PolitRussia’s Ruslan Ostashko on America’s Russophrenia Outbreak As the MSM/Clinton Propaganda Machine Melts Down

Above: meme trolling Internet parody so true to life that pinko globalist hipster idiots at Buzzfeed couldn’t tell the difference from reality…

Any Clintonistas like @RobertCaruso remember this pay for play scheme, from the 'Reset' era? Or ex-President Bill Clinton getting paid half a million dollars for a speech in Moscow?

Any Clintonistas like @RobertCaruso remember this pay for play scheme, from the ‘Reset’ era? Or ex-President Bill Clinton getting paid half a million dollars for a speech in Moscow?


You can pick a bone of contention with Ruslan Ostashko’s evident schadenfreude over the misfortune of the Clinton camp and the Democrats’ increasingly hysterical allegations that Russian spies, hackers and agents of influence are everywhere in America from the Trump campaign to the FBI. What you cannot argue with presented below (in English text and the original Russian language video), is Mr. Ostashko’s Lake Baikal-cold logic.


One is reminded in fact of the Jewish joke about two elderly Jews meeting in a park where the other is reading a Der Sturmer wannabe paper, and one saying to the other, “Why do you read that anti-Semitic rag newspaper?” and the other says, “Well it cheers me up. According to this we Jews run the media, Hollywood, the banks and the American government”. Change the scenery to a park in Moscow and two elderly Russian Gentiles, and the paper to The Washington Post or Foreign Policy shrieking that Russia has hacked the American elections, and you get the same idea. The now-geriatric KGB guys who worked for comrade Andropov in back when President Reagan labelled them the sword and shield of the Evil Empire probably can’t contain their smiles behind the wheels of their pensioners Ladas or walkers these days. As my Swiss/White Russian friend The Saker said in a late October interview with The Solari Report’s Catherine Austin Fitts, Russians are bemused by the in the tank for Hillary American mainstream media outlets insisting that they’re so powerful and their spies so clever as to insert the ultimate The Americans ‘illegal’/Siberian candidate, Дональд Иван Трамп, into the American body politic.


The Washington (Langley) (Com)Post‘s Russophrenics want to have it both ways. They argue that Russia is a basket case country that somehow through mastery of the dark arts is playing a if not THE decisive role in America’s elections. Yet if it were true, wouldn’t that make the USA a banana republic, to paraphrase Putin, whose elections are so easily swayed or manipulated by what President Obama once dismissed as a second rate regional power like Russia? Oh and the WaPost itself isn’t all that consistent from day to day, one could get a headache from contradictory headlines like these:

The Trump-Putin link that wasn’t – The Washington Post


Oct 11, 2016 – On Monday morning, WikiLeaks released a new batch of emails that appear … These hacks have been tied to the Russian government by the …

Donald Trump, Putin’s puppet – The Washington Post


Oct 10, 2016 – But the leaks traced to Russia through the WikiLeaks website have been aimed at Ms. Clinton — most recently emails from her campaign …


No wonder Russophrenics like Robert Caruso and Casey Michel are so butthurt over being called out on this site as conspira-troll hacks for Soros and Hillary (and in Caruso’s case, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)’s pro-Syria jihad element in Washington). It’s becoming obvious they’ve got nothing to look forward to after November 8 except continued appeals to the ‘Demintern’/Soros money machine for employment and relevance. – JWS


Did you think that the American election campaign had already reached the bottom? Nope! There are chances that more surprises lie ahead of us, but some instances that took place over the past few days will go down in history no matter what.

It’s not every day that Senators blame the director of the FBI for working for Putin, right? After FBI Director James Comey informed Congress that the FBI had resumed its investigation concerning Hillary Clinton’s storage of secret documents on a private server, he was immediately blamed for being a “Russian agent.” This is an unprecedented charge, but that’s not all.

Hillary Clinton called on the FBI director to immediately make publicly available the FBI’s evidence of ties between Russia and Donald Trump. By saying so, she meant that the FBI leadership has this evidence, but doesn’t want to present it to the American electorate.

For a moment, let’s believe Hillary Clinton and the Democratic senators who are hinting that Putin has a whole network of agents in the American business community and security agencies. Look what a lovely agent Russian intelligence has won over in the FBI director!

James Comey is a Republican, the former deputy attorney general of the United States, and the vice president of Lockheed Martin, a corporation that deals in developing top-secret weapons for the Pentagon. Comey is also a member of the board of directors of NSBC Bank and the director of the FBI personally appointed by Barack Obama. If Russian intelligence really managed to recruit such an American official, then the US has much more serious problems than interference in election campaigns.

In fact, if Clinton’s headquarters are ready to throw such accusations at the highest ranks of American security organs, then this means that the situation is really critical. If the situation were under control, then Clinton’s staff would have thought through the consequences, such as how such statements undermine the confidence of ordinary Americans and part of the American elite in the US’ intelligence services. And this is really bad for the country’s stability.

Those who believe in these accusations made in all seriousness can ask themselves the question: How did Putin possibly buy the FBI director, who, in addition to working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, earns a lot of money from the richest and most influential transnational corporations?…

Maybe Russia isn’t so weak as the media says? And maybe it’s worth looking into just what Russia could offer specific American officials or officers? It’s time to give the Clinton headquarters an award for the best advertising for Russia’s intelligence services.

I would also like to dwell on the accusations against the FBI director, specifically that he is hiding some proof of ties between Trump and Russia from the public. Let’s think about what conclusions can be drawn from these allegations by devout American Democrats who really believe in their leaders and system’s media.

First conclusion: the CIA, NSA, and all other US intelligence agencies are made up of losers who can’t even find find Trump’s ties to Moscow, and even if they did find them, then they won’t present them to the public. And so it turns out that everything depends on the good will of an agent of Putin who, as it turns out, heads the FBI. This is already a national catastrophe.

Second conclusion: The entire leadership of the FBI is one big network of Putin’s agents. Otherwise, the American patriots from the FBI would have simply leaked to the media or handed over to Congress the lethal evidence of cooperation between Trump and Russia. This is the second national catastrophe. It’s time to introduce a state of emergency and not just appeal to the conscience of James Comey.

But I don’t see much panic in American media over this. This means that even the most hardened supporters of Clinton understand that all these accusations are nonsense.

But then another conclusion begs itself. It turns out that Clinton and co. see the whole American electorate as a bunch of idiots who can be endlessly fed even the most incredible lies and still believe in them. This is a losing position. A manipulator can and must take advantage of the weak spots of those whom he is trying to manipulate, and not merely lower the standard of manipulation.

The confidence that people will eat this up will sooner or later lead to the greater quality manipulator attracting these people to their side. And then it won’t be comments on social networks blazing, but tires on American streets.

It is this scenario that those who demand that Trump recognize the elections as legitimate are afraid of. Trump refuses to do so, as if he is leaving the opportunity open to bring people out on the streets.

Of course, if riots start in the US, then Putin will be blamed. But we’ll be too busy to respond to these accusations, because we’ll be standing in line for popcorn.



2 thoughts on “PolitRussia’s Ruslan Ostashko on America’s Russophrenia Outbreak As the MSM/Clinton Propaganda Machine Melts Down

  1. The problem with the alt media is that its been infected with this anti-Jew bullshit and I am getting fed up of it. Its a psy-op that’s gotten on the level where when I said on a comment board that the US government is run by Nazis (see also Prescott Bush) I was shilled by a guy claiming the Jews run everything and if I didn’t acknowledge this fact, ‘I was a thousand miles off base’. So much for being ‘awake’ and ‘open-minded’, the alt-media conspiracy is being discredited the longer people preach their anti-Jewish sentiments, just like flat-earth. Sure there is a significant percentage of Jews involved in the conspiracy, but so are people of other races. Apparently the media blackout is so complete no one has seen Rabbis and Jews protesting the Zionist state.
    Back to the discussion, Putin is signalling that Hillary’s anti-Russia propaganda is being taken seriously. I wonder if they aware of Putin’s upgraded military. If Americans want to ensure their country isn’t usurped and taken down a dark path they have to watch the voting machines.


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