The Day Directed Energy Weapons Came Out of the Closet

We’ve known all along that they were coming. Russia posted a story only six months ago that informed the world that tests had begun on a new mobile jamming unit, a unit that “guarantees complete neutralization of all enemy electronics.” [April 25th news story linked here. It is quite detailed with the anticipated capabilities of the new device.]


Apparently, the tests have gone well. The new device is being showcased at the ArmHiTec 2016 exhibition in Armenia which opened today [website linked here.] But don’t look for any tweets from the Expo because, well, Twitter banned their account for some dumb reason. No matter; since when has a social media site been able to stop something this green and Tonka-like, hmmm?

[As background, the logo of the ArmHiTec arms conference appears to be the famous Biblical Mt. Ararat where Noah’s Ark is said to have landed after the Flood, which reminds the Russia Analyst of a joke from Soviet times — the Turkish Ambassador was upset that a version of the Armenian SSR flag had the Ararat mountain on it, which then as now remains in Turkish territory. The Soviet Armenian envoy replied that the Turks keep a white Islamic crescent moon on their red national flag, does that imply a Turkish territorial claim to the Moon? – James Winston Smith] whose Twitter account @ArmHiTec16 is suspended for unknown reason. whose Twitter account @ArmHiTec16 is suspended for unknown reason.

The prototype’s creator is Russia’s United Instrument Manufacturing Company (OPK) whose official website is linked here. Like a proud father, this is what the company’s spokesperson reported to Russia Today [linked here] about the abilities of the new unit:

“This is a completely new type of weapon, which has no analogues in our country, and I daresay, in the world.” 

The announcement came during the ‘Arms High-tech’ military exhibition currently taking place in Armenia. The state-of-the-art system is capable of disabling various types of targets without using the traditional rounds or shells. Instead, the weapon uses ‘directed energy.’

“It conducts indirect physical impact on the on-board equipment of aircraft or drones and neutralizes precision-guided weapons,” RIA quotes the OPK representative as saying.

The company has graced us with a promotional video of the unit. (NOTE: I was able to get the video to play via my Instagram mobile app, but it might not work on other platforms.) 


US Air Force General Philip Breedlove can’t be happy. Eight months ago, he warned of the rising electronic warfare capabilities in Russia when he said this, as quoted in that same Russia Today article:

They [Russia] have invested a lot in electronic warfare because they know we are a connected and precise force and they need to disconnect us to make us imprecise…. We have electronic warfare capability – we probably do not have the capacity we need now.

Perhaps Donald Trump can add that to his To-Do list. He might as well brush up on his Tesla patents – the man, not the automobile company. For it was Nikola Tesla who envisioned the coming of #DEW technology back in the 1940’s. As noted in his Wikipedia profile [linked here], this was his concept for a device that could render enemy aircraft as useless as dead ducks in flight:

Our Main Man, Nikola Tesla (Photo: Wikimedia commons)

Our Main Man, Nikola Tesla (Photo: Wikimedia commons)

Tesla described the weapon as capable of being used against ground-based infantry or for anti-aircraft purposes. [The nozzle would] send concentrated beams of particles through the free air, of such tremendous energy that they will bring down a fleet of 10,000 enemy airplanes at a distance of 200 miles from a defending nation’s border and will cause armies to drop dead in their tracks.

Those of us who remember the great Norway Spiral anomaly of 2009 [still described on Richard C. Hoagland’s website linked here] may finally be one step closer to understanding what exactly were the Russians doing that day to cause this spiral torsion wave to appear in the sky.

The mysterious Norway Spiral of 2009 (

The mysterious Norway Spiral of 2009 (

But words are things, and a small drop of ink,
Falling like dew, upon a thought, produces
That which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think.

— Lord Byron

The Russia Analyst would like to say as an addendum to this post that the Russian ‘off switch’ may have played a very important role in deterring U.S. strikes on Damascus after the East Ghouta sarin gas attack false flag of August 2013. There are rumors reported by The Saker blog Crimea-based U.S. expat contributor ‘Auslander’ that the ‘green tonka truck’ Russian Krasukha jammers and the S300s on the eastern Mediterranean-stationed battle cruiser Moskva shot or crashed down multiple U.S. Tomahawk TLAM missiles. This demonstration allegedly enervated the Pentagon from risking manned strike aircraft against Russian SAM and Krasukha-4 defended Syrian cities like Latakia or Damascus. Don’t believe Auslander’s version of events? Check out this article from the CIA/NSA/DoD cheerleaders at Business Insider published on Thursday, October 13, 2016, in which somebody seems to be looking for a face-saving tough guy way out from putting Russian air defenses and electronic warfare systems to the test against America’s best front line fighters and bombers:

Should the US embark on another mission for regime change in the Middle East?

Besides these questions, none of which are easy, the US will have to consider something that was unthinkable in previous decades — does the US have the military capacity to carry out strikes on Assad should they choose to?

Russia has recently deployed another advanced missile defense battery to Syria, the S-300. This joins the even more advanced S-400 system already in place.

Together, these road-mobile missile batteries provide serious air defenses that the US would need to think long and hard about breaching, even with stealth aircraft like the F-22, F-35, and B-2…

For more background reading on these topics, including then NATO deputy commander Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges frank admission that the Russians have the U.S. Army outclassed in electronic warfare, see the August 2015 RogueMoney post by the Russia Analyst, “Rumors of War with Russia Part 7: The Russian Battlefield Off Switch is Real” and Susan Duclos’ All News Pipeline post from March 2015 about the mysterious blue flash of light caught on multiple dash cams in southern Russia’s Stavropol region near the Caucasus Mountains.

Video embedded below by JWS, 11:30 p.m. Eastern time 13 October 2016.

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10 thoughts on “The Day Directed Energy Weapons Came Out of the Closet

      • Turkey and Russia sealing more deals on Silk Road massive mega economic move. It may be best for new college grads to head there. I am serious. it will be centuries of prosperity.
        As opposed to watching Russia and China turning our navy into artificial reefs.When this all crashes and it will, 1) I have seen where 8/10 say US wont exist in as a formality. 2) It will be all leveling event in the US 3) BRICS will be able to bounce back faster after decouple from dollar 4) It will be at least 3-4 decades before the seeds start to grow again ( in a massive way).


      • JRA,
        I am convinced that for this segment RUSSIA/CHINA has had enough of US/NATO.The brilliant strategist Putin has built up a tremendous power in 25 years like no other empire….but it is my gut feeling that this is where they draw a line in the sand. Finally.
        When everything really tilts eastward all western information sources etc will become less and less relevant. My great-grandfather had a saying, that "you know when you know when you know"…and I was an aware adult during our cold war and can say that I have never felt like we would ever go to some type of war until now…
        And I firmly believe that this is it for the West, maybe 5 more years


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