If…If’s & But’s Were Candy & Nuts We Would All Have A…?

In the past I used to feel the need to whisk an article out before any major event just to stay current, but in reality that is pointless as the world’s economic fundamentals remain the same.  No FED meeting, and no election noise can stop the paper rapidly coming to the US shores from parts unknown or known.  It is a toxic paper brew that our trading partners feel must be eliminated.  To save themselves they are forced to keep sending our toxic paper back home.

The US Trump euphoria has yielded a lack of public economic awareness that will isolate any informed common sense analysis from penetrating the euphoric crowds.  As I wrote prior to Christmas in 2014, your common sense wisdom if overexposed will render you an outcast at most holiday family functions.  I will let the Paul McCartney do the talking…….

                                        Day after day
                                        Alone on a hill
                                        The man with the foolish grin
                                        Is keeping perfectly still
                                        But nobody wants to know him
                                        They can see that he’s just a fool
                                        And he never gives an answer
                                        But the fool on the hill
                                        Sees the sun going down
                                        And the eyes in his head
                                        See the world spinning round….Paul McCartney
                               “The Wise” remain lonely, otherwise they are “the crowd”…WG

Holiday Tip:  As I mentioned in my brief foray into the audio world a couple months ago, “If they seek your wisdom, lead them along the proper paths, don’t over sell them.”  Proceed with caution this holiday season, don’t force feed, just lead……

Now lets introduce this installment’s subject matter as it continues to rush toward us at warp speed.  Warp speed for those with their eyes open, that is.   In this installment it is time to take a look at one of the greatest bargains in world history, there’s no “If’s And’s or But’s” about it.  And finally, I want to review the anointed classifications or “definitions” of a 3rd world country.  Classifications that surprisingly perked up the Wolf’s senses a bit.  More later……WG

I was awakened from Trump slumber during the beginning portions of V’s Dec. 16th webcast.  At a point where, “The Professor,” Ken Schortgen, Jr., mentioned the outstanding mark-down on nearly all off shore products when using the over-valued dollar as the form of legal tender.   Specifically, he cited people living in other countries such as Mexico taking advantage of the nice discounts available when using the over-valued King Dollar as form of payment or currency conversion to the local legal tender units.   

Meanwhile, for those bargain shoppers in the USA, there are some high quality goods with colossal 60+% pricing discounts when using the overvalued “King.”  Discounts literally available within the national home borders where the King Dollar is printed.   A benefit only available at these prices to US home gamers.  Possibly the greatest mark down in a generation from the product in question’s true market value (see Hard Asset Tip).  First the news……..

                                   News that is Becoming More & More Redundant

How could we not report on the ‘beautimus’ Michael “Zero”…Hell we might as well everybody else does……


Now there’s some wisdom you can rely on right off the front pages of Yahoo News, and right out of the office of the D.C. big dogs, “Someone’s eyebrows were ON FLEEK!”  I guess my age is showing, I need to ask Google what “Fleek” is?  I bet it is really important though, especially since Michael commented on it.

Next up, Michael Snyder delivers an excellent article that ‘back stops’ the Wolf’s views from the last installment. Curiously Mr. Snyder used the following headline, “It’s Like a Nuclear Bomb Went Off in the Prepping Community”……


The truth is, it is my view that the exodus from being prudent in the average informed Sixpack’s preparations are somewhat worse than what Mr. Snyder has detailed.  Why?  Because those that are just routinely diligent in their preparations are more often than not viewed as ‘anti-American,” and heaven forbid you have a stack of silver and gold.  Consciously or not, an undercurrent of social pressure is mounting to discontinue your preparations for what I see is the ramping up and continuing western economic collapse.

If you doubt my analysis that the message to make preparations is dying, just check out this interview with Dr. Jim Willie via “Sprott Money,” or should I say specifically, check out the comments that were on the front page Saturday morning below the interview (cut & pasted below)……

***Wow!!!! I cant believe an organization like Sprott had this hack on!  Is Alex Jones on next?

***Jim Wille = price pumper! I don’t believe ANYTHING he says.

***Definitions of a Bullshit Artist are: • “A person expert at deception, and hype.”

***This Jim Willie guy thinks he’s so cutting edge. He is just talking about the SDR as a international settlement currency. The rest of it is just a combination of well known facts available to anyone and the rest vague theories and truisms. Not a broken clock but broken clocks.

The last one says it all with respect to the sheeple (I am assuming a US sheeple) not getting it.  The commenter feels that the SDR is all Dr. Willie is talking about!   Is this dude kidding or is he just an uninformed moron?  This is just the first page of the comments.  To put it bluntly, this listener commentary is a damn sight different than what you could find prior to the election.  Especially as it would apply to any interview with an informed alternative media mind like Dr. Jim Willie.  US sheeple brains are totally stuck within the system and Trump is approaching deity status within the US mind-frame.  Post the election, the view is the system is about to be cured, and GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins) are unnecessary.  A view that will lead to a big “bargain shopping” mistakes and lost opportunities, as will be pointed out later.

As ole’ WG has maintained all along, the US sheeple view has been that the US has always been on top, but just under bad management of late.  Thus, they, the sheeple, are now ready to rebuild to higher highs.  Highs that are still within their perceived number one position among the world’s leadership.  This is “SYSTEM WORSHIP,” pure and simple.   Supplemented with an unwarranted pile of ego…ego…ego, and more ego.  

I still maintain that a bunch of egos will soon be smashed without a reasonable attempt at wise pre-planning.  Make no mistake, this is an at home battle, and to quote someone much wiser than I….Sun-Tzu….”Every battle is won or lost before it’s ever fought.”   A redneck’s simple summary, “don’t give up on your advanced DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio) preparations.”

You are being over-dramatic WG, the US is a well-grounded group of deep thinkers.  Yeah, then check out this one from ZeroHedge…..


Based on the above link, schizophrenia seems to be on the rise, even among bright minds.  All the while, the sheeple’s climb aboard the “all’s well Trump train” gets more crowded…… Maybe a new saying should be put into place, as we should just forget “no pain no gain,” and rewrite the cliche, ”no pain just gain” for the new US mantra.   After all, making America great again couldn’t involve it having already gone dramatically backwards.  Naw, no way, and to really cloud the picture, wait till you see the 3rd world discussion below in the “Final Thoughts” segment. 

That being said, if you plan on doing a poll regarding this view point and you want nothing but positive answers for the US economic outlook, then it appears based on the above link you may want to avoid “heads up” business owners still looking for solid footing.

In a continuation on this evidentiary trail, Mr. David Stockman, the former “Team Reagan” budget director, lends his esteemed opinion.  Conservative sheeple need not read this one for fear of upsetting their Faux News conservative bliss……

Quick Sidebar:  As bad as CN’BS’ is, or as bad as MS’LSD’ is, or any of the old line networks like CBS/ABC/NBC, the Fox News gang is worse (my humble opinion).  Why do I say that?  Even though they have a more conservative view point than the competition (a positive in my judgement).  The eyes/minds that are faithfully glued to the screen just happen to be those with the greatest potential to be awakened to the “true” coming US economic train wreck.  Most of the “faithful” still consider Faux News to be the absolute gospel.  Thus I consider them just as dangerous to good fundamental out of the box thinking with regards to the western business outlook as any other msm new source.  Especially since the Faux News biz wizards have yet to properly detail the true economic problems we face.   If I were forced to bet my favorite “silver eagle” on which network would properly report the collapse, Fox might be my bet.  But it will very likely be way, way after the fact, and that I will bet on, with confidence.  Back to Mr. Stockman…Just my humble opinion! WG


This excerpt from Mr. Stockman’s article is instructive…..

Accordingly, there is not a snowball’s chance in the hot place that policies designed to pile still more debt on top of the mountains we already have can rejuvenate the U.S. economy. The key to recovery is firing the debt addicted money printers at the Fed, not passing the baton to fiscal stimulators on Capitol Hill. D.S.

Mr. Stockman, a current member of the WGFSPC, “Wolf Gray Family Survival & Protection Corporation” has conservative leanings, and adds this additional little tid bit to the fires of “All’s not well, and instantly cured, even with Trump!”…..

So here’s the problem in a nutshell.  Donald Trump does not have the freedom to pursue huge deficit-financed tax cuts like Reagan did. After 35 years of pretending deficits don’t matter in the Imperial City, there is no fiscal headroom left.  None.

Likewise, after three decades of pretending that there will always be another stimulus or bailout from the Fed or the Washington fiscal authorities, Wall Street has now been left high and dry.  The Fed is out of dry powder and Trumponomics won’t get to first base.

The Trump Reflation Trade has presented investors with a gift — an opportunity to get out of the casino unscathed before the real carnage begins. D.S.

I hate to be a wet blanket to his negative theories, but he didn’t even mention that the streets of any potential worldwide US debt purchasers have left town (see photo below).  US debt traffic is now one way only, outgoing traffic with honest auctions beware.  As pointed out in the past by Team RM as well as many other wise minds, and more recently with new details by “The Professor,” even the lap dog Japan is in search of a new lap…..Hmm, turn about can be fair play, maybe there will be a new lap dog for the world’s leaders, one that speaks English.  I, for one, hope not.

Speaking of examples of schizophrenia, how about the markets.  I know full well that astute readers will say, “what markets, WG?”  And I couldn’t agree more, but that being said, apparently the US “purchasing managers” are now in need of some schizophrenia meds…..check this out…..


Trying to make sense of the headline in the above link from ZeroHedge is truly worthy of a visit to the “shrink”…!  Well, that probably doesn’t include those who avoid the ‘bs’ spewed by the msm, and Faux News as well.

This next article is pretty good considering it is from the “Globalist Pecker Head” Jim Rickards, except for one glaring problem…..


Note this knuckle head’s superbly delusional paragraph……..

In the next crisis, liquidity will come from the IMF, which has the only clean balance sheet remaining. The IMF will print the equivalent of $10 trillion in world money called special drawing rights. China and Russia will acquiesce in this liquidity injection provided it hastens the demise of the dollar as the benchmark global reserve currency.   J.R.

This guy needs to give the IMF hero worship a rest. He also misses one point completely, we in the west ain’t in control anymore.  The east is in the control towers!  Additionally, upon first blush, his comparison of banks in crisis with a fighter receiving his first face punch (props to Mike Tyson) is absolutely great….

As boxing legend Mike Tyson mused, no plan survives the first punch in the face.
Banks should take a lesson from Mike Tyson.  J.R.

Though I would maintain there are two big differences not defined in the Globalist Pecker Head’s analogy.  First on the pugilist side of the comparison, the pugilist knows a punch is coming sooner or later.  Alternatively, I ain’t so sure about the banksters or the US leadership.  Regarding the second big, big difference, one thing is for sure, the majority of the US sheeple currently in super positive mode don’t have a clue that they are about to get a Joe Frazier style left hook to the face.  Not to mention that their faces will be in a “head-lock” by the referee as the punch is delivered.   No wiggle room available, and no punching whiffs in “immediate” sight for the recipient!

Next up in the “markets don’t exist” evidence trail, I give you an analyst (a WGFSPC member) that I have always given high marks to.  But it is apparent that even Mr. Hussman’s brilliant mind is struggling to make sense of the fundamentals.  I understand his frustration since markets don’t exist, especially with all former historical norms being rendered completely meaningless.  TOTALLY MEANINGLESS!  So his struggles with explanations, though worthy of review, must be reviewed with care.


Back to some real, on-the-ground announcements that entail a steel toed boot kick to the groin of the American worker in order to provide stockholder value…


Dare I mention that this is a kick to the “nads” of employee paychecks and job security (as in no security).  But there is some really good news; there will be fewer “nads” actively employed to kick in the days and months to come.   Now that’s “CRAPitalism!”

And what better reason could you have for increasing your exposure to bonds and equities than the explanations provided in these excerpts from the link that follows them below, courtesy of Mr. Dave Kranzler???

That’s it – that’s the “fundamental” justification for investing in stocks right now is because everyone else is, and if your portfolio on Dec 31 is underweighted in stocks you’ll look like an idiot.  D.K.

Or this perfect paragraph excerpt……

So, chasing stocks higher to avoid looking like a moron makes a lot of sense, right? Currently I can’t find evidence that the Fed is printing money to fuel this stock market so I have to believe that it has relaxed credit standards to enable banks, hedge funds and mutual funds (yes, many mutual funds now have the ability to tap credit lines) to borrow money with which to chase stocks. D.K.


Let’s get down to the truth that makes failure unavoidable, check this out……


Regarding the above link, one simple analogy is applicable, “The party Can’t Go On Forever!”   Debt not backed by real tangible fundamental natural resource usage that is readily available in your own backyard will eventually run afoul.  I can hear the “back seat sheeple drivers” yelling, “Are we there yet?”  This is an example of ego satisfaction first and the spirit satisfied last.  Oh shit, here we go again, WG’s going on a mystical rant.  

How many times have you said, or heard from other deep thinkers, “I just don’t get it.  When is enough enough?  When is enough money finally enough for these greedy bastards?”  Truly successful capitalistic creativity will typically have a moral component to it.  Thus, the ego has to be corralled to provide long term business/economic success.  My shaman buddy said it perfectly, “Mankind’s biggest struggle throughout history has always revolved around the human ego.”  That’s a mouthful………WG

         The Ego is Forever Hungry, Forever Busy Trying to Push the Spirit Aside…!

         The Ego is Forever Hungry, Forever Busy Trying to Push the Spirit Aside…!


Time to sneak up on the 3rd world ranking segment.  When energy becomes a big problem, how far behind is a 3rd world ranking (more on the 3rd world in a second)?  Check out this article from ‘srsroccoreport.com’ detailing the middle east consuming it’s export profits.   Not a good formula for success, to say the least.   


BTW, unless Mr. St. Angelo is lying to us in the above article, the message is clear: energy must remain profitable to survive, which in it’s current form we see an economic patient on life support.  No profitability, and we are in for a big lifestyle change.   Diversifying our energy resources is a must in my view.  I am still optimistic, (more so than Mr. St. Angelo based on his past articles), but not without the belief that we are in for a rough ride to get our current economic house in order.  Of note and on point, the prior installment’s hard asset tip throws out some potential good news to the profitability problems in the energy resource space.  

Obviously some changes in the energy space are needed.  If you agree, then you might want to check out this follow up article from ‘srsroccoreport’.   Specifics that are provided in the following article cover the financial numbers from the US’s second largest ‘shale gas’ company.


If we don’t think the energy cost structures are important to business, then we all haven’t thought about it in detail.  Of course RM regulars get it already.  But could you run any business without energy being available at a reasonable price?  Just name one business in today’s modern society.   Even the popcorn vendor at the carnival relies on energy.  

Truth is, affordable energy is the ultimate kryptonite to the gates of the 3rd world corral.   And as we will see in a minute, by definition, we may need some of that kryptonite or at least the specter of it to keep from entering those gates.  Or are we in them by definition already?  Don’t let the gates hit you in the ass as you enter! WG

So do we need a reality check on the flow of paper on a larger global scale?   If so, be sure to see the details in this next link……


Yep those staSTICKtics will leave one hell of a mark.  Just for a refresher, the bond market is many multiples larger than the US equity markets, or in this case the US stock markets.  Massive moves in these debt markets have lasting effects.  Those that don’t “see” a problem with the current speed of US paper, “returning to sender,” probably need to pay a visit to their optometrist to be properly fitted for some “gold” rimmed glasses.  By the way, the prices have never been lower for those gold rimmed spectacles (another lead in to the “Hard Asset Tip”).   

Regarding these US treasury market problems, need we be reminded of the recent observations from “The Professor” about Japan’s preliminary moves to set up a method to more easily relieve themselves of US paper without US retribution?  Make no mistake, from a business perspective, that is what they are doing (recently enter Mr. Putin).  With this impending news, it looks like we will probably need to throw another log on the burning US paper debt fires.  Do I need to remind anyone, I think we should all be getting out of US paper…!!!

For additional support of these observations, Dr. Jim Willie appears to be right in tune with “The Professor” regarding the rapid return of US paper.  Note the in-depth “public” article in the following link, and also note the date of the article.  It was actually posted prior to the FED’s rate announcements.  Why do I bring that up? Harken back to the opening paragraphs to this installment, stating my view that the current economic noise doesn’t affect the overall direction of the world’s economic fundamentals……Once again the drum beat remains the same….


Think the cognitive dissonance couldn’t be any more in your face then check out the brilliant Fed chief talking to the graduating class of 2016 regarding their job prospects…..You just can’t make this crap up…!


This is icing on the cake courtesy of Janet “yes I have a great Beatles hairdo” Yellen!  Nothing else needs to be said now that the buffoonish FED chief has put her ignorance on full display.  Or ours on display if we admit to believing her her clownish claims.  All lies….!

                                                  Final 3rd World Thoughts

We all need to give the Trump worship a rest for a while and take a long look at the real status of the US economic patient.  I will let you be the doctors as you evaluate the following 3rd world classifications.   If you note some inconsistencies, or lack of impartial honesty in the methods of ranking, you are not alone.   Check the following link out followed by a few excerpts…….


Based on the above link, the first thing that occurs to me is that the “founding judges” have excluded their home base of operations from the rankings.   In fact “3rd world ranking” appears to be a preordained classification based on “location…location…location.”  Cast in stone with a slanted western view or bias via some old classifications filled with big ego hot air.   Interestingly, a “Google” search yielded a multitude of articles/links that all had the same western bias.  A bias that almost excludes entirely the primary judge and jury, the USA.  With that in mind note this “classification” excerpt……

What makes a nation third world?
Despite ever evolving definitions, the concept of the third world serves to identify countries that suffer from high infant mortality, low economic development, high levels of poverty, low utilization of natural resources, and heavy dependence on industrialized nations. These are the developing and technologically less advanced nations of Asia, Africa, Oceania, and Latin America. Third world nations tend to have economies dependent on the developed countries and are generally characterized as poor with unstable governments and having high rates of population growth, illiteracy, and disease. A key factor is the lack of a middle class — with impoverished millions in a vast lower economic class and a very small elite upper class controlling the country’s wealth and resources. Most third world nations also have a very large foreign debt.

If we ignore the BLS’s (Bureau of labor Statistics) fabricated lies regarding our vibrant economy, then one is left to ask, “Just what is the US’s true ranking based on some of it’s own definitions?”   If we ignore outdated preordained bullshit geographical locales, just where does the US rank?  Below is the Wolf Gray take on things………with his personal views on the rankings after each category.  You are most welcome to agree or disagree.

***High infant mortality…”comparatively No”
***Low economic development…”Yes”
***High levels of poverty…”Yes”
***Low utilization of natural resources…”Oh Hell Yes”
***Heavy dependance on industrialized nations…”Oh Hell Yes”
***Unstable governments…”Oh Hell Yes”
***High rates of population growth, illiteracy, and disease…”Somewhat”
***A key factor is the lack of a middle class — with impoverished millions in a vast lower economic class and a very small elite upper class controlling the country’s wealth and resources. Most third world nations also have a very large foreign debt…”Oh Hell Yes”

To my mind based on the above eight categories the US garners (4) “Hell Yes’s, (2) “Yes’s, (1) “Somewhat”, and finally a single “No”…!   You can be the judge, but from my courtroom bench the gavel comes down with the following decree: “With the King Dollar and her sister the Treasury debt complex in ongoing collapse mode supplemented by a huge dose of cognitive dissonance and a dash of overdeveloped big ego’d sheeple, it places the USA into the 3rd World.”  A classification yet to be recognized by the blindness created by the big ego, especially while in a celebratory victory with Mr. Trump heading to D.C.   If you haven’t already, I encourage you to step outside the box, and quit worshiping the system in order to achieve a clearer view of the coming calamity…..

                                         Waiting, watching
                                         Wishing my whole life away
                                         Dreaming, thinking
                                         Ready for my happy day
                                         And some easy livin’….Uriah Heep
                                    It ain’t going to happen folks, wake up!  WG

Thankfully, I suspect Mr. Trump will sooner than later do the right things to start a rebuild process, all of which will very likely make my decree in the prior paragraph clear for all to see.  Ironically, it’s a pre-rebuild requirement in order to purge the system and get the party started properly.  I am reminded of this installment’s title, “If If’s And But’s Were Candy & Nuts We Would All have a Merry Christmas!”  We in the USA have been living on a healthy diet of “If’s & But’s.”  If you haven’t yet, take action and be forewarned, as I suspect this Christmas will be recognized as the last one to “easily or freely” buy key components of your DHAP at deep deep discounts (see Hard Asset Tip). WG

So just where will that leave you?  If you are without a well thought out DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio), it will leave you “Up Shit Creek without a Paddle,” that’s where!  The first substantive news link in this installment, not the one with Michael “Zero” in it, the one with Michael Snyder as the author seems to point to a US citizenry with their defenses down.  Feet propped up once again, just waiting for the “Ego Gravy Train!”   If you are awake, I am convinced there is no need in drowning in despair, a huge hard asset sale is ongoing.  A sale that, will soon be recognized, as having the lowest of prices worldwide, and they on the “shelves” right here in the USA.  Almost exclusively, right here!  Check the “Hard Asset Tip” out……………….

                                                         Hard Asset Tip

Please note, this hard asset tip revolves heavily around the US economic citizen.  First, a quick overview of the major categories in the western/US economic back drop.  Debt instruments are coming home in huge volumes, the current reputed biggest US debt holder, “Japan,” is now clearly setting itself up to safely clear their treasury holdings.  Meanwhile, purchases of US debt have all but ceased, and reports of US importers not accepting US paper for payment are increasing in frequency.  Do you really want to hang around in the western paper system to see “if,” yeah right, “if” my arse, something really really bad happens?   Not this “grey haired one”….!

      If you are waiting on my lead to make your moves you’re screwed, I already made my major moves!

      If you are waiting on my lead to make your moves you’re screwed, I already made my major moves!

News flash, markets don’t exist anymore in the US, or in the west.  Need proof?  How about the VIX, the volatility index, rising while the stock markets are going in the same direction over the past several weeks, all just prior to the Fed’s rate hike.  For historical reference, the equities rising and the VIX doing the same thing is not typically a congruent theme.  In fact, history has shown them to be market trading vehicles that go in opposite directions.  Again, we have no markets, no true price discovery mechanisms.  So what the hell does it all mean?  Who knows, it is just more in the “part & parcel” of the western market overview alluded to in the first paragraph of this “Hard Asset Tip” segment.   

But if I were forced to bet my favorite US silver eagle on how long this “wrong way corrigan” market trend would continue, I would be on the side of the shortest of time frames.

That said, there are some key DHAP items selling at deep, deep bargain basement prices.  Prices that over the next few years may never be available again.  I am speaking of course of “gold & silver bars & coins” (GSBC’s).  One of the questions that all of us want an answer to is, “just what is the real price of physical gold and other precious metals?”  While pondering the answer, consider this: GSBC’s are the only real money recognized on a worldwide basis that have no counterpart risk, and are “paper insanity proof”………..

My own contacts, plus very reliable sources like “V,” Rob Kirby, Dr. Jim Willie, and London Paul place the real price of gold in some cases up to 280% higher than the phony US listed paper price.  Meaning buyers willing to spend 9 figures and over are paying near 3,000 dollars US per ounce for the yellow metal in physical form.  Additionally, buyers of physical gold willing to spend well into the 8 figure brackets are reportedly shelling out up to 2,500 dollars US per ounce.  Are these people just dumb arse buyers, or do they know something we don’t?  So what is the real price of gold, and other precious metals like silver for that matter?   Guess it depends on how and where you shop. WG

What a break for “schlubs” like me, and some of you, if that term fits your financial ranking.  With gold well below 1,200 dollars US per ounce, I now don’t have to resort to buying cheaper foreign goods to feel like a cagy buyer.  I can buy at home and get one of the best discounts on a solid bet in the future world of barter and legal tender conversions in nearly all worldwide venues, courtesy of gold with an in-country “super Walmart style discount.’   All I got to do to qualify for this discount is not be a buyer in millionaire style volumes, which will be easy for me.  Thanks to the faulty pricing courtesy of London and the US ponzi-scheme gangs like the COMEX, we “schlubs” in the US can buy GSBC’s cheaper with our very own phony dollar right here at home.  

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, just buy while a huge discount from the real pricing metrics exist.  Do it now, it could not be any clearer folks…!  It could not be much cheaper…!  

Many wise alternative media monetary commentators suspect the future GSBC pricing will come from the east, most likely China.  Personally, I could care less who prices it, as life will find a way, and honest money will be force fed, thank God, for all of us.   If you think Brexit, or if you think the election of Trump was earth moving, then wait until you see the coming violent movements to reject phony paper and it’s associated pricing metrics.  I give 50/50 odds that the media will have a tough time hiding this movement, as Trump and Brexit will be an afterthought.  That is unless something totally bizarre happens like the mint putting Trump’s face on the gold & silver coinage.   Better than “Zero” I suppose!

                                     With every paper I’d deliver
                                     Bad news on the doorstep
                                     I couldn’t take one more step
                                     I can’t remember if I cried when I
                                     Read about his widowed bride
                                     But something touched me deep inside
                                     The day the music

                                     So bye, bye Miss American Pie
                                     Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry
                                     Them good ole boys were drinking whiskey ‘n’ Rye
                                     Singin’ this’ll be the day that I die
                                     This’ll be the day that I die…Don McLean
                                     So bye bye American “Paper” Pie…WG

I have maintained for some time that I would not be surprised to see the price of GSBC’s in the US go dark, to later (at some near term date) be revalued one way or the other to much much much higher retail & usage values.   Sometimes the light in the Wolf Gray’s head is triggered in off-handed ways, tip of the hat to Team RM regular “The Professor.”  

That’s the ticket folks, a chance to buy the items that the “big dogs with deep pockets” want, but at a discount to their force fed elevated “mark-to-market” post paper pricing of 60+%.   The moral of the story is, if the elite are stupid enough to sell this stuff this cheap then I am stupid enough to keep adding to my positions.  

                            If you want it, here it is, come and get it
                            Mm mm mm mm, make your mind up fast
                            If you want it, any time, I can give it
                            But you’d better hurry ’cause it may not last
                            Did I hear you say that there must be a catch?
                            Will you walk away from a fool and his money?…Bad finger

Picture this conversation in the local pub:

Joe Sixpack, “Yeah I just bought a new 1,000 acre plot of farm land with a 10,000 sq. ft. home when I laid down a portion of my gold stacks.”  Highbrow pub patron, “Sorry for eavesdropping Mr. Sixpack, but congratulations on such a successful property purchase.  Just how did you come about such a nice a stack of gold?”  Joe S., “My average-in unit basis on my stacks of the yellow metal were around 1250 dollars US per ounce, how about you?”  Highbrow spits his drink across the room on the bouncer and gets his arse beat. I keep saying it, but it bears repeating….


           Back up the truck...load it up...but don’t come to me later complaining that you are broke!

           Back up the truck…load it up…but don’t come to me later complaining that you are broke!

                God, then Your Family, then the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!
                              Survive then Thrive and We’ll Howl on the Other Side!

Wolf Gray

ps…“God Bless and “Merry Christmas!”

Credit to the thoughts of: Opie, Dixie, Team RM, The WolfPack, London Paul, Dr. Jim Willie & Turd Ferguson, ZeroHedge, Michael Snyder, Rob Kirby, David Stockman, Jim Rickards aka TGPH, John Hussman, Dave Kranzler, Steve St. Angelo, Paul McCartney & Uriah Heep & Don McLean & Badfinger

14 thoughts on “If…If’s & But’s Were Candy & Nuts We Would All Have A…?

  1. These writing came in a great time because I also was feeling a little down about the current gold and silver spot prices…but as you say these could be the last time a similar buying opportunity presents. So in short: keep buying, they are on sale. Thanks for always keeping us in the light and happy holidays Wolf to you and your family.


    • I am pleased it was constructive for you Cris. The fundamentals are the same regardless of the venue. For example it is my view the Chinese fundamentals are bad but they will survive due to proper pre-planning. The same can not be said for the west. The lack of pre-planning means the job for Prez. elect Trump is very very very tenuous.
      I was in communication with London Paul yesterday, and I voiced my opinion that Trumps’ biggest and most powerful tool is the positive attitudes of the people. Thus the reason for statements like, (paraphrasing) "Just wait until you see how many jobs we have it will make your head spin!" That’s good but he is going to have to find a way to temper that enthusiasm with some reality without killing the positive attitude. Or he will neuter his best tool "the people’s positive attitudes…"
      It will be one hell of a tough task.


  2. WG,
    The reason for the weakening dollar may not be just due to American deficit:
    ‘It is a mistake to look at the falling dollar as the result of the profligacy of the American consumers, and a direct outcome of the American trade deficit. This is just a decoy. Admittedly, it is a clever one as far as decoys go. It is designed to divert attention away from the real culprit, which is the yen carry-trade and its obscene profits. The falling dollar is part of the big picture of competitive currency devaluations, or of the even bigger picture of the Kondratiev cycle. But let us not forget that at the same time it is a powerful booster for the yen carry-trade. Let the public buy the nonsense of Milton Friedman that the falling dollar is just the manifestation of the adjustment mechanism balancing the American trade account. Or let it buy the equally fallacious Quantity Theory of Money predicting that the dollar will be printed into worthlessness. The truth is that there is an insatiable demand for dollars, especially for falling ones, by bond speculators.’


    • Interesting observation but it is proof that we have no markets since the article was published in 2005, and now based on the currency indexes the dollar is "bull strong!" Or is it? Since on the ground indicators have the US paper in "No Transaction Mode – Credit Denied" with our importing partners.
      The 1st quarter of 2017 will most likely be very tumultuous for the USA.


  3. WG,
    Merry X’mas and Happy New Year to you and family.
    Just like to highlight some parts of Clif High’s Dec 2016 ALTA report seems to be spot on after his latest tweaking:
    ‘A combination of hyperinflation, and deflationary pressures could further wreck the economy, and even decimate the value of the dollar. Further consequences could spiral out of control from there.
    Already, there are plans on the books for government to use its nearly-unlimited powers to seize private assets at a personal or institutional level in order to meet the needs, perceived or real, of society. Numerous executive orders give fiat authority to the executive branch to wield dictatorial control and violate private property and personal assets – not the least of which will be private holdings in gold and silver.
    The elites have long suggested that the rise of a truly global currency will replace the crash of the dollar system, and the severe economic decline of the United States. This has been in the works for a long, long time.’
    Get ready for rock and roll after Trump’s inauguration..the Deep State will attempt to strike back leading to loss of international investors’ confidence..SDRs on the standby.
    Clif mentioned it will fail and there is no Plan B..leading to a last minute scramble for alternatives as the elite’s power drain away. Meanwhile everyone will scramble for gold and silver in the panic that follows..
    His other predictions regarding China seems to be coming true too..
    ‘The premium that mainland Chinese investors are willing to pay for physical gold has surged to over $40 as the Chinese government seeks to curb illegal capital outflows’
    ‘The danger signs are building up for the Chinese bond market.
    First, last Thursday, Chinese bond futures crashed by the most on record forcing China’s regulator to briefly halt trading in the security until the panic fades.
    Then, on Friday, a Chinese bill auction technically "failed" when it was unable to find enough buyers for the total amount offered for sale.’
    This may lead to selling of overseas properties by the Chinese and burst the property bubbles in many countries..
    Don’t lose focus now, Economic Mother Nature (according to Clif) is going to start tearing and ripping after 20 Jan 2017.


  4. Looks like Clif is going to be right on this one too..
    ‘Michael Pento-Bond Bubble is Epic’
    Pento goes on to warn, “The real estate market is starting to go off-line. If you look at new home starts, they were down 19% in November month over month. There is no more refinancing market. It’s gone off-line. The initial purchase applications have flat lined. . . . As the housing market goes, so goes the economy. While the Dow and the S&P 500 have surged after November 9th, after Trump was elected, emerging markets are down 8%. . . . The emerging market economies and their currencies are crashing, and that is where I see the epicenter of the bubble breaks.”


  5. I was talking to my son recently (he is 32) about using his fairly large cash holdings for what you call DHAP. He does not study the technicals of the financial markets and keeps his money out of the bank. I was trying to explain the unstoppable crash of the dollar and he told me the necessary crash he sees coming is in peoples’ egos! I was surprised to hear him say this as I know he doesn’t read your blog. He does work at a restaurant in a nearby newly built upper class vacation development and tells me the attitude of these people drives him crazy. Maybe great minds think alike and there is some hope that some of the millenials "get it".


    • Definitely some peoples egos are inflated. Another product of our fiat money is people becoming millionaires without producing tangible things for benefiting/servicing society. Facebook and some YouTube’s come to mind.


    • That is great positive news Mr. Wacky. I love hearing things like that. After all a dose of good common sense (sounds like he has some) is just what works the best. We need more like him, but who knows maybe there are more waiting to come to the fore that we are unaware of.


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