Escalation in Donbass: More Foreign Mercs Spotted on Ukrainian Lines, UAF Moving Equipment to Contact Line

A Comment About NATO ‘Vacationers’, Mercenaries/’Foreign Legionnaires’

For two years, the claims of the Russian media and Donetsk/Lugansk People’s Republics that U.S., Polish, and other NATO country ‘volunteers’ or advisers have been spotted at or just behind the frontlines in the conflict have faced an organized campaign of ridicule online. Part of this is indeed the Russians fault for exaggerating the number of foreign mercenaries or volunteers the LDNR have faced (especially the never photographed black mercenaries), just as Ukrainian Army regulars and ultra-nationalists complain that any LDNR unit fighting them effectively must be made up of Russian Army regulars. However, in many cases those dismissing allegations of ‘son of Blackwater’ or Greystone mercs involvement on Kiev’s side of the war since March 2014 have been professional propagandists like the State Department and Soros-funded ‘journalists’ at, or RFE/RL (formerly with the Manhattan, New York based, oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky-funded Interpreter Mag) Catherine A. Fitzpatrick.


In Ms. Fitzpatrick’s case, when in late January 2015 Zerohedge ran a headline blaring story that went viral in the alternative media about native English speaker mercs spotted in the ranks of the Nazi SS Das Reich rune flag waving Azov Battalion, Fitzpatrick was brought in for damage control. The propaganda line adopted by StopFake and others was that the voice heard on the ‘out of my face please’ video was that of Chris ‘Swampy’ Garrett, a British de-mining ‘volunteer’ working to collect GRAD munition pieces in a school yard. The only problem with the Interpreter’s slick lie? ‘Swampy’ has ruddy to blonde hair and a thick beard in the videos, whereas ‘out of my face please’ guy hides his head from the Mariupol TV reporters’ camera and has dark hair. ‘Out of my face please’ guy is clearly shorter than ‘Swampy’, though the Interpreter obfuscates this fact Bellingcat style by drawing a circle around Swamp rather than the other guy who covered his face on camera.

There are many other such ‘issues’ with the ‘explanations’ used by U.S./NATO and Kiev propagandists. But the bottom line is they must pretend the U.S. and several NATO countries aren’t parties to the Donbass conflict, while accusing Russia of being the only country to have sent volunteers or paid military men on ‘vacation’ to fight in eastern Ukraine. The various examples of these denials will be explored in our upcoming piece. 

LDNR Claim More Polish and Georgian Mercenaries Killed in Donbass Fighting, U.S. Sniper Instructors Are Working Just Behind the Front Lines


A UAF attempt to break through DPR positions in the area of Kominternovo and Leninskoe ended in the death of 15 foreign mercenaries and 25 wounded Kiev fighters.

“Today, the command of the so-called anti-terrorist operation made a mad attempt to break through our defenses in the district between the residential area of Kominternovo and Leninskoe. As a result of the decisive actions by DPR units, the enemy was forced to abandon its hopeless plans after suffering losses – more than 15 mercenaries were killed and 25 were wounded,” the deputy commander of the DPR operational command, Eduard Basurin, reported.

Basurin noted that two DPR servicemen were killed during the battle and 5 were wounded. As Basurin explained, groups of mercenaries comprising up to 30 men twice tried from different directions to maneuver around the positions of the republic’s army with the goal of seizing them. The enemy covered its offensive with mortar fire.

“Due to the extremely low training of the Ukrainian armed forces’ units, mercenaries from Poland and Georgia were put into the operation to accomplish these goals. We demand that the leadership of the OSCE SMM assess the actions of the Ukrainian command on this fact as well as judge the crimes of Ukrainian reconnaissance and saboteur groups that led to the death of 2 DPR servicemen and one captured on October 8th,” Basurin concluded.


By definition one cannot ‘prove a negative’ in war (think back to Iraq’s ‘WMDs’ which turned out to be either non-existent or old useless chemicals buried in the desert). But at the same time, the notion that NATO couldn’t possibly deploy very small numbers of mercenaries particularly Poles to the front while giving them strict instructions not to be filmed speaking their native languages isn’t so far fetched. Nor is it crazy to imagine that the patriotism of Polish journalists combined with strict censorship is keeping a lid on the couple dozen dead Polish servicemen or recently discharged PL Army veterans killed or injured in ‘training accidents’ since May 2014. Perhaps NATO’s vacationers really are better at OPSEC than their vacationing Russian counterparts, or perhaps the clubs they hang out in Mariupol collect camera phones at the door. The use of cellular phone jamming devices in convoys, first developed in the Iraq occupation by the U.S. to stop call-activated IEDs, is often associated by the LDNR with the presence of foreign advisers with the Ukrainians near the front lines. 

A dead Pole in a Ukrainian Army/volunteer battalion uniform without insignia killed by mortar or artillery fire at the Donetsk Airport or Debaltsevo looked just like a dead Ukrainian (and the rage of Polish spokesman invited on to Russian TV for one on three debates suggests to me that they know some of their countrymen have indeed died fighting for Kiev’s forces in the conflict). But contrary to Kiev’s propaganda, neither Russian nor NATO ‘vacationers’ especially of the GRU spetsnaz or Polish GROM are allowed by officers to carry their passports into battle. 

If Social Media ‘Proves’ Russia Fought a Covert War in Donbass and Lied About It, Why is Social Media Proof of Foreigners and Clearly Non-Slavic, Non-Ukrainian/Russian Speakers in the UAF Invalid? How We Plan to Turn the Tables on @Bellingcat #Bellingcrap

For several months the Russia Analyst has been putting together a report on the social media evidence for U.S./NATO mercenary involvement in the Donbass war that’s been accumulated from multiple sources over the last two and a half years. We plan to publish it after the November elections. If Hillary Clinton is elected expect more American and NATO ‘vacationers’ on the Ukrainian side of the contact line, and more ‘Taliban suicide bombings’ in Afghanistan that nobody witnessed to cover up U.S. coffins coming from Syria, Yemen or the Donbass.

What is certain is that the window for any significant armored advances is likely closing in the Donbass until the ground hardens in late December to January. If Kiev wants to test the tactics and coordination with foreign advisers and mercenaries it will need to achieve some sort of operational breakthrough with the war hag Hillary’s help by 2018, it will need to do so soon — or wait until winter to attack.


6 thoughts on “Escalation in Donbass: More Foreign Mercs Spotted on Ukrainian Lines, UAF Moving Equipment to Contact Line

  1. What’s your take on this from Jim Stone:
    "UPDATE: I was wrong about the B-52 being used only for nuclear strikes, though they were developed primarily for that purpose. This has been corrected. The following was posted to a popular forum. I believe it is credible, and was probably a top secret "OOPS":
    Anonymous posted:
    "I rotate through Diego Garcia every 6 weeks to pull maintenance on uplink equipment as a private contractor.
    Something big is going on, the island has more aircraft than anytime in the last 9 years. They have blocked off some access roads and are now parking aircraft on the road. Barriers have been set up around the aircraft areas. Temporary barracks and hangers are popping up everywhere. A tent city full of AF and Navy maintenance personnel has also been set up.
    I have never seen B1s and B2s there at the same time. Actually I have never seen more than 1 there at a time.
    Security is nuts I had to show my ID at least 8 times a day. My coworker is former AF and said they are like that when nukes are around.
    We counted over a dozen air refueling tankers on the ground. The airfield had a take off or landing every 15 minutes, very busy. When we flew out we waited in line for quite a while. We never had to wait in the past.
    The Navy had the docks full of ships and 6 to 8 more were moored just off shore. We watched many pallets of bombs being off loaded from one ship.
    There were a bunch of B-52’s coming in that were painted flat black. I have not seen that before. So are we headed to war again?"
    My comment: One might think an aircraft as old as the B-52 would be mothballed, but the B-52 never was because it is practically impossible to shoot down. They can take several direct missile strikes and keep flying. If they are at Diego Garcia, WATCH OUT.
    It is strongly rumored that Obama has ordered the annihilation of the Syrian armed forces and that the decision as to when will be made tomorrow (Oct 14). Who knows what will happen then, but they don’t send B-52’s to Diego Garcia for nothing. WE ALL KNEW THEY’D DESTROY THE WORLD BEFORE THEY LET AMERICA SURVIVE BY ELECTING TRUMP…"
    Truth or hype? Are there other sources that can independently verify this?


    • SOF:
      Big slow lumbering BUFFs with radar signatures the size of a flying mansion going up against S300/400s or hell, even Pantsirs and older Syrian manned S200s or BUKs? Something does not add up with that, unless your friend thinks the USAF is fine with Schweinfert or Ploesti raid type losses of crews and planes in one night. I think not, so the B-52s if they’re going to be used would have to be cruise missile launching platforms, since the Tomahawks launched from the Med by subs or US Navy ships as I’ve mentioned here at RM are vulnerable to jamming by the Russian Krasukha 4s and low altitude radar equipped Pantsirs that would flag them coming in low over the Latakia coast.
      "One might think an aircraft as old as the B-52 would be mothballed, but the B-52 never was because it is practically impossible to shoot down. They can take several direct missile strikes and keep flying." The BUFFs did take many SAM hits from the older SA-2s in Vietnam, but those ‘flying telephone pole’ missiles were slower, easier to spot for evasive maneuvers (even a B-52 can turn or suddenly drop altitude). B-1 or B-52 pilots flying into Syrian air space would probably never see the S300/400 missile that kills them. But again the Russians can be overwhelmed and run out of SAMs in the event of a massive strike, nobody disputes that. But such a strike would start WW3 and China has been making noises lately that it would not stand aside. Meaning Diego Garcia itself would probably not be beyond reach of a Russian Blackjack raid launching ALCMs right back at the island, setting a good chunk of the base on fire and hitting the control tower or barracks.


      • Problem with Diego Garcia (25km from North to South) is that it is right in the middle of the ocean, which means the Russians can send an ICBM with a single 20 Megaton charge without worrying about collateral, if the situation forces them to a corner where Tu-160s won’t reach in time with their Kh-101s and necessitates sterilizing the island in short order. The older R-36 Voevoda/SS-18 Mod 5 is more than capable of doing that.
        The other thing that would contradict this ‘Anonymous’ post is Russian intel would have been aware of this for some time, it is well known about the role of Diego Garcia to the Atlanticist armies with prosecuting the wars in the Middle East. Loading bombs etc takes time and the pattern of ships coming and leaving would have alerted the Russians.
        My impression is this was a ‘feeler’ to see how many would buy into this. Still I wouldn’t dismiss this as complete bollocks as there’s no telling what a desperate pro-Hillary ‘Deep State’ might do.


  2. James,
    The False Flag event may take place in Syria.
    How about this scenario – British warplane shot down by US jets ‘painted’ with Russian colors? And we are off to the races!


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