The Bubble Explodes, Bring on the “ESF”…Essential Survival Fundamentals

I started this installment after witnessing the embarrassment that is the US presidential debates part two.  I couldn’t endure it all, so I went back to watching “Discount Double Check” (Aaron Rodgers) battle the NY Giants.  With that said, let’s apply some remedial outside the box thinking before getting into the titled subject matter.

Imagine being an unknown visitor to the US, and witnessing the junior high school behavior that is our debate process.  I would suspect a phrase like “Banana Republic” would come to mind rather easily.  That being said, without election chicanery Trump looks to be a “shoe-in,” but what does that mean to the bubble machinery already in a “stretched overload?”  My guess it will “Explode,” with an assist by outside elite forces or by Trump himself, or both.  

This election may trigger the final bubble explosions and that has been my thesis for two years now.  To put it simply, if Trump is elected and does the right thing from a business and economic perspective, then the paper markets will blow sky high, and the pain begins in the US.  Why would he do that?  Simple, its the best way to rebuild from the approaching paper train wreck.  It’s actually the only option.  Bomb it, and suck the oxygen out of it, or in this instance suck the QE out of the economy.  A possible first step that could show foreign business partners, who are still nervously holding US paper, that we are taking responsible steps to correct our “printing press mistakes.”  After that, if you ain’t a “ hands-on-doer” here in the USA, we ain’t going to need ya!  So the $64,000.00 question becomes, “After she blows, then what?”  

At a minimum it is ESF time.  That ain’t the typical ESF, the Exchange Stabilization Fund, it is the more Sixpack friendly “Essential Survival Fundamentals!”  It’s an ESF summary, one that I will follow up on with a message about the easiest trading odds in world history.  More after the news that will eventually hint at the remedies for these monster bubbles soon to be losing “paper-fiat-air”………… And don’t dare miss the “Financial News Comedy Insert” starring John Travolta & Team Roguemoney, and it’s great historical financial message….as well as the last segment in this installmnet, “The Easiest Winning Trade in World History!”

A Rogue Report Update:  Please note that in the “Rogue Report” a complete analysis of time and it’s effects on the DHAP list was undertaken.  Weighting was assigned for each item to visualize the overall value of the DHAP list.  Alternatively you can’t equate the DHAP rating system with my new acronym the ESF “Essential Survival Fundamentals.”  The ESF, as I view it, would not give as much value to barter along with a few other ratings techniques used for the DHAP in the “Rogue Report.”  The DHAP in the report assumes a completed effort, that is weighted in value for each of the 33 items listed, which would not be the goal for a “Essential Survival Fundamentals” list.

                                     News that is Beginning to Shed More Light

I would have started another “who gives a shit” category winner with this one, but in reality it is pertinent, especially based on the recent presidential debates.

I mean, think about the 3rd world crap in the above link, and then tie it to a presidential debate with one of the candidate’s spouses and a former “two time” president, or should that be “two timing,” sitting in the audience staring at women he once abused.  That ain’t the only tension or junior high school drama on display.  Tension is hard and fast as the “two timer” watches his spouse be threatened with criminal prosecution should the election not go her way.  Yeah, we’re number “1” all right, that is if you don’t count the eastern powerhouse countries.  In all honesty the headliner to the link above is classier with respect to the truth than our election process.   After all, the Jenner and Kardashian crowd ain’t trying to run for president.  They are what they are, but it now looks like they could qualify as presidential material.  It’s all “Dirty Laundry”…..

Mrs. WG Alert:  In all fairness to Mr. Trump, it’s hard to keep your feet out of the cow patties, when you are staring at a competitor that is a piece of cow flop.  And here is a Mrs. WG election alert.  She informed me she saw an on-line video which pointed out that since the political process began, Trump has shown signs of being more humble, and Hitlery clearly has not.  Interesting observation indeed, which makes you wonder, maybe a higher power is influencing Mr. Trump. Mrs. WG

                                                    You best quote me correctly Buster!

                                                    You best quote me correctly Buster!

Uh-oh, it appears in the next link the Vampire Squid is a little late to the party.  Unreal…..

I guess regarding the above link the phrase, “they should have known,” certainly applies.  After all, it’s the banks that are the very facilitators of the subprime auto fiasco.  So with respect to this announcement by Goldman Sucks, and in the eyes of an unsuspecting Sixpack audience, they appear to be the great prognosticators of the financial markets.  When all they are really doing is pulling the paper plug that they originally installed.  Pulling it because the last “ponzi-scheme-pigeon” has reached in his or her pockets to buy something they couldn’t afford in the first place.  I wrote about this before, and I suspect there is a reader out there who is saying, “Well don’t blame the banks WG, I don’t go around buying things I can’t afford!”  Good for you and you are right, but for those less fortunate in the realm of worldly finance, is it their faults that they got the loans, or instead the faults of the guys who knew they weren’t risk worthy of the loans to begin with?

Oh, and while we are all feeling so cocky about our financial skills, those skills at seeing past the fraud, don’t count yourself out of the “moron-basket” just yet.  The banksters are very likely to bail in your bank accounts to cover those unworthy debtors and the unwarranted debts that they can’t pay.  How smart are ya feeling now?  Thus the reason for Dodd Frank language, and the reduction in SAR’s limits on cash withdrawals.  You are still being corralled and you are a subprime auto loan participant, stick that in your pipe and smoke it.  “GOTS” anyone? “Get Out of The System” (again tip of the hat to Jim Sinclair)…….

Hey, maybe this next link is indicative of the topping process to the Goldman prediction in the above link…..

Again, and to be very repetitive….There was a time when the lender was just as much a party to creating bad business practices, practices that created a money laundering ponzi scheme environment.  Thus the primary reason for lending requirements.  Requirements that help a business entity avoid giving out money as an “all-knowing” creditor, that is unlikely to be paid in full.  So why do it at all?  It’s the easy money, that’s why!  Again, at the risk of being redundant, it is, believe it or not, good business to lend to unworthy debt applicants if you have no morals and there are still “ponzi-pigeons” left to pilfer.  You are just grabbing the easy upfront money, and once the payments seem unlikely to be received, you go for the really easy money on the back end and steal it from the “more-informed-ponzi-pigeons” with their account insurance fronted by some sort of “government print from the FED.”  Ain’t fascism and the 3rd world just grand?

                                                        Quit insulting my intelligence

                                                        Quit insulting my intelligence


                                                 Financial News Comedy Insert

On last Friday night’s radio show we joked about using “weather derivatives” as a financial instrument, an item introduced early in the program by Ken Schortgen, Jr.   But all joking aside, the truth is that they probably have a better chance of yielding positive returns than doubling or tripling down on other already failed business models.  If you didn’t hear Friday night’s comedy segment check out the video below, and start @ 1:19:50 and listen to the minute that follows.  Folks, you can’t make this crap up, and that was me laughing so hard I was crying in the background.  This stuff is amazing, but unfortunately very very very real.  

Food For Thought:  In light of Friday Night’s show, I am reminded of the movie “Michael” starring John Travolta as an earth bound angel with a few more tasks to complete.  In this one scene he is in the back seat of a station wagon with the financial news playing on the radio, and something about “Hog Futures” is mentioned…at which point “Michael” busts out laughing saying “Hog Futures!”  See the video below, the action starts at the 5 second mark….

Imagine how hard he would have been laughing at “weather derivatives!”  Bottom line it is laughable, but in reality “hog futures” were one of the original fledgling forms of protection against price changes at the market so farmers didn’t lose too much money.  They were the “first-take” on derivatives, but giving credit where credit is due, at least it was played against a real product, not against other forms of paper counter party contracts.  I am having a tough time with “Michael part 2,” and the radio saying something about “weather derivatives!”  Travolta should probably call me if he needs a stunt double in the remake for the laughing scene.  Believe me, I had my head turned away from the ‘mic’ to keep from interrupting the rest of the team, as I was crying I was laughing so hard. “WEATHER DERIVATIVES my arse!”  I would say back to serious business, but that is ‘serious business’…

                                                  Back to the regular news…………

And in the light of banksters doing the absurd, how about this, once again from the “Vampire Squid,” Goldman Sucks…….

This is a true form of cya (cover your arse).  These guys are really running scared, but don’t laugh too hard.  Many of us are tied to their coattails in one way or another (in fact most in the west are).  That is why we keep preaching, or at least I do, GOTS …”Get Out of the System” (tip of the hat to Jim Sinclair, the acronym’s originator).  This is the easiest winning trade in history, EVER!  Easiest odds on winning trade ever.  EVER!  More on that later in the sub-titled discussion at the finish of the installment ………

Thanks to Goldman and the rest of “Bankster, Inc.” We all need to worry about living like a refugee!”

In the “very-curious” category check out this short video clip from Clif High, one I was alerted to by RM regular “KW88”…..

I always like to listen to Clif, but I have my doubts that this very month the uninformed paper infidels, will “get IT or start talking about IT.”  Real money that is!”   But I have always respected Mr. High’s reports and felt it was worth putting into this installment, and therefore worthy of keeping in mind.

This next link has some really interesting view points regarding the geopolitical landscape and the economy with some deep historical perspectives, and it has a real catchy title as well……..

I didn’t detect many solutions, but the last three paragraphs really caught my attention….

The EU and IMF have not delivered on what they promised, in the same way that traditional parties have not, from the US to UK to basically all of Europe. They promised growth, and growth is gone. They may have delivered for their pay masters, but they lost the rest of the world.

Anything else is just hot air. But that doesn’t mean they will hesitate to use their control of the military and police to hold on to what they got. In fact, that’s guaranteed. But it would only be viable in a dictatorial society, and even then.

We are transcending into an entirely different stage of our lives, our economies, our societies. Growth is gone, it went out the window long ago only to be replaced with debt. And that’s going to take a lot of getting used to. But there’s nothing that says we couldn’t see it coming. AE

The last sentence is right, but as far as I am concerned there is nothing that says, you can’t profit or at least protect yourself from “it.”  It ain’t that hard to do if you can see it coming well in advance.  More later.

This next link is a great article from ‘international,’ a Casey Research effort (Doug Casey).

Check out the definition in the above link of a depression as it is being applied to Italy in this case.  Through this entire article I couldn’t help but think of the true status of the US economy.  For the record, I have very little doubt that the real economic numbers in the US are as bad, if not worse, than those reported above.  And to top that off, the employment in the US is ‘part-time’ to boot.  The bottom line, I say we are in a depression.  And once history has time to fully reflect on what happened, probably after the instigators are no where to be found, the world history books will set the depression debate straight!

Next up is a two part interview with Dr. Jim Willie, but in keeping with the subject matter I want to stick with just a few points he made that tie in nicely with titled subject matter and the final thoughts.  Plus I do believe my friend the “Bankster Slayer” already discussed some of the other key points of this interview in her article (already published Friday the 7th of Oct.)…..

*** Please note I am not critiquing these commentators, like Dr. Jim Willie, from one week to the next.   Instead I am typically (not always as some are dolts) using their expertise for confirmation of our DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio) allocations and readiness. Solutions are what these installments are all about.

@ 57:45…Here a point is made that the “good guys” are striking back at the globalist “bad guys.”  Who are the “good guys” that are trying to get out the messages that may expose the evil?  Moving forward to part two for the answers…

@ 00:00…the 57:45 points in part one are continued forward in the first of part two…Jim feels there is a large group of CIA “constitutionalists” (good guys) who are striking back at the evil of the “loyalists” who are not loyal to the constitution but to the Bush/Clinton crime families.  The next group is the FBI, who also has some “constitutionalists” (good guys) going against the bad groups within the FBI.  Then there is the Department Justice, which has some “good guys” battling the “bad guys” within the Department of Justice.  Jim feels there is a final and fourth group in the form of the Chinese and the “White Dragons” putting things in place, “good guys” in this case.  Here Jim also details an interesting theory that the Chinese may have pushed the US congress to avoid funding the IMF, so that the US would not look like they were the top dogs in the IMF decision processes.  It might be that the Chinese want to look like the “good guys” coming to save the day, not the US, and they don’t want to have to worry with any additional US crappy paper clogging up the processes.

‘’ aside:  It is necessary here to point out, and worthy of keeping in the back of your minds, that “The Guerrilla” has mentioned several times in the past that there are “good guys” working behind the scenes to get things back on an honest track in the US.  “V” also has said Trump is part-n-parcel to that “good guy” movement to set things straight.  That’s good news folks, but it will not stop the economic train wreck or the bubble explosion that will be discussed in a minute.  Back to Dr. Willie…..

@ 12:00-31:00…Jim feels Trump has been warned of the dangerous topics that should be avoided.  Also, just like “The RM Team,” Jim feels Hillary will need some major election fraud to be sworn-in, come January of 2017.

@ 32:00…Here Jim details once again the on the ground intel. in the shipping industry that says US treasuries are being rejected for payment.  People with their feet on the ground in the US should take serious note of this.  If true, and other countries are rejecting the US paper for payment, then the question should be why?  And even more importantly should I follow the lead of those countries and also reject US paper?  And allow me to answer that “YES, YOU SHOULD!”  They are prepping for a sea of change in the system of payment processing, to a new source that will be trusted.  They don’t want to be stuck with the outgoing form of payment in their coffers, and then not be able to get rid of it, at a reasonably honest price.  It’s just business, and we should be doing the same.  The micro world following the macro world lead, and thus what?  The easiest trade in world history to be discussed in a minute……

                                                The Bubble Explodes, Now What?

Time to continue building a case for your ESF, “Essential Survival Fundamentals!”  First up one of my favorites Rob Kirby……

@ 2:25...The Deutsche Bank situation could become just what some expect to be the trigger to a derivatives nightmare.  But Rob is focused on the bigger picture, the one that surrounds D.B., which is indicative of a major shift to the east in trade.  A move away from the growing weakness in the west.   I couldn’t agree more, and it strengthens a WG mantra, one where all signs lead to a change that is inevitable, one that requires those who reside in the west wanting to “survive and then thrive” to get ahead or take inventory in their DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio).  All roads lead to the same solutions.  At the very very least, jump on your ESF solutions. More in a second.

@ 11:55…Rob gives his view of why the US is throwing out so much war rhetoric towards Russia and Mr. Putin.  Bottom line, he feels, as do many of us, that the globalist are losing the narrative, a favorite saying of “The Guerrilla.”  Thus it is a real sign of desperation from the US side of the globalist leadership.  Rob feels Trump is a nationalist like Putin, and he is a threat to the globalist reign of terror.  He also feels Trump could coexist nicely with Russia and Mr. Putin.  He doesn’t believe Hitlery to be a good choice, to say the least.  “Hear hear,” to that one!

@ 17:33…Rob feels the shift to the east and to gold is clearly obvious. 

@ 25:00…Note that Rob says the presidential race is insulting to the good people of the US (note my introductory remarks).  Spot on, and that is one of the reasons I remain optimistic.  I am hopeful that a “wake up call” to the more industrious of the Sixpacks will produce real positive results.  Time will tell.

@ 27:15Great question on preparations, and great answer from Rob Kirby.  As far as I am concerned, this is all that matters, “getting ready for the easiest trade or decision in recent history.”  All the fancy analysis leads to the same conclusions a DHAP, or at a minimum an “Essential Survival Fundamentals” package.  Note how Rob also mentions that the governments across the world are preparing for this collapse.  Which raises the question, so why shouldn’t you?  

My question remains, the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) will be prepared to do what?  The answer is in two larger phases and somewhat simple.  Part one, save themselves.  And then part two, which believe it or not will also include saving you.  But part two will come with some strings attached that help to serve them, and not so much “you!”  And it will only be effective for them, if you have suffered tremendously.  WG

Next up is a gent I haven’t referred to much of late, but he is a really smart guy who is always worth a listen, Mike Maloney…..

@ 12:33…Mike makes a great text book point on the value of GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins) in our current economic environment, then at 12:47 mark he goes into the falling velocity of money, and the excess printing of money.  Great points, except for the 800 pound gorilla in the room: the ESF (the evil version of the ESF acronym, the exchange stabilization fund) dark money absorption techniques soaking up off shore monies (an RM regular point).  The Exchange Stabilization Fund, and it’s dark money, is the biggest reason for the US not recognizing, to date, on the ground inflationary collapse.  Of course it can be combined with the items mentioned by Mike, but in my opinion, any discussion of inflation without the role of the Exchange Stabilization Fund is almost pointless.  And one thing is likely to hold true, no one will get inside the ESF money flow ledgers.  BTW, he is probably spot on when he says the US monetary wizards will have to create more currency.  But no academic models will be able to telegraph the rate of inflation since this ‘go-round’ is involving the world’s reserve currency.  Plus, there is no possibility of estimating the effects of the Exchange Stabilization Fund correctly.  Also in this segment we hear from the globalist best friend Jim Rickards.  He is still worth listening to, but one needs to keep in mind his globalist leanings (which didn’t show as much as normal in this interview).

@ 18:33…Rickards is probably dead on target with his “strike 3” analogy.

@ 20:12…Mike delivers the best statement in the video, “the economic problems just gets worse the longer it goes on.”  And it does what?  It leads to the same solutions every time…..A well thought out DHAP.  My tough as a 50 cent steak buddy said this past weekend, “WG, you and I are solutions based thinkers, and all roads point to the same thing…a DHAP.”  I tend to be redundant, but this video and all others like it are just more evidence that leads to the same solution.  How difficult is it to see what needs to be done?  Once again, that is your decision.  Mike does a great finish to this video on a demographic note and while he finishes it, think about the most useful solutions….!  That’s all that matters.

@ 25:00…I have to admit at this point the cartoon version of Janet Yellen in this video is quite good!  It doesn’t have me laughing as hard as the thought of “weather derivatives,” but it was humorous.

@ 27:25…The in-your-face King Dollar collapse moment of shame is highlighted by Mike.  One that can’t be measured, since history hasn’t seen anything like this before.  Once again, the solution is the same……DHAP which by now is redundancy number 2,004,341…!  Next is the “USA Watchdog” interview with Mike Maloney once again……

@ :55…Mike reviews the “velocity of currency” instead of “velocity of money,” which to my way of thinking is a good way to put it, since it isn’t real money anymore, it’s “currency or legal tender.”  So “currency or legal tender” is probably the proper way to put it instead of “money.”  Which will lead to the greatest exchange and trade of all time in a second.

@ & around 5:00…Mike makes a great great point, “The currency to pay the interest on our debt malaise doesn’t exist yet, thus we just keep printing new currency to satisfy payment.”  In the back of your minds, think about the fact this has been going on for decades and yet no real standard of living pain is noticed for US based westerners.  And as you do that, fill the question marks in your mind of “how’s that possible?”  Insert the dark money answers courtesy of the Exchange Stabilization Fund.

@ 6:00Here I feel Mike knocks it out of the park as the coming bubble explosion will be the one that will top all bubble explosions.  WG likes sticking with solutions, and the solution to this multiple bubble blowing “free for all,” is to eliminate the Triple Headed Hydra, an evil entity born from the repeal of Glass Steagall in 1999.  If that is done, then the paper bubble explosions on the horizon will be EPIC…!  All that said, it will be a necessary event if we are to repel fascism and regain an honest monetary system.  We are going to have to endure some pain.

@ 6:36…I can’t prove or disprove Mike’s numbers here but they seem logical, regarding the fact your paper market returns are down 10% since 2000 with respect to inflation.  And, just what is it that retains purchasing power?  GSBC’s, and his logic is perfect, the largest generation in the US (now retirement age) will not have time this go-round to get back their paper market losses in the next down turn.

@ 8:25Bails-ins, disappearing 401K’s and pensions plans, and accounts forced into US treasuries is up for discussion.  Per Mike, those events will happen, and it is a “lock” as I like to say.  It is only the degree that is in question.  Note his Germany comparisons from the early 20th century to our current economic and political problems.

@ 12:00Mike states he believes that we are already in a recession.  Once again, it is my belief that if the real numbers were reported, and the dark money’s ability to save the incoming US paper didn’t exist, we would have been categorized as in a depression, not a recession.  Real numbers are not allowed in the US’s economic equations to correctly define the phony situation.  That’s my story and I am sticking to it.  Note here he also mentions an announcement will be made this quarter or the next, that we are in a recession.  Thanks to the political situation (an election and a likely Trump victory), I would totally agree with his timing on that announcement.

@ 14:00…Mike feels GSBC’s will get a rocket ship ride upwards if a war breaks out.  I would agree, but that gets back to the paper market pricing and which paper markets would be the final standard for the pricing.  For me, it doesn’t matter one way or the other, just own the stuff (GSBC’s) in physical form.

@ 18:00…Mike addresses what will happen to his inventory levels if gold & silver start moving dramatically higher and higher, no limits in sight.  He suggests he will sell eventually, when GSBC’s become overvalued, in order to purchase other forms of dividend producing assets when they come back into favor.  He doesn’t expect that for a couple years, and I personally would add that the paper system in the west may be permanently damaged, which means a couple years could be a low ball holding period.  In other words, it is a “wait and see before you act” scenario, since paper investments, or any paper instrument with a counter party will be viewed with great skepticism.  Possibly viewed with skepticism for a long time to come.

                                                           Final Thoughts

As an introduction to this segment, I want to go back to a two year old installment story.  In 2014 I had an important appointment with one of the smartest attorneys (hard to find a really smart one, btw) I have had the privilege of working with.  The primary purpose of this meeting was to discuss the proper handling of the estate finances of a WG deceased relative.  As smart as he is, he proceeded to make one of the dumbest financial statements I have ever heard.  That is, until he explained his logic…………

I asked him about pulling a portion of the digital/paper money piled up in the bank accounts, and moving it to physical gold and silver.  His answer was, “absolutely not!”  High risk investments like that could open you up to a huge law suit that could wipe you out financially.   Amazed, I unloaded with a history on “financial instruments and their abilities to combat inflation,” and an in your face definition of what was truly risky and what was not.  He smiled and said, WG, I understand that, but the court will not, and neither will the judge and jury.  He was protecting me, and he was right ………… “The Western Financial System, And the Western Social Systems Define Risk Differently From The Actual Financial Reality!”

Referencing Dr. Jim Willie’s comments above and the “The Guerrilla’s” long running comments about some “good guys” working behind the scenes to right the US constitutional, financial, and social ship, one has to ask a simple question.  What happens if Trump wins?  The quick answers is, multiple bubbles will explode!  Oh btw, yes I am assuming Hitlery to be in the “bad guy camp.”

For example, Trump can’t just default on the debt, while at the same time eliminating the ‘zero sum game’ theory with respect to debt holders who are also our primary goods suppliers.   Regardless of what he does, a price will have to be paid… paid with pain suffered by the Sixpacks in the USA.  Following through with the belief that he is in cahoots with these “good guys,” yields some easy answers.  If he does the right thing the market bubbles will thankfully expire and deflate, but another unsuspecting bubble will simultaneously explode that no one talks about.  Well I do, but most don’t…an ego bubble that is the biggest in world history will pop, leaving a huge portion of the population, “shell shocked and dumbfounded.”  

The Wolfpack business entrepreneurs I deal with feel the same way regarding the ego explosions coming.  And a simple example, explains the problem.  A year and a half ago the Wolf tried to see if he could fly off his own roof while blowing leaves from the gutters.  He (“I”) failed, and was fortunate to not be hurt badly.  The real post fall eye opener was what relatives and other people said to me regarding the fall.  “WG, wake up.  Don’t you know they have people that do those kinds of things for you?”  I responded to only a few, but the non-verbal and verbal responses were the same, “Not at my house!”   Somewhere during and along the “working road” we decided we were all “corner office executives” from the very first day we stepped into the workforce.  

                                              Get Off Your Arse and Get to Work...!

                                              Get Off Your Arse and Get to Work…!

The bubbles explosions discussed in this installment will send a message of pain.  Pain to the those of us who live in the mental “land of the arrogant, and the home of the big shot.”   And if the proper lessons aren’t learned, there is every possibility that the US will stay in the 3rd world permanently, or for what history will record as a “western dark ages.”  WG

The election has always been the Wolf’s trigger theory, and ironically it also coordinates nicely with the 2018 elite one world currency idea.  Consider the Hillary option.  With the 2018 time table they will need to have us in an extended period of financial discomfort (Hillary presidency) before they can effectively come in as the saviors of the system in 2018.  Thus, get ready now folks!  A distraction ‘dejure’ would also help the PPPTB.  The type of distraction that helps to keep accusations away from the culprits of the financial chaos.  Something, like say, a world war. 

But let’s say that doesn’t work out and Trump is the new ‘prez.’  First off, he ain’t a magic man.  That’s why he keeps putting out the financial warnings.  And get real folks, these warnings are telling you to get out of the system (GOTS) at least to a level you are comfortable with.  Come on WG, he didn’t say that!  Yeah right, like he is going to say “Head for higher ground the banks are going to crush you!”  Which would start what?  A pre-election bank run, and that would also be the start to the end of his presidential election campaign.

If you haven’t begun with the formation of your DHAP items, then at a minimum start fortifying your options via the new ESF ….. ”Essential Survival Fundamentals!”  A couple of months supply of storable food, a source of clean water, a way to keep things sanitary, a first aid kit, and a means to effectively protect it all.  It may not be the completion of a well thought out DHAP, but it will still be helpful to have on hand some “Essential Survival Fundamentals.” WG

The attorney was right that the western paper financial systems have most USSA minds trapped in the belief that you can’t handle caring for your own financial house.  And if you veer off the standard system course then you are committing a financial sin within your own house.  Work within your DHAP priorities, and at least identify some of the items that are “Essential Survival Fundamentals” for you and your family.  

It is my believe that from now and through the first quarter of the new presidency, your abilities to conveniently make some simple fundamental changes to protect yourself and your family will decline dramatically.  At least attack our new acronym with ESF (essential survival fundamentals), and if time permits, then continue to round out your DHAP list. WG

Borrowing from those obnoxious TV sales ads, “Act Now!”  Act now folks, cause once the door closes, it will be closed for a measure of time that will totally deflate your ego and you ability to survive with any measure of dignity and comfort.   At this juncture you can still get what you need, and in some cases even what you want……..

                                    No, you can’t always get what you want
                                    You can’t always get what you want
                                    You can’t always get what you want
                                    But if you try sometime you find
                                    You get what you need……. The Stones
                               A DHAP with Essential Survival Fundamentals WG

Picture this……

The shelves in the pictures from the above link are just from a hurricane.  But WG, that is way worse than a financial calamity.  Not this time around, not if the wheels of the just in time delivery system aren’t properly lubricated with monetary grease.  The difference with an economic collapse would be the empty shelves don’t refill near as quickly as they would from a localized event like a hurricane.  For example, donations to the Red Cross for food would be for WHO?  “Everyone!”  How is that going to work out for ya?  At a bare minimum, get your “Essential Survival Fundamentals” in order.  You best wake up, because ain’t nobody going to be wasting time doing this for ya neither.  Doing it yourself is going to make a come back, it’s about time, and it ain’t going to involve being a neat guy with your home remodeling efforts.

Hey Wolf, dump the theoretical crap and hand me something real to chew on……..OK……

The above link is just another confirmation of a pre 2016 prediction.  A prediction that indicates that the leisure and hospitality work forces would likely get clobbered this year, which would also signal a final act in the on coming economic train wreck for US Sixpacks.   Especially those who didn’t take advantage of the “in your face” advance warning signals to bolster their DHAP efforts, or at a minimum create a useful ESF.   After the fact, “I told ya so’s” will be pointless, but the thoughts will cross many wise minds.

If Hillary gets elected, look for a war to cover their fingerprints which are all over the economic collapse.  If Trump gets elected, look for an imminent economic bubble explosion as it is the only option.  As I keep howling about, all roads lead to the same solution.  There is no avoiding this one folks, you can only hunker down, time eventually leads economics and businesses to a zero sum game.  If you reside in the USSA, and take part in the resurrection of the USA, it will require the passage of time.  Time first spent in pain, and then in a rebuild.  Initially, we will be on the downward side of a zero sum game.  Do you want to control the rebuild, or do you want some pontificating putz to be responsible for it?

                                            The Easiest Trade in World History

Picking winners with your excess funds ain’t too easy, unless you are rigging the system, Bankster style.  In fact, it is nearly impossible to even pick investment winners 50% of the time.  The pros that don’t benefit from inside financial rigging try to get just a few winners, (hardly a 50/50 ratio of winners to losers) ride them hard, and cut all the losers loose as quickly as possible.  Folks, we are staring at one of the easiest winning trades in world history right now!  The exchange of legal tender fiat currency units for GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins).   In all my years I have never seen an easier trade, and to boot it all, it basically costs you nothing.  Just the premium on the physical bullion or coins.

And for you idiots who complain, that’s enough for me to say “NO” WG.  Then you best quit buying your gasoline, have you ever checked out the gas tax charged at the pumps?

I wrote a complete installment on this very theory over a year ago. But it actually isn’t a theory it is a reality.  You ain’t “buying” anything when you obtain GSBC’s, gold & silver bars & coins with your paper garbage King Dollars.  You are exchanging money for money, but in this case, fiat paper money for real money.  “Buying & Costs” are phony indoctrinated terms used to temper your exit from the paper debt world.  Throughout history this has always been a smart man’s trade, but this time around, it’s the biggest winning no-brainer in world history.   The fiat back drop is littered with impossible to pay debts on a worldwide scale, and the big players are buying up hard assets at a dizzying clip.

So, ya think GSBC’s might be an odds on winner?

I ain’t going to twist your arm, so you decide for yourself…..!  I want to be able to see all of you standing…..

                                                  On Top of the World, Yelling Hear Hear...!

                                                  On Top of the World, Yelling Hear Hear…!


                God, then Your Family, then the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!
                                Survive then Thrive and We’ll Howl on the Other Side!

Wolf Gray


Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Mrs. WG, Dixie, Team RM, KW88, London Paul, The Wolfpack, Zerohedge, Clif High,,, Mike Maloney & Greg Hunter, Rob Kirby & Reluctant Preppers, Jim Willie &  Will Lehr, John Travolta & Michael, Don Henley & Tom Petty

21 thoughts on “The Bubble Explodes, Bring on the “ESF”…Essential Survival Fundamentals

  1. "She informed me she saw an on-line video which pointed out that since the political process began, Trump has shown signs of being more humble, and Hitlery clearly has not. Interesting observation indeed, which makes you wonder, maybe a higher power is influencing Mr. Trump."
    I imagine Trump is preparing for the day when he will have to sound like Ronald Reagan when the Space Shuttle Challenger was destroyed.
    "You ain’t “buying” anything when you obtain GSBC’s, gold & silver bars & coins with your paper garbage King Dollars. You are exchanging money for money, but in this case, fiat paper money for real money. “Buying & Costs” are phony indoctrinated terms used to temper your exit from the paper debt world."
    I came to this same conclusion some weeks ago while waiting in line at a Foreign Exchange moneychanger. Its weird the whole thing is staring at me in the face for all this time and only recently I figured it out, my train of thought starting with the fact I was paying to change one form of paper fiat currency to another paper fiat currency, their value determined by other factors at work, most of which are more or less a derivative of perceived value of that country’s net worth, but all made up and an illusion. And then it occurred to me that by getting gold and silver I was doing the same thing, except I was moving from paper currency to real money. Just because few recognized it as such, it is like Truth, it doesn’t change the fact.Foreign currency moneychangers also charge for their services, obviously, so ‘buying costs’ and ‘premiums’ are just part of the territory.


  2. WG,
    Fantastic article. I would like to add that we should speed up our purchases as I had just read this article:
    ‘Deteriorating Quality’
    ‘The cost of poor quality is now being pervasively felt across the entire supply chains. It beginning to reach out and impact all participants. It like a cancer which growths quietly and often it is to late when finally detected.’
    ‘The examples highlighted include:
    Marine PropulsionAutomotive RepairDell Hard Drives and HP NIC CardsGas Range LightingHealthcareTV Programming
    The conclusion is that this is only the initial waves of more to come.’
    More evidence that Jim Willie is right about global payment issues with King Dollar.
    As you had said so many times – marco are meeting up with the micro events. Not long before the delivery systems fail.


    • I would like to see the day when designed obsolescence is relegated to the trash heap of history. Its part of the same greed mentality behind the profit maximizing culture and the derivative scam of the Paper Pushing Powers That Be that the faster you make a product fall apart, (bonus points for breaking down just after warranty expires) the more products will be bought to replace the failed product.
      Great article.


      • Thanks for the compliment "SOF". The trash heap of history is filling up right now, those in the west just aren’t aware of it for the most part.


    • Absolutely correct KW, but it isn’t anything that mentally deep on my part regarding the macro vs. micro time gaps. It’s just a force of nature, and the queen of economic nature is presiding over the proceedings. We all know who that is, Economic Mother Nature.
      As my tough as a 50 cent steak buddy likes to say, "Nature and thus life always find a way!"


    • Thank you very very much "Suzanna!" As far as the fun part goes, every now and then something clicks and it just seems appropriate to add some levity to the realities of pain that are facing us. It ain’t every time I have a bit of whimsical skill, but I wish it were. We wolves ain’t quite that smart.
      Interesting, the more I think about this the more I realize I am funnier when I listen to the wisdom of the misses. Typically she has to sit through my evening rants about the world at the supper table. Maybe I should shut up and let her talk a little more often.


  3. Hidden Secrets of Money 6 – Top 4 Reasons for Deflation (Before Hyperinflation)
    Mike Maloney recommends seeing this before watching #7.


    • Indeed SOF and he has said that for quite sometime now. Most don’t feel the election will be called off though. That said, most I talk with still do think the dangerous part (until the election) is very possilble. BTW I am pretty much the lone ranger on Team RM when it comes to thinking the election could still "NOT" play out cleanly. At least it wouldn’t surprise me at all.


      • BTW that lone ranger statement, is not to make me look smart, but a statement to let you know, some more connected people than myself don’t see the election being disrupted.


      • Well I hope it doesn’t. Some alt media public figures like Thomas Sheridan who are total political atheists say Trump will make a good president because he’s a pragmatist asshole hard-nosed businessman type who will make the ‘trendies’ wail and gnash their teeth.


  4. Waoo this articles keep getting better and better. I’m also with you in regard of the premiums…when SHTF the premium you have paid would be meaningless. For me I have been buying gold in the 5gram and 110 oz coins. I also found this week have the best prices compare to others big sellers.


  5. The Reset is here (by Jim Willie) :
    ‘The red flag could be telling us that the RESET is here. The urgent call would be to stock up on essential supplies and to buy physical gold & silver (then to hold it). Without any hesitation or equivocation, the hangup at ports implies something particularly foreboding about the state of global finance. The DIP Financing step has been short-circuited. It smells like a coordinated operation is being carried out by Team Asia, with Hanjin a sacrificial lamb, albeit a very big lamb.’


    • KW, I would not put it past the lunatics in charge to start a war over this. After all if the US population got wind of the fact product was not being delivered due to paper improprieties by someone, then pitch forks and torches would come out. Better to start something big before that happens if you are an elite that is.
      This rejection was reported on before, but it was in it’s fledgling stages. If it gains steam, it could really get nasty, and not just from rejection of products, but from WHO WILL GET THE BLAME.


  6. WG,
    Definitely agree with you.
    It would not just affect US but all over the world as Treasury Note is the mode of shipping payments.
    From the recent news, it would seem that you are right; the elites are desperate to start a war somewhere. They are in a race to save their necks as it seems their time is coming to an end.


  7. WG,
    check out this article from Zero Hedge:
    ‘This realisation spreads, which is why stagflation leads to hyperinflation, unless it’s halted. Stopping it means forgetting monetary policy objectives, and either letting the market determine rates, in which case the ability of banks to create credit out of thin air has to be curtailed perhaps by the threat to their own insolvency, or rates are deliberately raised by the central bank high enough to crash the economy.’
    Economic Mother Nature is going to give a whopsass next year! Stagflation is coming!


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