Eight Trump Cards in 2017

It’s official. The annual pre-order page for the “World In ….” issue of The Economist magazine is available (linked here). The Economist magazine is, of course, that freely acknowledged printed-page mouthpiece of the Rothschild Empire. Lest anyone care to debate that statement, may I direct your attention to their own words as published on The Economist’s official Wikipedia page (linked here). This is a magazine that speaks from the heart of the City of London and thence, we can assume, from the Knights Templar themselves, with all its Kabbalistic and Rosicrucian heritage.


The publication belongs to the Economist Group. It is 50% owned by the English branch of the Rothschild family and by the Agnelli family through its holding company Exor. The remaining 50% is held by private investors including the editors and staff. The Rothschilds and the Agnellis are represented on the board of directors. A board of trustees formally appoints the editor, who cannot be removed without its permission. Although The Economist has a global emphasis and scope, about two-thirds of the 75 staff journalists are based in the City of Westminster, London. 

My blog today is not going to even try to interpret Rothschild’s message via these eight cards. However, I’ll post a YouTube link to our official Clif High Apologist, jsnip4, down below. He offered a nice summary of one person’s interpretation. What I do want to do with this blog is provide a bit of education and history on just what is Tarotology. In no way, shape, or form do I encourage anybody to get wrapped up in that mysticism. But it is important for us to acknowledge that the global financial debt-based money system continues to dominate us under the auspices of a very dark, ancient language of occult symbols and arcane energies. The Rothschilds have now come fully out of the closet on that point.

From even a cursory review of various Wikipedia links, we can learn that there are several versions of Tarot card decks with varying background designs. However, the title character on each card is generally the same from version to version. The deck generally consists of a total of 78 cards. 56 of those cards are described as the “minor arcana.” By the way, our standard 52-card deck of playing cards is somewhat modeled after this “minor” set of tarot cards but minus the more obvious occult symbology. (Nevertheless, I still cast a suspicious eye on that Jack whose father has a sword piercing his skull. But I digress.)

The set of cards that always draws the most attention from the pro-conspiracy crowd are those top-level 22 trump cards — and yes they are called TRUMP cards — that part of the tarot deck customarily labeled as the “major arcana.” Besides being entitled by a character or object name, those cards are also numbered beginning with the Joker as Zero, followed by various characters 1-21. (For those of you who have followed my “Bee In Eden” radio shows, there goes that “Mystical Zero” thing again, the Nothing that is the beginning of creation). This YouTube broadcaster posted one follower’s conclusions on what The Economist artwork may be telling us:

(top row)
TOWER = 16
WORLD = 21

(bottom row)
DEATH = 13
STAR = 17

It should also be noted that while the character titles that appear on a tarot card seem fairly uniform amongst various versions of tarot, the graphical designs of the cards can vary wildly and have long been a collectible fetish for many people. For example, the “Tower” card shown here in The Economist is a very distinct version from the one many of us have seen, that is, the one of a tower on fire with people jumping out of windows (a la 9/11). Already you can see that this tarot set on the magazine cover depicts a caricature of PEOTUS Donald J. Trump seated on the “Judgment” card. So, obviously, tarot card manufacturers have already created such a version, or possibly The Economist artist photo-shopped Trump’s caricature onto some other tarot version.

To RM readers here who would like to do the research, if you can find a brand of this particular set of tarot pictures, please post them in the Comments below and tweet me with that info @BanksterSlayer. I am curious to find out exactly which brand of cards did The Economist choose to use. That alone might reveal something about the message. 

CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO VIEW OR DOWNLOAD A LARGER VERSION. Who are the 14 faces deeply embedded within the “Star” card? To me, they appear to (victimized?) children or adolescents. Or are these something like “yearbook photos” of people who are now adults and are now sitting in positions of power? And what does the “comet” in the middle of the card represent? Is this whole card a reference to the shocking #PizzaGate horror that involves Comet Ping Pong Pizza underground pedophilia ring? Please leave comments below with your observations and/or reputable web page exposure.


I may actually be forced to offer a bit of thanks to the Rothschilds for ordering this artwork to depict their world view of 2017. The artwork provides a nice segue into a topic that I plan to spend much time writing about next year, the Kabbalah.

The knee-jerk definition of Kabbalah is usually stated as “Jewish mysticism.” While that is largely true, the Kabbalah functions more like a “blueprint” or a “formula” that one can use to create many systems of belief. One expert, David Livingstone of web site ConspiracySchool.com, describes ideologies like Hermeticism, Gnosticism, Rationalism, Atheism, and Transhumanism as offshoots of the main root, which is the Kabbalah. Why, it’s as if one can use Kabbalah principles to “mother” other dialectics into existence.

As further evidence to support my never-ending mantra that our banking system was established firmly on a foundation of Babylonian mysticism and deserves complete destruction, I will copy the comments posted within the Tarotology page at Wikipedia that connect the dots between these cards and that ancient language of symbols that seems to keep popping up over and over again.

Eliphas Levi, 19th century occultist and Kabbalist who lived at the same time The Economist magazine came into existence. (image: Wikipedia)

Eliphas Levi, 19th century occultist and Kabbalist who lived at the same time The Economist magazine came into existence. (image: Wikipedia)

[Eliphas] Lévi rejected Court de Gébelin’s claims about an Egyptian origin of the deck symbols, going back instead to the Tarot de Marseille, calling it The Book of Hermes, claiming it was antique, that it existed before Moses, and that it was in fact a universal key of erudition, philosophy, and magic that could unlock Hermetic and Cabbalistic concepts. According to Lévi, “An imprisoned person with no other book than the Tarot, if he knew how to use it, could in a few years acquire universal knowledge, and would be able to speak on all subjects with unequaled learning and inexhaustible eloquence.”

According to Dummett Lévis’ notable contributions include:

  • Lévi was the first to suggest that the Magus (Bagatto) was to work with the four suits.
  • Inspired by de Gébelin, Lévi associated the Hebrew alphabet with the Tarot trumps.
  • Lévi linked the ten numbered cards in each suit to the ten sefiroth.
  • Claimed the court cards represented stages of human life.
  • Claimed the four suites represented the Tetragrammaton.

The prophets from Isaiah to Daniel would be horrified to see how far their Israelite brothers have strayed. In fact, by now, there’s practically no blood relationship at all between the Jews of the Bible and the post-Sabbatean, post-Khazarian “Jews” of today. Those men of faith were constantly pleading with their Hebrew brothers to desist from practicing divination and stop withholding the precious Jubilee debt-relief gift from the nation. It may be with a whiff of irony that Yahweh, the Israelites’ God whose name is represented by that very Tetragrammaton cited above by Eliphas Levi, chose to interfere with King Nebuchadnezzar’s magical “teraphim,” sort of an ancient version of a Magic 8 Ball.

… calling it The Book of Hermes … and that it could unlock Hermetic and Cabbalistic concepts.

— Eliphas Levi describing the Tarot.

The mighty Babylonian king really wasn’t planning to go lay siege to Jerusalem that day. But the God of the covenant decided it was time to drain the swamp of Jerusalem. Messing with Nebuchadnezzar’s toy, He got the king to change his route, believing that the Fates were on his side (see Ezekiel 21:21,22). Indeed they were, and thus Jerusalem was brought down by a trick of divination that the Jews themselves had chosen to trust even before they lost their beautiful temple. Stupidly, a hundred years later, their elite leaders, rather than realizing the error of their ways, simply doubled down and proceeded to throw themselves even further into the world of Babylonian mysticism. And out popped the Kabbalah.

That 2,500-year-old story can give us hope that no matter what Kabbalistic agenda the Rothschilds believe they are pursuing, somebody else can shuffle those cards to suit a higher purpose.

Medieval depiction of Biblical “Whore of Babylon” (image: Wikipedia)

On her head was written a name, a mystery: “Babylon the Great, the mother of the prostitutes and of the disgusting things of the earth”.

— Revelation 17:5 as recorded by the Apostle John around the year 96 C.E. when the Kabbalah had already begun developing as an oral tradition.

My contact information with link to my Karatbars portal are found at my billboard page of SlayTheBankster.com. Listen to my radio show, Bee In Eden, on Youtube via my show blog at SedonaDeb.wordpress.com.



20 thoughts on “Eight Trump Cards in 2017

  1. 16 [DEC] Friday market event, 20 [Dec] Judgement upon America, 21 [DEC] Judgement upon world, 9 [JAN 2017] America isolated / world disgusted with USA.
    13 [Jan 2017] riots just prior to Inauguration, 1 [FEB 2017] Obama makes some fake ‘save’ of USA, 10 [FEB] ?, 17 [FEB] ?


    • Matt: yes, Trump in constantly speaking about judgment. So it will be interesting to see how Rothschild intends to play that card. Here is a something from May 03, 2016 — remember this is just a few days before Trump met with Kissinger — America is still waiting for judgment to be delivered on the murder of JFK. CNN sniped at Trump for suggesting that Ted Cruz’s father (-and the Bush/Clinton Crowd?) had something to do with it. And of course, we’re all still waiting for judgment to be delivered over the 9/11 atrocity.
      (CNN) ‘Nothing says you have the "judgment" to be President of the United States of America better than accusing your political opponent’s father of being involved with JFK’s assassin.’


  2. well, obviously the Death card is a nuclear explosion, which is odd considering nukes do not exist!
    and the Judgement card is obviously David Rockefeller wearing a blonde wig!


  3. p.s. as for the "no blood relation" I don’t buy that myth. I do think some of these Soros types are exacting just the same way as their "stiff-necked" ancestors did. That’s what got them exiled to Babylon in the first place. If you look at the actions of those who were threatened by Yeshua, the religious leaders, you can see similar behavior. Yeshua rebuked them for persecuting the prophets who came to warn them. The Romans weren’t any better. It’s the sin nature of man regardless of his origins that causes greed and corruption. None are without sin, thus the need for a Messiah who was blameless.
    Thankfully, there were some humble ones from the tribe of Judah who spread the gospel like Peter, Paul, John, Matthew, etc. and the numerous pilgrims who came to Jerusalem for the feast of Shavuot when the spirit of God was poured out, some god-fearers, some converts and some Jews from the diaspora. The other point often overlooked is that according to the Bible if one associates themselves with Israel, they are Israel, so even if there were Khazar converts to Judaism, that doesn’t make them any less Jewish. If you look at Ele 37:15-28 you will see that those associated with Judah are part of Judah. It’s the willful self-identification that makes one a Jew. If someone ( male of course) opts for circumcision, according to Judaism, they are Jewish.
    I have numerous issues with Rabbinic Judaism and how it contradicts the Bible in many places, but the problem is not one of ethnicity, it is one of accuracy. Rabbinic Judaism has to compensate for the fact that there is no standing Temple and they cannot fulfill the commands of Torah so there is adding and subtracting, but Christianity does this too.
    The Jews of full Jewish bloodline often committed the same sins that the pagans did, so bloodline is not the issue. We have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God, as Paul said. The issue is that some people, like Soros and the Rothschilds and Karl Marx etc were/are just evil, but so were some of the Kings of Israel and Judah.


    • I agree Joyann, bloodline is no basis for any human to regard himself as superior to anybody else. It certainly was not the intention of the Creator of the human family for one tribe to tyrannize any other tribe. That researcher I mentioned, David Livingstone, makes a good point in many interviews, that is: it wasn’t until modern times when "Judaism" came to be regarded as an ethnicity rather than as a religion. The "Jew" really are quite unique on that point: how did they get the world to change from viewing them as a "religion" to "sovereign people," hmmmm.
      Bible students would do well to remember that Joseph of Egypt, from whose two sons were named two of the 12 tribes, was himself married to the daughter of an Egyptian priest. Sooo, uhh, that shows right there: there was no "pure" bloodline among the Israelites. From the beginning of the exodus, people of all nations were always welcome to come attach themselves to Israel.


  4. From W:
    The fourth card, the hermit…
    It is night in a dark and broken world of shadows…the sea of humanity protesting and parading under 6 stars…the number of man…the man…the moon child just beginning to be revealed. As is also depicted as the unseen man who has not yet taken to the world stage begins to cast his lamp into the darkness from his high ground observation point. The masses are at a choke point as depicted by the cliffs on either side, they cannot proceed except by narrow lines through the ‘valley of the shadow’. A choke point is also an ambush point. It is also potentially a birth canal.
    The hermit stands on a cliff edge with 5 folds…5 is the number of death to humans and life to Illuminatists/children of Cain (the hybrid half children of Lucifer/samale and eve) Death and defense…you will note the correlation to the pentagon which is a five sided building. I also forgot to note in the world card that the dome in the center/political temple has 5 arches.


  5. From W:
    The overarching (more on that word/observation in a moment) feature of the card is the moon at the top. The lines are gravitational field lines of influence…note that there are 32 visible lines of influence running through every feature. 99.99999% of Masons and other secret societies never get any further than the 32nd degree.
    There are interconnected lines of influence and energy exchange between the protected Temples of our earthly society such as the money exchange temples, the treasuries, then theres the political temples at the center (note the five arched dome on the center temple) of our earthly existence/interaction/function and the religious/occult temples that interact with and counterbalance the other two. The ‘THIRTY THIRD’ GRAVITATIONAL FIELD LINE OF INFLUENCE IS THE UNSEEN ONE…POINTED STRAIGHT AT THE OBSERVER!!!
    The arch is one of the strongest designs in existence. The arch can support tremendous weight. It also acts as a shield and it redirects/diverts energy to its base. In this case, none of the moon energy is wasted, it is all captured and directed to the temples. The money temple, the political power temple and the religious temple of the families of the illumined ones families. Note here a critically IMPORTANT POINT…on two visible faces of the pyramid temple there are 13 stones on each face + the capstone. They each represent the 13 bloodline/royal families of cain, the Illuminatist ruling families of this world….the most powerful visible factions being the Rockefeller’s and the Rothschild’s…each coming under the 14th stone, the capstone. The all seeing eye of Lucifer himself! 13+13=26. + the cap stone =27…which reduces to 2+7=9….Satan’s favorite number, because it always returns to itself.
    Above the three temples are the less tangible types of influence…the ledgers, taxes, loans, banking/business accounting records…closed books to outsiders observations, yet they influence our every action/experience. To the right, The arts, Hollywood, the magicians that magically influence and shape our happiness and sadness. At the center, the modern view screens, the staging and false reality/pictures of the news in pictures we see every day, and who is at the center of this picture? An orb….is it a comet? ‘Comets mark the rise and fall of kings and princes’. Or is it the sun (they are after all sun worshipers) or once again…the moon? And then the book on the upper right, is it a holy book? Sacred writings? Kabbalistic passages? Or the hidden records of ancestry…who is related to who in the hidden bloodlines that rule everything beneath it on the card as well as being represented in the stones on the two visible faces of the pyramid.
    And lastly…on the left? The woman in a red cloak with hood??? The woman described in Revelations as the mother of harlots and pictured like a Madonna?
    It is critically important to remember that the Rothschild’s are Luciferians, as such they are engaged in and orchestrating ‘The Great Work’ which is to bring the ‘man of sin’ to power over the whole world….a one world government, the NWO, for the ages. That coming ruler is called by Aleister Crowley …’the moon child’. The man of sin will be fully and completely controlled and given over to/possessed by Lucifer himself.
    There is much technical detail on the very real physics as well as the less tangible occult/esoteric magical influences of the moon on natural and spiritual life forces on this world…(especially in the ‘other’ physics). Unfortunately there is not time and space for me to cover this here…but, it is my belief this may well be the ‘thumb card’ the most important card in this group, the wild card if you will!


  6. From W:
    Card number two, ‘Judgement’ is a bit opaque to me…4 is the number of foundation and it is repeated a couple if times…the coils of the flag on which Trump is seated…remind me of a snake. The flag of the US has 13 stripes representing the thirteen original states, but also the 13 families of the illuminated cultists.
    The most interesting detail that strikes my mind Judgement, Trump and the location of his left heel…is that possibly Chicago? Or Memphis Illinois…home of the ancient Pharaohs relics?
    Note that the Trump staff has an Eagle? Or is it a Phoenix?


  7. FROM W:
    The tower is the catholic church caught in the middle. The larger two stones fall on the Russian (orthodox) side of the conflict which is represented by their flag.
    The tower is split by a divine lightning bolt.
    There are ten flames licking out; ten is the number of the law.
    There are also ten roils of internal turning of the tempest in the tower, also the law, for extra emphasis…
    10-10 reduces to 11….also the Revelation describes the coming anti-christ empire as ten nations/horns with an additional small horn ruling over them…
    the ten flames plus the eleventh lightning bolt/flame crowning the tower….another eleven…11-11-11.
    There are 33 roils in the dark clouds over head (as I see it)…
    there are 17 stones in the arch-doorway to the tower and the papers on the door are clearly reminiscent of Martin Luther’s papers nailed to the door which were the beginning of the reformation movement that split the then ‘world church’ as well as Europe and it monarchial families.
    There are five hills, 5 is the number of death to humans and defense to the illuminati/Cain family which is the base on which everything important to Illuminatists in this world is based…. its about control and defense of the earth.
    There are 13 lines in the path leading to the church/tower door, there are 13 bloodline families of Cain on the earth…not ‘of’ the earth.
    There are 16 heads in the Russian assembly and that reduces to 7…a perfect number. This is clearly an important clue but I’m not catching it with the 16 yet and will have to think more on it.
    On the right….there are 19-20 persons visible…an argument could be made there are 19.5 a very intriguing number itself.
    In the flames of which there are 10, only 9 have a yellow streak to the side….9 is Satan’s favorite number since it always returns to itself.
    10 flames with nine yellow streaks could also be 19.
    The obelisks all around the world are monuments to Osiris…the phallic symbol.
    The tower with 17 [the Osiris death number and the number we have seen repeatedly for the last several months — BanksterSlayer] stones around the door is an identifier, all the churches have steeples topped by a cross…strong arguments have been made that the cross as depicted in modern times is the X that is Cain’s sign which is then affixed to the steeple/tower which is again Osiris.
    Also it brings back in an overall view that the war between east and west is a religious war and the wind is blowing from west to east as is depicted by the flag….the attacks have been originating from the west and the larger stone falling from the tower is on those to the east.
    The 5, 11, 13, 17 and 33 with a possible 19 are pretty blatant to me.
    Casino’s always have their own card decks made so they can control the game. They make slight changes even on a daily basis to detect counterfeiters and card sharks…changing the art work is like tattooing the money, it’s a sign of ownership and control; and its reminds you who’s casino you are actually in/inn…ala…’Hotel/Casino California’.
    The tower card shows the three primary Christian factions, orthodox, Catholic and protestant. The catholic is in fact a hidden refuge of the Osiris cult, a fact that is repeatedly reinforced by the Obelisk in St Peters square as well as the all manner of religious garb and symbology.


  8. Dear Bankster Slayer,
    Anymore feedback from W regarding the remaining 4 cards?
    The suspense is ‘killing’ as events seems to be speeding up like a run-away truck!


  9. In Hermeticism the magician changes lead into gold
    Hermes( Trump) is also associated with commerce, good luck and theft..
    A mythological connection existed between these simple monuments (card 3) and the deity named Hermes.When Hermes killed the many-eyed monster Argus ( Clinton) , he was brought to trial by the gods. They voted for Hermes’ innocence, each casting a vote by throwing a small stone at his feet so that a heap of stones grew up around him.
    Hermes became best known as the swift messenger of the gods. Euripides, in his prologue to the play Ion, has Hermes introduce himself as follows:
    Atlas, who wears on back of bronze the ancientAbode of the gods in heaven, had a daughterWhose name was Maia, born of a goddess:She lay with Zeus, and bore me, Hermes,Servant of the immortals.
    More on Hermes:"Hermes is thus of a double origin. His grandfather is Atlas, the demigod who holds up heaven, but Maia, his mother, already has a goddess as her mother, while Hermes’ father, Zeus, is of course the highest of the gods. It is tempting to interpret this as saying that from worldly toil (Atlas), with a heavy infusion of divine inspiration, comes forth consciousness, as symbolized by Hermes."
    ISIS is represented by the crescent moon. ( Trump is going to get rid of ISIS and TPP etc.) He’s a hermit because he is not one of the globalists.
    I see possible references to the twin towers with lightening bolt being like lucifer being the lightening bolt, after the fall of Soviet Union. Roughly 11 years after the fall of USSR. That could be a reference in general to towers as a sign of pride like the tower of Babel.
    The last card could have something to do with the election being fixed:http://www.renaissanceastrology.com/hermesfixedstars.htmlhttp://www.renaissanceastrology.com/electional.htmlWe know that child molestation and sacrifice is also part of Aleister Crowley type hermeticism. In fact the Rockefellers who funded Kinsey were aiding and abetting a child molester who happened to be friends with Crowley. The star faces look like children.
    Because of the children…whose faces were revealed in the emails of Anthony Weiner dictated the course of the election, one could say that they became the stars and this was by design.
    Maybe a stretch but…
    so to summarize, Donald Trump’s wi is judgement on the world order for all the manipulated wars, the towers etc, It’s judgement on the world system that was being set up but it will result in a war.
    I’m not sure that the cards have to be read in chronological order. Since I don’t want to learn how to read tarot cards I’ll skip that but layouts are varied and have meaning according to those who believe in this nonsense.
    It is also somewhat reminiscent of the cards of the Illuminati card game that was invented well before 9-11 and predicted a number of events. Probably designed by the same people…


  10. Events following the cards or cards following the events?
    ‘Several “new” macro-level realities are evident, and which are creating new and evolving dynamics:

    Russia and the People’s Republic of China have broken out of their earlier containment by the West;

    The Five+one deal with Iran in 2015 was one of the factors which changed the Middle East dynamic irreversibly. That factor was compounded by the strategic decline now facing Saudi Arabia, which had (because of the collapse of Iranian governance in 1979 and the decades of isolation which followed for Iran) enjoyed an artificial period of regional dominance;

    The artificial structure of the European Union is in profound decline, but its continued existence in its present form will make it difficult for member states and their allies to achieve any strategic flexi-bility, which may set the stage for implosion. The euro currency is being deployed as a holding measure to ensure a degree of control, but it is also inhibiting flexible economic recovery mecha-nisms within member states;’

    Doesn’t the first part sounds like the first card? Perhaps the communist flag is China and the Christian flag is Russia?


  11. Hi Deb,
    8 cards and the value associated
    (top row)TOWER = 16JUDGMENT = 20WORLD = 21HERMIT = 9(bottom row)DEATH = 13MAGICIAN = 1WHEEL OF FORTUNE = 10STAR = 17
    Dec 16th (the friday after the Fed reserve interest rate decision… I’m expecting a rise).Jan 20th (the day of presidential inauguaration)Feb 21st ( ?)March 9April 13 (limited nuke war)May 1st (Birthday of the Illuminati)June 10thJuly 17 (14 days before the 9th of Av… 14 stars with faces – 10 white stars in background)."Av on one hand includes a “low point” on the Jewish calendar—the Ninth of Av, the day of the sin of the spies, and the destruction of both the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem. On the other hand, it also incorporates a “high point”: the 15th of Av, a day designated for finding one’s predestined soulmate, is considered one of the happiest days on the Jewish calendar."http://www.chabad.org/thejewishwoman/roshchodesh_cdo/aid/2263460/jewish/Av.htm
    "The first nine days of the month of Av, and also the morning of the tenth,1 are days of acute mourning for the destruction of the first and second Holy Temples."
    8th card from Dec 2016 would be July. Number value of card is 17. 9th of Av in 2017 is Sundown 31 July to Sundown 1 Aug. 14 stars, 14 days 17 july 2017 to 31 July 2017. 10 White stars, 10 days of increasing mourning from 1 Av to morning of 10th (Also the sin of the Ten spies sent into Cannan).
    The Star, 23 Sept 2017, the sign of the woman clothed with the sun? Nibru?


  12. if the order is clockwise, starting with The Tower and ending with Death…
    The Tower card represents the split between the Satanists and the Christians. The Satanists, who have been secretly running the religions, are exposed. The Communist flag represents the Satanists. Communism was created by the Rothschilds. The hammer and the scythe represent, together, the symbol for Saturn. Scythe also represents the Grim Reaper, again, Saturn or Satan. Sometimes you see the bushels of corn, which represent the Grim Reaper, Saturn / Satan.
    The Judgement Card; Trump deals with Satanists!
    The World; Globalism
    The Hermit; Isolationism.
    The Star represents the shattering of dreams. The stars are visible and this happens at night, when we dream. There is a comet which shatters the dreams. The young people are living in a virtual reality, a dream… hence all the young faces. They don’t know where food comes from. They don’t know where money comes from. Social Justice Warriors… the shattering of dreams!
    The Wheel of Fortune represents political change. The rise of Marinne le Pen and Geert Wilders. The downfall of Merkel. Assuming the wheel is turning clockwise; Merkel goes down. Pen and Wilders go up.
    The Magician…. looks like the bankers! Creating money out of thin air, print to INFINITY to pay for manufacturing. Manufacturing to create weapons to fight the WAR in the Death card.
    The Death card; war, death, the Grim Reaper, Saturn, the usual stuff!


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