Was Putin’s Chauffeur Murdered By a Hacked Mercedes? Global(ist) Context and Implications

As a frequent visitor to Moscow, and for a brief year a legal working resident in the Russian capital, we are familiar with the area around the WWII memorial obelisk at Poklonnaya Hill and the nearby ‘Stalin buildings’ where Soviet leaders such as Leonid Brezhnev had their apartments. Kutuzovsky along with Leninsky Prospekt is one of the broad thoroughfares through the city connecting to the Garden Ring and, further out, the MKAD (Moskovskaya Koltsevaya Avtomobilnaya Doroga)Like Leninsky avenue, Kutuzovsky is frequently shut down on one side to allow multiple lanes for the Russian President and other VIPs motorcades and their DPS (Russian federal highway patrol) as well as Moscow city police escorts to pass at high speed to the Kremlin and other buildings in downtown.

What the Russia Analyst Knows About the Crime Scene

As someone who was in Moscow for the visits of President Barack Obama and Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, we can also testify to foreign leaders getting every bit as much escort if not more than Putin and high ranking Russian officials. Furthermore, after numerous incidents of ‘migalka’ or blue light abuse by the sons and lovers of various chinovniks,  as well as high speed crashes that killed or injured pensioners in their Ladas, the Interior Ministry cracked down on the issuance of the devices. The actor and director Nikita Mikhailkov, though not a bureaucrat, managed to obtain one of the coveted blue lights to speed past traffic, before a public outcry made him give his up in 2011. Today the most high ranking Kremlin officials including Putin sometimes heli-commute into the city at peak traffic times, when the largest city in Europe often gets snarled with horrific traffic jams.

After such common sense reforms then, one would expect spectacular crashes of the type that killed Putin’s chauffeur instantly to become rare if not be avoided entirely. Yet on September 2nd a Mercedes Benz wrecked into the black government BMW 7 Series head on, and according to the Guerrilla’s sources this was no accident. The driver of the Mercedes was hospitalized in a coma after the 90 mph plus combined collision. Meanwhile only the deceased driver’s initials of were released to the public as of Thursday. Russian media appear to be portraying the wreck as a tragic accident, rather than an act of foul play:

The originator of terrible road accident on Kutuzovsky prospect, in which killed the most skilled driver management Department of the President, came from a drug-induced coma and told “MK” the details of the incident on 2 September 2016. Through our newspaper, the 38-year-old Yang Kamilov also decided to apologize for the incident, the family of the deceased 69-year-old driver.

Recall that in a government car brand “BMW” at the wheel which sat one of the best drivers office (drove Ministers, members of the Federation Council, the Government, etc.) crashed into a “Mercedes” with the numbers “999”. – This car belongs to Jan, it is a company car, which he just enjoyed, – said the lawyer Vadim Lyalin. – He is an expert appraiser in a large company. At the same time Yang is very law-abiding, never violated traffic rules. The results of the examination showed that at the time of the accident he was completely sober.


However the Guerrilla’s sources suggested that the Mercedes Benz was hacked, in an incident similar to the February 2015 Valhalla train crossing crash that killed multiple JP Morgan executives, and the suspected hacking of the late Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings’ Mercedes coupe. The implication is that this attack was intended as a demonstration of capability and warning to Putin, who was not in the car or in Moscow that day.

The Motive? Putin Keeps Undermining the Petrodollar via Mideast Mega-Deals

As Ken “the (Shotgun) Professor” Shortgen Jr. noted in his post on Wednesday September 7, Putin and his Iranian allies have been taking more aggressive steps of late to undermine the U.S. petrodollar. During the G20 summit in Hangzhou, China, Putin was warmly greeted by Chinese President Xi Jinpeng, while Beijing deliberately snubbed Obama’s delegation. A group photo of world leaders in which Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was bending to speak in Putin’s ear while a curious Obama looked on summarized the growing script reversal, whereby the Americans rather than Russians were increasingly isolated or at least, not taken seriously by their Chinese hosts and other world leaders.:

The president of the United States lands with all the majesty of Air Force One, waiting to exit the front door and stride down the rolling staircase to the red-carpeted tarmac. Except that there is no rolling staircase. He is forced to exit — as one China expert put it rather undiplomatically — through “the ass” of the plane.

This happened Saturday at Hangzhou airport. Yes, in China. If the Chinese didn’t invent diplomatic protocol, they surely are its most venerable and experienced practitioners. They’ve been at it for 4,000 years. They are the masters of every tributary gesture, every nuance of hierarchical ritual. In a land so exquisitely sensitive to protocol, rolling staircases don’t just disappear at arrival ceremonies. Indeed, not one of the other G-20 world leaders was left stranded on his plane upon arrival.


While Obama is Just a Figurehead, the Disrespect for Uncle Sam is Real

The agenda of Hangzhou for President Xi, besides tasting the fine Russian ice cream Putin brought him, was acceleration of Eurasian integration on China’s (increasingly yuan and local currency denominated) terms. Obama meanwhile, not only had members of his delegation dissed by the Chinese with testy statements of “this is our country, this is our airport” when they wanted to cross a press rope line, he also was forced to cancel a meeting with the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte, who insulted him as a “son of a whore” and ranted about a long list of real and perceived U.S. imperial abuses against the one time staunch American ally in the Pacific. The two men later shook hands during the ASEAN summit, but the perception that no one respects Obama if not the government he represents has sunk in.

The Bahrain Angle: Putin Cutting Deals with King Who Hosts USN’s 5th Fleet

Obama’s meeting with the Turkish President on the sidelines of the G20 apparently went nowhere, while the signs of a quid pro quo between Moscow and Ankara continue to appear in the form of jihadist defeats at Aleppo in return for the Turks receiving a free hand against the YPG/PYD Kurds of northern Syria. After the G20 Putin hosted the King of Bahrain Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa. For those who don’t know, Bahrain may not have much oil and gas compared to its neighbors in the Persian Gulf, and like the Dubai has transitioned to a post-petro economy based on Islamic finance, real estate and tourism. But it remains strategic for its status of home to the United States Navy’s 5th Fleet, just 120 miles across the Gulf from Iran.

The royal family of Bahrain is also Sunni whereas a majority of the peninsula nation’s population is Shi’a, a source of unrest and tensions that Manama ruthlessly ‘resolved’ by using Saudi security forces as muscle in 1994 and again in 2011. But with the exceptions of a few neocons and Saudi firsters in D.C., the whole world including the Sunni powers of the Gulf Cooperation Council recognize that the credibility of Saudi military power has seriously declined since Riyadh’s war against Yemen turned into a losing, humiliating quagmire.

The fact that the Bahraini King was in Moscow shortly after his patrons in Saudi Arabia announced a deal with Russia on ‘stabilizing the oil markets’ is not coincidental. Russia is proudly messing with the linchpin of the petrodollar since President Nixon took the U.S. off the gold standard in 1971, the Saudi-dollar linkage. And that is something the dirtiest part of the American Deep State cannot tolerate:

Bahrain endorsed the agreement reached between the Russian Federation and Saudi Arabia on joint action to stabilize oil prices. This was stated by the kingdom’s ambassador to Russia, Ahmed Al-Saati.

”Bahrain is not a major oil producer, we are not OPEC members, but we welcome any agreement between oil producers, stabilizing markets. I think that Russian-Saudi agreement will contribute to the stabilization and recovery of oil prices, as this is the largest oil producers, “, RIA Novosti quoted al-Saati.

On the eve of the meeting of the Russian President with the King of Bahrain, Moscow and Riyadh have agreed on joint actions and measures in cooperation with other oil producers to maintain stability in the oil market, and sustainable level of investment in the long term.


Prior Threats Made Against Putin’s Life Reported by Infowars, Former Reagan Deputy Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Without further details being released by the infamously tight lipped Russian authorities we don’t have a lot to add about this ‘warning’ to Putin…or what could happen next if the dirty post-Western Deep State escalates. We know former Special Assistant to the Director of Central Intelligence under the Reagan administration Herbert E. Meyer publically called for Putin’s assassination in August 2014. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, the former Assistant Treasury Secretary under President Reagan, warned Infowars.com readers and Alex Jones Radio show listeners in October 2015 that the globalists may try to take Putin out. But until this week, the risk of escalation to the point of targeting Mr. Putin’s person — a no-no on the non-deep black side of the intelligence community for the obvious reasons that assassinations formally violate post-Church Committee U.S. laws and could invite retaliation in kind — had seemed mostly abstract to those of us without any insider knowledge of Russia’s Deep State.

Putin’s Family: Three Adult Daughters, Two With Husbands from Abroad, an ex-Wife and a Young Wife with Two Young Children

If Mr. Putin were targeted, we always assumed, the most likely culprit would be a jihadist suicide bomber of the type the FSB and Chechen security services under strongman Ramzan Kadyrov periodically arrest prior to terrorist attacks planned in Dagestan or Moscow. However, given the desperation of the dirtiest parts of the globalist cabal to slow or stop Russia’s active role in replacing the petrodollar, the other threat is likely to those less well protected than the Russian President that he loves. These would include his adult daughters — one of whom is married to a Dutchman, the other reportedly a South Korean admiral’s son, and both of whom frequently travel to the countries of their respective husbands presumably beyond the reach of Russia’s Federal Protective Service, where Moscow must rely on the good faith of the local police forces and federal authorities.

In the case of the South Koreans, given the warm relations on display between Putin and ROK President Park Geun-hye at the recent Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, Putin’s Korean son in law and wife are likely safe in Seoul. But his other daughter in the Netherlands, given the lax security at Schiphol airport and other locations in that thoroughly Gladio-infiltrated NATO member country, may soon elect to stay closer to home with her husband. Putin reportedly has another adult daughter, Yekaterina Tihonova, a dancer who lives in Moscow from a relationship prior to his marriage to his now ex-wife Ludmila Putina, a former Aeroflot flight attendant. Vladimir Vladimirovich also has two young children (including a son reportedly named ‘Vladimir’) born in recent years to his present consort and alleged secret spouse (who is half-Tatar and a former rhythmic gymnast) Alina Kabaeva

Interesting Coincidences Prior to the Hit on Putin’s Driver:
Messages from Vladimir Vladimirovich to the U.S./UK ‘Shadow Governments’

Without diving too deep into the treacherous waters of this topic, the Russia Analyst would like to note a few more interesting coincidences preceding this dark ‘message’ to Putin.

‘Coincidence’ one, Putin met with the sons of some very elite figures in Great Britain, by hosting lads from Eton whose fathers very well likely work in the City of London if not the British security services. This appears to be a nod from Putin directed at post-Brexit Prime Minister Theresa May’s talk of improving relations remains, but especially at the City. Once again, as we remarked in an email to the RogueMoney team on the subject, Putin appears to understand the British elites far better than they understand those members of the Russian elite in the odd habit of NOT parking their money in ‘Londongrad’s banks and Mayfair real estate. 

‘Coincidence’ two, as PolitRussia‘s Ruslan Ostashko noticed, last week Putin gave an interview to Bloomberg News. It was by far one of the lengthiest interviews he has given to a non-Russian journalist since 2012 if not earlier (Putin’s old buddy Larry King, the mainstream U.S. media has discovered, has a retirement job hosting a TV show on RT America few people watched until Donald Trump gave a telephone interview as a favor to King in recent days). Putin’s interviewer John Micklethwait is someone, as Ostashko noted, who is more than just another journalist who used to run the rabidly Russophobic Rothschild-owned globalist magazine The Economist. JM is a co-author of The Right Nation: Conservative Power in America and The Fourth Revolution: The Global Race to Reinvent the State. He is editor in chief of Bloomberg News and an annual member of the Bilderberg Group meetings, as well as the globalist confabs at Davos and Aspen. Indeed, if you were to put a picture next to the Investopedia definition of “Davos man”, a term coined by the late Harvard Prof. Samuel P. Huntington, Micklethwait’s picture might appear in it. 

Therefore, just like Putin’s two-hour long outreach to Eton boys whose fathers pull the strings in post-Brexit Britain, the hour and a half interview VVP conducted with Micklethwait could be regarded as the Kremlin speaking directly to the ‘shadow elites’ who run the post-Western world. And the context of this discussion rather than interview with Micklethwait was…wait for it…Japan, and the Kurile Islands. Recall that the Guerrilla had told his listeners to ‘watch Japan’ as far back as 2012, and W the Intelligence Insider had covered in depth how the Japanese banking system had played an unheralded but important role in financially subverting the late decaying Soviet Empire during the 1980s. Tokyo’s negotiations with Moscow on achieving a final settlement of WW2 in return for large-scale investment in Russia’s Far East have been covered by W the Intelligence Insider’s friend Joseph P. Farrell. Here is a transcript and English subtitled video by Ostashko summarizing what Putin discussed with Micklethwait

The most important information event of Friday was Vladimir Putin’s interview with Bloomberg, in which the Russian president touched on key issues on the global information agenda. I am sure that dozens of publications are going over this interview and discussing every question and answer in it, but I want to propose to you, dear friends, to look at this from a different angle.

The point is that John Micklethwait, the editor-in-chief of Bloomberg who interviewed the Russian president, is not merely a journalist, but one of many journalists who has participated for many years in meetings of the Bilderberg Club as a full member of this shadow interest group whose opinions determine the policies of Western countries. I think that this explains the unusual format of the interview and the fact that Vladimir Putin called Micklethwait a “specialist” and debated with him more like a politician than a journalist…

If we look at the interview with Putin from this point of view, then we see that this can be considered as Putin’s response to the Western political elite. Here are the key points which I would like to highlight. 

John Micklethwait inquired as to whether Putin is ready to exchange or sell the Kurile Islands and Kaliningrad, a question which immediately received a sharp response from the Russian president. The response on the Kuril islands was done in traditional Putin style, said to the effect that “Russia does not trade territories, but looks for agreements that suit both parties.” 

As for Kaliningrad, Putin outlined the following perspective for this representative of Bilderberg: if someone starts revising the outcome of the Second World War, then the question can be immediately raised about Germany’ eastern territories, where Lvov belongs, and the borders of Romania and Hungary. [this could also be considered a veiled threat in certain paranoid quarters from Putin that if a huge war is fought in the Ukraine, not only Russia via Novorossiya, but also Poland, Hungary and Romania could take back historical territories now within Kiev’s Soviet-drawn borders -JWS]. If anyone wants to open “Pandora’s box”, as Putin put it, then “go ahead with flag in hand.” John Micklethwait hastened to say the he was joking. But the video intereview shows that Putin did not appreciate this “joke.”

The second important point was when John Micklethwait asked Putin about Russian gold-currency reserves, budget deficits, and oil prices. He, like many Russian liberals, distorted Putin’s quote on oil production falling if oil prices fall below $80 a barrel. But Putin reasonably replied that we have enough currency reserves by all standards and a moderate budget deficit. To the question of oil prices, the Russian president remarked that investments in oil production have fallen sharply given current prices. This is what he had in mind, not what certain journalists are misquoting him as saying.

Here you can see the graph compiled by Bloomberg itself which, ironically, indicates that the Russian president is absolutely right.

Due to low oil prices, no one is investing in the exploration of new reserves, hence why the number and size of new oil fields in 2015 and 2016 fell to zero. This means that, in the future, we inevitably await a shortage of oil and corresponding higher prices. Putin’s response can be interpreted as a subtle hint at the serious economic circumstances which our Western partners will not find to their liking.

We must give credit to the Bilderberg club’s representative – he really tried to provoke the Russian president to give him the answers he wanted. In particular, he tried to present Putin as a staunch enemy of Europe who desires the collapse of the Eurozone, the destruction of the Euro, and the complete collapse of the European project. After all, what better way to support anti-Russian propaganda in Europe than with the words of the Russian president himself? Putin, as expected, did not take the bait. He wished Europeans the best of luck in fighting the crisis and remarked that he is critical of the EU’s foreign policy, but that Russia hopes for the European economy to improve. 

The second failed provocation was when Micklethwait attempted to force Putin to publicly support Donald Trump as candidate for President of the United States, or at least admit that Russia was behind the hacking attack on the Democratic Party’s servers. This provocation failed, as Putin declared his readiness to work with any American president capable of complying with agreements. So that this would be less painful for the interviewer, he added that he understands why the American public was so surprised by the information that hackers exposed. Translated from diplomatic language into English, his remark sounded so: “Yeah, everyone knows that you have a rotten political system – enough making a comedy out of it.” 

And the final important element: the Russian president stressed that if anyone in the American leadership tries to “get rid of us,” we will survive and “who knows who will lose more with such an approach.” 

Then Putin broke the interview format and asked a direct question to the Bilderberg Club representative. Putin asked whether he wants to repeat the Cuban Missile Crisis. John Micklethwait quickly replied that “no one wants to.” From my point of view, this was another clear and unambiguous message to our Western partners. As they say, a kind word and a nuclear weapon can achieve more than just a kind word. All that remains is to hope that our Western partners will draw the right conclusions from the Russian president’s words. 


‘Coincidence’ three, or more accurately, background point three. While we do not know with certainty if Putin is a believer in the ‘New World Order’ hypothesis and banker/cultist theory of modern or ancient history, we know the retired KGB/SVR Lt. General who leads Putin’s government sponsored think tank down the street from the SVR (successor to the KGB foreign intelligence) headquarters in Yasenevo is on to the ‘NWO’. According to Lt. Gen. Leonid Reshetnikov, who is also a specialist on the Balkans who speaks multiple languages of the region such as Serbo-Croatian, Bulgarian and Greek, individuals such as Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland receive orders from a shadow government that exists outside of and above the formal White House/D.C. chain of command. In an April 2015 interview, Reshetnikov answered some questions of Argumenti y Fakti journalist Alexander Chuikov regarding what the ‘shadow government’ wants.

In the interview, Reshetnikov spoke openly about the threat of ‘physical elimination’ as one of the tools the ‘shadow government’ uses to keep European politicians in line and fearful of going too far in opposing Washington’s anti-Russian policies. What this means in practical terms is that at least one prominent member of Putin’s: brain trust is on record as believing the CIA is still in the ‘wetwork’ business and might not be above threatening Putin’s person or the lives of his relatives and/or advisers:

AC of Argumenti y Fakti: Leonid Petrovich, you think that the U.S. and American presidents are just tools. Who, then, creates the policies?”

LPR: There is a community of some virtually unknown to the society people who not only install American presidents, but determine the rules of the “Big game” for everyone. These are, in particular, transnational financial corporations. But not only them.

LPR: A reformatting of the world financial and economic system is taking place. There is an obvious attempt to rethink the entire structure of capitalism, without abandoning it. Foreign policy changes dramatically. The US suddenly dumped Israel – their main ally in the Middle East for the sake of improving relations with Iran. Why is Tehran now more needed and more important than Tel Aviv? Because it is in the zone of the encirclement of Russia. These shadow forces set the task of elimination of our country as a serious player on the world stage. After all, Russia carries a civilizational alternative to the entire united West.

LPR: Moreover, the world is experiencing an explosive growth of anti-American sentiment. Hungary, where the conservative right-wing forces are in power, and the leftists in Greece – diametrically opposite forces – practically came together and revolted against the dictate of the United States on the Old continent. The revolt is boiling in Italy, Austria, France and so on. If Russia can hold on, then processes will surface in Europe, which are detrimental to the forces, aspiring for world domination. And they know it.

AC of Argumenti y Fakti: Some European leaders are already crying that the US literally forced them to institute sanctions. Can Europe escape from the “friendly” American embrace?

LPR: Never. America holds it tight on several chains: the Fed’s printing press, a threat of color revolutions and a physical elimination of unwanted politicians.

AC of Argumenti y Fakti: Are you exaggerating about the physical elimination?

LPR: Not at all. The US Central Intelligence Agency – is not even an intelligence service in terms of the level of its tasks. The KGB or SVR – are classic intelligence agencies: collecting information and reporting to the leadership of the country. At the CIA these traditional intelligence activities are at the end of the task list. The main ones – are elimination, including physical, of political figures and the organization of coups. And they do it in real time.


We cite Lt. Gen. Reshetnikov as one of Putin’s ‘brains’ and the alternative news site the Millennium Report here for a reason. The Millennium Report’s article discussing whether the hit on Putin’s chauffeur was an attempt on Vladimir Vladimirovich’s life or a warning to the Russian President was picked up by the British tabloids, including the Murdoch-owned The Sun. Why do we mention the Sun and Murdoch here? Because those RogueMoney readers who are into Bond films or the work of Bond-ologist Jay Dyer of Jay’s Analysis.com may recall a flick back in the 1990s called Tomorrow Never Dies, the second post-Soviet Bond movie after 1995’s Goldeneye. 

In that movie a mad media executive clearly modeled after Rupert Murdoch played by Welsh actor Jonathan Pryce is trying to provoke a ratings blitz war between Great Britain and China for ‘regime change’ in Beijing to benefit his global corporate empire. In looking at The Sun and Daily Mail‘s sudden interest in ‘conspiracy theorists’ not named Alex Jones and their notion that the September 2nd Kutuzovsky crash was a warning to Putin, one is reminded of the Bond villain Eliot Carver repeating William Randolph Hearst’s attributed line, “You supply the pictures and I’ll supply the war.” Now that the News of the World is defunct over illegal phone hacking litigation, The Sun is the sleazy Fleet Street Murdoch tabloid par excellence (older Brits also recall The Sun‘s gloriously ‘bloody minded’ and jingoistic coverage of the 1982 Falklands War complete with sponsoring a ‘missile’ to be fired at the junta’s ‘gauchos’).

The Russia Analyst’s point is, when the mainstream media suddenly starts citing ‘conspiracy theorists’ rather than denouncing them, look for more than just Putin clickbait as the motive. Instead, notice that the Russian media is trying to douse the fires of speculation, likely under orders from the top, while the British media is playing up the threat against Putin’s life and hence, the possibility of Russian retaliation in kind against whichever dastardly (post)Western agency did this. But the last thing Putin is going to do is order the SVR or ‘polite people’ of the GRU to hack a Mercedes Benz automobile and send it careening into a driver occupied Secret Service SUV or limo outside some venue where President Obama is giving a speech in Washington.


If anything, according to Team Rogue Money’s Intelligence Insider ‘W’, the Russians are working hard to ‘lay low’ and avoid being demonized ahead of the elections, with the ‘ceasefire’ deal between Washington and Moscow in Syria as a case in point. Moscow appears to be giving up substantial momentum for its proxies in Damascus’ war against the U.S. and Sunni  Arab Gulf sponsored jihadists, in return for American promises to share intelligence on and engage in joint targeting of ISIS and Al-Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate. In the information war, Moscow is trying to put out Team Hillary! arsonists’ allegations that Boris and Natasha Rooskies are hacking the DNC, the Pentagon, voting machines at your local bingo hall polling place, and the Little Sisters of Charity in a dastardly plot to get Donald Trump elected. 

Katehon and other Moscow-based sources like Dances With Bears‘ John Helmer have also been warning for weeks that it’s Deep State-rs in Washington, not the Russians, who are plotting an October Surprise to cement (Sick, Lyin’ Crooked)#HackingHillary’s Cold War 2 Narrative. This could involve everything ranging from another false flag atrocity blamed on Moscow like MH17 up to a mini-Gleiwitz incident where ‘Little Green Men’ speaking Russian with Ukrainian accents attack and loot weapons from a police station in Narva or another NATO Article V protected Baltic border city with a large ethnic Russian population. Such a scenario was already predicatively programmed by this spring’s BBC 2 docudrama, “WW3: Inside the War Room“. Such a false flag operation of course, would represent a true ‘hail mary pass’ level of desperation on the part of those desiring to make Russia the burning issue on voters minds in early November when they stubbornly have preferred tangible issues like jobs or the terrible economy.

None of this  is to say that there have been no real, credible threats of violence made against Vladimir Vladimirovich or his family members. Without peering into his soul as President George W. Bush once claimed to have done, we noted on May 28 that Putin’s pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain of Athos in Greece represented to pious Russians a seeking of Divine Protection, for himself as well as the Russian Motherland.  Nor are we saying here that Putin will fail to respond should the heat be turned up against him personally or those he considers under his protection. It’s just that revenge is likely to be served later as a dish cold, as the Russian-speaking (Ukrainian origin) American actress Mila Kunis jokes, “Russian sounds like Klingon to me!”.


There is precedent for Putin or his most trusted aides choosing the time and place of revenge, rather than giving in to the urge to engage in quick tit for tat. Not for nothing were the much ballyhooed Panama Papers, in which a prominent conductor and musician friend of Putin’s was said without proof to be a conduit for his stashed millions if not billions in the Central American country, followed a few months later by the hacking of George Soros’ Open Society (G)NGOs — which sponsored the whole affair (and which have been banned from Russia for acting as US/UK intelligence fronts). Nor was it coincidence that Mrs. Clinton gave  her #TinfoilHillary speech attempting to ‘link’ the Alternative Right, Donald Trump and the Kremlin together in a grand white supremacist conspiracy against her and ‘the West’ after an entity called D.C. Leaks began dumping Soros’ foundations’ strategy emails online (including their manipulations of Black Lives Matter and the ongoing European immivasion crisis). No one after all hacks the Clintons’ and Media Matters patron Daddy Maidan Warbucks Soros and gets away with it, no one! In contrast to the DNC Leaks, which NSA veterans such as William Binney have strongly hinted were an inside job, the Soros leaks do have the hallmarks of a cyber ‘Polite People’ operation against a (G)NGO network the FSB/SVR and GRU all surely do view as a propaganda and subversion arm of the ‘main enemy’.

In conclusion, we hope this effort was worth the wait in terms of providing some critical context in which to consider the September 2nd tragedy — and its timing seven days before Saturday’s occult holiday (according to ‘W’) of 09/09/2016 (a palindrome date that can also be manipulated into, you guessed it — 666, as would be the license plate number of the Russian government vehicle inverted,).

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