Will @Crowdstrike #BlameRussia n Hackers If their Client @HillaryClinton Loses?

U.S. military hackers have penetrated Russia’s electric grid, telecommunications networks and the Kremlin’s command systems, making them vulnerable to attack by secret American cyber weapons should the U.S. deem it necessary, according to a senior intelligence official and top-secret documents reviewed by NBC News…

On Friday the hacker known as “Guccifer 2.0” — which U.S. officials say is a front for Russian intelligence — tweeted a threat to monitor the U.S. elections “from inside the system.”

As NBC News reported Thursday, the U.S. government is marshaling resources to combat the threat in a way that is without precedent for a presidential election.

The [American planted malware] cyber weapons would only be deployed in the unlikely event the U.S. was attacked in a significant way, officials say.


Don’t worry America, unlike in FX’s The Americans, the KGB/SVR bad guys never go after the maid to get the classified goods they’re looking for on a Secretary of Defense or State…

Why Confidence in ‘the Intelligence Community’ As Well As the FBI Not to Skew Outcomes for Hillary and the Establishment is At an All-Time Low

Thank goodness all these nameless, faceless officials cited by NBC are all super patriots who would never skew intelligence reports in favor of a party line maintained by the Democrats or the IT firms they’ve hired to ‘confirm’ state level responsibility for Russians hacking the Democratic National Committee (DNC) (as opposed to say, a now deceased insider named Seth Rich having leaked the data). Or pressure an FBI Director into absolving Hillary Clinton of grossly and felonious-ly mis-handling classified information by, for example, printing it off and having her totally uncleared Filipina maid gather up the documents at her house. Or Hillary sending classified documents stripped of ‘C’ markers to her longtime aide and suspected lesbian lover Huma Abedin’s (a woman who should’ve never passed a security clearance check of her family’s Muslim Brotherhood/Saudi intelligence background) Yahoo webmail account.


Trolling Gen. Flynn: Intelligence Experience Only Matters When It’s #NeverTrump or Backing Hillary’s #BlameRussia #BlamePutin for Her Own Criminality Narrative


After all any SVR/GRU FancyBear hacker would’ve earned a Hero of Russia medal for the advanced high school script kiddie task of finding and cracking Huma’s Yahoo! account. It’s also 2016, and we’re told by the #ImWithHer pundits former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) director Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn is an old fuddy duddy who knows nothing about computers despite recently managing one of those precious ’17 intelligence agencies’ whose opinions shall not be questioned. Thanks to the miracles of Google-search type technologies, the FBI only needs a few days to review 650,000 emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop to confirm — no classified stuff originating from Hillary there! Actual, painstaking review by human agents of every one of those 650,000 emails including checking them for the pseudonyms and fake email accounts Hillary or Huma may’ve used is for losers!

Another Trigger of ‘Monster Vote’ Turnout for Trump:
Conservative Christian and Latinos Disgust With Hillary’s Pedo-Satanist Pals

To say that the ludicrous farce that FBI Director James Comey has made of his investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal use of classified email, and the mainstream media’s desperate attempts to laughably insist the same Comey they were attacking days ago has ‘cleared’ Mrs. Clinton of wrongdoing, have undermined trust would be the understatement of the decade. Shake into this mix millions of Americans finding out that yes, many Clinton confidantes really are into Satanic rituals or at least simulated menus of various bodily fluids prepared by witchcraft-practicing ‘artists’, and you get a large share of the population that no longer gives a damn what any of their supposed betters in the mainstream media, compromised ‘lawmen’ like Comey or cuckservatives like Glenn Beck or Erick ‘maybe Trump heralds the Antichrist’ Erickson have to say.



On Friday, Erickson was trying in vain to persuade what’s left of his conservative Christian Bible Belt audience that there was absolutely nothing to see regarding the #SpiritCooking uproar surrounding Clinton confidantes John and Tony Podesta. Almost needless to say, Beck’s media operation The Blaze is hemorrhaging cash and employees. Like Erickson’s The Resurgent, it will probably fold or get cut down to a tiny operation after the election.


The Obstacles to Rigging the Election for Hillary:
Real Numbers Coming in for Trump in Florida and Tight Polls in Swing States

Despite the media trumpeting of early voting as a wonderful thing (because it conveniently gives any voting machine riggers a statistical sampling of the electorate and a target to shoot for with their fraud) the problem remains the same as what the Remain camp opposed to the Brexit in the UK experienced in June: millions of people who haven’t voted in 2008 or 2012 if not decades will turn out for Donald Trump today. The real numbers from Florida already point to a five to seven point Trump victory in the key Sunshine State, buoyed by the Cuban vote and white working class independents breaking strongly for Trump.

The final pre-Election Day RealClearPolitics tracking polls have Trump neck and neck with Hillary or beating her within the margin of error in the Buckeye and Keystone States. The trend in virtually every poll save for the laughable ones pushed by ABCNews that wildly oversample Democrats and assume core Democrat constituencies turn out on par with 2008 and 2012, is Trump either pulling even or ahead, including in Pennsylvania and Michigan where The Donald drew huge crowds with miles-long traffic backups in the final day of campaigning.


Even The New York Times admits a significant portion of the Democratic Party’s base in critical states like Ohio, Florida and North Carolina, the black vote, is less enthused for Hillary Clinton than they were for the first black president in 2008 and 2012. What this means in practical terms is that pulling off large scale voter fraud for Hillary without overshooting into ridiculous and easily debunked territory that looks all the more laughable given the massive turnout and enthusiasm gap in rallies for the two candidates becomes far trickier in reality than it would seem. Hillary can only come even close to matching the turnout for a typical Trump rally by bringing in Jay Z or LeBron James in Ohio. Rallies for her vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine have been cancelled due to pathetic turnout besides the press and paid hangers on.

The task of mass Democrat voter fraud is getting harder, especially with enterprising crowd funders now raising funds for bounties on verifiable voter fraud in the age of smartphones everywhere, and Republican state attorney generals and secretaries of state being more vigilant at least in places like Florida or Nevada than they were in years past. Roger J. Stone’s operation #StoptheSteal, with observers on the lookout in inner city Cleveland or Philadelphia for ‘dead souls’ precincts whose machines record 110% turnout for Hillary but lack any lines or even buses pulling up outside all day is another headache for the Establishment attempting blatant theft of the election.

The last blow to plans to stuff enough ballot boxes or rig enough machines despite weak turnout in the inner cities of Cleveland, Akron and Cincinnati to deliver Ohio for Hillary came late Monday afternoon, when the U.S. Supreme Court declined to uphold a Democratic challenge to Trump supporters monitoring polling places (but still being prohibited by state law to interfere in any way with actual legitimate voting). Now there are no obstacles to a small #StoptheSteal army watching the polling places very carefully with smartphones in hand to see if the weak ‘turnout’ for Hillary in inner cities matches the alleged enthusiasm and fake exit polling numbers the Democrats are sure to push, alongside cherry picked footage of active precincts rather than the empty ones.


American officials are worried Russia will use its cyber capabilities to try to disrupt the presidential election itself, possibly by releasing fake documents and creating bogus social media accounts designed to spread misinformation.


[one in three? Where do these guys get these odds for their scary headlines? – JWS]

On Tuesday, former NATO commander Admiral James Stavridis told CNBC his concerns about possible Russian activity included a dump of false documents and an attack on the U.S. power grid.

”There is maybe a one in three chance of this happening but it’s not insignificant,” said Stavridis.

On Friday the hacker known as “Guccifer 2.0” — which U.S. officials say is a front for Russian intelligence — tweeted a threat to monitor the U.S. elections “from inside the system.”

U.S. officials have delivered a back channel warning to Russia not to do anything that would affect the vote. But there are widespread fears that cyber mischief by hackers, either from Russia or elsewhere, will somehow mar the election.



The Last Desperate Card Team Hillary and the Dirty Deep Staters Supporting Her Have to Play: #BlameRussia #BlamePutin for Election Day Hacking and Power Grid Disruptions

Enter the last card those fearing a Trumpslide from the unpolled ‘Monster Vote’ have to play: a massive Russian hack, if not of the voting machines than of the state electoral databases and perhaps some portion of the power grid or Internet going down on election night — right after ‘exit polls’ have shown Hillary comfortably or narrowly winning just about every swing state. As many Trump supporters on Twitter have pointed out, the mainstream media will be under enormous pressure to call states as soon as possible for HIllary, whereas if it’s close or Trump is winning they will drag their feet in all but the reddest of red states. The ludicrous polls the presstitutes pushed showing Hillary within striking distance in Georgia or Arizona demand nothing less than maintaining the fake exit polling data as long as possible until it’s superseded by real counts.

Donald Trump is not the only source of threat to public confidence in the outcome of the election. Reports began to emerge over the summer that hackers with ties to Russia were also probing the data systems of the offices that run elections in several states. The danger, as Ben Buchanan of the Belfer Center explained to War on the Rocks, is that any manipulation of poll-books — the registers of valid voters in a given precinct, community, or state — could cause frustration, long-lines, and voter suppression on election day — and thus seem to confirm that the American election was “rigged.”


Nonetheless, the last ditch effort is some sort of cyber false flag or serious disruption that causes actual problems with election night voting, and that also conveniently shuts down Twitter or other social media platforms that would be used to make evidence of fraud viral. In fact, if one carefully parses the informational ‘battlespace shaping’ leading up to the election with Russia or Russian hackers constantly invoked, a cynic could suggest that the ‘leaks’ to Reuters and NBC News have been designed to dismiss any serious challenges to large scale fraud or evidence of good ole’ fashioned domestic vote machine rigging as Russian misinformation:

U.S. intelligence and law enforcement officials are warning that hackers with ties to Russia’s intelligence services could try to undermine the credibility of the presidential election by posting documents online purporting to show evidence of voter fraud.

The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said however, that the U.S. election system is so large, diffuse and antiquated that hackers would not be able to change the outcome of the Nov. 8 election.

But hackers could post documents, some of which might be falsified, that are designed to create public perceptions of widespread voter fraud, the officials said.

They said that they did not have specific evidence of such a plan, but state and local election authorities had been warned to be vigilant for hacking attempts.

On Oct. 7, the U.S. government formally accused Russia for the first time of a campaign of cyber attacks against Democratic Party organizations to interfere with the election process.


The Gaping Holes in Crowdstrike’s Argument that Guccifer 2.0 is a Front for Russian Intelligence and Wikileaks is Directly Linked to the Kremlin’s Security Services

No private IT firm of course, has been at the forefront of this information campaign more than Crowdstrike. It was Crowdstrike and its Russian-born American citizen CEO Dmitri Alperovitch that pushed the ‘Russians hacked the DNC’ story this summer.

Alperovitch is a Nonresident Senior Fellow in the Cyber Statecraft Initiative of the Atlantic Council, a think tank set up to promote hawkish NATO policies that receives funding from foreign governments — including those of Saudi Arabia and Qatar which oppose Moscow’s support for the Bashir al Assad government in Syria. This GCC support may explain why the Atlantic Council backed ‘open source journalist’ Eliot Higgins aka Mr. @Bellingcat isn’t very interested in geolocating Saudi bombings of civilians in Yemen. Alperovitch and his team claimed vindication when two out of the 17 U.S. intelligence agencies claiming to speak for the rest and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence led by James Clapper issued a brief press release confirming their findings on October 6, officially attributing the DNC hack to Russia. This was a conclusion that former NSA insiders such as James Bamford and William Binney urged the government to strongly support with more public evidence, before launching a cyber war with Russia:


Prior reporting about the self-reported Romanian (most likely Moldovan) hacker Guccifer 2.0 had mocked Crowdstrike’s previous conclusions by demonstrating how easy it had been for him to penetrate the DNC’s servers was swept aside. The fact that Guccifer 2.0 didn’t speak Romanian very well in a chat with Italian journalists was taken as proof of his Russian nationality, rather than evidence that perhaps he was a Moldovan whose Soviet Union-born mother tongue was Russian but who aspired to or had earned Romanian citizenship. (NATO member Bucharest has given out many passports in the capitol of what it regards as a sister state if not a future part of greater Romania in Chisinau, and U.S. policy has supported the Romanians and Ukrainians jointly pressuring the landlocked pro-Russian exclave of Transnistria that broke away from Moldova in the early 1990s).

Guccifer 2.0 denies being a Russian or working for the Russian government, saying he does not like some of Russia’s policies, perhaps in veiled reference to the ‘frozen conflict’ over Transnistria where Moscow maintains a garrison of peacekeepers. Guccifer 2.0’s status as a frontman for the Russian intelligence services was accepted without question by most of the techie and mainstream press, with the exceptions of the Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald, who cited cyber consultant Jeffrey Carr.

Since July, Mr. Carr has proven to be a thorn in the side of Crowdstrike’s claims to impeccable proof that fixates only on the Russians as the culprits in embarrassing the DNC, ignoring Guccifer 2.0’s claims that the Democrats’ servers were a hacker Halloween party, a free for all for state and non-state sponsored hackers alike due to piss poor security. In other words, political expediency and the ‘link Trump to the Russians’ agenda of Mr. Alperovitch’s DNC client trumped considerations of truth, or the entirely plausible possibility that the Russians may indeed have hacked the DNC but another state or non-state sponsored party were the ones who gave the actual emails to Wikileaks.

Crowdstrike, its politically connected CEO and management may turn out to have egg on their faces after the election if NSA whistleblower William Binney is vindicated in his belief that the DNC emails were leaked this summer by an NSA rogue ‘vigilante’…rather than the Russians. The recent arrest of NSA/Booz Allen Hamilton contractor Harold T. Martin III for allegedly stockpiling terabytes of data he pilfered from work on unsecured home devices (perhaps Mr. Martin’s attorneys will invoke the Hillary Clinton ‘no bad intent’ defense that didn’t work for a U.S. Navy sailor?), just happened to have coincided a few weeks after this summer’s DNC email dumps.

Despite Julian Assange living for four years in the 24/7 surveilled fish bowl of the Ecuadorian embassy in London, under virtual house arrest on bogus rape charges originated in Sweden, the NSA’s British partner GCHQ has not released any proof of Assange being in contact with agents of the Russian security services. Wikileaks supporters on Twitter continue to challenge mouthpieces for the British Establishment like former rock groupie turned Heat Street blogger Louise Mensch to produce the goods. Besides the statements of ex and current spooks no such evidence has been forthcoming with the usual ‘sources and methods would be compromised’ excuse. As if the Ecuadorians have no idea their phones and Internet lines are tapped by GCHQ as the result of their Australian house guest! 

Jeffrey Carr on the Trail of the English-Speaking ‘State Sponsored Russian Hackers’

The findings of Jeffrey Carr that undermine some of Crowdstrike’s case are twofold: on October 25 Carr published a blog post demonstrating that at least one Yandex.com (a Russian Internet search engine and webmail provider similar to Google) email account set up outside of Russia using a non-Russian speaking interface was used to spearphish a DNC employee. While this story does not entirely support Guccifer 2.0’s claims much less exonerate the Russians, Carr followed up with a bigger bombshell on Halloween October 31: the Arizona and Illinois board of elections that Democratic Congressmen claimed had been hit by the Russians were hacked by English speaking hackers (who also used IPs in Germany and New Jersey, USA).

Carr demonstrates that the hackers used a Russian site called WebMoney around the time of their breaking into these states’ election databases. But this in of itself raises the spectre of cyber false flags, and especially parties with an incentive to escalate U.S.-Russia conflict (the Security Service of Ukraine/SBU, cough cough) posing as Russian hackers hijacking Russian Federation ISP addresses or leaving behind alleged Kremlin ‘calling cards’ while creating Election Day mayhem.

The John Podesta Email Dump from UFO Truthers and the ‘Russian’ Hackers from Kiev

Would Crowdstrike tell the truth about Ukrainian state sponsored hackers posing as Russian intelligence agency cyber-warriors, if it had information that implicated Kiev? This is not as hypothetical a question as it sounds. Because the John Podesta emails, which have been released by Wikileaks in weekly drips leading up to the election, were secured with a password a teenaged script kiddie could’ve guessed.

According to ex-US Navy/NSA intelligence officer Wayne Madsen, the most likely culprits behind the hacking of Podesta’s emails were not necessarily the Russians (though Moscow’s security services could’ve sought them for ‘kompromat‘ aka blackmail value), but members of the ‘UFO disclosure’ community who were interested in Podesta’s push for more government transparency on UFO issues dating back to the original X-Files era of the 1990s. In Madsen’s account, the UFO truther hackers, possibly based in the United Kingdom, came across the cryptic and alleged euphemisms for pedophilia and ‘#SpiritCooking’ in Podesta’s emails and in their fear and disgust turned them over to Wikileaks.

What Secretaries of State Can Do to Head Off Globalist Atlantic Council/Democratic Hack Crowdstrike Agitprop About ‘Russians Rigging Voting Machines for Trump’


As for the location from which Podesta received a phishing email that had his sysadmin informing him to change his password immediately in early 2015? That would be Kiev, Ukraine (as reported by CBS, and not just pro-Russian outlets). The Russia Analyst’s point in this lengthy exposition is this: secretaries of state, particularly Republican secretaries of state in charge of elections in swing states like Nevada, should be quite wary of Crowdstrike and the Democrat-hack staffed Department of Homeland Security (DHS) approaching them late Tuesday night after an odd power or Internet outage and offering to ‘help’ them attribute the hack to the Russians Hillary surrogates will already be blaming for any cyber attack.

The best way to head off such a last ditch attempt to ‘explain’ a Trump victory and a Hillary defeat through Russian hacking of the voting machines? Make preemptive statements through the day that your election officials have checked the machines and confirmed they aren’t even linked to the Internet, and that paper ballots are on standby for any power outage situation. In this case an ounce of prevention will be worth a pound of nationally divisive post election lawsuits or hotly contested cyber-forensics ‘cure’.

2 thoughts on “Will @Crowdstrike #BlameRussia n Hackers If their Client @HillaryClinton Loses?

  1. Morning from UK land!
    Surely, at this time, an astrological forecast is required!!?
    The Moon is in Aquarius today. In the USA’s national horoscope, 4th July, 1776, the Moon is also in Aquarius. This lunar return emphasises ‘the people’, unsurprising for such a hugely important and significant election.Communications, information, transport, social media, information leaks, and technology may be disrupted, disruptive or unreliable now.Electric rebel Uranus, plus disruptive dwarf planet Eris in Aries, continue to challenge the US Mercury (24 Cancer) – meaning media, communications and movement are both shaken and stirred. This pair, representing rebels and outsiders, also shake up the powers-that-be by galvanising intense Pluto – 27 Capricorn in the US founding horoscope. Pluto signifies power of every kind, from the power of the earth and nature itself all the way through to the bankers, military, police, and secret service organisations.It looks like a chaotic time for the USA, with lively debates and relentless analysis continuing on well into 2017.Whoever wins this extraordinary election will need incredible crisis management skills, for the upsets and even personal attacks, rumours and scandals will just keep on coming.The holiday season, New Year’s Eve, and early January are also looking like an exceptionally sensitive time for the USA. At that time, Mars in Pisces activates both September 2016’s eclipses in Virgo and Pisces.We can expect to witness upheavals, and perhaps some very sudden, possibly shocking, events around the New Year as the USA’s natal Uranus in Gemini is unsettled by Mars in Pisces. Events will connect to 1st September’s big Virgo eclipse, and to the Pisces solar eclipse coming up on 26th February, 2017.


  2. Merkel warns of possible Russian interference in German votehttps://uk.news.yahoo.com/merkel-warns-possible-russian-interference-german-vote-152453833.html


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