Trump and (Elections Have) Consequences


From ‘b’ at the Moon of Alabama blog:

Cohen in The American Interest on November 10 2016 (immediately after Trump won):

Trump may be better than we think. He does not have strong principles about much, which means he can shift. He is clearly willing to delegate legislation to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. And even abroad, his instincts incline him to increase U.S. strength—and to push back even against Russia if, as will surely happen, Putin double-crosses him. My guess is that sequester gets rolled back, as do lots of stupid regulations, and experiments in nudging and nagging Americans to behave the way progressives think they should.
Cohen on Twitter November 15 2016

Eliot A Cohen @EliotACohen
After exchange w Trump transition team, changed my recommendation: stay away. They’re angry, arrogant, screaming “you LOST!” Will be ugly.

Retweets 3,719 Likes 3,204
5:07 AM – 15 Nov 2016

I find the above very funny. How could that turncoat think he would be greeted by the Trump organization with anything but derision? Cohen believed he and his ilk would be welcome with candies and roses after insulting Trump in all major media? Who is the arrogant one in the above?

Oh, by the way. Here is a headline from October 2013: President Obama to Republicans: I won. Deal with it. I do not remember Cohen, or anyone else, calling that “arrogant”.

While the papers are full of (badly) informed rumors about who will get this or that position in a Trump administration let’s keep in mind that 90% of such rumors are just self promotions by people like Cohen who shill for the rumored job. That is why I will not write about John Bolton or Rudy Giuliani as coming Secretary of State. Both are possible (unqualified) candidates. But others are just as likely to get that position. We will only know who it is after the official release.


Dear Fake Conservatives: Your Talking Points Aren’t Working

First, there are basically two talking points being repeated by the George Soros/#NeverTrump coalition, the two ‘left’ and ‘right’ sides of which have become virtually indistinguishable except for the former pushing Soros-funded and bussed-around-rent-a-mob ‘colored revolution’ wannabe protests, while the latter pretend to counsel patience. In practice, as many Trump voters realized, there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference save for some smarmy preacher or Mormon rhetoric between the likes of Glenn Beck and Don Lemon, or Louise Mensch of the failed Rupert Murdoch media start up Heat Street and Newsweek‘s half-mad and creepy Kurt Eichenwald (Kurt’s made up or clueless ‘European intelligence sources’ who pretended to know what Putin was thinking about the U.S. election being a hoot). They are merely two sides of the same coin, flapping wings of the same raggedy bird of prey.

All of these supposedly independent voices who couldn’t possibly be reading off the same script coming out of meetings at places like Washington’s Mandarin Oriental Hotel are saying this week:

1) Trump is an erratic, racist wild man whose appointment of Breitbart chairman Steve Bannon to be his chief ideologist in the White House proves his racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia (insert whatever basket of deplorables ism allegations which worked so well for Hillary).

2) No one competent or qualified would dare risk their reputations to work for a Trump Administration (as opposed to the spectacular foreign policy successes the Clinton, Bush 43, and Obama Administrations represented, from failing to prevent 9/11 to invading Iraq to destabilizing the entire Mideast and even Europe through the ‘Arab Spring’ and NATO-backed jihad that destroyed Libya). This one is a hoot!



Dear @EliotACohen and @RadioFreeTom:
Legacy MSM and ‘Conservative’ Media Like NRO Are Both Dying

Both assertions presuppose that those making it still have some form of explanatory or persuasive power, like The New York Times editor rebuking Trump that his subscriptions and revenues are down by pointing to the brief spike in both this election has delivered amidst the longer term trend of the legacy media’s death spiral. But the truth is Beck’s media operation The Blaze is hemorrhaging employees and subscribers, CNN is a joke and its ratings are a shadow of its 1991 Gulf War ‘SCUD stud’ or even 9/11 era self, and even the Old Grey Lady and Washington Post (aka Pravda on the Potomac) are loss leaders at best for their oligarch masters.

The fear of these outlets is not that Trump is wrong to ignore them and keep disregarding their opinions, but rather that he’s right to write them off. This fear of irrelevance is so pronounced in whiny legacy media, that CNN even reports that Trump blew off the press corps to have a steak dinner with his friends and family Tuesday evening. The un-transparent horror! The unintentional self-parody!

Joel Pollak Exposes CNN’s ‘Have You Stopped Beating Your Wife/Being a Racist/Anti-Semite Lately’ ‘Questioning’ and Points Out Reporting on the #AltRight is Journalism

Yet the question of why Trump should take seriously those who did more than any official Democratic Party operative to defeat him, whether DNC operatives with press passes or the pathetic losers at National Review whose ‘advice’ to him is to make John Bolton his Secretary of State, is yet to be answered. Anymore than any proof, save for the assertions of an ex-wife, is presented that Stephen Bannon really, really hates Jews but has a quirky Nixonian tendency to surround himself with them at Harvard Business School, Goldman Sachs and Breitbart after syndicating the most Manhattan-ite Jewish sitcom of all time, Seinfeld (insert your joke about President Nixon ranting about Hollywood Jews then turning to H.R. Haldeman to get Herbert Stein or Henry Kissinger on the phone here).


We’ll return to the question of hiding the neoconservative ‘invade the world, invite the world’ Trotskyite perma-revolution ideology behind the masks of crying ‘Islamophobia!” or ‘anti-Semitism!’ — as well as the hypocrisy of neocons who cry about the peaceful #AltRight but support violent 2nd SS Das Reich division/Wolfsangel flag waving Ukro-Nazis in a future post. Suffice to say, the Prime Minister of Israel doesn’t seem too concerned about the support of Nazi Pepe frog meme trolls for a man with a Jewish son-in-law and Jewish grandkids who was grand martial of New York’s Israel Day parade.


#NeverTrump ers and “I’m not saying Trump’s controlled by the Russians, but yeah he’s a stooge of the Russians!” Talking Points That Failed Miserably to Persuade Most Americans

While Max Boot and company play three monkeys, Bibi gets along quite well with Vladimir Putin. The Cold War 2-pushers at the Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute and various eternal Israel-Saudi-Qatar alliance and Syria jihadist-promoting think tankers pretend not to notice. Which of course, brings the Russia Analyst to our favorite topic of late in American politics, the Russia-card. And what we mean by that, speaking to #NeverTrump ers like Eliot A. Cohen, Tom Nichols, or the mentally ill ex-rock groupie Louise Mensch, your candidates Hillary Clinton and Evan McMullin not only lost the election, but your screams of ‘Trump is a Rooskie agent!’ also made little to no difference to the outcome.


Surely the indifference of millions from Iowa to Maine who voted for Donald Trump to your allegations that he’s a Kremlin stooge should prompt some soul searching or recognition that maybe puffing Putin up as an awesome supervillain may have backfired? Or will you simply double down on your Cold War 2 and support for your ‘moderate’ Al-Nusra brother jihadists, and pretend Trump did not explicitly and repeatedly under pressure from the legacy media reject both positions, without paying any political price for it?


A Warning to the Neocons: Don’t Be Surprised If a Trump Administration Exposes Your Funding From the Saudis/Qataris If You Get in The Donald’s Way Over Syria

If you double down on it and act like the vast majority of Republicans give a crap about what Senator John McCain or Mrs. McCain Lindsey Graham think of Trump’s foreign policy, be advised that a growing number of Trump loyalists are going to push back on the Senators and your ‘Russian agents’ bullshit. Not only are they going to call you out on it, as well as your nightmare of American and Russian forces actually teaming up to turn Raqqa into the new Torgau, but you’ve given many Americans including some in the intelligence community sufficient motivation to start digging into the ‘moderate Syria rebel’ crowd’s ties to foreign governments. Some of of those investigations could end up exposing your ‘friends’ who accused fellow Americans of treason and being Russian stooges…as unregistered agents for Riyadh or Doha. Is that the road you’re ready to go down while screaming about moderate jihadists who just happen to fight shoulder to shoulder with Al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Aleppo?


The Last Time We Checked, Donald Trump NOT Sen. McCain or Evan McMullin Won:
A Trump White House Should Remind McCain He’s One of 100 Senators (and one not particularly loved by Arizonans) NOT America’s Imperial Proconsul

Trump’s staunch support for Israel may keep AIPAC safe from investigations for ties to Mossad, but it won’t save many of Eliot A. Cohen’s PNAC alumni from facing questions during Congressional testimony from Trump supporters in Congress about Saudi or Qatari donations to their think tanks. Meaning the unleashed ‘Trumpkins’ are finally going to go after the soft underbelly of the neocon (Daily) beast, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) funding that makes the likes of Charles Lister declare the sharia-imposing, Taliban and ISIS admiring Ahrar-al-Sham ‘moderate’.

@Charles_Lister and Employers Are FARA Game for a Trump Crackdown on the Neocon Saudi/Qatar ‘Moderate’ Syria Jihadi Lobby

One legal option the Donald has could be to ask his newly appointed Attorney General for an opinion on whether the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) can be applied to think tanks whose employees testify before Congress, even if said testimony does not constitute ‘lobbying’.


So yes dear Prof. Cohen by all means, keep denigrating former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) chief Michael T. Flynn as a simpleton who knew nothing about intel because his staff produced the infamous ‘Salafist principality’ memo of 2012 that predicted the rise of ISIS in the Syraq border region. Or because Flynn as a patriot rather than Saudi/Sunni firster opposed the terrorist-sponsoring policy of arming anyone and everyone the way too close to Riyadh CIA Director John Brennan deemed ‘moderate’. The rhetorical knives are already out from the Pentagon and special operations (JSOC) community via Jack Murphy’s articles slamming Elizabeth O’Bagy, Tom Nichols’ ‘friend’ Michael ‘Daily Beast’ Weiss, and the previously mentioned Lister. And this is just the beginning.


The Coming Comeuppance of ‘Atlanticists’ Who Propagandize Against Trump and Breitbart at American and EU Taxpayer Expense: AfD and FN White House Guests Will Send Their Regards to @KalenskyJ and @EU(SSR)vsDisinfo


A Steve Bannon in the White House may decide if the EU’s propaganda arm @EUvsDisinfo is so upset about the Russian media being happy with Trump’s election, maybe the politicians Jakub Kalensky and his staff label as ‘extremist’ and ‘pro-Russian’ deserve invitations to Washington.

After all, if Angela Merkel wants to bask in the Washington (Com)Post bestowed title of ‘leader of the free world’ she certainly won’t mind a few AfD opposition-ists to her insane open borders policies getting the West Wing tour from the (former) boss of Breitbart Deutschland, ja? Or the lovely Marion Marechal Le Pen visiting the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) headquarters in Washington, if not getting daggers stared into her as she explains the FN’s intent to improve relations with Russia by the likes of the Power Vertical’s Brian Whitmore at the Prague palaces of RFE/RL itself? 


Elections have consequences dear #NeverTrump ers. And you have barely begun to fathom the consequences that are coming on the TrumpTrain for ‘the West’ you betrayed via open borders globalism and the ‘conservatism’ you failed to conserve. If there’s anything your disdain for ‘the little people’ as Nigel Farage calls them and how they voted in the Brexit and this November proves, it’s that you do not speak for ‘the West’, and perhaps you never did.

13 thoughts on “Trump and (Elections Have) Consequences

  1. Russian Analyst,
    You are on a roll. Article after article, cogent and truthful, and withoutthe pettiness of the vaunted "left."The name calling engaged in, against Trump, and would be team members,is entirely (almost) akin to playground boys indulging in scatology. TheMSM has no shame, no integrity, and no merit. You have highlighted thatin your writing, and I appreciate it very much, thank you.


  2. I’m enjoying watching Trump snub the press. Might be one of the most ‘fun’ things about this Presidency. Media goes into a fit when he goes anywhere, and doesn’t inform the MSM where he’s going. Priceless.


    • Mark,
      The Constitution establishes a free press. It does not guarantee journalists ‘access’, however that is defined, including the ‘right’ to ride on Air Force One with the President or to have regular White House press conferences, though facing tough questions from the media is I think, the only thing we have in this country remotely comparable to the Prime Minister’s Question Time in England, which I always admired as a true democratic touch from the original demos of Athens.
      We also have FOIA and open government laws at the federal and state level. After Obama rode roughshod over the Constitution al separation of powers with his un-Senate confirmed czars and ‘I have a pen and a phone’ rhetoric backing illegal/unconstitutional executive orders on immigration, I am not inclined to listen to the likes of The New Yorker claiming Trump is running over the 1st Amendment. Many of the demonstrators against him are paid and if Garry Kasparov doesn’t like President elect Trump or Trump’s supporters pointing out the signature of the Gene Sharp/George Soros colored revolution machine where they see it or the ads on Craigslist for paid demos, well too bad.


    • Spurr,
      My advice is to read The Conservative Treehouse blog and not to take those rumors reported in the media too seriously, including John Bolton as SecState. Unlike the New Yorker Guliani he’s not Trump’s people, and Bolton’s a Bush 43 retread neocon besides, so it ain’t happening.


  3. Great piece by Jim Stone about the scum of the Earth:
    "We have been clearly shown what they intend for us to eat. They want us to laugh at disaster and misfortune. They want us flying through the sky on a gay bed ride. They want us eating line after line of bullshit, picked completely clean of anything that might give us a chance of finding the real truth. And if you are not on board, you are going to be de-funded, de-listed and marginalized. More than ever, that is OBVIOUS now. The question is: Can you at least get off Facebook and sideline Google? Or are you just going to help evil continue to progress by continuing to patronize those bastards?"


    "Extremely important is the fourth of the Four Laws, which says that you cannot get an increase in productivity in the economy, unless you go for a crash program of fusion power; and an international program for cooperation for space research. Because only if you do these kinds of avant garde leaps in productivity — fusion technology brings you to a completely different economic platform. With the fusion torch, you will be able to have energy security for the whole planet; you will have raw materials security because you will be able to use any waste, separate out different isotopes, and reconstitute out new raw materials by putting the isotopes together in the way required.
    "So it’s a gigantic technological leap. And the same thing goes for space technology, because it will have the same impact as during the Apollo Program, when every investment in space technology, in rockets, in other new materials, brought 14 cents back for every cent of investment. And everything from computer chips to Teflon cookware, to all kinds of benefits, occurred as biproducts of space research.
    "And to get the world economy out of its present condition, especially in the trans-Atlantic sector, you need that kind of reorientation towards scientific and technological progress, increases in energy flux density. And all of this Green ideology — which is really a no-development ideology — has to be replaced; and the world has to go back in the direction where the real physical laws of the physical universe are the criteria for truth, and not some ideology." – Helga Zepp-LaRouche


  5. Secretary of State… Romney?????????
    That’s the latest headline. I’m sorry but with Pence, Ryan, McConnell, Bolton, Cruz, and now Romney, it’s looking like our guy is surrounding himself with vipers eager to strike his backside at any opportunity.


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