Trump-san: Shinzo Abe Meets President Elect, Newly Named Natl Security Advisor Gen. Flynn at Trump Tower

While neither side revealed details of the discussions, Abe told reporters at Trump Tower in Manhattan: “We were able to have a very candid talk over a substantial amount of time, and in a very warm atmosphere.

“I will not go into details or specifics about today’s discussions with president-elect Trump, but I do believe that without confidence between the two nations, our alliance would never function in the future.”

Abe thanked Trump for meeting him while he was shaping his cabinet ahead of his inauguration as US president. “Despite his extremely busy schedule, because of decisions to be made vis-a-vis appointments or other related business, he was kind enough to receive me,” he said. “I renewed my conviction that together with Mr Trump I will be able to establish a relationship of trust.

“As an outcome of today’s discussions, I am convinced Mr Trump is a leader in whom I can have great confidence.”

During his presidential campaign, Trump set alarm bells ringing in Japan and South Korea after suggesting those countries – Washington’s closest allies in the Asia-Pacific – were not paying enough towards their own security.

Trump hinted that the US could disengage militarily from the increasingly tense Asia-Pacific region by pulling tens of thousands of troops out of Japan and South Korea. He has, though, denied saying he would be comfortable with Seoul and Tokyo developing their own nuclear deterrents to counter threats from China and North Korea.

Abe’s upbeat assessment of Thursday’s meeting will have reassured officials in Japan, although he refused to say if he had secured specific promises from Trump on Japan’s security.

Trump and Bringing Jacksonian Ruthlessness to the Fight Against Daesh

As Edward Luttwak, author of The Grand Strategy of the Byzantine Empire (one of the Russia Analyst’s favorite works of medieval history) writes, the emerging Trump foreign policy is neither reckless nor radical. It does represent as historian and frequent anti-Trump blogger Walter Russell Mead writes, the long pent up return of the nation’s Jacksonian populist heritage in both foreign and domestic policy.


By Jacksonianism in foreign policy, Mead means if the nation must fight wars, then let them be as brief and waged as ruthlessly as possible. Meaning no more pussyfooting around when it comes to destroying the Islamic State in Syria as opposed to Iraq. Or worrying about coddling Saudi Arabia and Qatar if not Turkish feelings, or predicting the mythical ‘Sunni (Arab) street’ will rise up if Daesh gets crushed, or whether the Russians will use any American cooperation to bolster Assad or their own position. All of these concerns, in reality excuses, have been used by the neocons and dirty Saudi firster elements of the Deep State, as well as the (false) claim that the Russians weren’t fighting ISIS except around Palmyra, to rationalize American inaction.

This piece by paid shill for the Qatari royal family Charles Lister written for Foreign Policy sums up the globalists ‘warning’ to Trump not to cooperate with the Russians in Syria. Combined with Obama’s caution about casualties (in reality, forlorn hope that ‘moderate’ jihadists would ever actually fight the ISIS terrorists many of them consider to be brothers) expressed in a dearth of boots on the ground aka a handful of special forces embedded with the YPG/SDF Kurds, and you have the present view of America as feckless and non-trustworthy in Cairo and other Mideast capitals that don’t support the Syria jihadists. It was certainly no accident that just days after Egyptian ammunition if not advisers appeared near the front lines of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA)’s fight against the jihadists in east Aleppo, that Gen. Sisi’s government warmly welcomed the election of Donald Trump. And that there has been a similar if more cautious welcoming of a new Administration dedicated to destroying ISIS faster in Baghdad.


Even after Trump’s election, the neocons maintain their circular reasoning that blames Russia for not doing more to destroy ISIS, while insisting the continued existence of the Assad regime makes finally wiping the floor with the super terrorist gang and marching on Raqqa impossible (because hurt Sunni/Saudi/Qatari feels). A Trump Administration, notwithstanding the appointment of generic Congressional hawk Mike Pompeo as CIA director to put outgoing Director John Brennan’s boys temporarily at ease (before his neocon/Saudi firster cronies get forced out in early retirement), is tired of that stalling approach.



The confirmation of Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn as Trump’s National Security Adviser despite a steady smear campaign against him as a Putin puppet or lobbyist for Erdogan confirms it. Trump is standing by Flynn and that along with the readout of his first phone call with Vladimir Putin signals that the U.S. and Russia will cooperate to crush Daesh. The neocons will then be forced after inauguration day to explain why American JSOC guys and Russian spetsnaz killing ISIS terrorists together is a bad thing, a very awkward position for them. The worst nightmare of neocons like The Daily Beast‘s Michael D. Weiss, of U.S. and Russian soldiers posing together in Raqqa for 21st century selfie versions of the famous linkup at Torgau (the town in Germany where the American and Red Army met near the end of World War 2) could very well come true.

Jackson Meets Hamilton — The Revival of American Manufacturing and Infrastructure?

As for the domestic Jacksonian agenda, one can look at the historic precedents there as well: Andrew Jackson, the president whose last words included, “I killed the bank [the 2nd Bank of the United States, a 19th century forerunner of the Federal Reserve] stood for easy credit and western expansion, two drivers of economic growth, and against the eastern and in hock to the British bankers of New York and New England. Jackson was invoked by newly appointed Trump adviser Stephen K. Bannon in an interview with of all publications The Hollywood Reporter. Breitbart News the media organization that Bannon has expanded from a website at the time of Andrew Breitbart’s death four years ago into a multinational empire is of course, based in Los Angeles.


Please note RogueMoney readers something very interesting that Bannon, who is considered Trump’s ideological guru if not a man that The Donald would always agree with on everything, had to say in the interview about the Administration’s expansionary economic program. That is, if there’s going to be the mother of all debt bubbles, then let the United States get some actual infrastructure and jobs out of it (not just banker bonuses and record Wall Street Dow highs) before the bubble inevitably pops:

“I’m not a white nationalist, I’m a nationalist. I’m an economic nationalist,” Bannon tells me. “The globalists gutted the American working class and created a middle class in Asia. The issue now is about Americans looking to not get f—ed over. If we deliver” — by “we” he means the Trump White House — “we’ll get 60 percent of the white vote, and 40 percent of the black and Hispanic vote and we’ll govern for 50 years. That’s what the Democrats missed. They were talking to these people with companies with a $9 billion market cap employing nine people. It’s not reality. They lost sight of what the world is about.”

In a nascent administration that seems, at best, random in its beliefs, Bannon can seem to be not just a focused voice, but almost a messianic one:

”Like [Andrew] Jackson’s populism, we’re going to build an entirely new political movement,” he says. “It’s everything related to jobs. The conservatives are going to go crazy. I’m the guy pushing a trillion-dollar infrastructure plan. With negative interest rates throughout the world, it’s the greatest opportunity to rebuild everything. Ship yards, iron works, get them all jacked up. We’re just going to throw it up against the wall and see if it sticks. It will be as exciting as the 1930s, greater than the Reagan revolution — conservatives, plus populists, in an economic nationalist movement.”

“Watch Japan”:
How the Former ‘Mischief Engine’ Ties Into the Global Economic Reset (GER)

This brings us back to the subject of President elect Trump’s 90 minute meeting with Abe. Of course security issues were likely discussed, including the problem of North Korea that Trump has said China must play a role in solving using the PRC’s control of the Hermit Kingdom’s border and limited trade as leverage. Trump has also in the past hinted at Japan and South Korea acquiring nuclear weapons of their own, but correctly complains the press misquoted him in flat out telling these nations they ought to build their own nuclear deterrents. There is of course a big difference between saying something may happen and demanding that it happen, a ‘nuance’ lost on the cretins determined to misquote or distort just about anything Trump says (and he does indeed say a lot while Sun Tzu like, keeping his most vital plans in a tight circle).

Nonetheless, while the Russia Analyst is on the outside looking in at this juncture, we speculate that the bulk of the Abe-Trump talks concerned economics, not missile defense against NoKo nukes or the controversial (given Tokyo’s WW2 history) rearmament program that Mr. Abe’s government has pushed through in Japan. An agenda of making Tokyo less reliant on American security protection that Dr. Joseph P. Farrell has covered repeatedly in his ‘see you on the flip side’ videos.

Japan and Trump’s Agenda for Reviving American Oil Production, Alaska Included


In terms of the economic agenda, we can look to the past for some clues as to what The Donald has in mind. One of the leading environmentalist talking points about opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) and the north slope of Alaska’s vast reserves to drilling has been that the oil would mostly go to refineries in Japan and the rest of Asia, not to the lower 48 U.S. states. A Trump Administration may not be moved by such arguments, and maintaining U.S.-Japanese energy trade particularly in oil and nuclear energy would be important to Tokyo’s goal of maintaining a broad hydrocarbon and energy portfolio (meaning not being excessively reliant on the Middle East, as opposed to Russian and North American crude).


The (U.S. and Japanese-Made) Robots Are Coming

Japanese auto makers were prodded by tariff threats and monetary inducements in Reagan’s second term to begin shifting more of their production to the U.S., where much of their markets were, we expect Trump hinted that more Japanese investment in automaking and advanced AI enhanced robotics (a key Japanese area of competitive advantage) into American manufacturing would be welcome. Perhaps the two world leaders even found the time to mention that since he published The Art of the Deal in the late 1980s, Mr. Trump the businessman has been pretty ‘big in Japan’, complete with a Japanese woman fan club director who vowed to be at his inauguration:

7 thoughts on “Trump-san: Shinzo Abe Meets President Elect, Newly Named Natl Security Advisor Gen. Flynn at Trump Tower

  1. For what it’s worth, Fox News just reported that Secretary of Defense will be Gen. Mattis. Not official, yet, but it’d be a helluva good choice. Would be great to have a real military man in charge of the Pentagon.


    • Mattis has the respect of all sides. Unlike some of Trump’s other appointments that the cuckservatives in Congress will team up with the Dems in an attempt to sabotage (Sen. Sessions at AG) I think Mattis will be unanimously approved by the Senate.
      I hope and pray Trump finds the right candidate for Secretary of State, if Rep. Dana "I foguth with the mujaheddin but also arm wrestled Putin" Rohrbacher (R-CA) would be too big a middle finger to the Russia hating neocons, then perhaps a veteran diplomat who doesn’t have the Bush 43 Admin or Obama taint on him. Which is a tall order, you basically have to go back to the Bush 41 or Reagan era. That may be precisely why Trump would just as soon put Rudy Guliani there knowing he’s loyal, a fellow New Yorker and will only be there for one term or even less.


      • Another bonus of Mattis: he would have the stones to actually kill the F-35 program or at least radically curtail that turkey’s production run and then immediately start a crash program to either reopen the F-22 production line, knowing how badly the F-16s/15s/18s are outclassed by the Su30-35 series, or he will push ahead with unmanned combat platforms including a tough as nails/MANPAD resistant tank buster drone to replace the aging A-10 — and Mattis will make sure the Navy, USAF and Marine Corps all get it and the US Army doesn’t keep it (though the Army might get some anti-ship missiles as a consolation prize, apparently?).


  2. "Hillary camp is issuing death threats to electoral college votersThis story is 100% confirmed."Vote for Hillary, or get a gun in your mouth."The linked article is already captured and saved, this one is not going to get buried."
    "Not fake news. It is confirmed that Hillary’s team is so desperate that they are telling electoral college voters to vote for Hillary or "get a gun in their mouths." It is not an isolated incident, team Hillary is sending out "dozens and dozens" of these threats that have been read, and hundreds more deleted because the deluge is so extreme.
    So now we know what Hillary’s support is really like. Politics via the gun. Not surprising, given past history and the Clinton body count. That is not the America I would want!"


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