As the System Crumbles, It’s Church Pews are Still Filled with Parishioners

Extraordinary events are happening at break-neck speed, and yet the US sheeple hold on strong to their paper faith.  Oblivious to the fact that the old western bankster led systems are crumbling, and the new system power brokers will come from the east.  PERIOD!  For an example of break-neck speed changes, how about the huge significance of the recent anti-establishment vote in Italy, hit on effectively by the other members of Team RM.  Clearly the western EU farce is dead.  BTW, the church of US System Fiat Paper Worship will soon be dead as well, pews full or not.  

Additionally, not all my perceived news is negative, note the “Hard Asset Hunch/Tip” segment near the end of this installment.  A tip from the RM comments section a month ago strikes an intelligent chord once again.  No surprise there.

Back on point.  I can’t speak for the Italians, but I can say that it appears we Americans are still amazingly clueless.  I am ashamed to say the Wolf’s rants to friends have been completely ineffective.  How do I know that?  As was mentioned in the last installment, I am constantly told that Trump has a magic wand and I am overreacting.  Not only am I now hearing that, but also, nothing bad is going to happen to us Wolf, wake the hell up buddy!   For confirmation of my personal observations I contacted some Wolf Pack regulars and received a 100% confirmation that my observations were correct.  They are seeing the exact same ‘BS’.   In fact, the cognitive dissonance that seemed “pre-vote cured” is back with a vengeance.  Maybe we need a paper flu shot.  

Let’s recap, or just maybe I should stop this installment completely (fat chance), with just the next few lines.  You voted for the system to crumble just like the Italians did folks, but in the aftermath you amazingly still choose to stay in the same said system.  Say WHAT?  I got it.  I bet it is because it will not hurt you now that Trump is elected!  Yeah, that’s it.  You have an invisible system force field protecting your paper balance sheets and quarterly reports.  After all, you did your God-Fearing duty, you voted properly, so everything is bound to be healed, and thus no pain is to be dispensed in your neck of the woods.  Or on your paper pew, where donations are always welcome.  May I say……


The system is broke, it is defeated. The markets are ponzi-schemes, yet most still remain within the system’s pews in silent worship.  Fools, one and all.  As stated many installments ago, the last people to know about a company’s failure are the employees, or in this case “the people themselves!”  The same analogy can easily be applied here, especially when we are still within a fascist system, a system that has yet to be fully repealed.   Thus, “We the People” within this fascist system are still the system’s employees, and will go through the additional layoffs yet to come.  Literally and figuratively.   Don’t believe me, then sit on that paper pew, just pray and wait it out.  Again donations are welcomed. WG

But Wolf, Trump is doing some good things.  I agree, he appears to be doing some great things right out of the gate.  But all he can do is destroy the illegal constructs that have trashed the former honest system of weights and measures that we once cherished here in the USA.  Additionally, Trump’s other key job will be to make it less restrictive for “we the people” to conduct personal and financial business within the US sovereign borders (not sovereign yet btw, see prior installment for explanations).  Thankfully, he appears to be attempting to do both, which will do what?  That’s right, hasten the beat down to the people who continue to invest in the corrupted system!   Trump will not let that happen Wolf!  

He can’t stop it, we/he ain’t in control of the world’s monetary levers anymore.  

But meanwhile, those who worship the paper markets within the paper pews, those very markets that actually don’t exist anymore, are about to tell me, “But WG, we had equities rising in Europe and in the US.  All right after the anti-establishment vote from Italy, and to top that off WG, oil skyrocketed in the face of announced production increases to boot, so you are the one that doesn’t have a clue, WG!”  And as you put your ear muffs on, I will say once again, “The paper markets are fraudulent, so their paper indicators are meaningless except to those still assembling in the pews of paper system worship.  Singing the praises of their quarterly statements.”

Sorry folks, we in the west are not fiat paper system bullet proof, get your “GOTS” (tip of the hat to Jim Sinclair) in order to……”Get Out Of the System!”  Believe it or not “GOTS” is the best thing you can do to assist Mr. Trump, a man who’s plate will be full enough.  I could stop this installment right here (again fat chance).  Instead on to the news, then the “Hard Asset Hunch/Tip,” followed by some pointed final thoughts………..

                                     Not sure what that means, but the picture is cool...

                                     Not sure what that means, but the picture is cool…


                                News, that is Ultimately Getting Redundant as Hell

A little comedy may be worthwhile to lighten the mood, and my negativity so “OMG” how about some Lady Gaga…..

How these people end up in a position of being worshipped is beyond me, but maybe we can consult the left coast high IQ debate team as they discuss proper parking lot etiquette using their 3,000 + pound weapons to redesign their “beamers”…….

Yep, I think I heard Lady G playing in one of those beaten up rides!

Pay close attention to this next link folks.  Here John Embry gives a description of exactly what I am seeing in the sheeple community, as they head to the pews of paper system worship and give up on their precious metals.

Don’t succumb to the sort of stupidity described in the above link. 

To me it appears that the elite are running out of options, and are pulling out all of their last pathetic tricks, via fascist owned welfare whores like “Google.”  For proof check out this next video from Clif High.  Hey, maybe Clif’s theory is why the Wolf isn’t very effective in his messages, no one can find his articles via a simple search.

It bears repeating, the elite message is dead, but there are still far too many western “system worshipping parishioners” sitting in the pews.  And as mentioned in the prior news link, new worshippers are entering as they are now relieved because it appears that their systemic treasures will be saved.  WRONG!  In addition, I would highly recommend you take the time to get hold of Clif High’s ALTA Report for December 2016.  The web chatter he describes highlights something mentioned two week’s ago by the Wolf, something that holds some real promise once the systemic beat down is over.  Note it is mentioned in the “hunch/hard asset tip” further below.

If you don’t think the elite are scrambling to save their sorry arses, then check out the absurdity in the following link….

To top that off it looks like “CAT” investors may have bought into this hype, only to be brought back to reality……..

Economic Mother Nature is far from being finished with her sentencing of the western system, with many a proper beat down to come.  I mean check out this next “Economic Come-On Man” highlight…..Bone up on your remedial math as well…..

I have done this before, but lets see how to make unemployment equal 4.6% with 95.1 million working aged US citizens out of the work force.  I got it, how about equating it out to something on the order of 2 billion working age US citizens…….!  Quit laughing at my math, call the US government, and keep your hate mail to yourself!  Or just ignore me, quit reading here (hell everybody else does), and blithely continue making offerings from your pew at the “Western System Church of Paper Worship.”

                                       Don't insult my intelligence partner....

                                       Don’t insult my intelligence partner….

Hey, you might as well keep filling the church coffers, it sure ain’t going to do you any good in paper form much longer…….Note this “article/link” from Simon Black, the “Sovereign Man,” hitting hard on a subject that our own Ken Schortgen Jr., hammered home a couple weeks ago.

Can’t happen here though WG, I am in the church pews making offers to the God’s of Paper, safe in the light of a Trump victory.  The King Dollar will never die WG!  Bring it down to earth for us WG……

Quick Rant:  I mean come on, the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) have things well in hand.  After all, what could go wrong with giving 84 months loans to unqualified applicants on products that lose around 20% of their value in the first year of ownership?  What a superb business model.  News flash to the brainiacs in charge.  I was a manager in the auto business in the early 1980’s, and back then getting a loan for 48 months with your friendly neighborhood banker was no easy task. 

When the banks heard a request for 48 months, the applicant for the car loan had to have a history of impeccable credit.  By the time I went elsewhere for employment, into the financial services biz in the early to mid 80’s, the banks had started considering 60 month car loans to qualified customers.  And when greed runs unchecked, unchecked on paper, it would soon include unqualified borrowers.  The early 80’s began the “keeping up with the Jones” mentality, but unfortunately it was in “wants” based products, not true manufactured “needs” based products.  The fact is, we are now 3 decades further along without a recognizable collapse, recognizable to the sheeple masses that is, which to this day is truly extraordinary.   

Oh well, maybe I am wrong, all ya have to do is vote, and all’s well!  Business fundamentals mean nothing.

And meanwhile the real economy just keeps chugging along with gifts for all, check this out………

Now that’s change you can believe in, and talking about pews filled with paper system believers, you can’t forget this next one……

Boy those college diplomas are really paying off aren’t they?   I wonder if this next guy got an inside tip from one of our well paid barkeeps?

Ya think Mr. Putin knows something folks?  That’s paper blasphemy WG, calm down.  Apparently you are right, as pointed out in the 3rd link in this news segment, John Embry and ole’ WG are witnessing the pews of paper worship filling up once again.  No need for precious metals with the blessings of an honest system of weights and measures.  After all, we voted “by crackee” and all’s well now!

Getting back to some of WG’s indicators or prognostications that have panned out, note this item of interest that indicates we are in the last of the go-go “wants based self satisfaction, ego protecting” bullshit days……..Please note this final indicator of paper system decline began showing up in early to mid 2016, and it is about to play itself out….

Folks, I still maintain that one of the final signals, that the last nail is being driven into the western fiat paper coffins, is the purse strings being reluctantly tightened by the wanna-be neat guy and neat gal crowds.  And for the record, my “D-day,” (predicted 2 years ago, and I have stuck with it still) for the recognition of the King Dollar paper demise was in or around the 2016 elections, and/or the first quarter of 2017.  I am very convinced that prediction will hold true.  But if not….my howling “may” cease, and you can save me a seat in your paper house of worship. WG

Folks, I will let you decide if this next article is accurate.  I can tell you this much, my homeopathic friend, Mr. Manfred Mueller maintains that we are being poisoned.  Poisoned by accident?  Good question.  I suspect it was an after effect, after greed tried to make natural products more profitable with man made science.  This is off the beaten path of the subject matter to some degree, but it is still indicative of a system in decline.  An over financialized “wants” based paper system that is…….

And finally this next link segues nicely into the “Hard Asset Hunch/Tip” segment (note the last subtitle in the link below)…..

Folks, as we have maintained here at ‘’ for years now, the west has no paper markets.  There is no true price discovery mechanism in place anymore.   A physical system will come about, but do you think the paper that chronicles it’s values will come from the west or the east?  Most of you who read this far already know the answer, as it is just “good ole’ fashion horse sense.”  But the ones who have been anesthetized via a successful US presidential election, the ones who didn’t read this far have once again started their donations to their false paper gods.  Sorry for the insults folks, it probably doesn’t apply to most of you, but it is a very real problem.  The pews of paper worship are refilling, hope gaining momentum.

                                                    Hard Asset Hunch/Tip

For those of you who haven’t put any deep research into how to store your precious metals stacks, here is a well thought out article from ‘’….Please note that most of it is common sense, but it never hurts to hear or read the basic fundamentals as they sometimes inspire “light bulb” moments for your particular needs.

Quick Hard Asset Side Note:  In a recent interview with Dr. Jim Willie courtesy of Turd Ferguson, Jim highlighted that one of his key contacts, “The Voice” said that the price of land/property will fall due to a lack of buyers.  Great point, but I think the reasons are even deeper and more interesting.  And, they are?  “Wants vs. Needs,” and the fact that “needs start trumping wants,” possibly creating the lack of buyers.  Which begs the question, have you been thinking of buying land lately?  If so, the Wolf suspects it would be wise to be patient, as better prices are coming.  Prices that might be negotiated even lower with an offer backed by real money like GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins) instead of outgoing paper fiat crap.

In this next article/link concerning “oil/precious metals” from Mr. Steve St. Angelo please keep in mind a simple premise.  Just because a resource is available doesn’t mean you can make a profit from harvesting it.  I may have land with a “boat load” of beautiful healthy ready to harvest hardwood trees, but that doesn’t mean I can make a profit bringing them to the market.  Check out this link, and the excerpt following the link……

The quality of the resource (measured by its ability to deliver energy) has fallen low enough that its ROA is rapidly approaching zero. The 158 year history of the commercial industrial oil age has been spearheaded by a quest for the very best that could be found. What remained was of lower quality. That resulted in lower production wells, higher levels of contaminates, much higher or much lower viscosity, and ever increasing water cut. The overall reserve has declined in quality.
We project that there is absolutely no possibility of the world running out of oil in the foreseeable future. The possibility of investors (who ever they are) running out of patience is a totally different matter!  ‘’

On October 27th of this year (in the RM archives) I penned an installment that had a video from SGT Report interviewing Steve St. Angelo on the lack of investment return in the oil sector.  A declining return that makes oil a potential outgoing form of energy with no “growth hopes” in sight.  I agree with Mr. St. Angelo because based on the resources I trust, the current return on investment in oil products with today’s existing technology, “sucks!”  Once again, it is a business, and if it doesn’t provide a reasonable return on invested dollars then it’s production fundamentals ain’t likely to get better anytime soon.  That said, as always, the informed readers of RM occasionally take some of my writings behind the woodshed for a good ole fashion country arse whipping (even though I wasn’t siding entirely with Mr. St. Angelo).   Note the following…….

In the comments section of that installment, I had this actual pearl of wisdom, “No net energy in a few years???? What a crock of shit. Lithium. Did I mention it might be wise to get exposure to Lithium?”  That was from RM reader David, who didn’t like the references to “no net energy” in the interview with Mr. St. Angelo in the Oct. 27th installment.  David’s comments would ironically soon be ringing loud and clear, as I ran into something by pure accident.   To bridge the gap……..

In the last installment from two weeks ago I highlighted a “Hard Asset Speculation” that mentioned some new technology.  Well I will have to once again give props to an RM reader, in this case David.   As I will now admit, that the intel. revelation I was fed did involve “lithium.”  Check this site out…….

As mentioned in the prior link from ‘,’ energy is a business, and as such it needs to provide share holder value with a hint of future growth.  If the only way it can do that is to price the product out of the market place, it will die.  The easy oil has been harvested, therefore I suspect a change is coming, coming SOON.  Why does the Wolf feel he is getting a whiff of a big deal, a deal with the potential for future business expansion?  Because I see major players making moves of late, that’s why.  Check out the following……

Regarding the above link, let it be known that Alevo is no small fry.   It recently became the primary occupant of the warehouse and headquarters of what once was the largest tobacco company on earth (may still be for all I know), Phillip Morris, in Concord, NC (pic. below).   To top that off, it ain’t the only game in town. There are other competitors fighting for a foothold in this business venue on a global scale. WG

Big buildings don’t mean much, WG.  I agree, but 50,000 recycles does!   And just what precious metal would benefit from this technology?   Silver, in the solar biz, and very likely (difficult to verify, & I tried like hell) in the fabrication and possibly even the final product development.   

To date the biggest chink in the “profitability armor” of this form of energy per the alternative media and msm folks, “used” to be battery storage and it’s lack of efficiency.  Appears that could be in the rear view mirror.  Throw something bigger on the fire here WG?  Ok, in addition to this it is my understanding that this company (can’t officially verify this yet) has orders for as much of this product as they can produce coming from the far east, including some major sovereigns.  And finally, let’s throw another really big log on the fires of potential profitability…..

Additionally, my friend London Paul mentioned in a podcast a couple of weeks ago (you folks should check out his ’’) that Daimler, BMW and VW are starting to spend money for growth in a new energy technology with the development of sustainable outposts all across Europe.  For ‘shits & grins’ I reaffirmed that info with him in a conversation just yesterday.  Oh, and by-the-by, Alevo’s “R&D/Engineering” efforts come from two major facilities in….Germany!  Let us also not forget that one of the biggest holders of old technology energy shares is reputed to be dumping their holdings, the Rockefeller clan.

So what does this all mean at this juncture?  Who knows, after all, there was a carburetor that produced 100 miles per gallon efficiency as early as WWII, yet it failed to reach the major markets.   Could this also be stopped in it’s youthful tracks by old inefficient money as well?   Who knows!   But the WG “Hard Asset Hunch/Tip” says life finds a way, including business life, and if it doesn’t…..say hello to “the western dark ages.”

The WG primary hunch says that the next big thing will not be from the top layer of the business technology cycle, which tend to revolve around “wants” and conveniences.  Instead, it will be from a change in the foundations of all businesses.  Could energy be it?   You be the judge, and for the record, I don’t give investment advice, but might I suggest investing in the components of this sort of technology?  In physical form?  Yes, silver anyone…?!!!

                                                       Final Thoughts/Hunch

Western society is far from out of the woods of financial failure, and that is particularly true for the USA.  Give the Trump worship a bit of a rest.  He is going to have enough problems to deal with without having to live up to the impossible standards being set from the refiling pews of system worship.  Paper system worship that is!  Wait a second, who is that high ranking dude leaving his paper worshipping pew in the link below?

Is the material in the above link a coincidence to this man’s past pronouncements to be wary of paper (hammered on hard in past installments right here at RM), or an intelligent move to avoid presidential conflicts of interest, or is he just plain staying the heck out of the way of a paper calamity?  You be the judge, but it appears you best not expect any matching paper donations from the president elect. 

If you honestly think, from this point forward, we will ascend up the ladder of our standards of living, then you are a fool.  What society was ever on a path upward when their leadership, both current and past, were accused of child molestation?  Let’s not forget the travails of those assembling in the pews of paper worship, with their numbers now 95.1 million strong, and who are now not in the workforce at all.  All the while being seated next to other parishioners who are working in multiple part-time job bliss. WG

I am sad to say that people honestly think they went through hell in the US over the last 8 years, and that the tide has turned for the better.  That’s right, their “FB” pages and emails call the last 8 years hell, and that the battle is now over.  Their defenses are now down and they are taking refuge in their paper statements once again.  You best keep your defenses up, as I think my prediction on timing from a couple years ago (see the paragraph under the Clif High video above) could come true over the next several months (or tomorrow)………. Cover up the punches are coming to all of us……

                                One punch and you knocked me down,
                                tore my defenses apart.
                                One round took me out of the game,
                                you did me some permanent harm.
                                It took just one hit,
                                It took just one hit,
                                it ain’t enough for me.
                                It ain’t enough for me.
                                (Enough for me)
                                It ain’t enough for me.
                                It’s hurting, it’s frighten heey!…The Stones
                       You ain’t been punched yet, rest assured it’s coming! WG

According to sources I trust, a dollar devaluation is coming very very soon.  And to this day, I may (note there may be others claiming a 100% equivalent) be the only one who has claimed that any sort of devaluation will be enough to trigger a massive level of societal chaos in the US.  Chaos that would equate to a 100% devaluation in total purchasing power.   Why would I think that?  Here are just a few of the basic reasons; a pampered society of US wimps, $1,000 on average in savings, part-time job growth ONLY, and an economy primarily driven on useless “wants” spending.   

Could I be wrong on my final numbers?  Of course I could, but I ain’t wrong on the premise of a “collapse/demise” of the King Dollar, and I will be spot-on with respect to the solutions being a “constant.”   A “constant” consisting of a well thought out DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio). WG

It is still the Wolf’s view that the beat down to come will be temporary, and that life will find a way.   Be it via the help of a new energy technology, or be it via the heroic efforts of those unwilling to accept the crap being preached in the pews of paper system worship.  The hero at this point isn’t Trump (though he may end up being one), I suspect the real heroes will come from the local level as I have said for over a year.  It will be you.  Ironically, heroes coming to the fore at the local level is part of Clif High’s recent ALTA report.  Maybe he understands the linguistics and howings of my Wolfpack…..

                                I, I can remember (I remember)
                                Standing, by the wall (by the wall)
                                And the guns, shot above our heads (over our heads)
                                And we kissed, as though nothing could fall (nothing could fall)
                                And the shame, was on the other side
                                Oh, we can beat them, forever and ever
                                Then we could be heroes, just for one day
                                We can be heroes
                                We can be heroes
                                We can be heroes
                                Just for one day
                                We can be heroes…David Bowie
                        Many like to think they are Heroes, but it’s only on PAPER! WG

The Wolf still has a “final thoughts/hunch” that once the “wants” dust settles, life will find a way, and a “needs” revaluation will occur with a subsequent renaissance revolution.  All due to you, the real heroes.  YOU!

                              Prepare to hunker down, then we shall see what we shall see....

                              Prepare to hunker down, then we shall see what we shall see….


                God, then Your Family, then the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!
                               Survive then Thrive and We’ll Howl on the Other Side!

God Bless and Be Well……..

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Dixie, Team Rm, The RM readers esp. David, Simon Black, ZeroHedge, King World News & John Embry & Stephen Leeb, Clif High, ‘’ (no affiliation), ‘’, ‘’, London Paul & ‘’, ‘’. ‘’ & Steve St. Angelo, The Rolling Stones & David Bowie

12 thoughts on “As the System Crumbles, It’s Church Pews are Still Filled with Parishioners

    • Jerry a pic. as they say, is worth a 1,000 words, and the larger & broader M2 velocity is cratering as you point out in that link.
      BTW I don’t know about beating the stuffing out of the subject, because truth is the subject is beating the crap out of me. I strongly agree with one of my Wolfpack associates, we have a really narrow near term time window here to get this right, and if we don’t….hello dark ages.
      Do I think that is possible? I would make it a 50/50 toss up if we don’t get into this process really soon.
      God bless you & yours buddy.


  1. WG,
    Let me wish you and your family Merry X’mas and Happy New Year!
    Things are really getting hot. Once again you hit the nail right on the head..all the sheep are still in auto mode till too late.
    ‘The status quo apologists will of course angrily deny this reality (see above graphic). Their own place at the trough requires them to defend the indefensible. Their denial and anger are indicators of gaslighting and their own sad acceptance of servitude.’
    I am reminded of the tragedy on Boxing Day at Phuket many years ago..when the tide went out and the folks went out to pick the fish..not suspecting the tsunami is coming in fast..
    Check out Dex the Vulcan’s talk with V this morning:

    Greg Hunter with John Williams:

    So few will be prepared when the shock hits later next year.


    • Thanks KW listening to the Watchdog & John Williams as I type this comment my friend.
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you & yours as well my friend.


  2. People who keep thinking because Trump has gotten in should remember what V said some time back about Trump being one of the only billionaires to store a sizable amount of his wealth in Gold and Silver, in V’s criticism of the ‘paper billionaires’.
    Also regardless of who becomes the leader of a country, history has a few constants, one of which is human stupidity, the other is gold and silver outlasts currency debasement.
    "Ya think Mr. Putin knows something folks? "Don’t worry, the MSM says he’s evil, so that means his mass buying of Gold is wrong.
    "Some Long Time Gold Holders Are Now Capitulating…"Wealth moves from weak minds to strong minds.


  3. WG,
    Have you heard the latest from Jim Willie?

    I think he is right; Trump is placing ex-military into all the important posts. Possible it is a more sophisticated version of martial law being put in place. This would make it easier for him to drain the swamp..


  4. WG,
    Your efforts are paying off..folks are waking up:
    ‘Finally, the hay farmer told us all how, as a result of having an excellent harvest this year, he had opted to pay off, two years early, the loan on his new tractor. He explained how he had received a call from the bank holding the loan, and the loan officer had attempted to convince him to NOT pay off the loan yet, and even offered to refund twelve months of interest payments if he would simply carry the loan to full term. The farmer adamantly refused. His response to the bank officer? “I understand perfectly well why you want to keep this loan on your books for two more years: you are using my loan as collateral to borrow short and lend long to the tune of at least ten times my original loan balance, and if I pay off my loan early, my debt and your collateral will be extinguished at the same time, and you’ll have to come up with more collateral to back up loans you never should have made in the first place.”


    • Thank you for that link KW, I bet the "salt of the earth" types are the ones who get this more than the wanna be rich guy & gal types. After all the gist of a ponzi scheme isn’t that complicated, it’s the sales job to the listener that is complicated. It has been my observation that the more complicated the sales job, the better the closing ratio might be as the listener doesn’t want to appear dumb or out of touch with the other "yes men" in the audience. Oh btw it is my experience, that many times the "yes men or women" in the audience are part of the sales team.


  5. WG,
    Here is the latest chat by Cliff on his Dec Alta report:

    Note his forecast comment on the actions of the Deep State at 8.52 of this youtube podcast – their actions will trigger the collapse.


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