Is Your Head filled with Actionable Knowledge or Hot Air?

Over the past couple of months of Wolf Gray installments, the smoke signals behind the theory that the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) has been laying the groundwork for the corralling of your paper assets has been set a blaze!  Nothing could be more obvious, unless we are to consider the visible groundwork of the eastern powerhouse nations setting up the framework for tangible business.  A necessary Wolf Gray ‘macro/micro’ business illustration will come later.   From the eastern perspective just take note of the successful formation of the AIIB, the continuing accumulation of business account leverage and insurance in the form of GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins), the successful testing of China’s CIPS a.k.a. the Cross Border Interbank payment systems (the alternative to swift), Middle Eastern nations clearly turning to the east, major positive developments in Russia’s relationship with Turkey, and meanwhile “The New Silk Road” marches ever onward.   This stuff is in your face obvious, but an on the ground example will follow at the end of this installment.

A year ago, the Wolf Gray submitted the theory that a major shift to the east was exposed when the bankrupt phony house of “hot air,” the IMF, announced the Chinese would be allowed entry into their “bankrupt club of 4.”  The act itself was not a surprise, but the act coming only a couple months after an entry denial, then followed by a 250 billion dollar dump of US treasuries by the Chinese said, “You are letting us in or else!”  For WG this very action was proof positive that there was a new sheriff on the world stage and he hails from the east.  For those of who felt they still had no reason to regain more control over their destiny, this is the most solid actionable intel I had seen to date.  WG

So just where do smart business people, or people looking for the safe way to proceed in life, look for their actionable intel?   Are your decisions based on “actionable knowledge or hot air?”  The options are there, the signals to act are obvious, one just needs to get off their arse.

In this installment I am going to make a new addition to the “Wolf Gray Family Survival & Protection Corporation” (WGFSPC).   In addition, I am going to center the majority of the argument regarding the titled subject matter around a recent video from our own Ken Schortgen, Jr.   Before doing that, and before the “News Reviews” and the central subject matter, a quick “Rogue Report” update is necessary…….

Rogue Report Update:  I can’t give away too much here, and it would honestly take too much space, but this past weekend I had my first opportunity to review some of the “Rogue Report” material.  W’s article blew me away…!  If you want a good understanding of the PPPTB mindset, then this quote attributed to the Rothschild ‘big daddy,’ Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild must be kept in the back of your mind…….  “The few who understand the system, will either be so interested from its profits or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class.” . . . “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.” – Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild, 1744-1812.  For additional reference this man was German, last name Bauer, and moved to the COL (City of London) and created a new name, “the house of Rothschild.”

With the above quote in mind, W’s article by itself makes the “Rogue Report” worth the price of admission.  The spy master, the insider’s insider, knocks it out of the park as he gives colorful insight to the history behind, and the current mindset of the PPPTB (he doesn’t call them by that acronym).  I personally read a whole book on these pieces of dog crap, and they were still a bit of a mystery to me, but W gives some great perspective to who they are, and how our world has been molded by them.  In order to gain control of the opponent you have to understand enemy’s strengths and tactics, and your own weaknesses.  Great, great overview from a guy whose resume rings true with inside knowledge.  His article had enough material to create a full real life novel.  

                                                            News Reviews

Please note that I used to follow the Elliott Wave Principle, and if HSBC the organization behind the next news release was a serious ‘EWI’ (Elliott Wave International) practitioner they would have exited the market entirely @ S&P 1,100 back around 2010.  Check this out from HSBC and the “Business not so Insider”…….

I haven’t followed Robert Prechter and his gang at the Elliott Wave International for over 4 years now, but I know he said “get out, get out, & get into cash,” when the S&P was around 1,100.  In truth, I feel his principles of market analysis have a lot of merit.  But when the markets have no true price discovery, then his methods which revolve around the theory that ‘over crowded market plays’ are normally wrong, are just that …. “WRONG!”  So just what the heck is HSBC up to in this “Business not so Insider” article?  How about the standard “why & why now” line we at ‘’ have grown accustomed to.  As in to ‘cover their arse,’ as in ‘cta’ action the close cousin of cya, for the coming western paper collapse they know is unstoppable.  Oh, and btw, here is “Business not so Insider” with this headliner from 2010, note the interview with one Robert Prechter….

Most of these guys couldn’t find their butts with both hands!  But if the markets get back to a “true price discovery” mechanism, then guys like Robert Prechter are worthy of note.  Next in the long line of the “why & why now” suspects, we can now add this cya practitioner to the list, the Minn. Governor…….

Ya got to love this stuff folks!  This governor may be a great guy and an honest fellow to boot, but where was he in the discussion of the constitutionality of the UCA (unaffordable care act)?  Forget being an after the failure event filled with accounting wizardry, how about where were any of these guys when it came to the fact it violates the constitution?  Why blast the failure of it’s economics when it fails in almost every aspect of being within the boundaries of the constitution from the very “get?”  I got a feeling that we are going to see a lot of “late to the party geniuses” when it comes to the UCA.  Attacking the UCA will be CYA to fend off the PF&T (pitch forks & torches) regardless of party affiliation.

In the I can’t believe this shit category…..check this out…..

Maybe the guys who promoted subprime auto loans are going to be a members of the CYA to avoid the PF&T crowd?  Remember the prior installment folks, which detailed how we will all have a hit to the ole’ pocket book with this crap no matter how much you divorced yourself from the system.  Of course that wouldn’t apply if you went 100% invisible with your GOTS efforts (Get Out of The System, acronym credit to Jim Sinclair).  An achievement in and of itself alone.  System entrapment is pretty extraordinary, especially when you take a serious look at getting out of it.  Regardless of the difficulty, it is still worthy of diversifying out of the western fiat systems.

This next post is a pretty good article, and borders close to the theories of one of my “WGFSPC” stalwarts John Williams of “Shadow Stats.”

Referencing the above article, the number of people that are actually counted in the work force is the one that always raises the Wolf’s hackles.   Especially since the BLS actually admits to 94 million or 37% of the workforce isn’t even counted at all (not the charts in the above link).  I don’t know why this just hit me while reading the above link, but check this out……

I have a figure that will even be more disastrous than the one above.  How about the number of people that know what real money is, and conversely, taking it one step further, what about the numbers of those that actually did something about their holdings of real money (GSBC’s)?  Folks, if you think the unemployment numbers are bad, just wait until you see the numbers of those not respecting the value of real money.  I bet it tops a piddly 37%.  Anybody want to bet me a monster box of silver eagles on that one?  

This next axiom will definitely hold true in the coming crisis.  Knowing the proper course, but suffering from hesitation to take action will be your ultimate downfall this next go round.….(paraphrasing courtesy of WG)

One word once again comes to mind….EPIC!  The beat down to your ego, the ego that says you are in control, will be the ultimate EPIC event!

                                             Paranoia strikes deep
                                             Into your life it will creep
                                             It starts when you’re always afraid
                        You step out of line, the man come and take you away .. B. Springfield
                                      When you are right, NEVER HESITATE…WG

In the intro I mentioned a new member to the “Wolf Gray Family Survival & Protection Corporation” (WGFSPC), now it’s time to add another pro to my team of all-pros.  It is my view that “knowledge & protection” are extremely important items that I have routinely promoted as being vital to your abilities to “survive and then thrive.”  Access to the vast resources (as long as they are available, thus the reason for printing copies of things) of the internet provide improved odds of making proper, and in many cases, critical financial decisions.  Please note that prior WG installments that post the “WGFSPC” may not have these recent additions, which include John Williams of “Shadow Stats,” or David Stockman, a former Team Reagan budget advisor.  At this point I have another add-on, “The Sirius Report,” an outstanding information source from my friend London Paul.  For example, I picked the following ‘gem’ from his podcast series of updates….my wording is used…..

Real business has spoken (WG terminology):  The former tenuous relationships between India and Pakistan are starting to warm up thanks to Russia’s business acumen, and positive leadership. India and Russia in particular are busy conducting business. Specifically worth noting are Russian arms deals that have recently been put on the ledger with India.  Once again, business triumphs over bullying, especially when you are making deals with a non-bully who will also deliver a powerful knock out punch if necessary.  Additionally, other mutually beneficial business arrangements are in process related to transport, engineering, pharmaceuticals, and the aircraft industries just to name a few.  

Folks this is how people become business associates and friends, mutually agreeable contracts that will yield profitable futures for either party.  It’s called “Win Win!”  This very arrangement is getting a major assist from the bullying behavior of the former dominant business partner, the USSA!  Yielding allies heading east for their business futures when they were formerly never directionally challenged.  And this is always easy to accomplish with a country that appears to be in a position of strength, without the overbearing shadow of threats, a.k.a. Russia/China.  That last item may also be the motive behind India and Pakistan starting to play nice with each other.  But just as importantly, it makes good business sense, thus it seems like an arrangement that will continue without interruption from threatening western sources.  

The above two paragraphs are paraphrased WG style from my new “WGFSPC” advisory source, “The Sirius Report.”  And in truth, it was just a couple minute portion of an 11 minute plus podcast from London Paul of “The Sirius Report.”  Make good use of your common sense, and build your advisory team responsibly.  You can model after my team if you want, but just do it one way or the other, and distill it down to what really matters to your own “Family Survival & Protection Corporation.” WG

                                                   Oh now I see
                                                    Lies and in between
                                                   Can’t be undone
                            From the tip of your tongue …… Kenny Wayne Shepherd
                            Not getting this one right may never be undone … WG

Next in the video segment is…….

@ :55…Rob says the economy is treading water, and just like the entire Team @ ‘,’ the thought of the FED raising rates is comical. 

@ 2:10…Rob feels that the FED could become irrelevant due to a ton of dumping of US paper.  BTW, this is actually happening right now.  Hyperinflation and interruptions to the supply chains would be some of the manifestations of this US paper dumping.  A common WG theme for over two years now is that the US paper holdings bought and sold by legit customers have not been growing at all, they are on the decline, and the shift east continues.

@ 5:30…Here Rob details that the war talk is ramping up along with supplemental chest pounding from western big shots.

@ 7:00…Hear! hear! Rob fires a big one in this segment.  Put simply, this is not about Dumbocrats vs. Repugnicans….this is much much bigger.  The US msm is now comical per Rob, and that also means FOX, not just MSLSD, CN’BS’ or the Cartoon News Network.  Make no mistake, the rest of the world looks at the USSA as a 3rd world cartoon nation.  This is one of the many reasons that the Russians now have the world’s most popular world leader in Mr. Putin.

@ 10:16…Additional evidence to the last two lines in the 7:00 mark regarding how the rest of the world views our comical leadership.  It’s “we the people” folks, we can’t forget that and when we pass “the buck,” we are being made to look like fools.

@ 11:45HSBC is at the core of one of the biggest precious metals funds in the world.  Note the James Comey HSBC connection highlighted by Rob in this segment.  Thus, HSBC is connected very seamlessly with the FBI and Comey.  The banksters are thus as connected as they could be and truly running the US show, leading to Fascism.   This is prima facie evidence of fascism.  

@ 13:20Rob knocks it out of the park here as he details how repetitive the term ”globalism” has become, when only a few decades ago it was barely uttered. Now there is no denying that statement. He also says our very “breathing” makes us a footnote on a population reduction balance sheet for the globalists.  Great analysis by Rob Kirby.

@ 15:40Here it is highlighted that HSBC knows a beat down is coming, and is just another part of the constant “Why & Why Now” that WG harps on installment after installment.  And literally in this installment via a news release above.  I love how Rob says HSBC is trying to sanitize their image, which I prefer to call it “CYA” (cover your arses) or should it read “Cover Their Arse, CTA.”

@ 17:25...Please pay attention to the “Why & Why Now” references to the metals paper pricing beat down, and what always follows that beat down?  In this case, what follows is real, on the ground action, not “hot air,” with massive sales of physical US silver and gold eagles.  These are clear parts of the evidence trail, but in this case it’s a “reaction from the smart guys based on the corrupt action by the criminal guys.”  Clearly, clearly obvious, and it’s just good business vs. bad business.  The interesting “step by step” here is that the good guys are getting real money at cheap price points based on fraudulent “bad guy” price beat downs.  A true, behind the scenes zero sum game with Economic Mother Nature judging the action.  Summary: “smart good guys are “exchanging” paper crap for real money at bargain basement prices!”  I am all for that one.

@ 18:25…The key note in this segment, is that Rob Kirby is ready to “eat his shirt” if something significant doesn’t happen, and he says what the Wolf Gray says, “Hunkering Down” is coming very soon.  At least coming for those with a functioning brain stem.

@ 20:20…Rob Kirby says that if you aren’t insuring your “well being” you are missing the point of what is coming.  Let me add, with 100% certainty, that no election nor the result that follows it, will stop what is coming.

@ 21:00Rob says that the guys with higher pay grades than his are saying that the only thing that will stand once the collapse and the hunker down phases are finished, is physical precious metal….”Hear, hear,” folks!  Start a bonfire, as I suspect very soon all paper will be burning.  Why the hell else would the PPPTB implement the largest document in recent history?   The question of why surfaces again, as it wasn’t penned by any politician.  Instead, it was penned by the banksters, the “Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.”   The answers can be tied to one simple phrase, “TO CORRAL YOUR MONEY!”

And with that in mind, let me say the corralling is not being hidden anymore, it is not covert, it is now in your face.  Check this out….

As predicted, the ability to move funds keeps getting restricted.  The in-your-face methods are hardly covert, unless you are stuck on your cell phone consuming mindless gibberish.  Well I guess nobody has seen it then, except you guys!  The above link from ZeroHedge dovetails nicely into the titled subject matter with a great piece of analysis by Ken Schortgen, Jr….

                            Is Your Head Filled with Actionable Knowledge or Hot Air?

In this next video Ken Schortgen, Jr., gives you “actionable knowledge” from the kind of evidence that says get your fanny in gear.  Check this out………

@ The first 6 minutes….Ken highlights from a historical perspective how fascism has gradually taken over the US economic/business/government framework.  Please pay special attention to the analysis that coincides with mine, that the US is a fascist state (I love it when a smart guy agrees with me).  Great stuff, especially if you haven’t obtained a solid grasp of the merger of state and corporate powers yielding fascism.

@ 6:15…As additional evidence to the previous ZeroHedge link (that I called the corralling of your money), note the detailed discussion of the containment of your freedoms with your money market funds.  Also note per Ken the timing of this law being enacted, as the law was actually passed 2 years ago.  It may mean nothing, but I find this very convenient, and very tidy business, corrupt business of course, by the banksters.  Why you may ask?  Because it comes several years after the comprehensive corralling of your bank funds via the Dodd Frank Act, the very foundations or insurance to back up the actionable laws like Ken is highlighting.  From the very day I started my ramblings with Rogue Money (over 2 years ago) I had been harping on the fact that implementations of the Dodd Frank Act would eventually knock on your bank account doors. Are we now looking at a phase one roll-out, very broad in scope, but with more to come?  

@ 9:00Now here is a damned good reason why Ken is on my “WGFSPC.”  Just past the 9 minute mark he details something of eye opening significance.  The amount of time that the FDIC is allowed to take in reimbursing your funds via the government’s FDIC protections from bank failures, and it is a staggering 99 years (a supposed urban legend figure, more in the final thoughts) to pay it back in full…!  Stick that in your pipe and smoke on it!  Truthfully, the FDIC is useless, and will be proven so in the next crisis.  The FDIC protecting your funds from a real banking failure would be just as effective as using a cup of grain alcohol to stem a raging forest fire.  The banksters are once again taking full advantage of their trusting depositors who believe their deposits are protected up to certain limits (250K for now).  Protected on paper, but the very function of them is damned near useless (more in the final thoughts).

@…In the last couple minutes Ken gives a great connect-the-dots view of the “Turkstream pipeline.”  As you listen to his explanation, keep the picture of common sense business motives in the back of your mind.  The shift continues eastward.  Can we in the west be on a more misguided team?    

Wolf Gray Rant:  Ken knocks it out of the park in the 6:15 segment above.  Folks, on a timeline basis what he has described on the restrictions to money market movements says time is very short.  I could be wrong, but the following example in this rant says I ain’t.  Many times it is difficult to fully recognize the “forward-steps” in a paper oriented business structure.  After all, they ain’t tangible, you sure can’t test paper products out by sitting on them, turning a key and then magically cutting the grass with them.  They are a truly intangible.

I am going to attempt making an “on-the-ground-simple” comparison to the increased pace of fiat “King Dollar” failure that we are currently staring at.  Say you just got “laid-off,” and are about to bridge the income loss by opening “ABC Landscaping and Lawn Care.”  The stages or steps to putting it into a position to receive the first check for “services rendered,” might have the following timeline.  And believe it or not, it ain’t too far different from what the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) are doing right now, except they are going in a negative direction.  I will let you decide what stage we are at.  The goals are the same, solid easy money for ABC, and solid easy money for the PPPTB (albeit negative for the ponzi participants).  Followed by a detail of the signs of failure that catch up with both business models, when the services rendered for cash flow start to decline.

BTW, don’t get ill over the fact that I am calling the PPPTB’s affairs a “business model.”  It is one, but one that is built on a corrupt foundation, topped off with a paper ponzi scheme filled with easy marks.  Us!

                                On the Ground Real Time Business Comparison

Step 1…The future owner of “ABC” is considering a low cost start up service business, especially after being laid off, making cash flow a family budgetary problem.  Before ABC spends a little upfront money on fairly expensive lawn care equipment, they would likely test the waters of potential paying customers to guarantee an initial flow of business transactions near the starting gates.  Which is just good business strategy.  In PPPTB land, that layoff is analogous to the rapid deindustrialization of the USA (creating the USSA) during the 90’s, and the loss of state/fed income.  Time for some new methods of upfront cash flow for the PPPTB/elite.  The summary here is the ABC exec got laid off, and so did the standard methods for US/western elite business profits (though the US’s were self administered) via the off shoring of manufacturing.  And just like ABC, the PPPTB is about to lay the ground work for getting out of the cash flow gates with easy money.  Dishonest, but easy.  How?  How about the repeal of the Glass Steagall Act in 1999 to allow totally centralized fiat paper control? And it is overt, to boot (to those that are awake).  Giving the PPPTB a new bubble blowing market with control of the money flow right out of the gates.  Way to go PPPTB, you screwed the public for easy money once again. How?  Control via the creation of the ultimate bubble blowing machine, thanks to the merger of the “Triple Headed Hydra” of Banking/Brokerage/Insurance..!  Now that is a “Control!”  Probably even better than the honest method used by ABC, testing the potential client base before opening the business doors.  

Step 2…Time for ABC to take the next big step by purchasing some equipment and initiating the expense of hiring a few employees.  And, correspondingly in the PPPTB world, it is time to test the waters of making homes and the equity markets a supercharged investment by juicing both of these bubble markets with easy easy unjustified monies.  The western elite (alternate the term elite with PPPTB to make it less repetitive) are allowing the big boys to start betting on a probable, “sure-fire” upward trend well in advance.   Note the difference in these steps, first ABC is taking on risk at this juncture, while the PPPTB is setting the stage so that their only risk is our ability to pick up on the easy money ponzi scheme that will eventually back fire.   Back fire on us, that is!  The type of risk that ABC is taking on at this point is true market risk, and therefore it is honest, pure, and a part of capitalism with ‘supply and demand’ setting the boundaries of success.  The PPPTB’s supply and demand is based on our own gullible stupidity, and eventually, when that is under their control, there is no supply and demand, only full blown fascism and easy elite money.  No risk on their ends.  On to the next step…..

Step 3…ABC is now getting a fluid consistent cash flow, with a list of clients who are nearly captive, due to good pricing and good service.  The ABC front office is feeling good about life.   And so are the PPPTB (elite), as they are about to get their first big pile of easy money thanks to the total indoctrination of the masses who are now blinded with a “House & education for all public mindset.’  The elite can get their first big windfall with the collapse of Lehman as their first chance at easy money.  Say what WG?  It’s called TARP, the first major step at easy easy money.  The Troubled Asset Relief Program, TARP.   In fact, it makes ABC’s guaranteed cash flow look super risky.   Because unlike the elite, ABC can’t tell their clients to pay them when things ain’t going their way.  So hey, no problem for the elite, they have a back-end guarantee that is unbeatable.  A “Too Big To Fail,” “help us save the country” sales pitch for me and you, and our wallets, pocket books, and tax payments.  If we refuse, then out goes the “house & education for all” program.  At this point it is no problem for the PPPTB… everyone is still on the “brain dead, standard of living easy street.”

Step 4…Step four is the intro for a major player in both business models: Economic Mother Nature…..ABC is now facing some competition, competition that has undercut their pricing.  Forcing them to fight back with lower prices, and their top and bottom lines take a big hit.  The goal now is to just capture the remaining business clients if at all possible, and hope for a cyclical or fundamental change in the business future.  For ABC it is “hopefully” just a business cycle.  The PPPTB also faces some heavy quality competition.  The competition of real money, honest money, and real business.  It appears Economic Mother Nature has paid them a visit as well.  For the PPPTB the real demand for honest above-board real money starts to overpower the phony paper ‘bs’….and it is time for the elite to do what?  Capture as much of the disgruntled populous money by restricting the exits.  They produce their ultimate paper dream to date, “The Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act” (set up in 2010).  ABC is forced to work within the rules, and alternatively the PPPTB set the rules to suit them for the upcoming battle with Economic Mother Nature….Knowing full well it was coming, otherwise why write the Dodd Frank act?

Step 5…In this step the public’s pocket books are getting lighter and lighter, and Economic Mother Nature is still pissed and at the ready to hand out sentences to those who haven’t prepared properly.  This creates a survival mode for all businesses.  For ABC, it is time unfortunately to take the dreaded step that no business owner ever wants to deal with, laying off employees to cut costs until business demand returns.  A last ditch effort to try and keep that doors open a little while longer by capturing a little more of the total gross sales via cutting employee overhead expenses.  On the obverse side of this example, is the survival of the corrupt phony business model of the PPPTB (elite) and they are also ready to cut the employee expenses, especially since they have already laid the foundation.  A foundation marking the first step of legally or illegally (morally illegal) capturing depositor monies (or is it yours) by fine tuning a reduction of the exiting options and freedoms via “Dodd Frank.”  For the elite, they appear to be rapidly moving on to the final phase of capturing or corralling money that isn’t theirs to begin with, because Economic Mother Nature is about to put a crimp in their style.  The elite use sneaky methods like reducing the SAR’s (Suspicious Activity Reports) limits to $3,000.00 on customer banking accounts, which is just another method, like Ken highlighted above @ 6:15, to make removing your monies more difficult.  ABC tries to capture more of the monetary sales volume by regretfully cutting employee expenses, and the PPPTB tries to capture more of the ‘sales’ volume, actually in this case storage or reserve volume, by using legal chicanery to access depositor assets. 

***Final ABC goals: The satisfaction of achieving a profitable business

***Final PPPTB goals: Working diligently at stealing as much money as possible, and as overtly as possible, which ironically makes it a covert success.

‘5 Step’ Comparison Summary:

Want to bet which one of the afore described steps we are at with ABC & the PPPTB?  And by the way, ABC is not just an example of a theoretical business, it is an example of the North American business realities, as is the case with the PPPTB/western elite.  

Without a doubt we are well along in step 5 (five).  For ABC, we literally have been stuck in step 5 for 8 years now, as most businesses are afraid to do any real full-time hiring.  Alternatively, the PPPTB has clearly been in step 5 for a couple years now (not near as long as ABC).  The difference this time around is that ABC may be able to survive the economic problems they currently face.  But the PPPTB hasn’t a prayer of recovering.  Why?  Because ABC provides a product or service, the PPPTB provides nothing.  They are a ponzi scheme.  In addition, if ABC also put in place some GSBC insurance in their company coffers, so much the better.  All is not lost …….. except ……

Don’t start cheering the PPPTB (elite) demise too soon, because each of us are likely to be aboard their “paper systems ships”… ships with no life boats.  And we just happen to be their last lifeline.  The really bad news is I suspect they will not suffer that much financial pain.   INSTEAD, WE WILL…!  These guys do one thing really really well…they transfer risk!  Just like the ABC business model, unless the elite have a secure safe filled with some GSBC’s, their ponzi scheme business model is in deep trouble.  But only a few people will suffer from the ABC downfall, while everyone in the west will suffer with the demise of the elite business model.  Everyone, except the elite!  Personally, I think there is still some good news.  There may be some relief from the financial pain for those stuck within the guaranteed ponzi scheme business failures of the elite.  You guessed it, relief in the form of GOTS, “Get Out of The System” (another tip of the hat to Jim Sinclair).  Just like Ken said in the above video: (Wolf Gray paraphrasing here) “There is truly no need to hold paper assets trapped within the ever restricted exit doors of the PPPTB’s paper ponzi scheme.”

I know what you are thinking, when will the exit doors shut completely since step number 5 is well on it’s way?  I can’t answer that with pinpoint accuracy, but with this election in the near term balance, I could be spot on by saying it will be tomorrow, or it could be next week, or it could be anytime in the very, very near future.  So I have one simple question…who would you want to be affiliated with ABC or PPPTB?  Affiliate yourself with ABC, while at the same time extricating yourself from the corruption of the elite with the conversion of most of your paper assets to hard assets, with a liberal dosing of GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins)…..!  It certainly appears some of the big dogs are getting “Exit while you can” fever.. check this out…..

Those guys outside the western puppet controls ain’t going to let the exit doors get in their way be it legit or not!

Folks my RM friend ‘Jerry5’ is right, there will not be any do-overs on this one.  Once it goes south dramatically, there will not be any time left for you to protect you and your family!  Literally, “No time left for you!”

                                           No time for a summer friend
                                           No time for the love you send
                                           Seasons change and so did I
                                           You need not wonder why
                                           You need not wonder why
                                           There’s no time left for you
                                           No time left for you … The Guess Who
                                           You have been warned once again…..WG


                                                         Hard Asset Tip

This one comes from Mrs. WG.  It is a bit boring, but that being said it makes perfect sense depending on how spartan the living environment becomes…a “Clothes Drying Rack.”  Making one would be rather easy, and throwing clothes over the lamp shade is hardly going to be efficient.  So having something that would efficiently do the job might be rather handy.  Keep in mind, making life easier is a process that could reach the most mundane of daily chores.  Mundane as of now, but maybe not so mundane in more spartan times.  Here is a link with some cloth racks for sale, again I would just build them out of light unstained or treated wood…..

Additionally, I am going to interview my tough as a 50 cent steak buddy here real soon with respect to how he lived from day to day in a house with no water and no electricity.  That is how most fire tower observers are forced to live.  To boot it all, you have to spend something on the order of driving two hours, one way on a dirt road each week to get your next week’s worth of supplies.  After 6 months of doing that, he should be worthy of highlighting the little things you never think about, like drying clothes, or taking showers.  Or just who knows what.  I will keep you posted.


                                                             Final Thoughts

Displaying a bit of skepticism can many times appear to be worldly.  Just using the devil’s advocate ploy when you are the parent who is toying with the mind of a child, can pay off with the benefits soon recognized by teaching avoidance of life’s harder lessons.  But when you use the devil’s advocate ploy with a peer or an adult family member your pay off is scorn, and ridicule, especially if it is to turn them against the system they worship.  At a bare minimum you are accused of not being a patriot.  We all know nothing could be further from the truth!

In this installment, and in most installments on ‘,’ I try to give you a little delicious ‘red meat’ to chew on, especially after reading the “Hot Air” menu from the main stream media (msm).  Most of the news references you have read in my news updates are filled with delicious ‘red meat’, not just eye candy from the menu.  So just what is it you are getting from the entire USSA media empire, with reports from government agencies like the BLS (bureau of labor statistics)?  Pure eye candy, or better yet, pure “Hot Air!”  Ironically, if you look hard enough, it still provides fantastic “Actionable Knowledge.” 

I think they like to tease those of us with a reasonable IQ.  The rest are just dumbed down eye balls to increase their advertising revenues.

By now I suspect you guys are starting to realize it isn’t up to the Team @ Rogue Money to prove our case, as it was proved long ago by the lying sack of crap opponents in the form of the PPPTB.  Who never seem to listen to their advisors, as they refuse to stay quiet, and keep incriminating themselves with lie after lie stuffed with “Hot Air.”  Instead, we here at RM throw the statistical ‘red meat’ for you review week after week, attempting to give you “Actionable Knowledge!”  “Actionable Knowledge” that leads to solutions, because that is all that really matters right now.  

Knowledge that is ahead of the curve, filled with quality “Actionable Knowledge.”  Like the India Pakistan eastern alliances reported from my new “Wolf Gray Family Survival & Protection Corporation” advisor London Paul and his “The Sirius Report” site.  Or the detailed analysis from Ken Schortgen, Jr., in his video regarding the restrictions being put into place on your money market funds.  Yeah, well Wolf, that 99 years to reimburse bank deposits of failed institutions is an urban legend that is actually addressed on the FDIC website.  Yeah, in the meantime I challenge you to do some more google research on that subject.  Or better yet ask yourself, how is a reported 13 billion to the low side or 33 billion to the high side of FDIC funds going to insure a double digit worth of trillion dollar deposits?  If another Lehman event happens, it ain’t going to be an “IndyMac Bank” issue we will be talking about.  Check this out……

And btw, it isn’t $250,000 dollars of coverage per personal account with a bank, it is all of your accounts combined (that’s taken right from the FDIC website).  The next failure, which is right around the bend, will put the FDIC “out to pasture” for good, and access to your money as well.  The FDIC is as meaningless as the FED.  A front operation, at best, designed to keep your eyes off the real mischief.

Wolf, all this theory is wonderful, and you gave us some ‘red meat’ in this installment, but have ya got anything that will really open a paper worshipers eyes?  No, because they tend to remain closed until the pain is unbearable, but I can give you this one….

The wheels keep turning, for us all “there is a time to every purpose under heaven…….”  I have used this one before but it hits me every time I think about our very very simple problem, and yes the solution is simple….

                                           A time to be born, a time to die
                                           A time to plant, a time to reap
                                           A time to kill, a time to heal
                                           A time to laugh, a time to weep
                                           To everything (turn, turn, turn)
                                           There is a season (turn, turn, turn)
                                 And a time to every purpose, under heaven … The Byrds
                 Maybe God gave us advanced warnings, It’s time to use em’ Damn-it!!! .. WG


                God, then Your Family, then the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!
                                 Survive then Thrive and We’ll Howl on the Other Side!

                       Don't dare show up at my door whining, you were already warned repeatedly

                       Don’t dare show up at my door whining, you were already warned repeatedly

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Dixie, Mrs. WG, Team RM, Jerry5, The WolfPack, Business Insider, ZeroHedge, The Sirius Report,, Rob Kirby & Greg Hunter, Buffalo Springfield & Kenny Wayne Sheperd & The Guess Who & The Byrds

12 thoughts on “Is Your Head filled with Actionable Knowledge or Hot Air?

  1. "Clearly, clearly obvious, and it’s just good business vs. bad business. The interesting “step by step” here is that the good guys are getting real money at cheap price points based on fraudulent “bad guy” price beat downs. A true, behind the scenes zero sum game with Economic Mother Nature judging the action. Summary: “smart good guys are “exchanging” paper crap for real money at bargain basement prices!” I am all for that one."
    Stacking silver is as rewarding as loading bullets into a magazine. I hope Rob Kirby doesn’t have to eat his shirt, although a further delay will just mean more silver on hand when the Reset comes.


  2. I was told the other day by a friend to tell those who ask how much I earn a heavily inflated version of my actual salary amount, US fake stats style, so that "they will not look down on me."
    Just to show how much the religion of money has pervaded this city-state, and why the coming rise in Silver, and how high it goes, will determine whether I live again or continue as a dead man walking.


  3. WG,
    Here is an article from Zero Hedge that should be right up your alley:
    ‘The full loss of grid, grid back-up and other smaller backups caused telecommunications and data transmission to practically cease. This meant limitations of EFTPOS in stores. Banks were shut, ATM’s didn’t work and some shops that were open could only take cash. Generally though, everyone muddled through the sketchy electronic payment systems one way or another. Internet access failed for the most part. Social media pretty much collapsed … my two daughters though their social lives were over. I didn’t miss it. My wife found more time to do other things too.
    The items that disappeared from the shelves fast, and were tricky to find after 24 hours without power were : Bread, D cell batteries, 6 volt square batteries, matches, heat beads, butane gas cans, fresh meat, sandwich meats, cheeses. (not sure about bottled water – most here have rain tanks anyway). Everything else seemed fine, although fresh fruit and veg got limited after 48 hours.
    In hardware/camping stores that managed to open: bottled LPG quickly sold out as did BBQ’s, camp stoves, camp lights and batteries to run them. Most here have a gas BBQ at home, but if you didn’t already have a full bottle of gas … it was very hard to get a replacement after 48 hours.’
    Should be good reading material for your next write-up.
    Excellent article btw and keep drumming in the message.
    Tell the folks that once the election is over; don’t panic. Keep calm and slowly but surely, move towards the exit door with your DHAP. Just draw their attention to issues related to supply chain disruptions.


    • KW I listened to a recent podcast (yesterday btw) from one of my favorite online advisors "the Sirius report", and in it they mentioned that supply shortages are showing up in the USA. Disruptions have started. I did an article (probably two years ago) that hasn’t been transferred to the new RM site, and in it was a detailed analysis of the various industries that would be hit the hardest or QUICKEST for end user (Sheeple) usage. The results were amazing, and an RM reader by the name of "Farmer" who understands the trucking biz first hand said it was worse than I detailed. Once this starts getting ugly it will be …… EPIC.


  4. WG,
    Time to do a refresher for those who missed your article.
    BTW inflation is showing up in Singapore. 1 month ago, I bought a pack of 36 scented candles for $3.50.
    Now the same item cost the same price but only for 30 candles. Slowly but surely inflation is creeping in and soon not only quantity but quality would be compromised.
    Time to go through the prep list and stock up.


  5. Hillary Clinton announced the response time of US nuclear launches to the whole world at the 3rd Presidential Debate:
    "Hillary announced the nuclear response times for the United States. I skipped right over it because I thought that if she said it at the debate, it must be public knowledge.
    It was in fact top secret information, and she spewed it in front of the entire world. Military commanders are absolutely pissed.
    All the while she was saying Trump was Putin’s friend, she helped Russia enormously by telling Russia how much time there was to get the job done.
    The time she stated (which is now public knowledge – 4 minutes) is the length of time it takes the U.S. to launch after the order to launch is given by the President. It takes time for communications to happen, for weapons systems to be prepped and activated, and for a launch to happen. The total for the U.S. is four minutes. That’s vital information which could land Hillary in jail TODAY for giving it out. Fat chance. The enemy is running the nation, and that enemy could care less about whether America lives or dies. Multiple felon Clinton will keep going as usual, after saying something that would be the gallows for anyone else." – Jim Stone


  6. This is worthy of an article by itself:
    Putin essentially delivers hard hitting truths including the establishment’s use of distractions to keep the voters away from the United States’ own problems.
    He also calls the United States financial situation as a ‘[land]mine in slow motion’ for the country’s economy and the international financial system.


  7. Here is another article for those living in Britain or about to experience high inflation due to loss of purchasing power:
    ‘ Keep a cash stash, including Euros and precious metals.These are complicated times. You are looking at a period of instability and uncertainty in which problems with the banking system and cash availability are a possibility. As the pound keeps devaluating so does your savings. In my case I have some GBP in my cash stash, just in case. I felt the sting of seeing it lose value to the Euro. I can only imagine how much worse it would have hurt if all of my savings where in such currency.My standard recommendation is to have at least a month worth of expenses in cash, just in case. In the case of UK, I would go for at least two months, and you probably want at least half of that saved in Euros. There’s little doubt that the pound will keep dropping.Silver is another asset to consider. UK has Britannia silver and gold bullion. I’d look into setting aside some as insurance for a worst case scenario. Junk silver is also an option with pre 1920 British coins being sterling silver (92.5% silver) and pre 1947 coins being 50% silver.Check with your insurance company to see how much it covers worth of cash, bullion and antiques & collectibles (junk silver) In many cases the amount of cash covered is pretty low but it can be increased if you have other forms of wealth which is yet another reason for having them.’


  8. WG,
    Now the main stream is talking about Economic Mother Nature being upset:
    ‘But the Economic Data are so bad we think The Fed will Not raise rates later this month, especially not before the U.S. Election.
    That should result in $US weakness, with much more weakness to come, assuming the Chinese Yuan becomes part of the IMF Currency “Basket” at the end of this Month. This will accelerate a flight out of U.S. Bonds and other $US denominated Assets.
    Longer term, as the $US is displaced U.S. Treasuries should also weaken dramatically.’
    ‘But it is entirely possible to Survive and indeed, Prosper if one have the courage for The Truth and the Will to Act on it.’
    Doesn’t this writer sounds like you?


    • Wow in many ways you are right "KW"…this guy could be a twin in many respects. It all ends up with one solution every single time. As we all know by now, a quality well thought out DHAP with a heavy dosing of ‘gold & silver bars & coins’…….We can beat the drums and play different tunes all day long with different political back drops and scenarios to play out & it still goes right back to the same solution. Good stuff partner thanks for posting……


  9. WG,
    Check out the latest article from Saker:
    ‘The United States are about to enter what might possibly be the deepest and most dangerous crisis of their history. If Trump is elected, he will have to immediately launch a well-planned attack against his opponents without giving them any pretext to accuse him of politically motivated repressions.’
    If what he says comes true, it is going to be the survival of the fittest and best prepared.
    Not much time left to prepare.


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