The Chain of Custody in Western Indoctrination, a Full 360 Degree Circle…!

Control is the grandest illusion of them all.  We all think we are on top of things.  Nothing is further from the truth.  Just wait until your first major illness hits you or a loved one.  At moments like that, your reflections on your perceived historical control will bludgeon you.  Speaking of control and illusions, do ya think that George Soros pays for the BLM, and various sorts of NGO’s?  From the Wolf Gray’s cigar smoke filled office, I would give strong odds that nothing could be further from the truth.   He may cut the checks, but someone else pays for it.  And not just on the back end mind you, someone else funds the front end of the fraud as well.  Explanations later that most won’t like, after a “Health Tip”, and the “news that will confuse”…..

                                                        Health Tip

The corralling continues….!  The difference this time, is that there will come a point when every living soul recognizes it.  The methods and sources are multiple in nature, and intrusive at a minimum.  Need a real insult to your control theories and to the belief that you ain’t being corralled? See prior installments for additional corralling examples.  Let’s use the body’s laboratory for evidence…..Your’s that is…..

I have mentioned the cerebral abilities and credentials of my friend in the above video via past installments.  If you listen to the interview you will understand just how smart he is, it’s just too obvious.  But for brief single incident highlight, about 10 years ago, western medicine wanted to cut one of my wife’s legs off (the conclusions of one of the best to boot), and my friend (Mr. Mueller) with a swift diagnosis corrected the issue.  A set of pretty legs saved.   Should you want to get in touch with him, let me know in the comments sections, and I will call him and give him a ‘heads up’ and your name (btw, I get no referral fees).   Interview analysis below, and behold “Assumed Control is Damaged”…..

@3:35…Treatment and successful cure of ‘scarlet fever’

@4:15…Homeopathy was very popular even in the west in the early 20th century.

@5:08…Enter the Banksters, listen to the names mentioned by Mueller.  RM regulars indeed.

@6:05…By the 1950’s homeopathy was pretty much eradicated from the west, thanks to the control freaks in the prior notation.  Interesting timeline, when you consider (as mentioned in a prior installment) that a few years earlier William Randolph Hurst led an attack on “hemp,” and low and behold we eliminated a group of warm & fuzzy huggers from our bars (pot users), replaced by beer brawling idiots.  Individual rights eliminated, and control via taking care of your health, YEAH RIGHT, to the center stage.  See prior installment for clarification on the industrial uses of hemp (pot) prior to big ‘biz’ intervention.   Fascism, (merger of state & corporate powers), as I stated before was officially launched in 1910 by a group of panicked, control-freak banksters in Jekyll Island GA.  And yes there is a connection between the bankster moves in 1910 and the health controls implemented via the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be), it’s all a part of a broader fascist agenda.

@9:50…Homeopathy is actually regulated via the FDA.  Interesting.

@13:14…The first patient interview process is discussed.  Personal aside: Folks this first interview process needs explanation, as I have experienced this in my wife’s case, and my own.  This guy spent the better part of 90 minutes quizzing me about my physical quirks.  Then he connected dots that from my perspective seemed impossible, unless he had been sitting on my shoulder throughout my life.   Again he cured one of my chronic conditions, and in my wife’s case cured one, and saved her leg.  But sticking with the subject matter, do we suspect any control via the system here?  Draw your own conclusions.

@13:51…Note the numbers in the UK that recommend homeopathic treatment, 42%.  Ever get those sorts of referrals from the quacks you frequent?  You most likely will not as it requires outside the box thinking a.k.a. outside their educated system thinking.  As mentioned before in an installment from over a year ago, it is my view there are some great western medical practitioners, but alternative treatment that takes into account the entire “YOU” is worthy of consideration.  But why isn’t it allowed here?  “Control for Profit,” in the name of taking care of you.  I know what you are thinking, “Get over it WG, that stuff is voodoo.”  And, I say, “Speaking of voodoo, if you or a loved one have been admitted to a western medical facility lately, have you ever noticed how the patient is whisked everywhere within the treatment bowels of the hospitals medical facility?”   Is it because they don’t have a clue, or because they are covering their medical malpractice ‘procedured’ arses, or is it just voodoo?  Want to throw a wrench in their multiple whisking procedures, tell the admittance folks you don’t have insurance.  Yeah right voodoo?  You tell me.

@14:30Bottom line homeopathy, and it’s practitioners are maligned and belittled.  Why?  I got the answer…The PPPTB think you are too stupid to take care of yourself.  Control greed, and fascism.  He didn’t mention it, but we will anyone taken note that some practitioners aren’t just maligned, they have been murdered.   Yeah, but WG, how is this proof that we are being corralled and indoctrinated?   After this video had been up for 4 days, I was only the 49th person to view it.  When information like this is avoided, information that might well be very important to you, I for one say the western “closed minded indoctrination” is complete in this venue (medicine)!

@16:40…Also note that veterinarians are now using natural forms of treatment.  

Quick summary on this interview:  I say this far too much, but “Health Insurance is not an Industry!”  It shouldn’t be one of a family’s biggest household expenses, nor should it be a top GDP item for any sovereign economy.  At least not in any honest or long term successful economy.  And by the default of “time,” it will not be.  Economic Mother Nature will bitch slap it into proper position.  Happening now by the way!  Anyone wishing to fully care for their family should give holistic treatment some measure of review.  The fact that I was the 49th person to view an interview from a man with that caliber of knowledge is proof positive of a near total western indoctrination in the US.  It would appear that mental/physical corralling is almost complete, and all that is left for the PPPTB is to lure as many sheeple as possible into the financial corrals.  No need in getting into another Glass-Steagall/Dodd Frank rant, been said and written too often.  That said, I will probably hit on those mistakes as well later, I just can’t help myself.

                                                    Hard Asset Tip

In the spring the ‘Wolf Gray Farming Co-op’ decided to try their hands at growing “Yukon Gold” potatoes in a 3 tiered method inside 2 separate trash cans (mentioned in prior installment).  Recently the tops had gone from green to brown (no brown pictures), and the Almanac signs said it was a good time to dump them to harvest what “goodies” we could.  Can you say, “Failure Team WG”?  See the pictures below for verification.  The system was designed to plant a layer of sod (saw dust, soil, & potting soil mix), and allow the green shoots to grow 6 to 8 inches (normally about 3 weeks later), and then plant the next layer.  Repeat until you reach the top, which for us was 3 layers of potential ‘taters’.  The bottom layers from both cans had a good yield, but the top two where pretty much failures (see pictures below).

The reasons for failure were simple there was not enough drainage at the bottom of the can.  Holes were originally drilled around the sides at the bottom periphery with some additional holes drilled at the bottom face of the trash cans.  Apparently there weren’t enough holes drilled, or we should have gone with a larger diameter hole.  Put simply drainage wasn’t adequate, and the soil was far far too rich (note the extremely dark soil in the pics).  The poor engineering of the drainage kept the moisture trapped at the top layers.  Possible solutions: Less potting soil, and/or more saw dust should have been introduced to the entire mixture.  With the saw dust coming from a chain saw, keeping it less fine, and therefore allowing easier drainage.  Live and learn.   Tips are welcomed in the comments section should you feel so inclined.  The engineer and dummkopf in charge, one Wolf Gray, welcomes any additional tips.

Future Business Bet:   It is still my humble opinion that one of the next great opportunities lies in the farming area.  Natural farming that is, no toxic GMO garbage on site.  Either by demand or by pure default I suspect it to be a winner, very soon. 

                          A December 2014 Installment Recall (with a few edits)

Every two years in the state of N.C. you are required to take 24 hours of continuing education to maintain your insurance licenses.  The time has arrived for yours truly to get smart again, and I ain’t going to participate.  I am smart as I can get, actually I am just tired of the paper system, and it’s lies.  In the past, when I did my continuing education requirements, I always chose courses slanted toward estate and financial planning, with an emphasis on seamless business succession planning.  If it weren’t a near $1,000 expense item I would go one more time just to see if things have gotten more comical.  But I ain’t a believer, so it is pointless and I already know it hasn’t changed one iota.  Things are probably worse.  Last time around in December of 2014, I wrote an installment to give you an inside view of the academic paper indoctrination that has consumed the financial industry.  

With time in the paper system running short, at least with how your holdings are currently valued (in total bubble blowing mode), here is a review of the the text of that installment.  This is pulled from my personal archives, since the final edited version on RM hasn’t been moved from the old pay site.  As such I made a few minor edits for this installment, but the gist of the material is unchanged.

Put simply folks, it pays to know what you are up against, and I feel this material gives you some good insight.  Insight as to what type of indoctrination is prevalent among a group of fairly intelligent sales pros.  They aren’t necessarily the enemy, but most of their sales solutions are.  Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to know the story behind the mysterious paper veil……..

From Dec. 2014:  First a side note, the instructor was a real intelligent, decent guy and a pro as far as paper goes. No dunce by any measure.  But as I anticipated, we were building financial pyramids with blocks for the foundation to be filled in with insurance items finishing on to the top, with the more expensive planning items.  And, in all fairness, the pyramid made sense except there wasn’t a thing on silver or gold, not a damned thing.  Not one!  In fact no time was spent on physical ownership of anything.  When I went through this education gauntlet with enough fervor to now literally qualify as an instructor (if I was foolish enough to follow that path), physical ownership of “anything” was avoided.  And even then the solutions were still paper laced in “oil partnerships & real estate partnerships,” and a small smattering of precious metals stocks.  

**He started the class off with a statement, “The top 1% keep getting richer, and the separation to the bottom 99% keeps growing, but why?  The answer, compound interest!”  I know, I know.  I said he was an intelligent guy, but I must admit this quote wasn’t.

**That was followed with, the super rich have to deal with the same problems the bottom 99% do.  OK maybe he wasn’t so intelligent.  Actually he was, but this is what is actually being taught, which is very instructive as to the mindset of the western paper pushing financial pros.

**This next one pissed me off, but here it is.  “Most people perceive the wealthy as stingy, but actually people like the Rockefellers are major donors to “the little people.”  He didn’t say the little people, but that was the implication.  All I can only say is “amazing!”

We still have yet to get to the pyramid, instead the class started off with a US oriented financial state of affairs.  Keep in mind this is 2014, 2 years ago!

**Here is the next, and I ain’t making this up, brilliant text book statement, “The reason the markets have been rising so much over the last few years is due to CORPORATE EFFICIENCY.”  It is amazing how the media has effectively hid the truth from my fellow professionals.  The Fed still walks on water with these paper pros.  I am not saying I am smarter than them, just better looking.  Oops just kidding, but my family roots are grounded in not trusting everything you hear, and what I am now hearing is toxic.

**Remember he is talking to us classroom “paper pros”……Once the software programs are through with the information gathered on most potential clients, the numbers will look astronomical.  Outright impossible to fund in your prospect’s eyes.  So try to convince them to move retirement age out to 70+.  Hey that’s the ticket, the debt got them into a corner so, let’s offer them an out, “Work longer, which will allow you to give us your money Mr. & Mrs. John Q Public.”

**Our goal since they are making less than they spend is to serve as “Financial Intervention Experts”…!!!!”  You can’t make this shit up folks.   Yes he said that, “since they are making less than they spend……”  

**This one is interesting, and has to be the latest push from the major school “think tanks.” Sell the heck out of “disability income insurance!”   I half-way agree with this one, but the motives for pushing this product raised my eyebrow a bit.   First a history lesson.  The middle 1980’s saw a major push selling doctors on disability income products, at premium rates that were way too cheap,.  The darned “saw bones” gamed the claims system and ripped the insurance industry with false claims ‘big time’.  Since then, the product has been in hiding for over 2 decades and very few insurers are left in the underwriting of the product.  The sales waters flows to the easiest route available, it just might be that this product is a door opener for the bigger “roll over” sale with a potential client.  Good product, but I am curious about the renewed motive to sell it.  Could it be a common sense ‘door opener’ that allows them to gain the client’s trust at bigger pools of safely stagnate money?

**The next point the instructor made was amazing as it followed the above point.  Sell the heck out of STD (not sexually transmitted deceases, short term disability), primarily 90 and 180 day products with “first day benefits.”  Folks, maybe I missed something, and like Maynard G. Krebbs I have been avoiding my work too much, but it was the standard of the industry to make sure, as part of a client’s foundation, that they had a minimum of 180 days of cash available for expenses.  I have never ever ever heard of this stuff being sold to “supposed” well heeled clients that actually need the help of a financial planner.  This was a product that was sold primarily to blue collar workers via “pay-roll deduction.”

Apparently I have been out of the ‘paper loop’ for a while, since starting about 3 years ago I decided to tell all my clients to get out of paper and into a “diversified hard asset portfolio” (DHAP).  The typical STD clients do not need to suffer through the process and expense of a high end “Financial Planner” types (like the guys in this class).  Lambs to the slaughter.

**Get this action…… the “financial planning paper pros” now put the 401K in the bottom level of the pyramid as part of the foundation…..incredible!!!  In class they are now using the “Rockefeller Rule,” a third for expenses, a third for fun, and a third for future needs (a.k.a retirement).  By the way, Rockefeller was quoted extensively in this class and used as a model to go by, and following that note I had to excuse myself for a BATHROOM break!  You can’t make this shit up folks.  But I did make up the bathroom exit.

**Start early, and get 18 year olds involved in the process like Rockefeller did with his children, oops back to the BATHROOM!

**This one is staggering folks….don’t worry with education expenses as the ROI (return on investment) is extremely poor in today’s job market.  Instead, fund your 401K’s to a higher level for a better ROI.  Man are these guys going to be testing their E&O coverage (errors & omissions) if they follow these ideas.  For years, and I do mean for many years, “education funding” was a soft spot for the client to get them off their pocket books.  Now it appears, due to media coverage of the massive student loan debt, it has become an ROI rated item that now falls to the bottom of the list financial priority list.  To hell with the kids Agnes, let’s whoop it up!

**EXCEPT with respect to higher ed funding do this…bilk G’ma & G’pa to do the funding of 529 plans up to the magic 250,000 limits.  Hard to envision the instructor saying that about 529 plans after the ROI statement as regards to funding college educations.  But, he did…you just can’t make this crap up!

News flash, if you haven’t picked up on it yet this has become nothing more than a method to get money into the system by a starving retail investment industry.  I would say end of story, but there is unfortunately more.

**Client’s need to be reassured the USA has “well funded” safeguards in place to protect it’s citizenry from any Cypress type situations.  You heard that right, and it was discussed in that exact framework, no deviations at all.  Cypress was used as an example of how far we have come, and how well protected we are from incidents like that.  Again, can’t make this crap up!

**I love this one, Markowitz & the efficient frontier anyone, keep on making those contributions (a.k.a “dollar cost averaging) to your 401K’s as history has shown over the longer term the US markets always go up!  The instructor had to be wondering if I was OK, as I needed another bathroom break.  Just kidding, I was riveted as I wanted to see what I had been missing out on over the last 3 years while pushing my clients out of paper.

*****And, now the ‘coup de grace,’ do not call me a liar, I am not making this up.  THE QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Capitalism is defined by the rich corporate entities ‘having the ears’ of the politicians due to their deeper pockets, so get over it folks!”  I am paraphrasing, but that was the gist of it.  

Let me say that again: “Capitalism is defined by the rich corporate entities ‘having the ears’ of the politicians due to their deeper pockets, so get over it folks!”  


Again, this guy was very bright, and based on his stories, a devoted Christian family man.  Very affable guy, but trapped in the teachings of the western bankster cartel and or elite oligarchs.  My classmates will not open their eyes, as their pocket books would be adversely affected!  And, based on the repeal of some solid basic fundamental planning ideas like having 180 days of expenses on hand, I suspect “PROFESSIONAL MENTAL PAPER ENTRAPMENT” has been accomplished ‘stem to stern.’  

Move along, nothing to “think” here, this is a “non-free thinking zone.”  This is sad folks, because the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) have created a perfect client rich environment, via an audience who believes in paper, and teachers and sales professionals who deliver the ‘paper message’ with great skill.

I am more convinced than ever that the public’s coming “financial beat down” is the only thing that will have a prayer of waking up a “financially unprepared western world.”  Very very sad indeed.  End of 2014 excerpt…….

That last sentence ends the financial planning classroom segment of the Dec. 2014 installment.  But with 21 months under my belt since then, I can only say, “Wow and ditto to it all.  The only thing left to question is “event timing!”  Timing with respect to the western standard of living collapse.  

Back to the present…….

                                            News that Verifies the Truths

Holy crap!  How did this get by anybody who values the truth?  Well, it didn’t get by the front page of the “Yahoo News” crawl…..

Boy, that Lady GaGa stuff could be vital to a US economic recovery….!

Next, as a follow up on the Manfred Mueller interview posted above, here is a vaccine update….

Whether this is true or not (note I vote for TRUE), one thing is very clear.  The rest of the world doesn’t trust us.  Thanks fascist USSA dictators.   And why do I say “thanks” sarcastically?  Because we are an import based system for most of our “needs” based products.   So what the rest of the world thinks is a big big deal.  What’s that noise?  I think I hear someone trying to start an old worn out “Bobcat” product.  It is rumored you can’t get the new ones, and why might that be?   The new ones are rumored to be held on the ships at our ports until we can pay in something other than US Toilet Paper.  Wake up people.  True or not it doesn’t matter, as one thing is for sure, the rest of the world is voting with their feet as they are starting to walk away from the Fiat King Dollar!

Well it is official, here’s an entrepreneur who really knows the world of business.  A guy who started from the ground up, no grandfather named Rockefeller or anything like that in sight, anywhere.

What the hell would that guy know about anything?  What a piece of cow flop.

All I can add to this next headline is, “boy this is great news.”  Great news for fascism that is.

In this next King World News interview I am going to have to rip some of the material from a guy who is a fairly astute equity market participant and observer.

regarding the above interview, catch this whopper…….

“We’ve proven that globalization means huge connectivity, particularly in the financial system.  So if one or two of these nations begin to look strained, it will spill over across the borders very easily.” A.C.

Exactly right, it’s called western bankster fascism…!  But don’t expect anyone to call it that on any msm broadcast or even an alternative media broadcast.  Why?  Because it would incriminate them as well for being the expert that didn’t highlight the truths of the 2008 “cave-in.”  Let’s highlight one more whopper……

“Well, I try not to have a gut feeling that it’s going to end in disaster, but having gone through the pain and agony of 2008 and 2009, you don’t want to be too cavalier about anything.  Again, I don’t believe you, or I, or anyone else should be starting people on an idea of panic, but we’ve seen how severe some of these things can get, and we have not recovered greatly from them.” AC

This ain’t no frickin’ cycle so get over the damned “collegiate-paper-amateur-hour” explanations.  Explanations that will appeal to most audiences with great platitudes like “starting a panic.”  This sort of PhD glossing over where the rubber truly meets the road is amazing.  Point to anywhere in history where this sort of machination took place with the world’s reserve currency getting ready to be off loaded.  Hint, ya can’t!  But all that rant aside, Cashin is one experienced pretty ‘sharp cookie,’ and when the Wolf digests what he is saying………the cliff notes version says……”Take cover folks, this will be EPIC!”  It ain’t no cycle, especially since history has no remedy for our financial circumstance. WG

I would like to go into a tirade over this next ZeroHedge link, but upon further reflection, I WILL ANYWAY…….

D-Bank is calling the US out onto the recession carpet!  Really!  Anybody that has not picked up on my penchant for calling out these dudes over one simple fact has been asleep.  There is no need in discussing the economic facts if you don’t count the biggest elephant in the room, the ESF (Exchange Stabilization Fund). 

Check out this brain-buster from the above link…..

Summarizing all of the above: based on corporate balance sheets and income statements, the US economy may be in a recession as of this moment… and if it isn’t, even just one rate hike by the Fed, either in the September 21 meeting or in December, will assure that the backbone of corporate America, already straining under record debt and tumbling profits, will finally snap. Z.H.

“The US economy may be in recession as of this moment…”   Nah, no way, not with 58% of the GDP beholding to the tax on the UCA (The Unaffordable Care Act).  Now that is a vibrant economy, one that lives by the lie, as they move something from the red side of the ledger to the black side.  Rant is over, and court is adjourned on this case, as D-Bank is delusional.  I smell some western indoctrination chain of custody problems here.  More later….

The last time that I hit this next one hard it was basketball season, and the following example was used in that installment……

“If the referees are related to the coaches on one team, and have relatives that play for the same team, do you think the game may be a bit biased in it’s “rules enforcement?” Duh huh!   Without taking the entire picture into the final scoring, and it’s more than likely effects on a bogus outcome, the truth will never be exposed.  Wait a second WG, don’t you mean the lies will never be exposed?   “NO!”  It’s the “Truth” that is the enemy here to the system, and therefore the “Truth” resides on the side of the argument that represents the “Plaintiff.”  That is part n’ parcel to the fascist system, the truth has to prove itself.  It’s frickin’ amazing, in this case the “Truth is the plaintiff!”

The “fans/court of public opinion” flat and simply don’t want to hear the truth since it would mean that their beloved sporting event was bogus, making them morons for wasting the time to experience the entire event. Bringing that statement home to the economic arena, in other-words, the case never makes it to court as it would mean the beloved system was false, irrelevant, bias, bogus.  If you do not consider the entirety of the sources in the western money trails (hello ESF) the end result is meaningless.  Thus you have to get outside the box, and for a refresher on indoctrination if needed, consult again the excerpt from the December 2014 installment highlighted above.

Want to know what happens when the tax on ZeroCare is the biggest contributor to your GDP?  Check this out….

Another Quick review:  When a fascist “negative or red column item” is a 58% contributor to your overall GDP, this is what happens….EMN (Economic Mother Nature) stops by and tells you…..”Hey punk you don’t have a true capitalistic economy!”

And speaking of “CRAPitalism” at it’s finest check this out…..

The above headline is an offshoot of “CRAPitalism,” and the friend of fascism.  Wrong WG, that’s just true capitalism where the weak fall by the wayside.  It’s progress, WG!  I submit to you, that these corporate hotshots are either dumb as a sack of hammers, or they knew that the post Glass-Steagall bubble blowing event would yield big bucks for them with an eventually, “Oops did I hit the plunger of that TNT economic blast!”  Thus they are either incompetent, or they are traitors, or both.  What’s that I hear, it’s the high heels of EMN in the background. WG

Next up is another hit (he has delivered quality stuff for the last several weeks) from one of my favorite advisory members of the “Wolf Gray Family Survival and Protection Corporation,” Mr. David Stockman formerly of “Team Reagan”….

Here is an excerpt that caught my eye….

In addition to the political revolt of the rubes, the establishment regime is now imperiled by another existential threat. To wit, the world’s central bankers have finally painted themselves into the mother of all corners. D.S.

That is a mouthful, and in my view accurate on all counts.  Here is another quality excerpt…

In short, there is no bond “market” left in the world. What we have is a front-runners casino in which debt is being priced by the Big Fat Bid of the central banks. And unlike real money investors, the latter are completely price inelastic. Draghi is intent on his $90 billion per month of QE and Kuroda on achieving 2% inflation, come hell or high water. D.S.

Bingo, the bond market is a frickin’ fools casino folks.   It will soon be dressed up in clothes with badges stitched on that say, “No imports for those promoting fiat paper.”  Awe, those are just words on this piece of paper or computer screen WG, who cares anyway?  I do, that’s who.  As we are now a “two day, just-in-time delivery system for our NEEDS based products.  The majority of which are imported by our debt holders and competitors!”  I hate to be redundant, but can you say….”Dumb as a sack of hammers?!”  And if you ain’t preparing for this because you think Trump will make it all better in the morning, “Then you are dumb as a sack of hammers too!”

We might be able to accuse Mr. Trump of being redundant, but we can certainly accuse him of this…..?

Still working on a proper fitting for his pitchfork proof vest.  As stated in an earlier installment, the first time he proclaimed this narrative it was without need of political gain.  He had just won the nomination.  He keeps hitting on targets that will not abruptly effect his election hopes, at least not against his weak opponent.  He is in the fitting room folks, because he knows what’s coming isn’t stoppable, not without an act of God.

Speaking of Trump, next up is the “international man” Doug Casey, with a couple interesting viewpoints on the election.

This next excerpt is pretty spot on as far as I am concerned.  But that is just my opinion, and apparently Casey’s opinion as well…….

Trump is the desperate “last hurrah” of the old order. An FYI: I don’t support Trump per se, even though, given the alternative, I hope he wins. It’s clear he has all kinds of dangerous authoritarian tendencies. And has all kinds of really silly economic notions. But the good news is that he may—to at least a degree—upset the Deep State’s apple cart, at least until he’s co-opted into the Deep State. No matter who wins, this election is going to be ugly. So try not to take it very seriously. D.C.

Casey is a character to say the least, but few seldom question his intellect.  Sadly, I am with him on Trump and his take no the economy, as I also think Trump has some skeletons in his closet.  Based on some of his comments Trump might also be clueless about where the debt is landing us within a fiat based system (one of which someone told him to retract ASAP, btw).  This guy scares me a little, but the other guy/gal tripping over curbs and gutters scares the crap out of me.  

I haven’t read this next article in full, so if you do tell me what it says.  My laziness resides around the fact the headline says it all, and I have been beating this drum to the point of needing ear protection.

The title says all I need to know.   As stated many many times before, the repeal of Glass Steagall in 1999 created the “Paper Triple Headed Hydra” (that name is a “WGism”, not in the above link).  It allowed the bubble blowers to have unfettered access to my funds and yours, for the purposes of enriching themselves.   Hey, maybe it is becoming more & more mainstream.  Maybe the authors of the above article have been lurkers at ‘’

And speaking of lurkers, maybe the next article should call into reference the RM installment archives.  Check this out…..

Check out this line from the above ZeroHedge article….

Those wondering if this means that central banks are engaged in a
creeping, stealthy, indirect LBO of the world’s assets on behalf of
third parties, the answer is perilously close to a resounding “yes.” Z.H.

And from ZeroHedge once again, but just a couple days earlier, check this out……

Do I detect a trend here based join these last two links?   And for those that want an LBO refresher course and can stand the rants, here it is WG-style from August of last year ….

                  A 360 Degree Turn in the Custodianship of Western Indoctrination

So the alternative media leads us to believe the George Soros’s (PPPTB member) of the world are the financiers of bullshit efforts like the BLM (black lifes matter) or the NGO (non-government operatives or organizations) efforts in the Ukraine and other areas like Syria.  Which would even include the flood of refugees to the southern EU coastlines.  But are these PPPTBer’s the true funding sources as purported by the media?  Not so fast my friends!  

Their names may be somewhere in the money trails, but someone else fueled the fires.  How about, ME and how about YOU, in the financial chain of custody!  If my theory is right, and I think it is, guys like that don’t pay for shit, never have, never will.  Before I go on that rant, let’s first permit “The Turd & Dr. Jim Willie” to add some color to the situation.

@4:22…Appears Dr. Jim Willie doesn’t give any credence to the FED’s ramblings, just like WG.

@8:10…Dr. Willie comments on the 10 year bond yield going even lower.  As I have stated before the money managers are imprisoned in their own “paper trap.”  Their flights to safety are restricted to paper instruments.  I hear “Financial Planning Continuing Ed” classes calling.  If you have your money on board with these guys, “YOU WILL BE CORRALLED!”

@10:42…At this point Dr. Willie discusses the likelihood that if the FED raises the rates, it will collapse the debt markets and the carry trade profits attached to the rigged debt markets.  In WG’s opinion, if they raise rates they will force a final western economic train wreck, which would then appear to be with a sense of purpose.  End game style if you will.

@13:50Dr. Willie references that we are in receivership already.  I agree, except the bastards that should be suffering the pains of being on the receiving end of a forced LBO …. aren’t!  Instead, it is we the sheeple in pain!  And possibly the custodians of the indoctrination behind the coming King Dollar paper failure…!  More in a second….

@14:17…The US rejected a proposed a plan in March to implement a gold backed Yuan.  As the US said, “NO,  Implementation would be an act of war,” due to a quickly devalued dollar.  The Chinese responded with OK, we will let you fail on your own…which leads to….

@15:20Dr. Willie points out that there have been rumors of 8 major bank failures since 7/01/16, which were patched up with dark money.  As in US narcotics money!  He continues to explain the big boys know the failure is in overnight rescue mode, but the sheeple are out to lunch on this information.  The WG short story on this can be heard from EMN (Economic Mother Nature) as the end of the line on the western paper dark money fraud is soon to be recognized by everyone.  Again the question arises as to who is really the custodian of the indoctrination leading to the failure?

@21:25…Here the Doc delivers one of the best statements I ever heard on the debt markets, “They can print unlimited paper debt and money, but they can’t handle the attached machinery.”  WG says, in walks EMN the fore-woman of the machine shop, no election can correct this one folks.  She will very likely be the one to deliver the final statements on the stupidity of the western economic indoctrination.

@23:23…Dr. Willie reiterates a lucid point that they have killed the economy with QE, and the bottom line is they don’t care about us.  They view us as the downstream paper sewage recipients!  Amen Dr. Willie!  But who is really responsible, and who really financed this failure? Has it come 360%?  More in a second.

@25:30…The dates of October 17th & 31st as key dates that the Chinese have said they will be ready to kick off the gold related financial apparatuses.  Interesting, but not worth planning your vacation around.  I recommend just getting ahead of it all, A.S.A.P.

@26:55Dr. Willie discusses something that “V” predicted long ago, the G20 will over take the debt ridden G7 as the big show in the economic world.  Bingo!

@28:55…A perfect explanation ensues of where the financial powers lie within the IMF.  As in, with China!  Not to brag, but once again as harped on many times before on the pages of ‘’.  

@37:25…Another reiterated RM point, we financialize paper crap, and the east does what?  The advancement of “Needs” based products.  This is just the application of good solid business principles, something that used to be our forte.  

@38:40We ship what?  “AIR,” supplemented with the following exports, fraudulent paper…military hardware…diabetes…laced vaccines…& once again of course AIR.  The big 5 of industry, wouldn’t you say?  Again who is ultimately paying for this paper fraud?  I suspect you are catching on to the answer by now, or even sooner, but hang in there a little longer.

@43:40…At this point a discussion takes place on how to flush out of favor King Dollar paper without too much economic chaos as gold comes on the scene.   Please note the tenor of the conversation.  And, the WG interpretation is, the King Dollar has not one PAINLESS solution that will help the 99% of the US population who don’t own any reasonable amounts of GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins).  This was a great discussion, though they didn’t harp on the effects on the US’s 99%ers, just keep that in the back of your mind as you listen to this discussion.

@47:25…Another great discussion of basic business is tackled.  Taking into account that the debt laden nations like the US, who now have no consideration to offer at the trade table.  Bottom line, the deficit nations like the US don’t want to yield to the eventuality of bringing some form of tangible hard asset to the tables to clear the slate.  WG theory: This the ultimate penalty for those involved in the chain of custody of failed western paper indoctrination.  Indoctrination that that clearly says, paper debt is forgivable.  WRONG, especially for those trade partners who didn’t act as responsible stewards of their “physical” assets vs. paper liabilities.  Hello USSA!  Time for the USA to boot out the stewards of the USSA.  So who are the real payers, and thus the custodians of the western paper indoctrination, and it’s ongoing failure?………

@50:55…Listen to the next couple of minutes in this segment and visualize the cannibalization of your own paper business partners.  It’s my theory that this is one of the big pitfalls when the failing business model also has ownership of the world’s reserve currency (WRC), a currency that is being offloaded by foreign business compeitors where possible.  Leaving no other alternative for the WRC’s business partners other than looking for seamless routes for a timely transition into other trade alternatives, as well as partnerships.  Seamless is the goal, but control of the transition is tenuous.  Sadly, penalties will be handed out to the individuals perceived to be the custodians of this western paper indoctrination.  Don’t look at the PPPTBer’s, they will be long gone by the time the penalty phase is front and center.

Which leads straight to the Soro’s and/or the PPPTBer’s of the world, and their hand in the financing of the unwarranted NGO’s and the other chaos events like the EU refugee crisis or the US’s BLM problems.  These guys are truly the architects and are the genesis of the name, “The Empire of Chaos” (not coined by WG). 

The following theory will probably generate anger should you “buy into it,” and personally I would give it a routine 9 to 1 odds of being accurate.  I did not consult the “Wolfpack” on any of the following hypothesis because they were the field test and laboratory subjects.  For a quick background review, WG made his money by selling financial products and insurance products to business owners, with greater than 75% in the blue collar business arena.  I am not laying claim to being a super salesman, but I did “OK” for myself.  Many times I was dealing with some very personal products for many of these business owners, which allowed me to see the inner workings of the businessman or woman’s frame of mind.  Among the financially successful ones there seemed to be two major categories.

“BA”: This is category was filled with the self indulgent “wants” oriented owner who bitched about everything and laid people off before he would dare give them a raise.  They loved to complain like hell in the face of company prosperity, using the complaints as an excuse for not providing Christmas bonuses to his or her employees.  Thus, “BA” …. Bad Attitude!   The BA mottos are usually, “give me more, and them less.”  The BA’s tend to feel, if it weren’t for me, where would they be able to survive! They being his or her employees. They would be unable to pay their bills, ain’t I great!  To sell the BA type, which I wasn’t too good at, I had to make them think the product I was presenting would assist them in “getting over on someone!” Someone like the government or their competitors.  They were cheap skates that usually did not persist as clients for long, as they are always looking for an angle.  And new “angles” walk through their business doors all the time.  Next……

“BP”: This group is more grounded in the “team” oriented philosophy of running their businesses.  In their business world “needs” trumped “wants,” and “wants” were considered non-business, or personal items.  They typically provided Christmas bonuses when they were able, and tried to maximize their employees involvement and benefits within the company profit structure without letting them in on the more critical business secrets.  Which is a real art, to be honest.  Their employees many times remained with them for as long as I have known the client/business owner.  In this case, and literally to this very day, these dudes are normally the Wolfpackers I consult with for guidance.  Thus I assign the acronym “BP” … Benefit Promoters.

“BP” types are long term successful, and on the obverse side of the coin, “BA” types are get rich quick oriented.  When BA’s want something they just take a little from the employment structure, and allow their side of the ledger to grow.  Justifying it with,  “they wouldn’t have anything if it weren’t for me!”  They are the types that are too cheap to pay for things themselves, and as such I say they are “self indulgent welfare whores!”  Clearly the BA’s are the ones most similar to the PPPTB crowd.  Hell they are probably charter members of some sort of secret club.

Put simply, when the PPPTB want to fund something they go to the employee well.  The national population, the Sixpack’s, the sheeple…come one, come all.  The PPPTB “wants” are to be supplemented with the deductions from elsewhere in their own version of a “Zero-Sum-Game”….!   A game the rest of us have little control over.  

So when QE, and other forms of easy government monies flow to these dudes, are they really paying for the BLM, NGO crap out of their original portfolio balances?   I suspect they don’t even pay for a lot of their “needs” as well.  Without the easy money they confiscate from unconstitutional “give-away” programs, they wouldn’t be available for the check writing.  Once they know their end is covered by someone else, then they are ready to “rock & roll” checkbook in hand.  WG 

At this point I am sure that everyone sees where my 9 to 1 odds came from, odds that state the PPPTB pay for nothing “most of the time,” while someone else pays for everything.   And just where does that final bill come home to roost?   It will be at the sheeple door step courtesy of Dodd & Frank.  Most business transactions eventually become “zero-sum-games,” where the bill eventually has to be paid, some how, someway.  The chain of custody on this “ponzi-scheme/game” goes full circle right back to the Sixpacks & sheeple, most of which, literally wouldn’t even know how to define a ponzi-scheme, let alone implement and organize one.   

PPPTB/BA types spend most of their time yelling “look at me!”  They almost never admit to their failures, then transfer any associated blame, and turn their loss into someone else’s while finding a profit off other’s misery.  The final overdue bill is coming, and someone will have to pay, and it is likely to be the folks currently financing the ongoing ponzi-operation.   The problem for the western PPPTB is that this time around “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” but in this case some equally powerful dudes form the east are now vying for the top spot……

                                        Welcome to your life
                                        There’s no turning back
                                        Even while we sleep
                                        We will find You acting on your best behavior
                                        Turn your back on mother nature
                                        Everybody wants to rule the world
                                        It’s my own desire
                                        It’s my own remorse
                                        Help me to decide
                                        Help me make the most Of freedom and of pleasure
                                        Nothing ever lasts forever
                                        Everybody wants to rule the world….Tears for Fears

Why did I choose to write on this subject?  To piss you off, if you aren’t already.

                                                       Final Thoughts

Pulled from the Internet:  A zero-sum game is a mathematical representation of a situation in which each participant’s gain (or loss) of utility is exactly balanced by the losses (or gains) of the utility of the other participant(s).

In my view this ain’t a child’s game by any stretch of the imagination.  I maintain it is a version of the law of physics, but applied to business and economics.  For example, if you do Zimbabwe style money printing, the zero-sum-game will hit you with hyperinflation in the price of goods and services.  Then and only when, you can afford to “PAY IN FULL!”  In addition (or one in the same actually) your currency devalues in it’s ability to buy “needs” based products.  Again, but only when you can afford to “PAY IN FULL!” 

The bottom line here, is eventually someone on the other side of the ponzi-scheme trades wants to be made whole.  At least as whole as the current environment will allow.  But in our extreme financial crisis, a final bill will probably not be paid in full, therefore multiple schemes will most likely be put together.  Make no mistake we in the west will pay.  The US is the ultimate in “sub-prime borrowers,” and as such will have to foot the final bill in some way or another.  

This “game” may never zero out on paper, but it will have to be a “zero-sum-game” to some degree for those that in good faith were caught still holding our overprinted paper.  The game ends when the unlucky holders of our paper feel whole.  “Feel” being the operative word, as completing the “zero-sum-game” on paper will literally not be possible as the dark money books will most likely never properly tell the entire story.  Some form of restitution will be, and is being demanded.  Politely at the moment.  So what will be next?

Get mad folks, as the bill will soon be coming to those in the west.  In the PPPTB’s minds, you are part of their invisible chain of custody and as such must pay whatever is necessary to keep the ‘opposition/bill collectors’ off their backs.  Even though the ponzi-scheme bill can’t be tied to the US sheeple on paper, it will still come to them/us.  At the risk of being redundant, I suspect it will be in the form of a package wrapped in “Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act” paper.   And your solution is….?   Nothing new here……

GOTS…Get out of the system!  Once again full credit to Jim Sinclair for that acronym.  If you are overly invested in the western paper system, you will pay proportionately.  In fact you already are.  But that is currently in a covert manner, never fear though the new payments will become much more overt.  If you like, I can get you the names of some of the attendees to the “Paper Indoctrination Class” from 2014 to help you with your stash.   Gotcha ya!

And get over yourself with respect to this election.  To quote my favorite well qualified instructor “W,” a man whose American hero credentials have allowed you to have the freedom to enjoy, ignore or get pissed off reading this WG diatribe, “You Can’t Fix Washington, It’s Already FIXED!” So sayeth W.  And to that I say, once again, “GOTS!”  

You will be alone when the critical decisions have to be made, and then you will have to stand up or sit down.  Posted before, but I will let Jennifer Nettles talk once again…..

Up to this point you have been warned repeatedly, but it can’t hurt to do it again!  God bless and be well, and keep working on your DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio).

           God, then your Family, then the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave
                                                   Survive then Thrive…!

                                                                  Wolf Gray

                                                                  Wolf Gray



Credits to the thoughts of:  Opie, Dixie, Team RM & “W”, Dr. Manfred Mueller, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, Art Cashin & KingworldNews, ZeroHedge, ‘ (no affiliation), David Stockman,  Jim Sinclair, Doug Casey, ‘’, Dr. Jim Willie & Turd Ferguson, Tears for Fears & Sugarland

13 thoughts on “The Chain of Custody in Western Indoctrination, a Full 360 Degree Circle…!

  1. Regarding your potato experiment, I’ve done the exact same thing in the past with plastic trash cans and had little success with them also. Like you say, drainage seems to be an issue and I never could figure out a good way to deal with it. I think in general some things just don’t grow very good in plastic containers no matter how much attention you give them. This year I decided to try some of the black fabric grow bags to see how they compare to plastic pots of equal size. I purchased several 15 gallon sized fabric bags off Ebay and put them next to some 15 gallon sized plastic pots. I planted white potatoes in a few of the bags and a few of the plastic pots. I also did the same with sweet potatoes. The results were the same for each kind of potato. Everything grew better in the fabric bags. The foliage was bigger and the harvest was bigger by size and quantity. Since the soil and moisture were the same for all, I can only assume that the fabric bags allow for better drainage and more air to the roots. I’m going to ditch all my plastic pots in favor of grow bags from now on and try them with other plants as well. Another plus for the bags is that you can dump the dirt at the end of the season and neatly fold them up and toss them in a closet or a shed until next season and they take up very little storage space.


    • Excellent tip TMD, and you could be right about the plastic cans, especially ones so tall in relation to their girth. It was clear at harvest, that we had trapped too much moisture, and that wasn’t due to excessive nourishment with the water hose. It just wasn’t draining effectively. Great tip though.


  2. This article is another masterpiece!I also have been growing a few things in 15 gallon containers( zucchini, a wide variety of peppers, beans…) And of all of them the peppers are thriving and growing very well. I need to start experimenting growing potatoes and maybe some yuca. Here in PR yuca grow extremely well.
    A quick question Wolf, what are your thoughts about platinum? Some people say it isn’t a precious metal and more industrious…


    • Thanks for the compliment. Cris, I don’t consider myself to be an expert on platinum, but that is by choice. The "choice" in my case is to stick with monetary metals, as that is where the biggest problems seen to lie. That being the "traditional" group of the monetary metals….gold & silver bars & coins. The world is awash in un-sterilized cash & debt. So I want to combat that problem in particular, with one of the surest bets possible. To me that is GSBC’s. I suspect platinum "may" have it’s moments in the coming crisis, but I know gold & silver will. Hope that helps Cris


  3. under survival and preps, is an active section on homeopathic remedies, just started hemp discussion and a great gardening sharing…fabric bags have had talked about and liked a lot to sign in..however requirements are name and password…nothing big..there are other discussion areas as well..I am a big fan of the survival sectionmy potatoes..have a small plot 18 inches by maybe 2 ft in total could beless..stuck some potatoes in and watered, added soil and still water..not ready to see what the crop is yet..trying yuca for first time..have annies annuals nearby..going this Sat for a hour lecture.any way under the edibles category, I found a lot of new plantsto try..peppers that are perennial and tomatoes as well and basil the yuca therehave sawdust that I get for free from a wood shop that uses onlyorganic wood. However sawdust doesn’t have nitrogen so I amcareful where I use it..James Corbett (believe I am remembering correctly) did a hour or solong video on Standard Oil..fascinating..and he includedhow homeopaths were in the way of oil backed medicine..Kami McBride is a new name to me from last Sat..she talks abouthow to use spices and herbs to enhance/utilize food better in thebody..lots of exciting ‘stuff’suggest you try the bags and the plastic garbage cans only putmore holes up the sides…just as an experiement 🙂


    • Jane Doe your last suggestion is exactly what Mrs. WG, the head gardener, said she was going to do next season on the potatoes. Ironically the ones we planted in God’s natural sod did great this year, it was just the trash can stuff that didn’t yield much. Again probably my fault. Concerning hemp, it is rumored (and with some actual studies as well), to have tremendously positive effects on cancer & blood pressure & permitting a better nights sleep. Several good follow up articles and videos under, "How to make a small batch Rick Simpson oil"…..I am not an expert on this by any stretch of the imagination, but I have talked to some really smart dudes on the subject, and suffice it to say I think we are being lied to big time on a lot of natural treatments, and their potential efficacy.
      And bingo big time on spices, we grow the heck out of them. I believe in many of the beneficial stories I hear on them. And have experienced it, plus they make dishes taste good to boot. Garlic is hardly an herb though the argument goes ‘either or’ when compared to being a vegetable, but I know it has tremendous health benefits. Knocks my BP problems down just as well as a banana.
      Thanks for the links…


  4. WG,
    Another great article and brings so many points raised to mind! Especially the points you raised regarding medical procedures!
    It so happened that Warren Pollock raised similar concerns as well as the criminal elements that was discussed by Jim Willie years ago..that we should always factor this in mind. I have attached the link below for those who have not yet heard this youtube clip:

    Btw he raised an interesting point when Greg Hunter asked about DHAP – we need the spiritual and human element as well. We all had been too indoctrinated and molded (through training and education) into conduits to transfer wealth to the elites without realizing it! Only those who had less indoctrinated and (because of lower education levels) will be able to see through (being street wise) and get out (as in Jim Sinclair – GOTS)!
    This could be another angle to add to the survival approach that you have been advocating – we need to develop both mental and another different set of skills before the collapse point is reached.


    • KW88, your paragraph that reads….
      "Btw he raised an interesting point when Greg Hunter asked about DHAP – we need the spiritual and human element as well. We all had been too indoctrinated and molded (through training and education) into conduits to transfer wealth to the elites without realizing it! Only those who had less indoctrinated and (because of lower education levels) will be able to see through (being street wise) and get out (as in Jim Sinclair – GOTS)!" KW88
      is about as spot on as it gets, and that is almost only workable by each individual via their own ego. No outside help required, or even effective. Thus what is needed is a self reviewed analysis of your own ability to think outside the box. This is truly fodder for another installment, but I always hear, "this stuff is so complicated." To that I say, "BS, no it’s not!" The intricacies involved to solve the problem might be, but the overall analysis is not. The banks & in particular Goldman Sucks were in trouble in 2008, and Lehmann took the fall. It ain’t complicated let them "FALL, LET THEM FAIL, PERIOD!" It is a part of the constitutional process, but the fascist agenda took over the day. The rebuild out of the problem may be complicated post the collapse, but the starting process is simple as hell. Let it go into the proper constitutional direction.
      OH btw, I love your disclaimer in the last comment posted above……


  5. Both V and Ferfal had mentioned that once the economic collapse takes place in any society, being denied access to medical care is often fatal to those who can no longer afford it. Western homeopathy should be explored. There is another alternative – the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) .
    These are probably available within the Chinatowns (with licensed practicing doctors). There may be recognized courses in US for those who may be interested. Do note that TCM worked best with diet and exercises. For those who have not used TCM before, please note that your body would need to adjust to the new way of treatment for it to work for you (and its effect is slower than Western medicine but comes with less side effect). However, there are some medicines which may contain toxic materials so be careful! (Disclaimer: I am not a TCM practitioner nor am I in the medical or pharmaceutical business!).
    One should always find out more about homeopathy and TCM before being forced by circumstances.


  6. On to the coming Economic Mother Nature (EMN)..
    Since the US media had become propaganda spewing outlets, I decided to check out the alternative sources of news i.e. from the East..(do note that I can only manage a weak grasp of spoken Mandarin and not very good with their written languages (there are two scripts – simplified version from the Mainland China and the traditional version from Taiwan). ahem.. I must confess that I am not very good with languages..written or spoken.
    I found this interesting you tube news clip that discussed how the US FED is trapped between rock and a hard place..

    Now my spoken Mandarin is not very good; however at 13.30 into the video clip, the lady (who had been explaining what her understanding of FED did in the past and present) highlighted that the FED is now trapped! This is because the FED had created two huge bubbles (stock market and property market) and need to prevent them from bursting! To do so it has to maintain the USD value within 98 – 94 of the USD index. Too high will crash the stock market and too low will kill the property market. She noted that the FEB can only jawbone as it is the only tool left and do so whenever the USD approaches 98 or 94.
    Fast forward to the news from the same source a couple of days ago:

    The male TV presenter is making the case that the Japanese QE had failed..and they will be committing hari kiri with the entire nation’s pension fund soon (12.37 into the clip). Time to consider pulling out your funds from there (that is my interpretation!). Around 34.17, he is mentioning that PIMCO is getting whacked due to QE and ZIRP. At 36.04, the various presenters are making the cases of Asian curriencies and stock markets are collapsing..they will be moving their funds into…USD soon. So if they are correct, the FED will have a headache as the USD + gold/silver will go up..the Asian wealth will be pouring in!!
    So what happened the last few days?
    and ..
    ESM, FED or Treasurer will hit the gold/silver again and again and again! Negative interest rates here we come ready or not!
    ECM is ready getting to go…this last quarter will be full of fireworks as V promised!! Warren is right..this is the pre-crash and the most deadly time for all!


  7. fwiw, at, jellystone board, there is a poster tank for short..he has been posting on vit c, vit d and magnesium citrate (magnesium and whatever followshas to have ‘ate’ at the end)the mag helps sleep, restless leg/leg cramps at night and BP….many of the posters have followed his advice (lol, he has been postingit for many years now…we are a group who expected the 08 downturnand have been awaiting the next collapse) and they have had excellentresults..including a daughter doesn’t need her asthma inhaler anymore.But really helps BP..fwiw


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