The Washington Post Beclowns Itself with @PropOrNot ‘Russian Propaganda Sites’ Enemies ‘List’ (The Soros/Pinchuk/Clintons Connection)



First of all let us say we’re positively disappointed that did not make the ‘enemies list’ of supposed Russian propaganda sites assembled by the Propaganda Or Not ‘team’, which claims to have thirty members. However, Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report the top news aggregator on the planet made the list, which perhaps accounted for @PropOrNot’s absurd estimate of how many Americans ‘Russian propaganda’ reached during this election cycle via Matt Drudge’s links to…mostly the same formerly mainstream now dying legacy media outlets PropOrNot urges its readers to trust (Drudge did link to Infowars a few times during the election cycle, which along with Trump’s appearance on the Alex Jones Show drove Media Matters for America nuts — though their fearless fuehrer David Brock is already nuttier than fruitcake). Granted the top ‘gateway drug’ site for RogueMoney media’s traffic is, and former Wall Street analyst Daniel Ivandjiiski’s pirate crew over there were featured prominently in one of @PropOrNot’s ‘case studies’. And the Russia Analyst’s friend The Saker, a White Russian Swiss living in Florida also made the list, to his amusement:

the WaPo decided to advertise this list which, let’s be honest, badly needed some official imprimatur since it is made by completely anonymous people. Well, what can I say? Something along “I am deeply honored and I accept the prize” I suppose 🙂

To be honest, the vain part of me was a little miffed when my blog did not make it to the list. At the time, I promised myself that I would work even harder to, hopefully, make that list one day.

Now the good news is that I am now in truly excellent company:,,,,,,,,,, – wow! That is pretty flattering, ain’t it?

The bad news now. This list also include the following:,,,, Now, please don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong about these websites at all, it’s just that they probably did not try has hard as others to bring down the immense edifice of lies the Ziocon media has been building for the past thirty or forty years.

So, if I have to be truly honest, I have to admit that this list of “Sites That Reliably Echo Russian Propaganda” is, frankly, a botched and half-assed job done by folks who did not really use their head too much to identify their real enemies.

I hope that in the future the folks who made this initial list will narrow it down to a credible list of sources which, in their opinion, “reliably echo Russian propaganda” because it is also quite obvious to me that, with the exceptions of terminally zombified Clinton-bots, everybody else will understand exactly what being listed here means: the list includes all those who threaten the informational monopoly of the Ziomedia both inside and outside the USA.

Second, the question of PropOrNot’s identities has come up, since they (like incidentally) use a proxy domain registrant. However, whereas RogueMoney attempts to awaken people to truth by exposing them to multiple perspectives combined with vigorous geo-economic analysis, PropOrNot is indeed half assed globalist agitprop. The Washington Post would be ashamed of promoting it if Amazon oligarch Jeff Bezos rag had any shame left over its own recent history of pushing ‘fake news’ and Establishment approved conspiracy theories. For example, in the ‘just asking questions’ style of conspiracy theorists everywhere, the paper we like to call Pravda on the Potomac or the Langley post cited a distinguished forensic pathologist who claimed Hillary Clinton’s filmed collapse on 9/11/2016 may have been due to being poisoned by Russian agents. Bringing on experts both real and pseudo-scientists/crackpots just happens to be what legacy media and government propaganda outlets supported by NATO and the EU claim RT does.

Even more disturbing than the Post’s shoddy journalism in this instance is the broader trend in which any wild conspiracy theory or McCarthyite attack is now permitted in U.S. discourse as long as it involves Russia and Putin – just as was true in the 1950s when stories of how the Russians were poisoning the U.S. water supply or infiltrating American institutions were commonplace. Any anti-Russia story was – and is – instantly vested with credibility, while anyone questioning its veracity or evidentiary basis is subject to attacks on their loyalties or, at best, vilified as “useful idiots.”

Two of the most discredited reports from the election season illustrate the point: a Slate article claiming that a private server had been located linking the Trump Organization and a Russian bank (which, like the current Post story, had been shopped around and rejected by multiple media outlets), and a completely deranged rant by Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald claiming that Putin had ordered emails in the WikiLeaks release to be doctored – both of which were uncritically shared and tweeted by hundreds of journalists to tens of thousands of people, if not more.

The Post itself – now posing as warriors against “fake news” – published an article in September that treated with great seriousness the claim that Hillary Clinton collapsed on 9/11 Day because she was poisoned by Putin. And that’s to say nothing of the paper’s disgraceful history of convincing Americans that Saddam was building non-existent nuclear weapons and had cultivated a vibrant alliance with Al Qaeda. As is so often the case, those who mostly loudly warn of “fake news” from others are themselves the most aggressive disseminators of it.

Indeed, what happened here is the essence of fake news. The Post story served the agendas of many factions: those who want to believe Putin stole the election from Hillary Clinton; those who want to believe that the internet and social media are a grave menace that needs to be controlled, in contrast to the objective truth which reliable old media outlets once issued; those who want a resurrection of the Cold War. So those who saw tweets and Facebook posts promoting this Post story instantly clicked and shared and promoted the story without an iota of critical thought or examination of whether the claims were true, because they wanted the claims to be true. That behavior included countless journalists.

As the Russia Analyst said back in August, when candidate Hillary Clinton gave her speech in Reno, Nevada accusing Russia’s President Vladimir Putin of being the godfather of the global alt-right, ‘conspiracy theory for me because Establishment but not for thee’ peasant is not a formula for sustaining much less winning an information war. If anything, it only demonstrates the further descent of outlets like The Washington Post from once respected if liberal-Democrat Party slanted broadsheets into laughingstocks. You know your article is promoting conspiratrolls when it’s too kooky and anonymously sourced for those clickbait pushing neolibcon hipsters at Buzzfeed.

It also shows that “The Paranoid Style of Politics” which the late political scientist Richard Hofstadter attributed to the John Birch Society and other movements on the anti-Communist post-WWII American Right, have returned to the so-called Left, as during the Weathermen Underground or Bader-Meinhof/Red Army Faction days of the Sixties and Seventies. Instead of Obama putting gun loving and God fearing Americans into FEMA camps, we hear about Trump ushering in a new dark night of fascism in which homosexuals, Muslims, Mexicans and Jews will cower in fear or be rounded up by rampaging brownshirts (with ‘fashy’ Richard B. Spencer style haircuts).

The reality that most of the ‘hate crimes’ blamed on Trump supporters since the election have turned out to be hoaxes committed by emo-prog snowflakes in places not known for Nazi stormtrooper or KKK rallies such as Brooklyn has been ignored. So too, is the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)’s history of sponsoring fake wannabe fuehrers and defamation. Most importantly to the climate of smears and intimidation @PropOrNot seeks to impose against alternative/new media which helped to defeat Hillary, is arch-globalist George Soros’ funding of colored revolutions in the former Soviet space and Black Lives Matter activists now protesting Trump’s election.



Which brings us back to the question on many journalists’ minds this weekend, from Max Blumenthal of the leftist pro-Palestinian and anti-Trump Alternet to the Ron Paul Institute’s Daniel McAdams and Mike Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg and The Intercept, led by NSA exposing investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald: who is behind @PropOrNot? The Russia Analyst does not have any definitive evidence, but we do see some breadcrumbs along the trail leading to the door of this clown show. As a veteran legacy media editor one thing that stands out in the copy is how poorly it’s been proofread, and the evident mistakes of non-native English speaking author/s — which strongly hints at an overseas connection of some sort, possibly to government or oligarch sponsored ‘information warriors’ in Kiev. As do openly ‘Banderite’ (arm raising) sloganeering tweets like this one:


Another part of the globalist doublethink required to work for the Washington (Langley Com)Post, is that the ‘Alt Reich’ is a horrible threat in America where it mostly consists of now banned Pepe the Frog loving Twitter trolls — but is no big deal at all in Ukraine where neo-Nazis of the Azov Battalion are armed to the teeth. Slava Ukraina, geroim slava and let those ‘Roman salutes’ fly ‘heroes of Ukraine’, you’re the frontline freedom fighters against Putin’s aggression so a little Nazism and SS Wolfshook flag waving is a-ok with us (and the Department of Defense)!

As an explanation of sorts for its telltale English grammar mistakes, the site claims to have about thirty contributors, including Americans of Ukrainian and Iraqi descent. It has also claimed on its Twitter account to have members who protested the Iraq war during the 2000s. As previously mentioned, PropOrNot’s ‘methodologies’ are so slapstick as to embarrass the legacy media touted ‘professionals’ of Bellingcat — whose own history of screw ups and incompetent ‘analyses‘ has been amply documented by actual independent researchers. Another revealing aspect of its obsessive ‘analyses’ is that anything that seems to deviate from the Establishment line — including support for Brexit or criticism of the EU — plays into Putin’s hands and is therefore evidence that someone is a ‘useful idiot’ for the Kremlin.

This type of absolutist — many would say totalitarian-lite — thinking has been criticized not only by the Russia Analyst, but by people as diverse in views as PolitRussia’s Ruslan Ostashko or the Moscow-based pinko globalist hipster Jim Kovpak [] (who hates this writer, by the way). Conflating any and all counter-Establishment forces into tools of the Kremlin makes Putin into some sort of dark demigod, a modern day Mephistopheles who is simultaneously everywhere and nowhere. It also makes, as Kovpak points out, Russia look more powerful than it is — though the Russians aren’t as weak and pathetic as Kovpak makes them out to be either, from his ‘expat privilege’ perch in Moscow where he’s claims to be awaiting the inevitable revolution against Putin.

On the Russian nationalist side of the spectrum, we see Ruslan Ostashko laughing and boasting that the European Parliament’s resolution has spectacularly backfired, turning RT and Sputnik into ‘forbidden fruit’ that activist types in Poland will be tempted now to visit via Tor or proxy servers due to their Russophobic governments banning Great Firewall of China-style. Plus, how ridiculous is it that EU employees who claim to speak only for themselves and not Brussels official position spend time attacking Alex Jones and Infowars at European taxpayer expense? Even a pinko globalist who hates Jones like Kovpak would probably concede it’s a waste of time and money which gives UKIP members and other euroskeptics greater satisfaction…just as the European Parliament vote itself is seized upon by Russian media to tell Russians how feared and hated their country is by the EUnuchs.


Returning to the question of who’s behind PropOrNot, we’ll go with — some job expendable minion of Media Matters for America’s David Brock, paired up with Kiev-based hacks funded by major Clinton Foundation donor Viktor Pinchuk. PropOrNot’s grudge not only against Drudge but in particular against NakedCapitalism’s Yves Smith may be explained by Yves Smith’s site linking regularly to and/or republishing articles from John Helmer, an independent pro-Russian leftist Aussie journalist with deep ties to Greece. Helmer has reported that Pinchuk invested tens of millions in backing the Clintons and had hoped for generous US/EU bailouts of his steel pipe manufacturing empire in the Ukraine upon Hillary’s return to the White House in 2017. Instead of more ‘free’ IMF money for the oligarchs and a gusher of weapons and training for the Ukrainian armed forces and neo-Nazi led battalions, however, it looks like Trump is going to maybe throw a few bones at the McCainiacs in Congress while cutting deals with Putin.


Ukrainian oligarch Viktor Pinchuk hosting Hillary Clinton in Ukraine in happier times for the two of them...

Ukrainian oligarch Viktor Pinchuk hosting Hillary Clinton in Ukraine in happier times for the two of them…

Clearly Ukraine is not a high priority for a Trump Administration, notwithstanding whatever National Security Council members like KT McFarland say on Fox News when asked about U.S. support for Ukraine or what noises old farts like Mr. and Mrs. McCain (Lindsey Graham) will make in Senate hearings next year. Therefore all the losers of this election cycle have come together in one fever swamp of a ‘Russian propagandists’ enemies list that conveniently resembles a Soros/Media Matters enemies list (Matt Drudge works for the FSB/GRU, really @PropOrNot kids?) would’ve embarrassed the most fanatical Watergate burglars for the late Richard Milhous Nixon:

the same pro-Big Government neolibcon conspiratrolls we’ve been observing for some time, like @StopAgitprop — rants against Ron Paul and ‘goldbug’ sites is one of @StopAgitprop’s hobbyhorses

old fart ex-military guys who want to feel like they’re in the psyops ‘game’ — I’m looking at you @Joel_Harding of To Inform is to Influence, you’re acting awfully quiet this weekend. One of the first Twitter accounts @PropOrNot followed in August when they set up their account was pro-Kiev FAKE news purveyor John R. Schindler aka @20Committee, the ex-NSA analyst who ironically writes for the NY Observer publication owned by Donald Trump’s son in law we’ve previously profiled here.

noisy but incompetent Ukrainian propagandists (including at the ‘respectable’ outlets like whose members may be moonlighting for the not so respected PropOrNot)

Media Matters for America (MMfA) Soros-niks who screamed about Russians hacking the election to defeat Hillary in vain, who are apparently providing the piss poor editing

…and behind them all Daddy Warbucks Soros raging against the new media exposing his tentacles and confederated oligarchs in Kiev. The latter know that their time living large and in charge as opposed to in European or North American exile is coming to an end, as is the ‘free’ IMF/EU money that has propped up the failing Ukrainian state they’ve looted ahead of the next Maidan and regime collapse.


Also highly recommended ‘connecting the dots’ regarding the likely suspects behind @PropOrNot– American journalist George Eliason’s article from November 7, 2016 about the links between Ukrainian nationalist diaspora groups, the Broadcasting Board of Governors (whose pro-Hillary member Matthew ‘MountainRunner’ Armstrong recently published an article at War on the Rocks bashing RT and its State Dept. reporter Gayane Chichakyan over this testy exchange), and the Hillary Clinton campaign:

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was also the Ex-Officio Board Member of the BBG. The BBG (Broadcasting Board of Governors) run RFE/RL (Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty). Most of the 8-member board, appointed by the President of the United States, are the who’s who of powerful media moguls in film, news, print, and radio. Appointment to the BBG is like being awarded an ambassador position for the media industry. It’s also why big media carries the same line or themes.

The 7th member of the board of directors which runs RFE/RL is Mathew Armstrong. He is a longtime friend and mentor to retired Brigadier general Joel Harding. He provides Harding a lot of access and influence in media. Armstrong’s background is public relations. He is an expert in IO and IIO operations. His bio: Author, lecturer, and strategist on public diplomacy and international media. He has worked on traditional and emerging security issues with both civilian and military government agencies, news organizations, think tanks, and academia across several continents.

In what appears to be a conflict of interest, at least two BBG board members are working actively for the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.

Karen Kornbluh is helping refine and to get Hillary Clinton’s message out. ” All of them are names to watch if Clinton wins — and key jobs at the FCC and other federal agencies are up for grabs.”

According to her bio: Karen founded the New America Foundation’s Work and Family Program and is a senior fellow for Digital Policy at the Council on Foreign Relations. Karen has written extensively about technology policy, women, and family policy for The Atlantic, The New York Times and The Washington Post. New York Times columnist David Brooks cited her Democracy article “Families Valued,” focused on “juggler families” as one of the best magazine articles of 2006.

Michael Kempner is the founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of MWW Group, a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter, and may get a greater role if she is elected. Kempner is a member of the Public Relations Hall of Fame. Michael Kempner hired Anthony Weiner after the sexting scandal broke in 2011.

Jeff Shell, chairman of the BBG and Universal Filmed Entertainment is supporting a secondary role by being an honor roll donor to the Atlantic Council. While the BBG is supposed to be neutral it has continuously helped increase tensions in Eastern Europe. While giving to the Atlantic Council may not be illegal while in his position, currently, the Atlantic Council’s main effort is to ignite a war with Russia. This may set up a major conflict of interest.


…and James Corbett of the Corbett Report’s bemused video below, in which Corbett describes his and Sibel Edmonds criticism of alternative media outlets that have uncritically accepted Russian propaganda, yet still winding up on @PropOrNot’s enemies list:

2 thoughts on “The Washington Post Beclowns Itself with @PropOrNot ‘Russian Propaganda Sites’ Enemies ‘List’ (The Soros/Pinchuk/Clintons Connection)

  1. Democrats are still morphing into a pile of disconnected nonsense, plying Russian hysteria on one hand and Identity politics on the other. Doubling down on crazy.
    The really bad thing about this, is that the Republicans DO need some real credible ideological competition, and the Democrat’s failure to be coherent allows meglomania to slowly build on the Right the way it took over the Left, and then reduced it to tatters.


  2. It does not take a rock scientist to figure out that @StopAgitprop and «old fart ex-military guys who want to feel like they’re in the psyops ‘game’ @Joel_Harding of To Inform is to Influence» belong to the same crew of «info-warriors» whose daily routines consist in spreading the corporate media disinformation, on one part, and cyber-stalking and harassing any random dissenter in major social media (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) and off-line as well, on the other. Their modus operandi has been overviewed i.e. on the same sites that make their hit PropOrNot sloppy ludicrous list i.e.:


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