Campaigning Trump Had No Time for Ukraine’s Alcoholic Oligarch President in New York


A possible nod to his relationship with Putin.

Donald Trump hasn’t moved into the White House yet, but his eccentric behavior may already be affecting U.S. foreign policy.

The billionaire businessman known for smiting his political enemies and rewarding his loyal friends declined to meet with Ukraine’s president Petro Poroshenko at the UN General Assembly on Monday, Politico reports. In fact, Trump’s office didn’t even respond to Poroshenko’s RSVP, according to Politico—but the Ukraine leader did sit down with Hillary Clinton.

“Petro Poroshenko thanked Hillary Clinton for [her] continuous and firm supportive stance on Ukraine,” the country’s diplomatic staffers said in a press release.

On the one hand Fortune magazine is just like the rest of the increasingly corrupted and discredited lugenpresse beating the same old dead horse here. Aside from mutual compliments and a single letter regretting not attending a Trump hosted a 2013 Mrs. Universe pageant in Moscow, there is no relationship between Donald J. Trump and Vladimir Putin. But since the MSM and the Washington foreign policy establishment are determined to demonize Putin and by extension Trump rather than cope with the geopolitical reality that the U.S. is losing global clout and must to do business with whoever is running a nuclear armed energy and military industrial titan like Russia, they keep harping on this point.

Nonetheless, domestic issues above all the economy and law and order (with the both real and synthetic rioting leading to the call up of the North Carolina National Guard after another black male was shot by police) are still taking precedence over the globalists’ Cold War 2 with Russia. They are also infinitely more important to 98% of the electorate both Democrat and Republican than the neocon/globalist drive to carve up Syria at any price including via increasingly overt bombing in support of ISIS and Al-Nusra.

No doubt Mr. Poroshenko’s nominal underlings in Kiev as well as numerous dirty deep state parties in the U.S./UK are working on ‘correcting’ the American people’s ‘isolationism’ with suitably spectacular terror attacks or altercations with Russia. Perhaps the cyber fatigue has not quite convinced them that another spectacular hack blamed on the Russians won’t work. The alternatives should Trump truly impose detente on the neocon Cold War 2 lobby is a loss of power in Kiev and potentially, exile into the arms of their American and Canadian patrons. The problem for many of the neocons is that if they can no longer influence the White House or Congress and speak only to a shriveling portion of a dying mainstream media (ala the Daily Beast, Buzzfeed) then why do their bankster patrons need them?

As V the Guerrilla Economist likes to say desperate people do desperate and stupid things to keep the gravy train going and maintain their own bureaucratic or personal fiefdoms. In the case of ‘Porky’, without Washington’s IMF fiat, exiled Ukrainian analyst Rotislav Ischenko has said, Poroshenko becomes little more than the mayor of an extended territory around Kiev. Without the annual billions to buy off various factions in the Rada and to pay the CIA-minion SBU and Interior Ministry’s salaries, the Ukrainian President will be unable to subdue oligarchs like Ihor Kholomoisky (Dnepropetrovsk) or Arseniy Avakov (the Kharkov ‘clan’) with pretensions of becoming regional warlords who routinely defy Kiev. This story about Yulia Timoshenko, the oligarch Gas Princess turned imprisoned martyr of the Maidan ‘Revolution of Dignity’, hints at what would happen next once all hope of additional moolah from a Hillary/Kaine Administration is gone: a third Maidan in Kiev, this time with Porky rather than Yanukovych fleeing for his life.


Here’s how Ft. Russ summarized the growing desperation and panic in Kiev over a Trump White House:

Trump’s refrain from this rendezvous says so much more. Ukraine is still one of the US’ key foreign policy issues. Surely, the leading candidate for president would have taken this into account if it would promise him at least some electoral points. However, it seems that Trump’s HQ doesn’t think so. This means neither more nor less than that the Ukrainian topic does not help so much in the battle for the presidential office. If this subject has ceased to be popular in the eyes of American voters and if its massaging by a US presidential candidate brings no benefit, or if it can only bring harm, then the Trump team’s decision can be considered correct.

Insofar as the “Ukrainian question” in the light of the current American reality is identical to meaning Washington’s support for the ruling putschist regime in Ukraine, then the conclusions begs itself that this support is increasingly frustrating US citizens, if not more.

Thus, Trump’s refrain from meeting with Poroshenko, regardless of whether or not he will become the boss of the White House, means only bad news for the Kiev junta. And this is not only about the figure of Poroshenko himself. If support for Ukraine were as popular in America as before, then Trump would have undoubtedly, albeit holding his nose, met with Poroshenko in an instant. The position of being a candidate obliges such.

The main resource for the Kiev regime’s survival is the support of the US administration that is nearing its end. No American president can pursue policies in favor of a foreign government contrary to the majority of citizens’ opinion for too long.

Here’s a Russian-language video from PolitRussia’s Ruslan Ostashko summarizing the ‘results’ of Poroshenko’s visit and speech to the UN in New York, with an English transcript courtesy of Ft. Russ.

Whether the cold shoulder was intentional or simply the result of Trump being too busy to meet with the IMF and CIA propped up alcoholic oligarch president of a failing state, the press is going to treat it the same way. But Ft. Russ’ point stands that the Donald and his advisers do not seem particularly worried about vast numbers of Eastern European origin voters punishing Trump in Ohio, Pennsylvania or Michigan over his pro-detente with Russia stance. On the contrary, most of Trump’s base according to numerous vox populis by flustered journalists at campaign rallies either admires Putin or recognizes him as a tough guy who’s more respected by his people and the rest of the world than the current wimpy occupant of the White House.

In other words, the notion of a huge Polish/Ukrainian vote against Trump may be, much like any sort of enthusiasm for Hillary, another mainstream media myth. The Ukrainian origin vote is far more diluted in a huge country like the USA than it is in say, Canada where Kiev has a real lobby in Ottawa. Take it from the Russia Analyst who knows a thing or two about the most Polish city in America, people of Eastern European origin who actually are naturalized and eligible to vote or who were born here to first generation immigrants usually vote the same way Americans of comparable socio-economic status and other European demographics do, on the basis of issues like jobs and crime, not what’s happening in the Old Country.

Despite the firm grip Russophobia and #BlamePutin #BlameRussia memes have on the declining MSM, the vast majority of Americans continue to stubbornly not give a fig about Ukraine or for that matter, ‘moderate’ Syrian rebels they understand mostly hate them as infidels. Here’s how RFE/RL, the taxpayer-subsidized U.S. government propaganda mouthpiece, tried to spin away the embarrassing optics of those ‘moderate’ jihadists cursing and threatening America special forces last week:

On the ground, things appear to be in more disarray than ever. Perhaps most shockingly, footage emerged of Free Syrian Army rebels (FSA), the group with arguably the closest ties to Washington, ordering U.S. Special Forces out of the town of Al-Rai in northern Syria, screaming in the process that “Christians and Americans have no place among us.” Hours later, U.S. soldiers reportedly returned to the town accompanied by FSA fighters, and the rebels who led the protest were reportedly “discharged,” likely under orders from Ankara.

On that note, Trump did find the time to meet with one world leader at the United Nations in New York this week — Gen. Abdel Sisi, the secular strongman president of Egypt who crushed the Muslim Brotherhood. Unlike ignoring Porky due to the more urgent business of campaigning, a Trump-Sisi meeting most definitely sends a message as to who a President Trump would regard as America’s true allies against radical Islamic terrorism in the Middle East.

3 thoughts on “Campaigning Trump Had No Time for Ukraine’s Alcoholic Oligarch President in New York

  1. something I have noticed recently..the Charlotte shooting of a black man was done by a black policeman and Charlotte hasa black policechief who heads the the rioting based on blackness is quite questionable ..most people ASSume it was done by a White policeoffice..when articles saying shot by police…color is Not noted deliberatelyimo ..Soros agenda at work imo..
    most people I know really have NO idea about Ukraine except what they hear/read from MSMthanks for the post.


  2. In Australia through our tax payer paid for national broadcaster, ABC, this massage came across to our populace. The message was that Donald Trump had trampled on the Republican party’s due process and used his influence to railroad the party into accepting him as candidate even though there was no popular support for him. I only knew about this show as a friend told me. Can someone comment on the story and who is spinning this story? excerpts following…..Reporter Hamish Macdonald follows Unruh and her fellow dissidents as they stalk delegates, haggle over rules and crunch numbers over pizza and Coke in late night meetings.Unruh grew up in a cult and sees Trump as a type of cult leader, a sham conservative who is stealing the Republican Party.Donald Trump is not a Republican, bottom line. We have no party left if he’s our nominee. – Kendal UnruhThere’s just not support for Donald Trump. – Dane Waters, Republican operative, pushing to win delegates a conscience vote for the nominee.The schisms that Trump has opened up in the GOP are laid bare as Foreign Correspondent captures the backroom arm-twisting and double-crossing in the run-up to the final vote for the nominee.


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