Can the Fall of Babylon Be Far Behind?

Where are they learning this stuff? Who is teaching it?

— Mike Cernovich on Freedomain Radio

Yesterday, a topic that is usually relegated to the rants of “religious fanatics” and whispered only within “alternate reality” forums suddenly burst onto the very real political landscape of the daily fabric of our lives and demanded attention from Joe Q. Amerika. I could hardly believe my eyes — and I’ve known for decades that this stuff is happening! — when the hashtag #SpiritCooking began trending on Twitter.


The rumor that began breaking around those words was the “it’s so awful that you can’t turn your eyes from it” claim that Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, and who knows how many other Washington insiders have pursued a course of sexual black magick, ritual pedophilia, and either actual or mimicked cannibalism, using this as a satanic power tool to direct their Babylonian agenda of control, all under the cover of the world’s most powerful empire.

Radio host Stefan Molyneux with guests Mike Cernovich and Vox Day discussed the shocking allegations quite brilliantly, impartially, and journalistically on his show at Freedomain Radio (linked here).  Below is the Youtube link to the show. Here is my transcription of the conversation near the 37-minute mark of this 50-minute show. 

Mike: “Where are they learning this stuff? Who is teaching it? Cuz clearly they have shared traditions. Clearly they have a shared language. Clearly they have shared symbolism. They are learning it from somewhere…. I can tell you, as a rationalist and as somebody who doesn’t believe in God necessarily, that they are learning it from SOMEWHERE. And we need to ask people, whatever you believe about religion, whatever you believe about Good or Evil, where the hell are they learning this shit from?” 

Then just as I was done giving Mike a standing ovation for finally asking the most pertinent question whose answer explains the last 2500 years of human history, Stefan’s second guest, Vox Day, followed up with an equally pertinent response. As I saw this conversation unfold among three “regular guys,” for the first time in years I felt a twinge of hope that finally the world is beginning “to get it.”

Vox: “Mike asks a great question. Because this is where you get that bizarre crossover between Religion and UFO’s and aliens and all that sort of thing and the X-Files. Where ARE they learning it? I see Globalism as a revival of the ancient religion of Babylon. There’s definitely architectural and other symbols used by the Globalists that intentionally date back to the Tower of Babel. Obviously that story from Genesis was the first attempt by Man to rival God. I see what they’re doing as an attempt to construct a rival religion, it’s a gnostic religion, in an attempt to help Man become God. From the Christian perspective, that is obviously evil. But also from the Christian perspective, it is something to be expected.

Our own Mr. W. also discussed this Podesta Wikileaks exposure at some length on last night’s Rogue Money radio show (Youtube link here). I will transcribe some of his words below. Again, when considering the two vying parties in the upcoming American election, I thank W. for constantly reminding us of a singular truth, one that so many people just don’t want to see:

This is a battle of domination by two large banking cartels. While it would be very nice to say it’s all Good Guys versus Bad Guys, the reality is that if it’s the Chicago Mob versus the New York Mob, then who are the “good guys”? 

Those of you who have followed my Bee In Eden radio show (linked at the end of this blog) will remember that this is a thread that constantly runs through my blogs: that networks of an elite priesthood of Temple Bankers have been carefully controlling the rise and fall of whole empires. This priesthood crafted an agenda that could be followed by their “seed” all the way down to our time. Here we sit, November 5, 2016, on the brink of one of those pivotal moments in American history where one of these elite factions that hides behind a veneer of “democracy” is about to gain the upper hand.


Right off the bat, W. reminded us of that meeting between Kissinger and Trump back on May 18, 2016 (linked here). At that meeting, Trump was informed that he will be the winner of the election to be held six months later. W. then connected the dots between the pedophilia and #SpiritCooking revelations and this battle being played out between Rothschild and Rockefeller:

The real issue here, at this point in time, the one that is going to be very hard for these Clintonistas to get past or get over, is the pedophilia and the missing kids. That probably is a bridge too far. That was what the NYPD guys were quite assuredly planning on making sure somehow got out into the system. Wikileaks has taken care of it. 

Now the other thing that I will add here, and it’s really not in any discussion that I’ve seen, and I’ve told you this privately, V., for quite some time, is that the Wikileaks operation, this is U.S. intelligence operatives who have managed that from the very beginning. But those operatives are on the Rothschild side of the operation. And if you look at what Wikileaks has been releasing all along, primarily, it has mostly targeted Rockefeller operations. 

So this isn’t about a battle of destruction, or immolation, if you will. This is a battle of domination by two large banking cartels. This is about who gets to be on top. And I use that in the sexual sense. It is part of their meme. Neither of them are going to destroy the other. 

The chaos that ensues … they need that chaos in order to bring about the next phase of their New World Order, out of Chaos comes Order. 

So while it would be very nice to say it’s all Good Guys versus Bad Guys, the reality is that if it’s the Chicago Mob versus the New York Mob, then who are the “good guys”?   

The reality is, this isn’t about the “person” [like, Trump himself] but about the “crowd” that comes with him. You’re not going to be able to “fix” Washington…. 

Meanwhile, the war that [will] occur internally, and the threat of war externally, are the things that we have to pay attention to….
Russia has always been a Rockefeller operation [think: Oil]. The Illuminati meme has always been to own both sides of the conflict. So the reality is that we’re being driven towards a conflict that suits certain groups. That is putting us in danger. We’re in the crosshairs. The chaos of war externally, and a civil war internally, are opportunities for these people to do what they want in the rest of the world.  

So everybody who thinks that just because we get a Trump win, that there will be rainbows and unicorns after that, is not “getting  it.” We’re in deep kimchi here no matter who wins. 

Admittedly, the idea that the Trump victory may not be the result of Divine Providence is not easy to swallow for some. I feel compelled to agree with something that David Rothkopf once said during this presentation archived on Youtube. Rothkopf is himself a former managing director of Kissinger & Associates as well as author of the book “Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making.” Mr. Rothkopf explains in this presentation that the United States doesn’t have any sovereignty. That has all been ceded to a small elite network of banks and corporations. At the 17-minute mark he says (slightly paraphrased):

During the financial crisis, Government had to ask the Banks to collaborate together to solve the crisis. Government had to ASK them to do this. Government could not ORDER them to do it because Government didn’t have the authority over them. Governments are like your dog in the yard with an invisible fence. When the dog gets to the border, he yelps because sovereignty only goes so far.

So, dear reader, don’t feel bad if you sense that your vote at the polls doesn’t really matter. It isn’t YOU that has no voice; it’s your government that has no voice. Any government that is indebted and dependent on a debt-based banking system simply … has … no … sovereignty.

The religiously-minded patriots among us might find it abhorrent to accept the idea that the United States, or any other nation, really does not sit as one nation “under God” but rather “under Corporation.” However, think about this point logically: In keeping with the biblical principle “What sharing does Light have with Darkness?” would it be reasonable to expect God to be working through any human government that has allowed itself to become subordinate to a Babylonian banking priesthood, a priesthood that promotes such an anti-God, anti-human, anti-Earth concept of Debt and endless Sacrifice? That would mean that God himself is ranked lesser than the Devil, and nothing about that statement finds any support in the Bible.

It does, however, find ample support among Luciferian belief systems.


Before the #SpiritCooking topic began trending on Twitter, I had intended merely to write this blog about the phenomenon that has risen yet again: Magic Sevens. This time, it’s not just a plain old 7, but more notably, 17, as well as its mirror image, 71. I mention this here to further support our Mr. W’s conclusions that the vast geopolitical chessboard is, ultimately, still being ordered by these family priesthoods with bloodlines and occult traditions that stretch back to the Babylonian-Persian Empire. So whether the public player on the stage is Clinton or Bush or Putin or Merkel or (insert whomever you like here), we are simply watching a global puppet show at work.

I have no doubt that the United Nations will play a role in the ensuing chaos. We already know that its financial arm, the International Monetary Fund, is set to go with China and the SDR bonds to step in like a Monetary Messiah when the Federal Reserve finally collapses (see any recent Jim Rickards interview for that tidbit.) Remember: the U.N. was fashioned by the Rockefellers. Check any statement that Putin has made recently about the U.N. and it will become abundantly clear to you that Russia intends to strengthen the U.N.’s authority.

The U.N.’s birthday is commemorated each year on October 24th. As part of this year’s celebration, one of their official twitter accounts wanted to make sure you saw this mirror image of 71 and 17:


Again, a shout out to Mr. W. is due because he has insisted all year that the number 17 keeps coming up in the codes that he watches. I must admit I was a bit skeptical over the relevance of this number … until I saw, after only 10 minutes’ worth of googling, that the use of “17” as a code for events pertinent to Osiris and the ever popular Birth-Death-Rebirth ritual of the continual re-sacrificing of the king is well known even at the most fundamental level of Egyptian symbology. For the RM readers who would like to explore this somewhat geeky math topic, I refer you to this page at (linked here.) Suffice to copy here is one relevant quote from that page that demonstrates the Hermetic association of this relevance:

According to the Greek historian and philosopher Plutarch (46 to 120 CE), the ancient Egyptian god Seth murdered [sacrificed] his twin brother Osiris in the twenty-eighth year of the latter’s reign, on the seventeenth day of the third month….

The same seems true for this date of Osiris’ death because it bears the fingerprints of the ancient number jugglers. They seem to have picked that date to express the positive meaning of this event in their idiom of numbers with symbolic values.  The most obvious ratio among the numbers in this tale refers again to the constant “e” of growth and renewal, and it does so in that constant’s symbolically most appropriate form.

This is that old twisted idea at work: Positive re-generation and progress can only happen at the behest of an equalizing negative sacrifice, a payment of debt. This is a false presentation of the true status of the natural world: that all living things simply “plug themselves into” earth’s energy fields; no sacrifice, no debt is required for that system to work.

I might as well forewarn you now that future blogs and Bee In Eden radio shows of mine will call on the research of David Livingstone (website here). He has written several books that demonstrate how this ancient belief of the constantly “dying god” worked its way into that mysticism that the apostate Judeans would forge during their rise to Money-Lender power in Babylonian Persia. Today, that belief system is known as the Kabbalah, a gnostic driving force of the entire foundation of western thought that was carefully nurtured all through the Middle Ages. through the Enlightenment, and down to this day. (Link here to a David Livingstone interview.)

Therefore, neither W. nor I were surprised when fellow TeamRM writers, Ken and James, shared the mathematical “oddity” of the sevens that will be present when Trump takes office next year: “If Donald Trump Wins, He Will Be 70 Years, 7 Months And 7 Days Old On His First Full Day In Office.”


And if you’re thinking that all these Sevens in Trump’s future are a sign of Divine Providence over his victory next week, well, sorry to disappoint, but … no, sadly, our old Global Occultists are still at work:

“The 17th card of the Tarot is the ‘Star Trump’, which features the water-bearer, associated with the constellation of Aquarius.” (from a blog linked here.)

And then to further impress us with the idea that “nothing is sacred” to Mr. Global, did he really have to play with the weather on the day the Chicago Cubs won the World Series after having missed any appearances therein for 71 years? The rain delay in the 10th inning that lasted precisely 17 minutes was a nice touch.


And lest anybody wants to ridicule that idea because Mr. Global doesn’t gives a rat’s crap about professional games, well, take a lesson from this old X-Files clip:


In conclusion, it is our Mr. W’s hope that just enough chaos ensues next year to buy time for the States to disengage themselves from the Washington, D.C. centralized, federalist throne and restore the Republic. Perhaps that will be the fulfillment of Trump’s promise to #DrainTheSwamp. I would be remiss if I failed to include W’s predictive warning near the end of last night’s show:

It’s all about this great work of bringing about this New World Empire. And it doesn’t matter if you call it Luciferian, Satanic, or whatever route you want to call it. There are different opinions of what the NWO should look like between these two families, these two banking cabals…. We’ll see huge gyrations coming in the Spring of next year [2017], but those will be relatively survivable. The time when this becomes a monstrous crisis is in the year 2018.  

For myself, I anticipate the possibility that, during such time of national chaos, a more international demand will begin to be heard as an answer to the question raised at the beginning of this blog: Who is teaching these Babylonian cult practices and symbology?

When the public-at-large finally begins to see the answer to that question, then it will be inevitable that the connection will be made between all Babylonian-based belief systems and the Babylonian-Kabbalistic-Gnostic-Hermetic debt monetary system that this ancient Great Harlot has also wrought. Once those dots are connected in the hearts and minds of people who are trapped in the vise of a planetwide economic crisis, then it may follow that the People’s next demand will be sounded like the blowing of the Jubilee Shofar: Dismantle and destroy her! 

Popular imagery of the biblical Whore of Babylon (image credit: Wikipedia)

Popular imagery of the biblical Whore of Babylon (image credit: Wikipedia)

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26 thoughts on “Can the Fall of Babylon Be Far Behind?

  1. "Again, when considering the two vying parties in the upcoming American election, I thank W. for constantly reminding us of a singular truth, one that so many people just don’t want to see…"
    The alt-community has gotten a case of fatigue over the doom-gloom overdrive typical in the alt-media. LaRouchePAC’s Harley Schlanger complains about the doom-gloom vibe in the alt-media. He complains about the doom-gloom alt-media saying Putin and Xi Jinping are Rockefeller/Rothschild agents. All this is coming from gleaning information from alt media sources of the likes of ‘W’ and then coming to the inevitable conclusions based on that information.
    "Russia has always been a Rockefeller operation [think: Oil]."
    When one thinks of Russian oil, one thinks of Rosneft. I would like to see evidence of Rockefellers, who have sold off their oil assets, including ExxonMobil, having bought up Rosneft, which is 3x bigger in assets than ExxonMobil. Also Putin has kicked out the Rothschilds and Soros NGOs, so its likely the same would happen to Rockefellers if they tried to toe-dip into Russia.
    When Putin talks about ‘strengthening’ the UN, maybe its his idea of Russian dark humor to use the corrupted West’s own convoluted language against them to send them a cryptic message, knowing their lies of ‘spreading freedom and democracy’ or ‘missile shield to protect Europe from Iranian missiles’?
    What is being presented is very contradictory and confusing. Anyone can look at this in a dozen ways and all could be right or wrong at various degrees. Its not worth breaking one’s brain cells over.


    • I would suggest that this is confusing only if one is trying to hold onto the idea that Putin and Xi are free of the spell of the overriding Babylonian globalists. Once a person acknowledges that this elite network is playing Good Cop, Bad Cop all over the world, then the path become clear about what must be done for the good of all humanity, which is this:
      The entire Babylonian belief system of false religious ideologies — including the false idea that Man’s natural destiny is to live his whole life under the spell of debt-backed monetary systems — must be destroyed.


      • From having read your previous articles I would guess the solution to debt-backed money would be a kind of system that is like planting a seed in the ground and it grows into a tree from a generally infinite source of sunlight, water and nutrients.
        Because the current system of borrowing and returning is based on a limited resource mentality of taking and returning at a later date, even if the interest charge is not applied. As you have explained before the debt is a man-made construct that limits human civilization to a certain level.
        If a plant did that it wouldn’t grow much as the focus of its existence would be about ‘repaying’ back the sunlight, water and nutrients rather than an energy cycle that automatically returns stuff back to the plant.
        I think the issue is that people’s attention is on much more immediate things but those things are existing upon this current limited resource mentality. So breaking from that will require some sort of stepping stones to get the mind to change, a process like when learning a new language. So the task at hand is finding those stepping stones because if the mindset doesn’t change, things will carry on as they were.


      • We all have to work under this matrix. I agree politics long ago became irrelevant, and a deeper fundamental change that goes beyond this return to the Gold Standard is required.
        What V said that ‘the globalists best strategy is to retreat now and come back 50 years later’. How about never again of this nightmare? So long as the current system exists, the possibility remains for a repeat of the mess of the last few hundred years.


      • Additionally: To get the mindset changing one must be able to paint a visual picture of what a natural-based infinite type system would look like that people can relate to and see is necessary to their future so they can support such a change.


      • The reason why I discussed the above strategy is that when it comes to a new possibility, most people’s first response is ‘it can’t be done’, because their ability to imagine died somewhere along the way through the school system ringer.


    • SOF: as a historic addendum to my comment about just how ‘in charge’ the NWO must feel of Russia these days, even given that some of the oligarchic elites are still working to undermine Putin and the ruble…you might say that American ‘victory’ in the first Cold War over the Soviet Union was the result of a renegotiation between ‘the West’ banker powers and the Soviet elites after Yury Andropov’s death which defused the very real nuclear war scare surrounding the massive NATO ‘Able Archer’ exercises of 1983.
      I see many eerie parallels, particularly if Hillary Clinton is elected President, between now and then except that of course Reagan was bluffing the whole time and had no intention of actually going to war with the USSR because he had a real dread of nuclear war (while exploiting to some extent the Soviets impression of him as a tough cookie who believed in a literal nuclear Armageddon ushering in the return of Jesus Christ). Whereas Hillary and her aides are so detached from reality, and so desperate to do the bidding of the Saudis and Qataris who put partially put them into office, and need a distraction from her crimes and corruption so badly, I believe they think a war with Russia can be ‘contained’ to Syria where they think the U.S. has an overwhelming advantage in numbers as well as quality. I would argue they’re underestimating the amount of Russian firepower in the Black and Caspian Sea basins that could be deployed to Syria via Iran which keeps some Pentagon planners up at night (saturation Kalibr strikes reducing much of Incirlik and the U.S. bases in KSA/Qatar/Bharhain/Kuwait to smoking rubble will do that). Not to mention Putin’s willingness to announce any attack on Kheimmim will be treated as an attack on Mother Russia itself meaning tactical nukes enter the picture — W claims Putin implied a willingness to nuke Saudi Arabia in 2013 when the Obama was threatening to directly attack Damascus.
      This is the insane hubris spread by Michael ‘Daesh-bag’ Weiss and other neocons, that they can bomb and kill Russian troops in Syria who are in the way of an American No Fly Zone and the Russians will simply back off and go away, rather than retaliate both in the Mideast theater against the Saudis and by killing American/NATO personnel in Ukraine.
      W has alluded to the fact that Andropov occupied the floor above the late ailing Brezhnev at their shared apartment building along Kutuzovsky Prospekt (near Poklonnaya or the Soviet WWII victory obelisk, aka the Russian Osiris phallic symbol), in other words that the KGB Chairman actually outweighed or outranked his nominal boss in the CPSU hierarchy, and there is no question Andropov pursued the idea of convergence theory from the late 1960s on via projects like the Druzhba (friendship) gas pipeline to tie the Soviets to the West German economy. The deployment of Pershing medium range ballistic missiles, while nominally in response to the Soviets deployment of SS-25s, was also in part to wreck the expanding Soviet-West German-French trade which the CPSU had counted on, along with oil prices staying high due to Mideast turmoil, to float the Soviet economy through a modernization transition.
      Of course you know how the story turned out, Gorbachev was appointed instead of perhaps the successor Andropov would’ve preferred after his and Chernenko’s deaths, the ‘convergence’ the Club of Rome globalists had promised the Soviets turned out to be not a gradual merger between a more socialistic West and capitalistic East, but an outright surrender of the entire ‘Union’ and a pillaged rump Russia that Brzezinski and Wolfowitz insisted in the 1990s must never be allowed to rise again. In other words, salt the earth with economic policies designed for maximum deindustrialization of what had been a hulking and ruinously armaments-focused, but massive and in a few areas advanced Soviet industrial base. This is why Putin has a chip on his shoulder. Putin even asked if Russia could join NATO AFTER the alliance’s illegal aggression against Russia’s ally Serbia in 1999, and listed terrorism as a common enemy of Russia and the West months before 9/11, but was rebuffed. And then after Putin opened up post-Soviet air space and bases to the U.S./NATO, all he got in return was the expansion of the alliance into the Baltics 90 miles from his hometown of St. Petersburg and Russia being blamed for Georgian aggression on 08/08/08, then the second more violent colored revolution after the first Maidan in Ukraine of 2004.


      • I saw both your replies. Good stuff, your comments would deserve an article by itself. Though bottom line I don’t trust W’s intel due to its inconsistency and the lack of satisfactory evidence to prove beyond reasonable doubt the validity of his differing opinions with the overall scenario painted by V, Dr Jim Willie and other sources I listen to.


  2. Well, although my gut tells me Trump shld win, I still have this wrenching that refers back to the prophecy of the Bible that tells us we will be sucked & fooled by the anti-christ (the one that will come & seem like a blessing). I know in my mind & heart that, in some form, you are right. But without hope, we have no future. May God forgive us all!!


  3. I enjoy your columns and appreciate your looking beyond the readily apparent. I feel I must respond to at least one assertion in your writing. Divine Providence, better known as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, is still in control and has a more comprehensive plan than just who wins our election. Isaiah 14:12-15 tells us what our enemy aspires to and what will be his end, along with all his followers. And to complete the picture, John’s vision gives graphic detail to the justice we long for. While this is not to say that we should not inform ourselves about what lies behind the curtain, most important is to remember I Timothy 2:5-6. And one further thought….the believers I know are praying for truth to be revealed. It seems to me that many people are risking quite a lot in order to do just that. I would say that prayers are being answered.


    • Elise: I would say that too, and yes, that is my daily prayer, literally: that all the truth about everything come out. And I love that you mentioned 1 Tim. 2:5-6 because that tells us that the ransom has been paid. (And we’re not the ones who paid it.) The payment was an act of love. Therefore the person who paid it is not demanding any form of repayment back to him. (Service rendered to God by us is an act of love, not an act of debt.) There is no debt any longer. So why do we let an elite banker priesthood convince us that there is?


  4. I think some modern art, some pop music and some heavy metal are being used as "gateway drugs" to lure people into Satanism. We see all kinds of Satanic symbolism in Lady Gaga, we have Metallica, etc, The Eagles of Death concert. They make it trendy to be a contrarian, they make it trendy to be mentally ill, they make it trendy to be a rebel, they make it trendy to be "arty" and then they just lure you in. They create a cult of out of art and entertainment. One step at a time just to see how far you will take your little obsession. They only need 1%.


  5. Well, as well as raping, torturing and killing lots of children, Jimmy Savile also ran a lot of marathons and raised a lot of money for charity. So there is this concept that they have to do good as well as evil. To create symmetry. So hopefully, it’s not all bad!


  6. It’s probably more of a battle between the Rothschild/Rockefeller syndicate and the far east syndicates, I believe they’re called the dragons or white dragons. Something like that.
    Asians don’t want anymore pretend "money" from the west. They want to control the game from now on and they have the gold to support it.
    It really is the Chicago mob vs the NY mob, sort of.


    • Thanks, Njguy … oh you bring up a highly important point! I would love to have a better grasp of what exactly is the Asian Dragon Families’ plan of what to do with the old Babylonian bloodlines? From the research I have done of that time in ancient Persia, those Money-Lending powers in Sumeria had set their sights on the Far East. Did they think they could dominate the Dragon? Good grief, I hope they weren’t that stupid. Will the Dragon play along until the appropriate moment to squash the Harlot, once and and for all? Or has the Harlot wrapped her tentacles around and the Dragon with hopes of squeezing it to death? We shall see!


      • This is a point I have made with ‘W’. It’s fine to say that there’s a dialectic involved in Cold War 2.0 just as the first Cold War was useful for so many globalist projects, especially the UN and also the ‘convergence theory’ that became popular with the Club of Rome in the 1970s. It’s another thing to insist the globalists have the current Russian Federation as well ‘under control’ as they did Gorby’s late USSR or Yeltsin’s Russia. They clearly do not. I also do not think the ‘R’s’ influence over the White Dragons and proud Chinese is as extensive as the former think, it may have all been a clever Chinese ruse of going along with for example the one child policy in return for Western technology and massive investment until the day when China was strong enough to simply kick many of the R’s agents out (something Putin has at least done partially, but not fully as my friend The Saker acknowledges, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in particular is still answering to the Tower of Basel BiS in Switzerland).
        Simply put, while there may be globalist agents inside Russia pushing that country to take a tougher line and thereby exhaust itself economically as well as overstretch militarily, I don’t think the Chinese are going to risk 5,000 years of their civilization just to help some old pedo-pervert globalist crime families still based in Europe to achieve their Georgia Guidestones goal of 90% human population reduction. At the very least, I think the Russo-Chinese alliance has grown real enough to the point that there’s no guarantee China would stand aside and wouldn’t actively assist the Russians in the event of hostilities with everything but combat personnel, meaning a Eurasian form of Lend Lease. W of course disagrees, he thinks the Russians are going to be set up to be overwhelmed and nearly destroyed, and the Chinese having taken huge losses in their ancient and modern history can also tolerate the fallout because the U.S. can only ‘defeat’ Russia by using nukes at a huge nuked cost to itself.
        Again it’s a very complicated issue and I don’t want to overstate my case or insist somebody’s put noodle around W’s ears either, since he has vastly more years of experience than I have and more experience with the covert side of things. W also witnessed the dialectical aspects of the first Cold War as a covert ‘soldier’ in helping bring down the USSR in a way I never have. But suffice to say, I tend to agree more with V than with W that big monkey wrenches are being thrown in the globalist gears of WWIII/IV, even if the conflict will continue for some time. Trump cannot by himself stop it, only perhaps wholesale political change across the (post)Western world including Hollande and Merkel being tossed on their rear ends and Le Pen withdrawing France from NATO can change it. I still maintain while the economic collapse across the entire (post)western and Japanese world is unstoppable, World War III/IV aka a nuclear ‘Judgement Day’ like in the Terminator films is by no means inevitable, and there are some globalists who would prefer a Brave New World ‘softer’ tyranny of an NWO dominated by VR, drugs and sexbots entertaining the basic income masses living in squalor over a hellish post-nuclear apocalyptic ‘1984’ type world after the elites come out of the bunkers they imagine Russia’s newest meganukes like the Sarmat can’t incinerate (Denver International Airport, cough cough). In fact one of the reasons I think the Russians are advertising the Sarmat’s capabilities including the 5-10 megaton super bomb range and it’s ability to go suborbital over the Antarctic is to disabuse some of the Satanic globalists regarding their ability to survive an all out nuclear war in DUMBs or down in the Patagonia 4th Reich, which the Russian missileers whose grandfathers taught them about the Nazis would most certainly nuke to avenge Mother Russia.


  7. Well interesting article and comments too. I think that mr. putin at least is pretty much aware of the game and really is on top of situation. General Konstantine Petrov(deceased) and Efimov Victor Alekseyevich debanked very nicely the system the elites got the world into and those two gentleman actually have been close to Putin and even implied Putin is very much aware of how things are in the world and how power is really exercised in our planet. Putin and power elite who support him in Russia knows it. but cannot explain it clearly to the masses; and that is why Putin appears to act in the enigmatic way he acts at times, so that people gets sometimes angry and confussed for the political moves Putin does, and people then start believing he is a sold out or part of the new world order gang or "global mafia" as General Petrov calls them. Lets remenber that he is the president of the Russian federation and he will do what is needed to do to preserve Russia, as any good president should do for its country ( i mean country not empire). Preserving Russia, means too, preserving the world and all different cultures and countries and for that we need a multpolar, as you all know, a world with different countries and cultures, and not a unipolar world, without sovereignity left or without borders and homogenic population with similar culture as global elite version of globalism offers, which would allow the global elite or global maffia, to dominate the entire world. Putin is very, very smart and deeåly wise person who understand that being on top of power structure in the world means going beyond archetyps and the seeing of good or bad paradigm in order to use power to achieve desired results. just as the global banking elite has been doing for years and years. Putin is nobodie’s puppet, but he is a patriot who loves Russia and is not arrogant but a humble and practical man too, who makes the moves and alliances that will benefit Russia and the world, so he is allied of so called white dragons, which are simply the very ancient asian elites, which do happen to love being asians and do not wish to go under any dominance of western elites as slaves. so Putin is locked in battle to take down the western empire(USA+Europe) but it will not turn entirely to the asian elites, so that no elite can become strong enoughs as the banking cabal of the wes, to impose its will on the world. It is the only way to avoid the end of the planet. And no, Putin is not alone and he is not the last of good leaders for Russia. New competent, patriotic leaders are being groomed in Russia society now, but we just do not hear about, because is not russian style to make noises about their progress. We need to know russian mentality. Russians never show themselves as strong as they really are. It is not bad or good. It is simply their nature because the tough history they have endured in their more thousend years of existence. It is another culture. That is all. Maybe that will change with time. I do not know, but that is the way it is now.


    • Thank you, Rafael. I love to learn about all things Russia. And yes, I agree, Putin does whatever is best for the Motherland. I would love to have a better understanding of where he sees Russia’s role with institutions like the BIS. Putin is a fascinating study for sure.


  8. @ Bankster Slayer – Great article on the NWO but never a mention of Orsini, Breakspear or Medici? The New World Order are simply the front-men for the Old World Order.


  9. Who teaches them? The "Thought Process" teaches everyone everything.THOUGHT is the ancient Egyptian god called THOTH.
    This is all hypnosis. Thought is a manifestation of the EGO.The EGO is the EYO (change the G to a Y, eg. GOD becomes YOD).
    The EYO = I OWE, … which suggests indebtedness.And as an example, "Jesus died for our sins".
    This is the ALL SEEING EYE. The one that spreads guilt, bondage and lies.
    So, … who teaches them?
    Religion, … intellectualism, … THOUGHT, SUGGESTION, the "hidden occult" mindset.
    For those interested, one might find reading … and come to understand that "God, said let there be light, and there was light …
    God was the Light Bringer.The name Lucifer means Light Bringer or Light Bearer.This is all hypnosis, double talk, illusory mumbo-jumbo.
    MH 17 was shot down over Ukraine.California is 770 miles in length.Washington DC is 77 degrees W.Washington DC is 38.5 degrees N. … or 1/2 of 77.The Pentagon was struck on 911 by an "illusory" plane … flight 77.Washington State’s northern border is located at 49 degrees N … or 7×7.There were 7 buildings in the WTC that was demolished as a human sacrifice.These 7 buildings correspond to the 11 Western United States.The 11 Western United States is the exact shape of the Foundation Stone under the Islamic Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, exactly where Solomon’s Temple was located.The Foundation Stone is approx. 60’x60′ and is a natural occurring rock relief on the Temple Mount.The Dome of the Rock Shrine was built over top of the rock in 690 AD, … 1,326 years ago, … and they built a fence around the rock with the US/Canadian border in exactly where it’s located in the western states @ 49 degrees N.The Juan de Fuca Strait is exactly where it should be.The west coast of the states follows the rock shape perfectly.The southern border of CA, AZ, and NM are also exactly where they should be, etc. etc.
    For added measure, the state of California, is the shape of what used to be the MARRIOTT HOTEL.The location of Tower 1 coincides with OREGON.The location of Tower 2 coincides with ARIZONA.
    In other words, … the 911 ritual goes all the way back to Solomon’s Temple, and all the way back to the ancient god THOTH / THOUGHT.
    So who taught them this?The Light Bringer, Thoth, Thought, the All Seeing Eye, … through the process of hypnosis.
    HYPNOSIS = HYPE- SION … Zionism.
    There’s so much more, … but the reader won’t believe this, so the "trance sticks", and the illusion goes on.
    Thank you for reading nonetheless.


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