Ignore the Media Noise & Follow the Honest Business Monetary Trail to Safety

On January 13th of 2016, I penned a short installment that said we would be well advised to ignore the western media noise.  And that still holds true.  In order to make timely informed decisions it might pay to look at the covert and overt business and monetary decisions from the sources that seem to be doing things correctly.  Certain changes are nearly upon us, changes that can’t be corrected or redirected.  All you can do is prepare based on the evidentiary trail.  In this installment I want to step outside of my comfort zone (into areas best served by the rest of the RM Team) and use some of the evidence being thrown at us by some of the top eastern world leaders.  An evidence trail that is turning the western world upside down.   

Thanks to the help of a WolfPack associate with strong ties to the university education system, I now realize that the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be, also the elite) are much further along in their plans as well.  To my own surprise he detailed a depth of broad based indoctrination that is much, much deeper in the higher education system than I had realized.  A real eye opener, and these days that ain’t easy to do with yours truly.   His news further guarantees a financial train wreck in the US.  And though that isn’t new to the crowd here at ‘roguemoney.net’, based on what he told me, the window for correcting this wreck has closed dramatically.  

In this installment I want to identify what I feel are some recent signals from the BRICS business leaders that indicate they are starting to get a bit anxious to fully expose this western fiat banking farce.  For us westerners to effectively survive this guaranteed financial wreck, it will require an ability to redirect our efforts and correctly identify these important timing signals (new ones ID’d in this installment) along the “real money trails.”  This trait is an absolute must if your goal is “To Survive and then Thrive.”   First an abbreviated news segment, followed by some important signals from the eastern ‘big-wigs,’ which will be followed up with a critical timing signal from our higher education system.  A signal that, to my surprise, says we are going to have a really small window of time to get our financial ship righted.

                                      Quick Hard Asset Tip – Time for a Dry Run

I would make it a point to make a complete inventory check of your DHAP list (diversified hard asset portfolio).  Anything that needs to be “cranked up” I would do so once again (wrote about this last fall as well) to make sure eveything is “ship-shape.”  You might uncover some items you thought were “complete,” only to realize they are anything but.  If there are some additions that you have been meaning to take care of, I would put those items on the front of the “to-do” list as well.  The smoke signals I am seeing are indicative of “shortages on the horizon” for western businesses.  When and where is not perfectly clear, and I could be worrying over nothing, but as with most DHAP items they are usable in almost all instances so the money is never wasted.  Better to be safe and ahead of schedule than late shamed in front of your family and damned sorry, for a long long time.

And even though most of us aren’t farmers anymore, I would consider adding some “Heirloom Seeds” (stick with the non GMO natural stuff) to your inventories if you haven’t already.

                                                       Short News Segment

First let’s disregard the title for the moment and dare to jump into a noisy western media subject.  Are rigged elections an American tradition?  Paul Craig Roberts a top “Team Reagan” aid says, “yes.”


Note this excerpt from Dr. Roberts…

What nonsense! Stolen elections are the American tradition. Elections are stolen at every level—state, local, and federal. Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley’s theft of the Chicago and, thereby, Illinois vote for John F. Kennedy is legendary. The Republican US Supreme Court’s theft of the 2000 presidential election from Al Gore by preventing the Florida vote recount is another legendary example. The discrepancies between exit polls and the vote count of the secretly programmed electronic voting machines that have no paper trails are also legendary. PCR

I feel Paul Craig Roberts is correct. The 2000 election probably was rigged for Bush.  I got an important lesson on the elite, though I never understood the message fully until 9 years later.  A lesson courtesy of a gent with a first class ticket invitation to the summer 2002 NASCAR race in Daytona.  The tickets were courtesy of one Deeno Kitchen.  Mr. Kitchen was the non-headline grabbing lead attorney for Al Gore and the Dumbocrats in the “hanging chad fiasco of 2000.”  I know what you are thinking, wrong WG it was David Boies who was the Dem’s/Gore’s lead attorney.  Not entirely.  A lot of the brains behind that election’s legal entanglement was Mr. Deeno Kitchen.  Mrs. WG due to her legal contacts knew Mr. Kitchen, hence the invite to Daytona, already knowing she and I went there regularly for the races.  

My first impression of Mr Kitchen was, “You have to be kidding me.  This red neck was the big legal dog in a very famous US political litigation.”  Never judge a book by it’s cover, as he was, and probably still is, one sharp cookie.   After some “tail-gaiting” fun he said something to me that has stuck with me to this very day, but didn’t fully impact me until 2011.  WG, I understand you are very conservative in your political views (remember this conversation is post 9/11), that being said I want you to know something, the Bush family is not who you think they are.  I politely ignored him, after all, I was already a well informed follower of the FAUX News.  The moral of this story is ignore the media’s political noise.  Trust me, that noise ain’t going to change the near term pain of financial isolation for most unprepared US residents.

In the next news brief we have confirmation of a Team RM theory, a theory stating that the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) will not let Deutsche Bank fail as it would possibly collapse their entire paper ponzi system.  Many other noteworthy individuals, people like the brains behind “The Sirius Report” (I ain’t in that category) have also stated the banksters can’t afford to let D.B. totally fail.


To implode D.B. is to implode the entire system to a level that will not permit a rebuild.  In fact, they wouldn’t even have a system after a D.B. collapse due to the banking domino effects of financial failure that would follow.  And even more importantly, nearly 100% of the consuming public is paper entrenched.  See the following July 13th installment on the odds of a total banking collapse…..WG


Thus it is my view that the odds on bet would be that the banksters will prop things up to save what little is left of the financial system in the west.  

In another confirmation of some of the predictions by Team RM that date back almost a year, check this out……


ZeroCare is undoubtedly one of the biggest piles of government crap in the nation’s history.  Fascism at the core.

Next up, it would appear that the msm felt it was time to put on display another noteworthy financial hotshot who wants to be seen kneeling at the paper alter.


Just add this guy to the crew that keeps saying, “nothing says loving like more paper in the oven.”  Of note, paper in ovens tend to burn rapidly.  Time to move on to the titled subject matter, and the evidence trail that has become “in your face obvious!”

                                     Follow the Business Monetary Trail to Safety

With respect to the next video, think business the whole way through it.  I was alerted to this video by my friend London Paul from “The Sirius Report,” and his message to me is correct.  It is an impressive interview and the people in the west should pay attention to it’s messages.  The interview highlights Syrian president Assad, and my take is “ he ain’t no dummy.”  One segment literally blew me away with it’s business undertones.  The conversation where Assad gives his impressions of Russia and Turkey working together, even after Turkey shot down the Russian plane.  During that segment think of a prime business motive, like “pipe lines.”  Once again, it’s just business.  All that said, the differences in the US media’s explanations of events in Syria, and Assad’s views are staggering.  You can determine for yourself, “the truths.”  Here are a few key points…….

@ 0:48…Per Assad the most important thing is who is it that actually supports the terrorists?  I’ll give you one guess.

@ 2:25…The bombshell in this segment is that it is his view that the whole”war” issue is about keeping dollar hegemony around the whole world.  Nothing really new there, but note the way he expresses this viewpoint.  He doesn’t refer to the dollar, but instead says it is all about”hegemony,” in a way that is not allowing anyone to entertain potential outside partnerships.  Thus from a business perspective it is all one in the same.  Pretty smart way to phrase it though, as it is very non-threatening.

@ 3:00Next comes the question, “Why is Syria so important?”  Think business here again folks.  It’s pure and simple, follow the potential “natural resource money trails.”  I think I detect Saudi Arabia vs. the next big boy in the “crude oil sand box,” Iran!  Pipelines.  Look for Turkey to make a strong entrance to the interview.

@ 5:00…Here Assad expresses his views on Russia’s reasons for entering the fray to fight terrorism in Syria.  I can’t help myself, I keep going right back to “it’s just good business” (pipeline business).  But this guy is very well spoken and isn’t brazen enough to phrase it that way.  Note how he terms terrorism as a card to be played.  In WG’s view this is of course to give power, and eventually riches to the card holder.  Again, this guy is very smart in how he phrases things.  At least smarter than I am at phrasing things politely.  And clearly smarter than the dim-bulbs representing our team of misfits.

@ 6:00…Here Assad addresses the new roll of Turkey in the terrorism war in Syria.  His explanation of how Turkey, the very supporters of ISIS, are now fighting terrorism, which should be viewed carefully or incrementally with respect to how committed they are to the fight (as in they ain’t 100% all in by any stretch of the imagination).  In WG’s opinion it’s very likely just business, with a Russian angle for pipelines, once again.  This guy is a pro, he never states anything about it being business (though I am sure he knows that) instead it is about terrorism.  The Wolf’s sense of smell detects a Turkish exit of the US fold and entering the eastern operations for more profitable business relationships.  Keep the original introductory paragraph prior to this interview in mind here. 

@ 8:30…Here an additional angle to the discussions in the 6:00 segment above comes up.  It involves the business relationships that are now combined with terrorism’s strange bedfellow, Turkey.  Which by now are even more complicated by the discussions of the Russian plane being shot down by Turkey.  WG’s opinion is that it is all tolerable when weighed against the visions of future “real money,” without the bullying hand of the US on the scene. 

Once the 8:30 points are finished, a discussion of the political ‘yin and yang’ in Syria ensues.  But……

@ 18:00...Here he gives thanks to Russia for intervening with an even more direct assistance in the fight with their terrorist foes.

@ 20:00…Note Assad’s, “well everyone knows this point,” attitude about how the main issue around the world with regards to the middle east was, and still is, to prevent nuclear power in Iran.  He somewhat jokes that even Syria was supposed to be involved in stopping Iran from having nuclear power.  Note how comically he phrases a request that came from Saudi Arabia, a request for Syria to continue in the cause to push Iran away from nuclear power. 

Side note to this interview:  Note the intelligence, and how well spoken this guy is, and in English to boot.  You can’t get our current VP to speak that well.  Examples to follow below.  As my friend London Paul said, all westerners, especially the US sheeple need to see this video (paraphrasing he didn’t say sheeple).

@ 25:15...This segment is fairly significant as Assad admits that Syria is literally promoted as the “holy place” to do battle.  Which leads to details on how the terrorist fools literally think if they die in Syria that they have the opportunity to go to paradise. 

@ 29:45…Here he gives a great explanation of the political conundrum he is in when it comes to battling terrorism. 

@ 33:23…The discussion of how the media distorts the true picture of the situation in the middle east and in Syria to the western populous.  There’s a surprise!  Then Aleppo is discussed in relationship to the overall battle against terrorism, which leads to……some amazing numbers

@ 36:03…At this point there is a discussion of the foreign mercenaries in Aleppo, and Assad gives out an astounding figure of 300,000+ terrorists (not specifically mercenaries).

@ 37:50…Here Assad fires a bomb on the interview when he says the primary creation of ISIS came from the US run prisons in Iraq (note it was called IS back then).  Whether he is right or he is wrong doesn’t even matter from a business perspective, because the majority of the non US world thinks that statement is correct, and thus we will continue to be what?  Further isolated.  

@ 39:50…Here the character of Assad is put to the test with this final question.  Why didn’t you request your family leave the country for safety when the US was threatening to bomb Syria?  His answer is truly based in an honest belief in his country.   How can you keep the citizenry from running from your country if you send your family away due to the implied dangers (paraphrasing)?  Please note, I ain’t promoting this guy, but he is pretty impressive in this interview, and he damned sure beats Zero or the wizard of the English language and public speaking Joe Biden.

Based on the above interview, can we draw any business conclusions as to the direction the world is headed?  More in the final thoughts, but first up some more business evidence along the trail…..with this two part video disgrace, courtesy of Joe Biden…..


Boy that’s impressive Mr. V.P., maybe you can join World Wrestling Entertainment Inc., after you leave office.  But he ain’t through yet…check out the follow up to that with Mr. Putin below smirking at comments from our illustrious political leader.  The evidence trail continues to point in one direction……with a time frame that appears to be shortening dramatically.

I can’t seem to get the image out of my mind during this interview of a “Cool customer that is sitting on a royal business flush.”  I suspect I am right, and it is because they have been busy over the last several years promoting productive business partnerships.  As you listen to this short interview with the Russian leader, consider his demeanor and ask yourself the question, would he do interviews like this if he weren’t near the end of the planning road? ……….

@ 0:10...Putin suggests with a smile that the Biden comments are comical with respect to cyber attacks.  Over the next couple of minutes note something in Putin’s demeanor that comes through “clear as a bell,” he ain’t worried one little bit.  That’s the way I would describe his character through this whole interview.

@ 1:00…Here Putin confirms the obvious, that the US doesn’t just spy on it’s enemies, they also spy on their closest allies.  Now why would anybody want to isolate us?  Gee I wonder…..

@ 2:03…Here he gets into the US election, and the fact that unresolved problems are always the centerpieces of most elections.  He feels that in the US’s case, there are a multitude of unresolved problems.  It is all about business with this guy, with a dash of personality and strong leadership.  Then he touches on failed US policies in the middle east.

@ 3:21...Here Mr. Putin shows his business/political acumen as he says that the US election, as usual, is filled with diversions from the real problems, with other issues that aren’t near as significant and are typically based on lies.  Like, ”creating an enemy and uniting the nation against them!”  In this case, Russia of course.  Note the relaxed demeanor during that statement (literally a smile).  Faked or based on real confidence, you decide.

@ 4:02…Here he states that the practice of a diversion from reality is dangerous or harmful to international relations.  We need this guy on our team or someone similar to him, not the stooges we have.  No smile on his face here though, as he is very matter of fact.  In this case it’s all business.  Also it’s a perfect play for the question in this setting, followed nicely with a hope of continued positive US and Russian relationships.

@ 4:48…The US can use their spy community to promote lies that mislead those in many different countries, but we knew this well before Biden’s speech.  Relaxed and business like once again.  Sort of easy when the opposition is brain dead.

@ 5:33…Here he leads off with a smirk, and answers the question of who does he prefer Trump or Hillary as the next president.  Listen to the answer that details who the best option would be, all without saying it in a blunt point blank way.  Once again, politically correct with a dose of pure business.  But first with a smile, he answers his ability to control the US election, once again he is a pro. 

@ 6:05…Here Russia’s leader gets a bit serious, and goes into a business like discussion of the options that may play out depending on who is the new US president.  Trump seems to promote cooperation with Russia on many fronts while Hillary seems confrontational.  Again note the business demeanor and relaxed posture.  BTW, note the lack of tele-prompters and the fact that he holds the microphone for himself.  Gee, wonder how Zero would do in that setting?  The real brilliance of this guy is he doesn’t say Trump will be perfect, instead he asks will Trump deliver on his aspirations of cooperation with Russia?  And alternatively with respect to Hillary, he asks would she follow through with her threats or correct her position if elected?  Still he is relaxed and business like in his approach, and follows up with this point on the US elections.  To use Russian US relations as a way to gain brownie points is a bit counterproductive.  Then with total relaxation in his demeanor comes this statement, “This is no surprise.  This rhetoric only repeats itself one election to the next.”  And by the way, if he and his country were in a position of weakness and we conversely in a position of strength, would he be as open about his opinions on the US electoral process?  Probably not, thus an important “finish line in sight timing indicator!”

@ 7:45…Next is an extraordinary statement.  Where he says that in the meantime the US whispers to him, “just wait this out it will pass.”  He follows that up with a very business like (my paraphrasing here) “Don’t mess with us, or else!”  My quick take on the 7:45 segment is that there is once again no fear and no change in overall demeanor.  Followed by statements that make the US look like children playing games combined with temper tantrums…….

@ 8:02…At this point you have to take the time to read the actual subtitles in the interview for the way a true business/political negotiator like Mr. Putin would put a positive spin to his final points in interview centered around a combative business/geopolitical associate.

And for the icing on the east/west cake, check this headline out….


From WG’s cigar smoke filled office I maintain that this is how a business competitor or partner handles questions or negotiations when they are clearly in a position of strength.  And that is the key.  They are in a position of strength.  The level of confidence seen here can only come from knowing what a well planned future likely holds, a future that is about to reap recognized dividends that the competition will wish they had.  But if your eyes are open, this evidentiary trail to proper business and constructs of safety are already crystal clear.   In fact it is in broad daylight, only to be obscured by an ineffective US media and a deluded Sixpack public that is in denial of the realities. WG

Even though the business and monetary trails are sprinkled with evidence of the importance of a portfolio of natural resources and hard assets including GSBC’s, there is still an alternative theory that says one natural resource will be on a value and production decline, oil!  This next interview from the “SGTReport” with Steve St. Angelo peaks my interest in the oil problems a bit, but I am not saying I buy into the near total collapse of the oil sector.   I still have to admit his numbers are pretty impressive, and certainly lead to an even stronger case for owning “gold & silver bars & coins.”

Energy is the Economic Driver:  Here is a simple theory to keep in mind when listening to Mr. St. Angelo.  The EROI “energy return on investment’ is the most important part of any economic equation.  The western world EROI has dropped to a point that the oil sector is no longer profitable with current extraction techniques, and this is particularly true in the west, especially when considering shale/fracking which needs a reputed price point of 100+ per barrel to be profitable.  Of note, he states, and I fully agree, that there is not a single business in the world that doesn’t rely on oil.  By the way, that includes paper only home office businesses as well, since they have deliveries from vendors that require oil.   Which means that the profitability of the world’s oil companies is critical to any and all business/economic survival.  Steve St. Angelo is a big believer that the top tangible asset once oil exits stage left, will be precious metals, and in particular, silver.

@ 2:10…Steve says there is a delusional belief that there is a great oil find in Alaska which will “save the day.” He has concluded that nothing will happen there due to a total lack of profitability in extracting it from the ground.   Plus this Alaskan find is minimal to boot.

@ 3:50…Here Steve blows up the standard “supply & demand” metrics, and note the reference to Louis Arnoux (great interview with this gent on ‘srsrocco.com’).  Back to this interview.  Steve explains the EROI as it relates to the business of farming or to any other business for that matter.  He says in 10 years there will not be any “net energy.”  No ‘net energy’ means no economy, and therefore, no supply and demand metric.  Just consider his theory for the moment, as I would also contend the importance of energy’s profitability does carry some weight.  Energy is taken for granted in the west, taken for granted as something that will always be available.  But as we all know, profitability enters every business picture.  He contends that for oil to be profitable we have to have a 20 to 1 ratio, 20 barrels found per the cost of bringing to market a single barrel of oil.  We are at 5 to 1 with shale/fracking and thus the reason it has been unsustainable.  It is instead a debt cover up product, by rolling over the debt structure to the next well, to hopefully cover the cost of the prior wells that have become quickly non-productive.  The standard in western business models these days.  Around 1920 this ratio was 1200 to 1, we got 1200 barrels of oil from the cost of energy to produce one finished barrel.  Bottom line, we have to have 20 to 1 to survive, and in the west we can’t hit that mark anymore. 

@ 11:10…He suggests that we are living on past oil finds and past reserves.  In 2013 the frackers/shale industry released numbers that stated that they needed a pricing point of nearly 120 dollars a barrel to be profitable.  That would be slightly above most other estimates that I have read which point to 100, but clearly the US oil industry is suffering from overhead problems.  By the way, there are some other well respected folks I have heard say that the US market could make it on something near $60 a barrel, but we ain’t seen that in some time either.

@ 12:44…Here he describes how some of the big western oil company numbers show a major decline in profitability, making it difficult to pay dividends.  A characteristic that adds some credence to his research.  Thus they are losing money, and the shale/fracking companies are in even worse shape.   

@ 14:16For gold & silver bars & coin fans, at this juncture Steve puts together some staggering figures with respect to the US debt, the deficit, and the interest on the debt with respect to the value of real money, GSBC’s.  Keep the last sentence in the back of your mind, as you consider a proper pricing metric for precious metals.  First up, the US government’s interest on the debt could have paid for 3 years of all global gold & silver production.  In addition, stick this one into the back of your mind, the 4.2 trillion deficit admitted to by the US government over the last 5 years alone would have covered the cost of 30 years of global gold & silver production.  And how about this next one to bring us to “par.”  The interest on the US government debt for the last year, by itself, could have purchased the “supposed” 8,100 tons of gold in the US reserves.   So what should the price of real money be with respect to the money/fiat/paper debt bubbles?   Why waste time putting a calculator to it, just get a hold of some of it.

@ 18:30…Here he creates a great analogy that is upside down or backwards in relationship to economic reality.  Gold & oil have crashed over the last several years, yet the GDP remains high (an upside down arrangement).  He contends that this violates a natural law, since you can’t create wealth if the gold and oil prices crash per counted heads in the US.  In theory, the oil and gold price must increase in order for wealth per head to rise.  The bottom line here is that per those numbers, the GDP will have no choice but to “crash” to create an equilibrium.  Meaning the laws of creating real wealth will take hold and force the GDP to crash (I detect Economic Mother Nature near by).  Steve says that this will force people into a state of “precious metals religion.”  They will want it big time!  And if he is correct about the oil EROI falling, then I would suggest it will really put a rocket to the values of GSBC’s.  Not Stocks, not bonds, not non-productive real estate, or any paper asset.  Instead it will be only real assets with a heavy concentration into GSBC’s.  That’s why Steve suggests it will bring to light a “precious metals religion.”

@ 22:08…Steve feels that the precious metals mining companies will not be as safe a play as the physical product.  When considering the mining sector he favors the primary, or more well established silver miners over the gold miners.  The reason he favors the silver miners goes right back to the “EROI,” it costs 120 times more liquid fuel to create an ounce of gold than it does to create an ounce of silver.  Once again, his thesis is that he prefers to focus on the cost of energy to produce a product.  He still suggests, as I would, keep your exposure to the miners to a lower portion of your precious metals portfolio.  In this venue, I prefer zero counter party paper products, instead load up on physical metal.

@ 28:20…For those “Mad Max” believers, Steve says reliable sources suggest that 75% of the US gas stations will be closed.  Pay attention to this next line.  He also throws out this reminder, Walmart doesn’t stock anything on their shelves without transportation.  Again it is the falling EROI that will accelerate this economic problem.  Some more references are made here to his interview with Louis Arnoux (found on his srsrocco site).

@ 31:00…He feels our options in the US are limited.  One to de-grow ourselves out of this or we devolve to barbarism.  In Steve’s view we will suffer a little of both.

@ 34:00Here he has some thoughts on zero point energy….. Steve thinks that if the elite have it, they probably can’t really implement it or integrate it efficiently at this point with our existing technology.   So how would it be rolled out efficiently or seamless without disrupting current lifestyles in a dramatic way?

@ 38:30…Steve says our GDP should be a 10th of what it currently is, and that is based on the numbers tied to the real natural resources that power the world, “energy!”  Thus a GDP drop is inevitable due to the fact that our GDP is a bunch of “fiat paper hot air.”  At this point I have to agree in theory, but I can’t state that I am in total agreement with the GDP being a 10th of what it is reputed to be.  I have been on record in prior installments that the probability is that the US isn’t even remotely close to the top spot in the GDP rankings.  Eliminate the dark money catch fences for incoming US paper, like the ESF (exchange stabilization fund), and who knows, the incoming paper might well have sucked our GDP numbers down a negative hole.  No way of knowing that, but with honest accounting, I suspect “we ain’t all that and a bag of chips” on the GDP world stage.

Even though the above video is negative towards one form of hard asset or natural resource, it certainly gives high marks for owning another hard asset, GSBC’s.  Both points provide good reasons for sticking with a well thought out DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio). WG

Next in the evidentiary trail, Clif High tells us what is being chattered about with high volume or frequency on the web.  Please note that as usual I don’t think he is speculating, he is just telling you what the web is saying, and drawing obvious conclusions where he can from that information.  Some of the following information is quite illuminating for those trying to position themselves appropriately and in a timely fashion with an existing (soon to get worse) western world in chaos.

@ Beginning…Electoral confusion on the election will abound, even though the data sets says Trump will win, and win fairly “big.”  Meanwhile Hillary is literally missing (???) and the deep state or the already entrenched government (Non elected people) will be very active.  Note that these government organizations are very pro Hillary.

@ 3:55…Again Hillary is literally missing.  Meanwhile the debt bubble is busting, and the rest of the world sees us as bat shit crazy. (His words, though I like them).  Note he also states, as we do here at RM, the debt bubble bursting will be “The Big One!”  Timing of a penultimate signal is still in question, but apparently Clif detects a kick off event in November of 2016.  And the data he is seeing says that the US dollars will come home at warp speed.  And they already are coming home at a pretty fast pace, as we all know.

@ 6:48…per Cliffs November data sets the costs of daily “needs” for the US sheeple will go up dramatically.  November of 2016, that is.

@ 8:00…So many people will be selling dollars, particularly from abroad, that the FED will be useless at buying them all up.  They will just give up on covering the inflow.

@ 8:45…I love this next line.  Clif says the above problems are not due to a failure of capitalism, because we don’t have capitalism, and haven’t since the 1913 creation of the federal Reserve (on the drawing board since 1910).  “Abso-frickin-lutely!”  Well done by Clif High, as I detect this statement was not part of his data sets, but just good business analysis.

@ 9:43…Businesses being successful forever without an attached risk, will not go on forever, and we are now at the end of that cycle.  Again, “hear hear!”  And once again he highlights November as being critical.

@ 10:05…He states that China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and many others are trying to quietly sell US debt as quickly as possible.  This is just business, the business of not being caught holding an asset that will most likely lose a lot of it’s value, very very soon.  But for those foreign operators it is worse, as it is the very fear that US paper may not be usable in barter at all in some instances.  Thus they want to dump the stuff A.S.A.P.  Last couple of lines in this segment are WG opinions.

@ 11:36…There is a possibility of a tripling of prices for imported goods here in the US due to the flooding of our system with dollars.  Please note that Clif feels that it may not end with a 3 fold increase, instead it could end up being far greater.  it is my view, that the tripling is believable, but anything greater than that is just a good selling point for loading up on a few more of your DHAP items.  

@…Then the remainder of the broadcast becomes somewhat interrupted in it’s sound quality (curiously), but it is just a recap of the the precious noted segments. But, duly note that the DOW crash forecasts, is a forecast from a 125,000 Dow price point.  But it will still crash none the less, with the following well on it’s way, a $700 an ounce silver price and a $25,000 per ounce gold price, with the sky is the limit for ’bitcoin’ (12,000 dollars or so to the bitcoin).

Next up is the ‘lead-in’ to the final thoughts segment, courtesy of Alex Jones and “Info Wars” in an interview with one of my favorite analysts James Wesley Rawles (owner of ‘survivalblog.com’).

Mrs. WG told me on Saturday morning that she had seen a Fox News broadcast with a panel of Fox political wizards, who all concluded that the election ‘is in the bag” for Hillary.  Literally 100% said Hillary will win.  Now this is supposed to be the fair and balanced network, but it seems it doesn’t matter these days, as it is now an across the entire ’television network broadcast western world,’ to promote for Hillary.  Was I surprised?  No, but the interview above lends itself to the standard technique used by the elite, or the PPPTB.  Put the plans we claim to be indoctrination techniques into being, RIGHT NOW, but at this juncture via the traditional media outlets.  In this case an all out blitz!  

Put there in the face of an alternative media claiming the opposite that indoctrination is running rampant.  Put it in place now, so it will be immediately ready for a full scale continuation.   Continuation of a plan that was not indoctrination by definition, but was instead something that will soon be recognized as “already in place so how could it be indoctrination.”  Then if you can “drop-kick” the internet from the information air waves, there is only one “information” game left in town.  Thus the message isn’t indoctrination, it will just be the ‘same ole’ same ole’, that existed just prior to the election.  The only message to be heard.

@ 5:34…James Wesley Rawles (a Wolf Gray Family Survival & Protection Corporation advisor) is one of my favorite analysts due to his calm cool demeanor and his military background.  Here he says, the PPPTB will possibly shut down the internet to keep the generally dumb public, just that….”dumb.”  It is now WG’s contention that they already have nearly total control of the public airways.  And they have yet to roll out their entire business product portfolio.  A portfolio of “indoctrination products.”  Folks, don’t say they haven’t started taking control just because it ain’t 100% on every airwave.   After all, can you say Microsoft or Google have total control of their internet search or viewership on a worldwide scale?   No.  For me, it is clear that the PPPTB ain’t just “practicing,” they are in full control of their in-force business model.  If Hillary gets in, I agree with Mr. Rawles, they will roll out the entire model in their portfolio of “indoctrination products.” 

Wolf Gray Warning:  If the stars align perfectly for the PPPTB business model (a Hillary victory plays well for them), then it will not take long for them to finish a completed version of an attempt at indoctrination of the dumbed down masses.  An indoctrination, for example, that will help to promote a majority of US sheeple into thinking Russia is pure evil.  Not that hard to pull off either, especially in a situation where there may not be any other news sources to promote the truth.  So Russia is the evil, an evil that needs to be eliminated.  The elite’s indoctrination is their most popular business product for sale right now, a product that promotes misdirected anger towards their financial opponent (the east & the BRICS & Associates).  And it sure looks like they are about to go for broke and try their best to close the deal.  Their version of an attempt to button up all the loose ends to their indoctrination of the masses product portfolio, before their own fiat paper financial system fails completely.  It would seem to me final arrangements are underway.  The timing couldn’t be any clearer.  Do I think they can pull this off?  Probably not, but the pain that comes from them attempting an introduction of this product will be painful to us commoners anyway.  Therefore the need for a well thought out DHAP!

                                                           Final Thoughts

This final thought will tie in to the prior video links, and in particular the last one by Mr. Rawles.  One of my favorite Wolfpackers is a “grizzled veteran,” who is the engineer for a major university in the state of N.C.  He recently told me of a conversation he had with a student that on the surface appears to be something we already suspected, but the truth is, it turns out to be much more.

This young fellow tells my Wolfpack associate that he is concerned about taking advantage of providing for himself via some prime farm land left to him by his deceased grandfather.  My friend asks the student what’s wrong with that?  Catch this “indoctrination” action folks.  He says, “because all my friends give me the guilt trip that I shouldn’t opt out of the debt based system.  They all tell me that opting out of the debt system will eliminate my opportunities at a Mercedes and a $500,000 home when I get out of school!”  I know what you are thinking, come on WG that’s liberalism, the hallmark of the USSA education system for the past few decades.  I agree, except for one thing, it now apparently comes with a guilty conscience for attempting to be your own man (or woman) and wanting to achieve the goal of not being subservient to any higher authority.

Liberalism in the classroom is one thing, but liberalism/fascism to your freedoms within your mind!?  Now that is indoctrination at the highest level.  I know I am a dinosaur, but allow me to reflect a bit.  There were no credit cards to speak of until the early 1980’s.  Getting rid of your debts and calling your own shots was the ultimate goal for undergrads.  And now it is a “guilt trip”….!   You have got to be kidding me.  If you still don’t think this is a big deal, then check out this next exchange with my Wolfpack associate.  WG

It is a bit stunning that the game/goal is now, “Just take a picture of me with all my stuff, showing I made the big time.”  What??  I am a bit shocked that trying to achieve freedom and independence now causes a mental guilt trip.  I then asked him, just how pervasive is this attitude?  Believe it or not, it is NEARLY 100% WG!  Not all of them succumb to that bullshit, but most do!  At his point my mind wanders to the scary statement of an international manufacturing entrepreneur that is a Wolfpack associate, “WG, if we don’t get things turned around in this country really soon, the knowledge and desire to do so will die with the current generation, and the plans on paper to teach it will probably be gone as well!”  Maybe mama should have kept junior at home, and saved money on that wonderful college education……

                                 What’s all these crazy questions they’re askin’ me?
                                 This is the craziest party that could ever be
                                 Don’t turn on the lights ’cause I don’t want to see
                                 Mama told me not to come
                                 Mama told me not to come
                                 “That ain’t the way to have fun, no” …..3 Dog Night

Look at the evidence trail and then ask yourself, just what is my window of opportunity to prepare for the unknown dangers ahead?  

***First you have a well spoken man like Bashar al-Assad, not afraid to speak his mind and set the record straight regarding the US’s role in terrorism.  Timing item number one, ya think we may be losing our grip on intimidation?  

***Next we have Biden in front of a microphone, in-public, stating he is ready to give Trump a good ole fashion country ass whippin’.  Timing item number two, ya think Biden invokes visions that we are exiting first world status, with a show of childish tantrum, helping to open the flood gates of incoming paper so that the holders will not get stuck with it?  

***How about Putin publicly chiding Biden, followed with a scathing review of the current US electoral process, and hinting at we need to get our act together.  Timing item number 3, ya think we may have lost our position of strength at the world’s bargaining tables, a bully no more?   Can anyone recall such a clarion call from a top world leader asking us to clean up our act, done with zero fear, and timed in the face of our most freedom oriented process, the election of our top officer?  If you don’t understand that one, then you deserve a big….”Come-on-man!”

***How about former intelligence officer James Wesley Rawles stating that we are truly on the precipice of losing our freedoms and abilities to obtain the truth from any information source.  And as a verification of his fear, how about a higher education belief that trying to work towards freedom from debt is nearly a sin?  Timing item number 4, if acting on the truth now makes ya feel guilty, then how the hell do you propose to successfully stop further indoctrination of anti-constitutional principles?  

***And need we mention the most obvious of timing items?  An election that provides the perfect window thanks to the very transition and process of an election.  An election that involves the top leadership position for the owners of the world’s reserve currency.  A currency that is being actively dumped on the owners heads.  

If you don’t understand the importance of this timing point in US history, then you are either dumb as a sack of hammers or too scared to face the truth.  Or both!  Get your head out of the sand!

Dare I say we have reached the final window, the final window of opportunity to make preparations to protect yourself from the inevitable western, and in particular US, fiat paper devaluation/collapse?  Why not, most of you that read this far aren’t offended because you already “get it,” as for the rest of ya, what can it hurt?  After all, it might be a message that is never heard again due to broadcast black outs in your area.  Which will just happen to be all areas, from sea to shining sea! WG

                            All I need is a TV show, that and the radio
                            Down on my luck again, down on my luck again
                            I can show you I can show you some of the people in my life
                            I can show you I can show you some of the people in my life
                            It’s driving me mad just another way of passing the day
                            I, I get so lonely when she’s not there
                            You’re just another face that I know from the TV show
                            I have known you for so very long I feel you like a friend
                            Can’t you do anything for me, can I touch you for a while
                            Can I meet you another day and we can fly away
                            I can show you I can show you some of the people in my life
                            I can show you I can show you some of the people in my life
                            It’s driving me mad just another way of passing the day
                            I, I get so lonely when she’s not there
                            Turn it on, turn it on, turn it on again
                            Turn it on, turn it on, turn it on again
                            I can see another face
                            Turn it on, turn it on, turn it on again
                            I can see another face
                            Turn it on, turn it on, turn it on again…Genesis

Once again it is time to ignore the media noise!  Follow the business monetary trail to get the proper directions.  But do it quickly, the window of opportunity is shutting.  Regardless of the election results, all indications are that your window of opportunity to protect yourself is about to be slammed shut.  Truthfully, neither of the presidential hopefuls could stop the the winds that will shut the windows to your freedoms.  Witness the magnitude and timing of the interviews above from other foreign leaders.  WG, you are far too dramatic!   And to that I say, “Excuses flow freely from the mouths of punks and losers.  You damned sure have been warned once again, just get the job done before the window shuts!”

             I know all this stuff is repetitive, but until we get it right, it bears repeating!

             I know all this stuff is repetitive, but until we get it right, it bears repeating!

                God, then Your Family, then the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!
                                  Survive then Thrive and We’ll Howl on the Other Side!

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Dixie, Team RM, Mrs. WG, The Wolfpack, ZeroHedge, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, mishtalk.com, The Sirius report, Mr. Assad & Mr. Putin, SGT Report & Steve St. Angelo, Clif High, Alex Jones & James Wesley Rawles, 3 Dog Night & Genesis

15 thoughts on “Ignore the Media Noise & Follow the Honest Business Monetary Trail to Safety

  1. BitcoinLithiumSilver
    No net energy in a few years???? What a crock of shit. Lithium. Did I mention it might be wise to get exposure to Lithium?


    • David, I have to admit he is ridiculed for his position, that is for sure. And his statement was no net energy, not no net energy as defined by oil. I just assume that is what he meant. One piece of evidence on the oil side of the equation is the bankruptcies in the US energy sector are still rising not falling. As always life finds a way, is my saying. If oil fails us, life will find another way, but time is the big question mark. Unfortunately I don’t see the US leading us anywhere in that department. Finding a way that is, but time will tell on that as well. After the beat down that is. The Lious Arnoux interview is worth a listen as well.
      Thanks for the heads up on lithium, I ain’t too familiar with that one, but I will have to start paying attention. So much going on


      • Likewise for Platinum, its put down by Mike Maloney because it has had no historical precedent as real money unlike Gold and Silver. However it is predicted in past Dr Willie interviews of new tech involving nuclear fusion that will be introduced once the Eurasian Alliance has washed its hands of the West will require decent quantities of Platinum in research and use. Although I imagine Lithium will be a hot commodity for those who will have to live through the Reset at ground zero of the PPPTB.
        You should also check out an interview by Assad’s wife Asma Al-Assad.
        The other day the Russian President in that business-type interview was quoted in the Russian Analyst’s previous article as giving a chilling warning that Hillary’s posturing during the elections and making Russia the ‘big bad guy’ was not fun and games and made it known who he prefers to see elected. The feverish pace of drills ongoing in the former USSR region indicate he knows the election will be rigged, therefore the actual polls favoring Trump mean nothing.


      • If you google Lithium Investing you can find lots of research. EVs (electric vehicles) are the most obvious avenue for massive growth but the bigger opportunity is with energy storage. Lithium can provide energy and store energy. There is a shortage that is getting worse. Storing energy in residential and commercial properties and energy storage off grid to support things like wind and solar is an industry worth several trillion.
        The bad news is other than an ETF the only way that I can find to get exposure to some potential huge home runs is with the small miners. I identified the one that in my view is in the best position but these mircocaps are very speculative.
        I am willing to go there in this case because Lithium might be the best opportunity I have ever seen after Bitcoin. It is a hard asset play as well not some bullshit like Netflix, Facebook, or other businesses based on accounting gimmicks and trying to find more suckers to chase their stocks.


      • Thanks partner. I know what St. Angelo would say, but the outfits working on those technologies need what to maintain their existing business models & growth? You guessed it, OIL. David the college engineer in me forced me to listen to the hour video from Louis Arnoux, and it was very instructive, except for one thing. The analysis doesn’t weigh the human spirit to find "new ways"…..Like "wild cat – hard driving business owners working on new technologies"….imagine this conversation. CFO, "Hey boss our suppliers are raping us even more due to the lack of oil, we ain’t going to make it, the cost is too much!" Billionaire business bad ass, "Bull shit Mr. CFO if I have to I’ll throw every piece of my personal wealth at it to get this thing to the public." That entrepreneurship still exists, the "Life Finds a Way" component. So on paper is one thing, but it may be too cornered in academic analysis. We will see. Love your spot on analysis on FB Netflix and that phony business ilk.
        And you may well be right on target with lithium, especially with the ‘reported’ evidence that the Rockefellers dumped their oil holdings. If true something big is going on to be sure.


      • In addition, David, and you to SOF (I see your comment below), check out this interview with Clif High starting at the 32:20 mark talking about innovations that his data sets have picked up on regarding silver and new technologies in electronics……plus the pricing metrics (listen to about 41 minute mark)….interesting if true

        This proves the argument of just relying on paper analysis to value metals and other hard assets, isn’t a complete analysis by any stretch of the imagination. And, that is literally what is missing IMAGINATION. If the metals (especially silver) also tie into energy related innovations then look out to the upside. Add to that many of these monetary metals analysts promoting silver more than gold, due to the "Gold ratio/monetary analysis" metric, and you could envision a huge upside that no one anticipated. Just my own guesswork here, but a lot of big hitters are saying these sorts of things. Be it…"PR", propaganda, wish listing, or whatever, one thing is for sure solutions are needed in energy, and so is a huge need for real money. Back up the truck folks & load up is all I can say! It’s just bigger picture common sense……
        Thank you guys for the "heads-ups"


      • There is a lot of room for energy innovation. Part of why I have no use for gold but do hold physical silver is that silver has very solid current industrial use and lot of room to expand that use.
        This is one company that is doing some interesting things with Lithium. This is VERY SPECULATIVE but that is the reality right now it’s the wild west.
        This microcap has bounced around a lot this year so again emphasis on speculation. The entire Lithium sector has been in a correction for a couple months now.


    • Yes indeed KW I watched that one a couple times. Lots of material in it. The segment on energy by Clif was interesting as David has also been expanding my viewpoints right here at RM on that subject in the comments sections. The election stuff in the interview was darn near comical 25 to 1, wow! Hey maybe for once the PPPTB will let the election play out, and once it comes out at 96 for Trump and 4 for Hillary, the elite will actually be able to get away with saying the election was rigged. There’s a different wrinkle. Again Clif is not predicting, except up to the point of his own interpretation of the data sets. As long as he isn’t fudging the numbers a bit, then his info is always worth a listen for prognostication purposes.
      One thing keeps popping up consistently regardless of the prognosticator doing the talking, "SILVER"…..it seems to be 10 feet tall and bullet proof in any discussion of "Great Buys"….."W" said position yourself in it big time in 2014, and so does everybody else (especially over the past year or so). It reaches a point of are we wrong, as too many are hot on the trail of silver, except the folks that control the pricing structures. The theory of when everybody thinks it’s right it is normally wrong, except we that think it’s right aren’t even remotely a majority in the mainstream of thought, thus …….Back Up the Truck & Load Up on it I say!


  2. Prices rising:
    ‘The average price increase, as shown by the CPI (Consumer Price Index), is 55% over the last 20 years. Meanwhile, the prices of individual sub-categories have a much wider variance.
    The good news is that the price of technology is generally getting cheaper. Software, TVs, wireless, and new cars have all come down in price relative to the CPI. Clothing, toys, and furniture are also way more affordable than they were 20 years ago.
    The bad news? Most of the above items are not the ones that really matter to most of us. The things we actually need to live healthy and fruitful lives – education, food, healthcare, childcare, and housing – are all skyrocketing in cost.’


  3. [There is little doubt that the rapid expansion of both dollar-denominated debt and monetary quantities since the financial crisis will lead us into a currency crisis.]
    ‘In effect, the Peoples Bank is in a position to dictate Fed policy by adjusting the rate at which it is prepared to supply dollars into the market. So long as the dollar remains fundamentally strong, it only has to slow the pace of Treasury and dollar sales for the dollar to rise, and therefore the Fed’s planned interest rate rises to be deferred. This is not understood properly by western commentators, who erroneously think China is being forced to defend a declining yuan. Nothing could be further from the truth.’
    Moving gold and silver prices:


  4. WG,
    Mainstream writers beginning to sound like Team RM:
    ‘Then there are the creditors that have subsidized or financed America’s hegemony. Debt was monetized. A train crash is unfolding slowly. Complacency is too common. One can detect the decline of confidence in every part of the world. America’s rising debt, dysfunctional governance, looming election and political gridlock have prompted concern of a looming dollar decline. In the wake of the global financial crisis eight years ago, overseas investors financed much of America’s debt in the aftermath of the financial crisis. However, tellingly this year, China, Japan and Russia have reduced their Treasuries stakes for three quarters in a row. Any further reduction could push up rates, whether Yellen moves in December or not.’
    When they sound like you; it means the end is close.


    • I agree with your last line on a timing basis KW, but even more importantly when the business opposition is in your face resolute in their convictions of pushing new business metrics, then time for the losing team is getting short. While at the same time politely, and sometimes with a smirk of confidence the new sheriffs are saying "Who cares about what they are doing (western PPPTB that is) we are conducting business…!" Another sign your opportunities, if you are stuck on the losing team, to make preparations is drawing to a close.
      I still maintain, this election and the transition it involves will roll out new forms of PPPTB ‘bs’ due to their own desperation. It’s only a question of how desperate are they?


  5. WG,
    What a start to the last week before the election!
    Deep State having an internal fight breaking out into the open – check out this article by Saker:
    ”Saker: Yes, but I would slightly rephrase it. One very interesting analyst in Russia, calledIshchenko, has offered a theory, which I think I endorse. It’s that there is a huge fighthappening inside the United States right now between two factions. One faction wants tosacrifice the US for the sake of the empire, and the second faction wants to sacrifice theempire for the sake of the United States.C. Austin Fitts: Right.Saker: The first faction who wants to sacrifice the US for the sake of the empire –theneocons and everything that surrounds them – and the second faction, according toIshchenko, and I’m not saying that for a fact is true, but he thinks – and I find that theory atleast plausible – is that that is the power base of Trump.If that’s what is happening, we probably see that struggle already taking place in Syriabecause the US has basically two options there: Either withdraw and let go, or double down.C. Austin Fitts: Right.Saker: That’s the risk. Do you double down at any cost, or do you realize, “This is notviable; I need to get a negotiated settlement.” I think that is what is taking place there.C. Austin Fitts: Are you saying that the neocons are the faction behind Trump?Saker: No, the opposite. I’m saying that the neocons are the faction that wants to sacrificethe US for the sake of the empire and wants the empire at all costs, whereas the Trumppeople in that hypothesis, would be those who say, “Forget the empire; let’s save the UnitedStates.”C. Austin Fitts: Right.Saker: And these are the people who would favor a negotiated solution pretty mucheverywhere. They realize that they cannot hold onto the empire, so the smartest thing to dowhen you come to that realization is, what you call in Russia, ‘bringing down while steppingon the brakes’ which is a controlled deconstruction of the empire – be it the Ukraine, Syria,or the economy or China, etc.Negotiate and find some kind of way to make a compromise. That would be the way to savethe United States. The neocon solutions are crazy, which is double down everywhere, and ifnothing works, use as much force as needed.’
    Meanwhile we will have rising inflation:
    ‘Here is a list of items that are skyrocketing in price:From 1996 to 2016-College tuition +197%-Childcare +122%-Health Care +105%-Food +64%-Housing +61%’
    ‘Many of the jobs that pay a good wage like accounting, nursing, engineering, and computer science for example all require a college degree. And the cost to get this college degree has gone up 197% over the last 20 years. Of course this is being financed via debt with $1.4 trillion in student debt being outstanding. So even for the chance of earning a good wage, many have to take on heavy levels of debt first.Then you start working and all is well right? Well housing, your biggest expense is up by 61% and this is of course based on the owners’ equivalent of rent which is a poor measure of inflation in housing. Why? Because it looks at a home via its rental utility. Well of course if you own your home you have taxes, maintenance, insurance, and other costs that go beyond just the rental value. It is also hypothetical versus the real actual cost of owning the home (which we know).Food is up 64% so if you eat, that might be a problem. What is interesting though is cheap food which is largely bad for you is actually fairly affordable. You can buy a large pizza at some gas stations for $5 bucks. But eat this everyday and you’ll end up in the hospital at some point with heart issues costing you tens of thousands of dollars.’


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