Season Finale Or New American Renaissance





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Shouted From The Rooftops

More and more of the unraveling globalist cabal’s madness is being revealed to the world, shedding much needed light on the depths of their corruption and deceit. Disgusting acts done in secret behind the closed doors of island getaways and in the backwoods of undisclosed private locations have now been exposed. The shroud of alleged globalist invincibility is being torn away.

Among the many thousands of recently “Wikileaked” emails hacked from the account of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta is one from noted Satanist and twisted “performance artist,” Marina Abramovic. In this email, Abramovic stated, “I am so looking forward to the Spirit Cooking dinner at my place. Do you think you will be able to let me know if your brother is joining?”

Occult researchers and experts report that the term “Spirit Cooking” refers to sexual rituals and other types of deviant behaviors that involve children. It is no secret that many of the Obso-Elites are known pedophiles who prey on the innocence of children as part of their death cult rituals. Just look at the child molestation scandals that have rocked the United Kingdom’s political establishment in the last two years. These are the same class of people as the Clintons! They’re all filthy degenerates tainted with a sick lust for power and depraved sex.

How do the Obso-Elites sate their perverted appetites for underage victims? Why, through kidnapping and human trafficking, of course. Exposed “missionary” Laura Silsby of the New Life Children’s Refuge, a Clinton/globalist operation, is mentioned in numerous emails forwarded to Hillary Clinton by Muslim Brotherhood double-agent, Huma Abedin. Silsby got caught in 2010 trying to smuggle 33 (note the occult reference number) children into the Dominican Republic from Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake there. The Clinton Foundation provided extensive support for Silsby’s kidnapping operations, the victims of which, experts agree, are often raped, tortured, and killed in some of the most gruesome ways. This may not be fire, folks, but it is a thick cloud of smoke!

The Guerrilla doubts not that stories about the nefarious and occult rituals practiced by the Obso-Elites are true. These people are vile and they operate throughout the world acting out their insatiable desire to sexually-exploit and harm children. These evil bastards need not only to be stopped, they must be exposed, publicly put on trial, and executed so as to send a clear message that their inhuman crimes will not be tolerated. Remember, dear readers, these cowards think they are all-powerful, but they are nothing of the sort. They are slack-jawed, mouth-breathing circle jerkers who live in a bubble of unreality and THEY FEAR WE THE PEOPLE!

What Asia Thinks About “The U.S. Pivot”

The exposure of Obso-Elite criminality is not the only noteworthy development on The Guerrilla’s simian radar. Lost in the clamor of U.S. politics is evidence of momentous globalist trade FAILURE as Asian nations reject submitting to the economic raping and pillaging that the West brings in its wake. The faltering U.S. “Pivot to Asia” and its feeble step-sister, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, are clear signs that the elites are truly idiotic in their obsolete thinking. They think that the people of the world are stupid and dumbed down. They believe that no one will understand their dubious open-ended treaty language or see the evil intent hidden behind so-called “trade” agreements like the TPP. It is the elites, however, who are the morons. Intoxicated on their hubris they cannot see that they are being left behind. Nations all over the East are dumping them, their shabby currency, and their bankrupt ideas.

The Asian Pivot has been nothing but a grand losing proposition. Float an obsolete warship into the South China Sea, threaten and posture against the Chinese. This is all it has amounted to. Big deal. Meanwhile, behind the scenes the pivoting U.S. is working covertly to foment discord among the nations contributing to the game-changing New Silk Road.

South Korean president, Park Geun-hye, recently became the latest victim of Langley and their attempts to pull off another Dilma Rouseff-style hit. The CIA accused Geun-hye of having a “Rasputin” in office with her, a wild-eyed mystic who is allegedly controlling things behind the curtain. The smear attack is convenient and irrelevant. South Korea has a long tradition of corruption, with every president being investigated at some point when they leave office. In fact, the only thing that most Koreans think about President Geun-hye is bewilderment that she naively fell for the lies of a huckster. There is nothing criminal about the situation. It may be inappropriate and unethical, but criminal and worthy of stepping down? No.

South Korea is a sideshow. China and India are the dominant powers in Asia and with more trade deals being signed between the two powers and the balancing weight that Russia brings to the table, it is clear that Asia is set to flourish. Washington, on the other hand, is coming to understand that it is being marginalized. No longer is it the vaunted power broker in the pacific that it once was. Not only will Asia remain the world’s most populous region, it will also remain the most economically dynamic and all while the West perishes in a quagmire of self-hate, corruption, and de-industrialization.

The New Silk Road is materializing from dream into reality, marching on through the more than 100 countries that have signed on already. An additional 34 have signed formal agreements to join the venture and 49 nations have moved to receive investments related to the NSR. All of these negotiations have been completed with NO U.S. DOLLARS IN SIGHT! So sorry, Western pedophile-Elites. You are on the outside looking in.

Cause For Change

The most powerful impetus behind the change is China’s mutual economic aid model, which trading partners find far more benevolent than the exploitative model offered by the West. The trade China offers is negotiated on the basis of national equality and it targets the root causes of poverty, namely, lack of infrastructure, lack of agriculture, and lack of education. Unlike the West, China’s strategy comes with no hidden agenda requiring that participating nations cede their sovereignty to multi-national corporations. Poorer nations like those in Africa are tripping over themselves to become part of China’s economic development plans. Western devils be damned.

Of note here is the interesting fact that Muammar Gaddafi stood solidly behind Chinese development plans for Africa. It isn’t hard to see the correlation, is it dear readers? When China wins influence in a region via mutually beneficial development projects the U.S. resorts to spreading death and destruction. This paradigm will soon come to a stop. Ninety-nine percent of Chinese aid targets manufacturing, mineral extraction, and education. American “aid” focuses on winning privileges for major corporations at the expense of indigenous concerns while introducing non-governmental organizations that spread alien notions of gender equality, human rights, gay rights and some arcane term called “empowerment,” whatever that is. What do these things have to do with trade? Moreover, if they are “mutually beneficial,” why aren’t African nations welcome to open NGO offices in Mogadishu-on-the-Potomac and spread their notions of native tribal religion or whatever other beliefs they might hold dear? Why should the West bring cultural imperialism along with economic exploitation? The Chinese offer trade and investment, pure and simple, with no strings attached. It’s a deal too good to refuse.

The other main advantage to Chinese aid is that it includes grants, interest free loans, and concessional loans along with various other types of funding and diplomacy initiatives. Again, with no strings attached. China also provides technical training for hundreds of thousands of people in poor under-developed countries. China is winning hearts and minds while the West exploits, extorts, and bombs its way to influence. There is no contest between the two paradigms. Which would you choose if faced with a dire economic situation? The honest broker who offers you a hand up or the slimy huckster who tries to sell you misery?

The Guerrilla must repeat here what he has stated in the past. Karma is a bitch with claws and teeth. She is stalking the West and the U.S. dollar empire in particular. Too much ill-will has been sown in the developing world and in Asia by the corrupt Western powers. The people there are sick of it and are actively taking steps to turn their back on the U.S. and its crumbling paper empire. The sick, twisted, perverts atop the military-political-financial dung heap in DC and New York have sown the seeds of chaos. Soon they will reap the fanged whirlwind of karmic payback. Count on it. 

3 thoughts on “Season Finale Or New American Renaissance

  1. Sign of the times…
    "A woman from Stockton, California, could end up in jail for up to a year for selling homemade food on Facebook, following an undercover sting by San Joaquin County officials.
    Unknown to Mariza Ruelas, her hobby of exchanging and sometimes selling dishes such as ceviche and chicken-stuffed avocados was unlawful. The mother of six claims she had no idea the plates of food sold via the community forum “209 Food Spot” would lead her to court, and maybe even jail."


  2. Chinese investment boosts Africa’s agricultural development
    Best thing about this is when Chinese do this then it makes more obvious what the West had been doing the whole time.
    More of this all over the place without any sort of global war and we might get to being a Type 1 Civilization in my lifetime.


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