Revelations in Wikileaks documents show Barack Obama finalized fascism in America

When the mainstream uses terms like Communism, Marxism, Socialism, Progressivism, conservatism, and even fascism, not only do they often mis-define what each of these political models represent, but they almost always incorrectly label individuals or governments when they use them in describing their affiliations.

In the history of the world there has never been a truly Communist or Marxist form of government, because by their very nature a government run by the people has no recognized leadership.

Neither Marx nor Engels talked much about what what life would be like in a communist society. Marxism is primarily a study of history and critique of existing society, it doesn’t aim to predict the future (nor could it). What is implied in what Engels said and what later Marxist authors have said too is that the process of the state withering away involves abolishing the distinction between “the people” and “the government”: as the productive forces improve more and more time is freed up for people to take part in the administration of society.

Likewise, there has never been a true instance of Socialism in history, as like with Communism, means of production are completely controlled by a community of individuals, and decisions made by forms of Democratic vote.

a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

— Merriam-Webster

In reality all claimed Communist, Marxist, or Socialist governments in history were and are simply oligarchies of individuals who use their political ideology as a means to achieve personal wealth and power.

On the other hand political terms such as Conservative and Progressive are not political models at all, but ideological ones based on the beliefs of those in power, or those seeking power.  The layman’s definition of Conservative is to remain the same, while that of both Liberal and Progressive simply means change.  At the time of the American Revolution the founding fathers were considered ‘Classical Liberals’ because they were seeking an overthrow of the status quo (Monarchy), and the introduction of change in the form of a Constitutional Republican form of government.

Throughout the 1900’s the internal battle between conservative and liberal forms of government shaped the entire 20th century.  During the first two decades of the 1900’s, liberalism, which was then labeled under the guise of progressivism, was the primary driver of political policy.  In fact, the Socialist leader in America Eugene V. Debs was once quoted as saying ‘I don’t need to run for President anymore because the progressives passed almost everything I wanted on my Socialist platform.’

And over the next 25 years, ending with the surrender of Japan in 1945, each decade saw either conservatism or liberalism hold sway, dependent primarily upon the state of the economy in that decade.

But following World War II, and the rise of the Cold War immediately after, America’s political landscape began to morph into something new. 70 years before there had been attempts to create a fascist form of government which had its seeds planted during the Gilded Age of the Industrial Revolution.  But now it found its traction in the rise of the Military Industrial Complex.

In simple terms Fascism is the merger of corporations and state, and is a real form of government that actually has and is occurring in many placed today throughout the world.

We began to see this in President Eisenhower’s famous farewell speech warning the American people about the rise of the Military Industrial Complex, and then again 30 years later when it was conspiratorially signaled to us by former President George H. W. Bush when he spoke about the New World Order.

That New World Order is about achieving the epitome of a fascist form of government, where laws and enforcement are determined by the authority of corporations, and carried out through their captured arms of (s)elected governments.

As we head into the twilight of Barack Obama’s presidency, we can see the signs that fascism has already completely taken over the United States.  And in one of the recent Wikileaks dissemination’s, there is final proof of this by the fact that corporations dictated to Obama who would be the members of his administration.

Another prime example of how corporations have come to rule the U.S. government is what took place during the government shutdown of 2013.  On the second day of the shutdown, and even before Barack Obama would coordinate or even see House Speaker John Boehner for talks, the President brought in 15 bank CEO’s to discuss what the outcome of the negotiations were to be.

Lastly, it is not surprising to see what President Obama’s last efforts of his tenure in office involve, as it has been his full court press to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnerships.  These trade ‘treaties’ would move fascism to its ultimate end by having corporations be above the dominion of courts and of all sovereign governments.

While the mainstream media continues to divide the nation through the propaganda of Red vs. Blue, and Liberal vs. Conservative, behind the scenes the shadow of fascism has successfully taken over America and our government.  And while most people do not understand that this has taken place, they feel in their bones that something is now different, and is one of the biggest reasons why they have lashed out by putting up non-establishment political candidates like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump as a last ditch effort to fight against a political model they don’t even realize is already here.


13 thoughts on “Revelations in Wikileaks documents show Barack Obama finalized fascism in America

  1. I just saw a big billboard, while driving along one of the main roads in London, with a big picture of Donald Trump and a big "Dangerous" written across the screen, with about a dozen other negative adjectives like "unpredictable" "arrogant" etc!


  2. Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty.


  3. The author starts by appologizing for all the blood lust of the communists and socialists by spewing the tired old leftie cliche that "we never experienced TRUE communism/socialism".
    Fascism, by definition isn’t evil either. An ethical, powerful elite can still work with government in a legal and ethical fashion for the betterment of the entire nation state. It seems clear that this is what I would expect from the elites, and it was something the old landed gentry delivered much better than todays money changers.
    The left has merely used their strawman "Fascism" as the brush to taint the western nation state.


    • I am not sure where I ‘apologized’ for Communism, Marxism, or Socialism, but perhaps you could highlight exactly where. In fact, I thought I labeled exactly what the agenda of these individuals were in each instance where they sought to, or actually did implement these political models.
      "In reality all claimed Communist, Marxist, or Socialist governments in history were and are simply oligarchies of individuals who use their political ideology as a means to achieve personal wealth and power."
      And no, no political model (such as fascism) is evil unto itself, but political models aren’t run by robots, machines, or programmed artificial intelligences… they are run by men, who as we know are flawed, greedy, and quite often wicked in their hearts. And power only amplifies this in their rule.
      Fascism is an anathema to the original American system because it replaces by the people with by the corporations. And if you look at it with open eyes today both systems were and are victims of their owners who used the government for their own personal gain.
      Welfare and benefits for Democracy, profits and regulation for Fascism.
      In a sense, fascism is the way for ‘Monarchs’ to rule without having to be the focal point of the law. Their demands are administered through ‘elected and unelected’ government officials, and it is those officials who receive the brunt and ire of those ruled over, while the imperial corporations are free of most blame.


  4. Bill Holter just put this out. Amazing. Everyone at Rogue money should review this. The floodgates of information are opening ever wider:
    Dear CIGAs,
    This link was sent to us yesterday. It will take you well more than one hour to read it. DO NOT skim this, reading it more than once is highly advised. Call it the ultimate “TRUTH BOMB” if you will. GATA and their work is mentioned several times as “gold” was a very large part of the crime. After reading this, Jim and I are uplifted in the fact that the truth is finally coming out. 911 was entirely about hiding crimes, destroying evidence and terminating investigations to clean the slate.
    Please understand the implications this will bring internationally. The U.S. (and allies) are being exposed which will result in pariah status for many years to come. Also understand what this information will mean to the ability of the U.S. to aggress anywhere or to wage war. Yes the immediate ability to “push the button” exists but that window will close very rapidly as these revelations spread around the world. We could see anything from here up to and including military tribunals. I plan to write more in depth Tuesday as to what we believe may follow.


  5. Ken,
    This article from Zero Hedge sounds so much like you – did you write this article?
    ‘Furthermore, when the Fed raises its Fed Funds Rate, it is more than likely the interbank rate will rise above it, encouraging the Fed into a game of interest rate leapfrog, because the 12-month LIBOR rate is already at 1.58%. So we can conclude that the Fed is well behind the interest rate curve already, reflecting the classic stagflation dilemma. The imperative to resist raising interest rates before the economy faces capacity constraints contrasts with the growing need to raise interest rates to curb price inflation. The Fed is currently choosing to ignore the inflation outlook.’
    Looks like your youtube forecast will be right – stagflation is coming (my view is that it would probably be around mid next year!)
    Congrats on another up and coming RM team correct forecast!
    Well done! Absolutely bloody good mate!


  6. Liberalism (especially the classical kind) is not about change, it is about Freedom, as its etymology implies. It is not really synonymous with Progressivism – in fact, the two are often diametrically opposed – but of course the Progressives (Regressives) stole the word in the early 20th century because Liberalism was well-regarded for the many good things it had done for society.
    As for no actual communist or socialist governments ever actually existing in the world – well, they have – but like certain artificial elements which have been produced in the lab, they are so unstable that they have always devolved into something else (usually dictatorship) within seconds of their creation. They are so full of inherent internal contradictions that they cannot last any longer than the pause between the resolution to create such a government, and the moment the first member of that government begins to speak.


  7. Ken,
    This article mentioned that USD Index would be topping out in Jan/Feb 2017:
    ‘We discussed the final bottom target for gold in the previous Gold & Silver Trading Alerts and in today’s alert we focus on something even more important – we discuss WHEN gold is likely to bottom.
    What may seem odd, today’s alert will not feature any gold, silver or mining stocks charts as the key detail is not visible on any of them, but on a quite different chart – the one featuring the past two decades of the USD Index. Why? Because, in a globalized economy and interconnected financial markets, no asset can move totally independently from other ones – and this is especially the case with gold and the USD Index during major moves. In most cases (we discuss the exception later in today’s alert), when the USD plunges a lot, gold is likely to rally a lot and when the USD soars, gold is likely to decline substantially. That’s likely to change in the final stage of the precious metals bull market, but it doesn’t seem we are at this point yet.
    Therefore, the million-dollar question can be asked differently: when is the USD Index likely to form a very important top in the coming months?
    In our opinion, it’s most likely to happen in January or February 2017, with the second half of January being the most probable target.’
    Any comment would be appreciated.


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