The Trumpening of Europe: Moldova and Bulgaria Vote for Detente with Russia


As previously the poorest country in Europe (before the devaluation of the hyrvnia and the Donbass war earned the post-Maidan ‘revolution of dignity’ Ukrainian state that dubious distinction) Moldova relies heavily on remittances from migrant workers in Romania and Russia. Moldova has also suffered from Russian restrictions on its exports principally wines since its pro-EU government signed an association agreement with Brussels in 2014. The failure of the EU to deliver on many of its promises to neighboring Romania and the massive corruption of their Eurocrat and Washington directed politicians have persuaded many Moldovans that their future lies in the Eurasian Economic Union with Russia. An economic bloc with which, for all the efforts to denigrate it by Soros-ian propgandists, U.S. allies or partners such as Vietnam, India and Israel have expressed an interest in either joining or establishing free trade agreements.

With the victory of Igor Dodon which the Washington-groomed opposition candidate Maia Sandu and several hundred protesters have been reluctant to recognize, the Socialists’ first order of business will be to improve relations with Moscow, where president-elect Dodon is planning his first visit. Any plans that a Hillary Clinton Administration may have had for a snap anschluss between Moldova and its larger and culturally similar NATO member neighbor Romania, or a joint Romanian-Ukrainian blockade of the Russian peacekeeper contingent in the landlocked pro-Moscow statelet of Transnistria are now dead and buried.


In another former Soviet bloc nation, Bulgaria, the majority voted for former air force general and MiG-29 pilot Rumen Radev as president. The post of the presidency has far less power in Bulgaria than in Moldova, but Radev has vowed to crack down on illegal (mostly Middle Eastern) migration through the southeastern Balkan nation and to improve relations with Bulgaria’s historic ally and trade partner Russia. In addition to the Tsarist Russian Empire’s role in liberating the country from Ottoman Turkish rule in the late 19th century, the two nations share Orthodox Christian faith and the Cyrillic alphabet which originated with two Bulgarian monks. For these and other reasons, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov rejected the widely unpopular with Bulgarians idea of his country joining in a permanent NATO Black Sea flotilla directed against Crimea and Russia several months ago. Borisov has now resigned after the defeat of his coalition. A new parliamentary government will be formed in the coming weeks in Sofia.


“In his election campaign [Donald Trump], already elected, said clearly that he will work for a better dialogue with Russia. That gives us hope, a big hope, for a peaceful solution to the conflicts both in Syria and in Ukraine and for a decrease of the confrontation,” Radev said.

The country of 7.2 million people already has warmer ties with Russia than most of its EU peers. Radev has made it clear he believes Bulgaria, a NATO member, should focus more on its economic and political ties with Moscow, which has been under EU sanctions since it annexed Crimea from Ukraine in 2014.

Under Bulgaria’s constitution, the president’s job is mostly ceremonial, but whoever holds the post can influence policy, veto legislation and sign international treaties.



Meanwhile, in New York the Donald hosted his friend and Fox News dubbed ‘leader of (Her Majesty’s) opposition Nigel Farage’ on Sunday, and Marion Maréchal-Le Pen the niece of the National Front’s leader accepted Trump’s new chief strategist and Breitbart chairman Stephen Bannon’s invitation to cooperation. Not coincidentally, Breitbart News announced before Bannon accepted what many view as the job of being Trump’s chief ideologist in the White House that Breitbart would expand into French and German-language sites. To paraphrase the Bane Internet meme spread by Trump’s ‘troll army’, the nationalist international’s fire rises…and even the pinko globalist Daily Beast is admitting it.

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