W the Intelligence Insider and @BanksterSlayer on Biblical Creation and the Esoterica Behind the Headlines

11 thoughts on “W the Intelligence Insider and @BanksterSlayer on Biblical Creation and the Esoterica Behind the Headlines

  1. O – OperatingC – CosmicC – energetiCU – spiritUaLL -T – capabiliTy
    Esoteric anagram describing the type of development we are talking about,,,,,Obviosly the people involved trying " to control " everything ,,,,Can NOT BE ,,, in this,,,,,’ period of development ‘Seems likely though. , that several of the participants in the broadcast ARE,,,,,
    Very weel describtion of all the $ warcrimes,,,,,,No describtion of Russian/Assad warcrimes,,,,!!!!!!!!
    The way I see it,,,,
    Best regards Mikkel Jacobsen


    • Hello Mikkel thanks for your comment,
      I don’t think I have avoided describing Russian/Assad ‘war crimes’. I used to know the son of a spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Defense who quit in disgust during the mid-1990s because he didn’t want to have to lie about heavy Russian Army casualties in the battle for Grozny or how the Russians leveled that place with thousands of civilian deaths to burn the Chechen terrorists out. But I am an American married to a Russian, with a focus on U.S.-Russia relations and Russian policy in that context. In general, as I wouldn’t like Russians telling Americans to vote for (while making clear that they would prefer Trump) it’s the same for the vast majority of the Russian population, as the recent Duma elections affirmed with PARNAS support less than 2% and Yabloko with scarcely more so the Russian liberal parties altogether were at 3 1/2 percent or less below the five percent parliamentary threshhold (something Germany, to name one advanced country, also has to keep ‘fringe’ parties out of power broking).
      Are Russian bombs killing civilians in east Aleppo right now? Yes. Have U.S. bombs since the start of the ‘anti-ISIL’ campaign killed thousands of Syrians and Iraqis? Yes. Whose bombs have killed more, considering the U.S. has been bombing for much longer ‘precision’ munitions or not, is anybody’s guess. I think the inaccuracy of Russian ‘dumb’ bombs dropped using GLONAS SVP-24 system has been exaggerated whereas American ‘smart bombs’ are not nearly as smart or accurate using JDAM bolt on kits with GPS as advertised.
      As for the Assad government, I may not like many of their pre-war policies but it’s clear Syria was targeted for regime change back when Assad, like Gaddafi, was the (post)West’s friend, dining with Kerry and Asma Assad in a Parisian restaurant, etc. See not all ‘revolutions’ are created equal and the majority, in my paleolibertarian or neo-reactionary view leave the people worse off than they were before. After looking at the French Revolution’s descent into terror even Jefferson joined the rest of the Founding Fathers in viewing most revolutions besides our own with horror. In case you didn’t know thanks to decades of Cold Wars 1 and now 2, historically the United States and Tsarist Russia were friends, the Alaska purchase is not something the Russians would have done with an enemy state, and the Tsar supported Lincoln (as some modern Russians think, mistakenly, but primarily due to a common fear of rebellions in general) during the (second) American Civil War. As for whether the Ukraine and Syria conflicts are civil wars, I would say the former is far more fratricidal than the latter, considering that the ‘Free Syrian Army’ is not Free, in many cases not Syrian or at least not Syrian led, and it isn’t much of an army as a flag of convenience for more bloodthirsty jihadist types supported by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Washington who don’t want to get bombed by the Russians. ‘FSA’ supporters complain that the Iranians and Lebanese Hezbollah have sent tens of thousands to fight, but they leave out that they’re still outnumbered by 100,000 foreign fighters in Syria, most of them with ISIS, but many with Jabhat al Nusra Jaesh al Sham/Fateh or whatever the hell Al-Qaeda in Syria calls themselves now. When you compare the rebels (I don’t call them separatists, because in truth they are more ‘re-unitists’ with Russia rather than separating from Ukraine) in Donbass to those in Syria, what do you see? The latter impose shari’a law, terrorize the rest of the country with suicide bombings and constant shellings from territory they control, and shout genocidal sectarian slogans like ‘Allawites to the graveyard, Christians to Lebanon’. The Donbass rebels meanwhile might not like Ukraine or its flag but respect Ukrainians as human beings and aren’t trying to force anyone outside of Donetsk or Lugansk to be Russian if they don’t want to be. And if Assad were just sitting on a narrow sectarian dictatorship of Allawites and the Syrian Arab Army weren’t majority Sunni secular or religious, this war would not have dragged on as long as it has. The Assads were not my cup of tea but even the Israelis who vowed to destroy Hezbollah by having Syrians fight each other to the last Syrian and Lebanese admitted that the Golan Heights border was the quietest Israel had from 1983 until the Syrian war started in 2006. Who therefore was the aggressor and bad actor, Assad and Gaddafi or the Saudis, Qataris and the American/Turkish backed jihadists who invaded Syria with 100,000 foreign jihadi mercenaries/terrorists?


      • One other note Mikkel,
        I am an Orthodox Christian. The people that are defending the Orthodox and Marionite Catholics in Syria from genocide/ethnic cleansing are overwhelmingly either secular/moderately religious Sunnis or Shi’as like Hezbollah or the Afghan Hazaras. On the other side are highly radicalized Sunnis to the point of takfirism and Wahhabism just like their sponsors in Saudi Arabia and the Qataris backing the granddaddy of all Islamist terror organizations, the Muslim Brotherhood. So do both sides have civilian blood on their hands? Certainly. But if the rebels had succeeded in toppling Assad Syria now would be a hellhole of warring militias like Libya or even worse, a unified Islamist dictatorship like what President Morsi was trying to create in Egypt before the Egyptian Army to the acclaim of millions in the streets especially Copts overthrew his MBO butt.


      • Hello James the Russian Analyst and thanks fore your comment,,,,
        Did you participate in the broadcast ?It would be wrong of me to debate with you,,, since I was commenting the content in the broadcast,,,,,,Best regards


  2. The geologists had to invent the Ice Age Theory in order to make the big flood go away.
    If the Ice Age Theory is correct, there should be giant ice sheets over parts of Canada and Siberia today, but there isn’t.


  3. The Awareness of the occult nature of the elites as a fairly widespread meme is new with the appearance of the Internet. The elites HAVE been promoting occult themes as trendy or cool in movies and music, hoping for general adoption of Satanic themes, pretty much as outlined by Albert Pike in the 19th century. I’m sure they’re not thrilled with the alternative medias ability to study the elites use of occult themes the way that anthropologists describe the rituals of fairly ordinary tribal cultures. Through explanation, the occult elites become less mysterious and more understandable as humans with ordinary unsavory motives expressed through deceptive sorcery. Not the way they want the rest of us to perceive them.


  4. It appears this counter strike against rebels is Russia saying we are not afraid of you and we will give back 3x as hard
    I am convinced of the Russo/China alliance to defeat the west is in full swing…. A sign of that is the Philippines are now turning to China as US loses a strategic ally.
    I am almost comforted by this as I have to resent my US govt more and more.
    I know what is headed our way and I feel I have more in common with Putin than any leader in US. At least I know Putin is a Christian


  5. I mentioned a few days back that we should watch what might transpire on 9/23/16 as this is a date widely seen in movies and entertainment videos in the same way that 9/11 was. Bo Polny thinks that was when they pulled the pin on the economic grenade. It was the most recent high point in the markets.


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