibly diverse paths of life have suddenly begun showing up for a visit Down Under. And we should care because that Extraterritorial State of which we seem to speak so often these days, that post-WWII Nazi International, invested a big chunk of their own energy and resources into this land. That history is both well-documented, under-reported, and will be introduced here at RogueMoney in a future blog. There are just too many fascinating surprises from this land to do all of it justice in one sitting.

Let’s start by separating Fact from Fiction.

FICTION: Ground-radar cameras operated by NASA have discovered the very rectilinear remains of a human civilization. 

FICTION: Debunked over a year ago, the greenish photo on the right is really an image from Egypt; not the remains of an ancient polar settlement. (Source:

FICTION: Debunked over a year ago, the greenish photo on the right is really an image from Egypt; not the remains of an ancient polar settlement. (Source:

That claim published here at the so-called “World News Daily Report” [link] has been fairly well debunked by this hoax alert website at — and it was debunked over a year ago [linked here]. The blueish photo on the left truly is a photo from Antarctica, but it was taken long ago by a Landsat 8 camera, not the new mapping expedition mentioned in the article.

FICTION: Pyramids from ancient civilizations have been discovered in Antarctica.

FICTION: (Maybe) Antarctic terrain is dotted with dozens of formations that resemble pyramids. Most can be explained by constant freeze-thaw action. (Source:

FICTION: (Maybe) Antarctic terrain is dotted with dozens of formations that resemble pyramids. Most can be explained by constant freeze-thaw action. (Source:

I’m going to allow a 10% benefit of the doubt on this one. The real problem with the story is that there are cone-shaped and pyramid-shaped mountains all over Antarctica. So I can’t even nail down which photo matches which peak on the map because there are so many of them. Nevertheless, this article at [linked here] does a nice job of explaining how the constant freezing-melting action at the South Pole literally slices sheer slabs of rock from the mountains. In the natural world, it is not uncommon for a cone-shaped or pyramid-shaped peak to be engineered in this way. And far from some internet claims that “this is a perfect pyramid,” you can see that it is most certainly NOT a perfect pyramid. The fourth side is sloped quite differently from the other three which is explained by an uneven erosion pattern on that side. In fact, it should not surprise us to find all kinds of angular formations produced by sliding ice sheets at the Poles. This is a phenomenon called nunataks. Sometimes, plant life can even survive in its cracks.

Nevertheless, it’s obvious that not every pyramid shape in Antarctica has been explored. So, just as the great pyramid in Bosnia was hiding in plain sight for hundreds of years, covered with vegetation, before somebody thought to open its door, I’ll keep my mind open on the possibility that there may indeed be a long-disused, man-made pyramid somewhere down in Antarctica.

FICTION (Partly): Underground tunnels are being used as UFO portals.

“Tunnels as high as the Eiffel Tower,” yes this is true! But a Nazi spaceport? No evidence yet. (Source: DailyMail.UK)

Now we’re getting down to some interesting phenomena. It is in fact TRUE that there ARE underground tunnels carved into the ice in Antarctica. However, their use as some kind of spaceport that nicely accommodates dome-shaped anti-gravitic flying craft has not been proven. Nevertheless, the tunnels are real and their formation is explained in this DailyMail.UK article [linked here]:

The 820-foot tunnels are nearly as tall as the Eiffel Tower – which measures just over 987 feet – and more than four times as tall as Tower Bride – which comes in at 213 feet. Researchers concluded that the placement of the tunnels means that they were most likely formed from meltwater – water released from melting ice – that flowing underneath the ice sheet, over land, and into the ocean. The data revealed that water moved beneath the ice in concentrated channels, similar to rivers.

Those are my top three (partly) fictitious claims currently being made about Antarctica. Now let’s talk about what we SHOULD be talking about.

Antarctica Is Loaded with Anomalies

A simple Google search of the words “Antarctica” and “Anomaly” will lead you down many scientific paths. This continent whose size is about twice that of the United States enjoys both “land-based” anomalies and “sea-based” anomalies.

FACT: A probable meteor impact crater sits under the ice in Wilkes Land, eastern Antarctica.

A massive meteor crater likely sits under the ice in the Wilkes Land region. (Source: Wikipedia)

A massive meteor crater likely sits under the ice in the Wilkes Land region. (Source: Wikipedia)

Over ten years ago, gravity measurements by NASA’s GRACE satellites have probably identified a 190-mile wide mass concentration. The researchers have noted that this mass anomaly is centered within a larger ring-like structure visible in radar images of the land surface beneath the Antarctic ice cap. This combination suggested to them that the feature may mark the site of a 300-mile wide impact crater buried beneath the ice. It is more than 2.5 times larger than the 110-mile Chicxulub crater in Mexico’s Yucatan that supposedly killed the dinosaurs. The impact may have even contributed to the rift between Australia and Antarctica millions of years ago.

During Bill Clinton’s presidency, a meteorite rock sample that originated from Mars was found in Antarctica [linked here]. It caused quite a stir as it was hoped that fossil remains of organic life might be detected within the sample. However, the public has been informed that, alas, no such evidence was forthcoming. (Not all of us are convinced.)

FACT: A magnetic anomaly has been measured at one end of Lake Vostok.

Lake Vostok is located not far from Wilkes Land and enjoys surprisingly warm water. Where is her heat source? (Image:

Lake Vostok is located not far from Wilkes Land and enjoys surprisingly warm water. Where is her heat source? (Image: [linked here] includes this statement from a NATO official: “But at the end of Lake Vostok is what’s known as a gigantic ‘mascon’—a mass concentration of metal, very similar to the masscons they discovered on the Moon—a gigantic, circular-shaped, metallic object deep under the ice at the end of Lake Vostok. The National Security Agency took it away from JPL. It’s one of the most sensitive things in the world now, the anomaly at the end of the lake. It’s now classified, top secret.

Let’s allow this report [linked here] to tell the story of the surprisingly warm waters of Lake Vostok:

Further investigations also detected the existence of geothermal sources which warmed the lake to an astonishing 50 degrees Fahrenheit, with “hot spots” of up to 65 degrees. Given these new discoveries regarding solar radiation and temperature, scientists suggested the possibility that the lake’s encapsulated atmosphere purified itself through a complex interaction with water, and that the chances for vegetable life forms were very good.

Research conducted by Russian scientist Ian Toskovoi – who vanished near the Vostok station in March 2000 – on “geothermal upboiling” also hinted at an alternative means of purification and replenishment for the subterranean lake’s atmosphere.

However, the most intriguing news coming out of Antarctica had to do with the extremely powerful “magnetic anomaly” located in the northern end of the lake’s coast: a discovery which would give rise to a number of conjectures and would be compared with the fictional TMA-1 (Tycho Magnetic Anomaly-1) in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The electronic newspaper Antarctic Sun [see PDF linked here], which soon became the main source of information on the Lake Vostok magnetic anomaly, stated that during the initial flight of the SOAR (Support Office for Aero-physical Research), aimed at conducting magnetic resonance imaging over the area, the magnetometer recorded an increase of 1,000 nanoteslas beyond the 60,000 nanoteslas which characterized the Vostok Station.

But then strange things began happening. Crewmen were being medically evacuated. Some people even died. Replacement crew were told to bring iodine or salt tablets with them. Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara posted updates and speculations about the hushed-up news here at the website [linked here]. To this day, that story has never fully been explained.

An Admiral Gets Chased Out of NaziLand

So where does that leave us today at the dawn of the year 2017? We have sudden interest being taken by world leaders and explorers in this largely undiscovered continent. We also have a Bankster priesthood quietly directing the public’s attention down polar rabbit holes and away from the facts that they should be looking at. This will be discussed in a sequel blog to this one.

Admiral Richard E. Byrd pictured here in 1955 (Source: Wikipedia)

Admiral Richard E. Byrd pictured here in 1955 (Source: Wikipedia)

One story we should be considering is the eyewitness testimony of the men who undertook missions to Antarctica and gave us their take of whatever is going on. One such man was Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd who led a military — yes a MILITARY — expedition to Antarctica on behalf of the United States in 1947 under a project codenamed Operation HighJump. And wouldn’t you know it, but while so many of us were passing the end of another year two nights ago, another anniversary was being ignored. For it was exactly 70 years ago this week that Admiral Byrd reached his polar destination to carry out Operation HighJump.

The ill-fated operation was abandoned four months ahead of its time. Nobody has ever satisfactorily explained why the Pentagon would choose to launch such a dangerous operation and spend so little time preparing for it. The operation was massive: 4,700 crewman, 13 ships, and 33 aircraft. You can call it a “scientific expedition” if you like. To me, it looked more like an invasion. And the Pentagon was in a hurry, scurrying to take advantage of the first post-WWII Antarctic summer in which to launch it.

So many events that have shaped the nascent American Deep State followed the failed Byrd expedition like falling dominoes. The official establishment of the CIA on July 26, 1947 took place under President Truman’s “National Security Act.” The first official Secretary of the Air Force was sworn in September 1947. And who can forget the still-unexplained crash of a (Nazi?) unidentified flying object in Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947, a craft whose port of departure very likely could have been Chile or Argentina or “New Swabia,” Antarctica.

Did Admiral Byrd warn us that the Nazis had not disappeared quietly into the pages of history, something that a war-worn nation so desperately wanted to believe? Stay tuned for the next installment.

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9 thoughts on “Antarctica: Separating Fact from Fiction

  1. Cliff High says we’re going to be hearing a lot of this going forward. He said, "it’s going to get wu-wu" . You can hear him on Greg Hunter. He’s talking about the linguistic chatter on the web about Antartica.


  2. Every person on the planet is perpetrating a "limited hangout" because no person on the planet has all the information or the ballz to integrate it into their beliefs.
    Even the "experts" on this site are operating a limited hangout because some narratives are just so goddamn sexy that people just cannot give them up!


  3. "post-WWII Nazi International" just sounds like more made up BS about WW2 to hide the fact that WW2 was very very much plannned and organised and intended to exterminate the maximum number of Germans as a means to eradicate values, culture and IQ


  4. "The impact may have even contributed to the rift between Australia and Antarctica millions of years ago." They have NO way of telling how old these events are. They have NO way of dating geological structures. They tell you they can date geology, but it’s all been debunked already.


  5. "magnetic anomaly"…. the whole field of electomagnetism, as taught at university, is a complete ANOMALY. They have NO CLUE how one magnet attracts or repels another. They have NO clue what an electron is….. NO CLUE.
    Richard C. Hoagland = propaganda monkey!


  6. "Did Admiral Byrd warn us that the Nazis had not disappeared quietly into the pages of history?"
    Yes, they did disappear into the pages of history, especially after being exterminated in Eisenhower’s death camps and after being nailed to a kitchen table and gang raped by Stalin’s rape battalions…. having a stick inserted into the vagina to show that the girl was dead and had already been "attended" to.


  7. Expanding earth is probably caused by pressurised gas in the centre. When it leaks through the surface it is tapped and sold as "fossil fuel".
    The magnetic "thing" in the centre magnetises the crust. Thus creating another opposing magnet. When the opposing magnet (the crust) is sufficiently strong, it is roughly equal to the magnetising "magnet" in the centre. Thus an unstable magnetic equilibrium is established. This is when the magnetic "thing" in the middle flips polarity. When that happens, it starts magnetising the crust in the opposite polarity, until it again reaches parity and flips all over again…… and over and over again!


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