Team Rogue Money Radio Pre-Election Friday Show with ‘W’, Ken Schortgen Jr., Wolf Gray and Producer CJ




4 thoughts on “Team Rogue Money Radio Pre-Election Friday Show with ‘W’, Ken Schortgen Jr., Wolf Gray and Producer CJ

  1. that was a great, great discussion..lots and lots of food for thought..
    and I could hear it well!!…I have had hearing problems in prior conversationsbut this one was great…and thank you for turning up W’s at the end otherwiseI am not sure I would have been able to understand him well.Bromheman (sp?) Grove isn’t the highest group of dark gov is it..isn’t more likea lower level that ‘they’ need to have some blackmail material on?talking about that in accordance with the Economist cover?hemp no talk about it on the ballot here in CAthanks again..


  2. W once again doesn’t make sense. ‘Russia a Rockefeller operation’. Just because some 90 year old piece of roadkill once met with Dugin or some Putin advisor at a dacha soon after Putin got to power doesn’t mean he has control now. Rockefellers have recently sold off 90% of their oil assets including ExxonMobil, and I have yet to hear anything about Rosneft being bought over, indicating the Rockefellers have given up a large part of an empire that by all means should still be making lots of cash (since the world is still largely running on gasoline engines)
    Russia and China do not want war. If they did they would not have wasted time on the New Silk Road, at great cost, take pains to bury their own old rivalries, and rush to do deals with former US allies, to ensure the conflict ends by ending the means for the western banking Cabal to go to war, the US Petrodollar. If Putin can go as far as to kick out the Rothschilds, and Soros funded NGOs, then he is on some level an awakening conspiracy truther who understands the existence of shadow governments and transnational corporation entities.Just listen to what he says. The people who will agree with him and not buy into the ‘Russia invading’ crap regardless of what part of the world they are in, or what their MSM says, are those in the alt media who have woken up to the uselessness of the MSM. I would dare say Putin is one of the first politicians to be on the side or to benefit from the Awakening. So if Russia was a Rockefeller operation he would have known about it long time ago and done something about it or biding his time patiently as a master chess player to cut them down when the opportunity comes.
    At 49:40 if I heard correctly he also said that Wikileaks was a Rothschild op. He has implied the Rothschilds have thrown Clinton under the bus, given how damaging the Wikileaks emails have been, and therefore Trump is their new pet. This creates a new scenario, if W is to be believed, where we must ask whether Trump become Obama 2.0 and do exactly the opposite of what he campaigned or do like what Putin did and kick them out of the country? Maybe V should gas up his Dodge Charger for Panama, before its too late and they lock down the borders.
    Protip: Next time Harley Schlanger complains on air how negative and doom-gloom the alt-media community is, give him W’s number.


  3. Surely Russian operations should be under the Rothschild?
    I recalled reading an article on the net that Chinese officials had met the Rothschild. Seems like they were impressed that this European family lasted so long – just like some of the old Chinese families. Not much details were given as to what was discussed in the meeting.


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