You Can’t Stump the Trump Volume XXIX — and the Guerrilla/Producer CJ’s Post Debate Analysis


The steady drumbeat of ‘Russians hacked the DNC’ claims from the so-called community of intelligence mainly Langley left at least one former British barrister, Alexander Mercouris, asking if most of the U.S. ‘Deep State’ is now in the tank for Hillary. While taxpayer-sponsored Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty aggressively pushes Mrs. Clinton as a victim of Russian hackers rather than the corrupt globalist hag she is, there is rich irony in the neocons and globalists shills claiming that The Donald rather than Hillary is the authoritarian in the race…because he wants to prosecute the Queen-pin of the Clinton Crime Family.



11 thoughts on “You Can’t Stump the Trump Volume XXIX — and the Guerrilla/Producer CJ’s Post Debate Analysis

  1. So Trump could be secretly working for the ruling elite, but is Putin secretly working for the ruling elite?
    Putin turned Russia around. Maybe Trump will turn America around?
    I keep saying that if they try to push a plan, or a narrative, that is too complicated and counter-intuitive, it will never work!


  2. James, I just found this on Jim Sinclairs’s public site. Thought you might find interesting, or wish to comment on.
    Bill and Jim,
    Many parties have missed the significance of the Russians advice to return the students studying abroad.
    I recall a story my grandfather told me about when at age 17 in 1917, him being in a Boys Finishing Academy in Moscow and being summoned by his uncle who was Postmaster General of Russia and being told that war was coming and instructed to return to the Academy that afternoon, pack his belongings and get on his horse and return to the Ukraine to warn the family to disburse into the countryside because they would be hunted for being wealthy landowners.
    The Russian culture is such that family is always brought close to home in times of pending conflict.
    Think about safety of children who maybe held as hostages or be subject to retribution at the hands of a country at war, or one that is subject to attack.
    A parent will want their children closer at hand at home.
    War is coming, Tom to Europe and the Levant. Note the 3 hour emergency meeting in London today. Events are cascading behind the curtains far faster than people know. Whether the war beaters succeed remains to be seen but should be subject to public debate and knowledge. Instead we get balderdash and deceit.
    We do not know all the NATO moves but clearly by the Russian moves we can see and ascertain they are preparing for war on 3 fronts shortly. I knew sometime ago now that that was part of their preparation for what they thought might occur. And a reason they have not committed more to Syria. If they wanted to they could intensify the air program but that would leave them weak elsewhere so they are fighting on that front while maintaining their defensive capability. While it is in my opinion, suicide to strike at Syria given the defensive systems in place it does not mean that such an attempt will not be made. It would not be the first time troops are sent to death. While in the Ukraine NATO or perhaps more pointedly US snipers are positioned along with certain Polish troops ( regular or volunteer, likely mixed) for a move on the Donbass with the intent to draw Russia in to what is seen by the planners as contained conflicts. It is why Russia moved the Iskander missiles into Kallingrad which from there will be able to reach as far as Berlin. ( 450 mile radius). Think about why 3 new vessels were dispatched to the Med equipped with Kalibir missiles and having the most deadly anti ship missiles that jointly were developed with India, to why in the case of an outbreak of hostilities the command has been given for local decentralized response.
    Hollande being the weak foolish leader he is is, toeing the flawed US line in foreign policy ( it will continue to cost him in the up coming elections) and it is why Putin cancelled his visit of October 19th. In fact, rumor has it that Lavrov will be told to stop talking to Kerry, in the not too distant future ( a terrible signpost when it occurs). A Russian tradition is to always talk and keep the lines of communication open until the advent of hostilities, so one gleams from this when this action happens, an outbreak of “hot” hostilities is very near.
    There is so much, we are not being told that it is truly saddening and the media if it had character would have shame. Apart from the alternative media and various bloggers the rest is not worth spending time on. And if when looking at alternative media, ask for who is paying the bills in the background as that too is heavily influenced.
    With the cabal in the process of losing control on many fronts it seems war is their preferred reaction. To what gain remains to be seen or even what logic applies to conflict that can go horribly wrong with dire consequences for regions, people and perhaps even the planet. There are simply NO winners in a nuclear fight between nations like America, Russia and China. And the likelihood that peace will be given a chance to bring prosperity to the world is fading fast.
    CIGA Robert


    • Thank you Mark Lytle for sharing that insight from Jim Sinclair’s site.
      Over at The Saker blog, the American retiree expat ‘Auslander’ who lives in Crimea with his Russian wife mentioned the Kalibrs as a new form of Russian conventional deterrence — the ability to hit targets with 4 meter or less accuracy from 1,600-1,900 miles away, putting the entire UK if not Iceland and convoys to the south of it within range of Russian missiles launched by sub in the Norwegian Sea. On the Pacific side, a Russian sub or corvette on the far western edge of the Alaska Gulf or in the eastern Sea of Ohtkosk could strike Alaska, and further southeast, Bremerton and McChord JRB near Tacoma, WA.


  3. Here’s a sober video of what will happen when Trump becomes president.Blaming Donald Trump for the Inevitable Economic Collapse


  4. Rarely is China mentioned when war with Russia is noted…Where will India go? any thoughts?And can China/Russia through currency, selling US bonds,other financial means,,can they stop the US from war?Is the US thinking they will ‘just’ fight Russia?


    • Jane,
      That’s a very good question, and one I think has been partially answered by the Chinese themselves this past week with their announcement reported by Bloomberg that they will jointly develop counters to U.S. ballistic missile ‘defenses’ they consider threats to their deterrence.
      While this announcement and the exercises we’ve seen over the last many months including the first ever deployment of Chinese commandos to Russia’s westernmost exclave of Kaliningrad and the maneuvers in the South China Sea do not add up to full co-belligerency, I believe Beijing is sending a very strong signal to Washington. Which is that in the event of a the unthinkable conventional war between the U.S. and Russia, China’s ICBM/SLBMs will go on full alert and the Chinese will likely send the Eurasian version of ‘Lend Lease’ aid to the Russians meaning any ammunition the two militaries have in common, long range missiles that Russian bombers could fire (since the profligate expenditure rate of ‘use em’ or lose em’ conventional missiles would be probably the most immediate problem for both the U.S. and Russian militiaries) and perhaps Chinese manned DF-21 crews, since there would not be time to train Russians to operate the system, in the Kola Peninsula. From that northwestern tip of Russian territory DF-21s could sink U.S. aircraft carriers or AEGIS ships passing through the English Channel or as far west as the Faroe Islands and approaches to Iceland in the Cold War era GIUK gap.


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