Hillary Clinton Confirms She’s the War with Russia Candidate


Did we mention that Nichols’ ex-USNWC colleague the former NSA counterintelligence officer John R. Schindler says anyone not named Clinton would facing years in federal prison for what Hillary did in grossly violating classification laws? But we’re sure Nichols’ support for Hillary because #NeverTrump and third parties are juvenile is super popular with his US Navy cryptologist students and USNWC alumni sworn to defend the Constitution and the nation’s secrets Hillary that wipes her ample rear end on.


Of course, many ivory tower interventionists like Nichols are either so detached from reality as to make pronouncements in August 2013 like “Russia won’t do a damn thing [to defend Assad’s government] in Syria” or to imagine that the Russian military is just a bigger version of the Serbian Army that NATO bombed with near impunity in 1999. This is precisely the kind of hubris that makes any U.S.-Russian clash so dangerous, because it will be Washington and not Moscow that reaches for tactical nukes first after F22/35 stealth fighters are blown out of the sky by S400/500s from 150 miles away, AEGIS ships get sunk by supersonic/hypersonic missiles.

Why would the U.S. and not Russia use nukes first in any clash on Russia’s doorstep? Because Washington cannot abide the myth of American military and technological invincibility is exposed to the whole world as just a myth. Just as importantly, American casualties in WWII were a fraction of those experienced by the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. The Department of Defense (since it ceased to be the War Department in 1947) has always assumed Americans could not stomach the tens to hundreds of thousands of casualties associated with a true world war against a peer level adversary. Hence the cliche ‘never get involved in a land war in [Eur]Asia’ and the reliance on tactical nukes and nuclear deterrence from Europe to the Korean Peninsula since the 1950s.

As an expert on U.S./NATO nuclear strategy during the first Cold War USNWC Prof. Tom Nichols knows this. Most U.S. generals and certainly those at Stratcom know it, Chinese, Iranian, North Korean and Russian generals know this. Which is why nobody in the Kremlin is going to risk St. Petersburg for Narva much less Warsaw and all this talk of an imminent Russian invasion of a NATO member is BS. If Tomorrow There’ll Be War with Russia, Uncle Sam or one of his proxies via American hand-holding will have to kick it off. As in Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin’s no more free Kosovos or Libyas rule being applied with prejudice against combined Romanian-American forces invading Moldova to besiege Transnistria, or U.S. planes attempting to enforce Hillary’s No Fly Zone protecting Al-Qaeda in Syria getting blown out of the sky shortly after the Super Hornets screens go blank from the Russian battlefield ‘off switch’.



What will become of the Jeopardy! and Fallout gamer professor’s No Use principles, when neocons are screaming about dropping B61s on the Pskov VDV division that kicks the crap out of a U.S.-backed Romanian occupation force in Moldova?


Or after a carrier battle group and 6,000 U.S. sailors are wiped out in an afternoon by Chinese DF-21s coming in like meteors at Mach 11+ after POTUS Hillary orders an insane attack on China’s bases in the Spratly Islands?


We agree with what the Guerrilla Economist said during one of his recent Mornings With V YouTube casts: Hillary has no regard for innocent human life or the consequences of her megalomania for ordinary people. The only question for us if she’s elected is whether the conflict will go nuclear, or stay within the conventional escalation thresh-hold above the present hot proxy wars in Syria, Yemen and the Ukraine.

Hopefully, if faced with mutually assured destruction before all out war erupts from Ukraine to Syria to the South China Sea, the Joint Chiefs will do the right thing, and tell the civilian arm of the American Deep State to make #SickHillary resign ‘for reasons of health’ immediately (or they’ll do it for them in a soft coup).

Should Tom Nichols and his supporters gasp and clutch their pearls at such a statement? Then maybe they should have spared some pearl clutching for when their fellow #ImWithHer #NeverTrump ers on the taxpayer tit James Kirchick said the military should overthrow Trump. Conspiracy theory for me Bos-Wash corridor Brahmin but not thee peasant” with Russians hiding under every bed and colossal hypocrisy after all are the calling cards of the increasingly stupid and decadent Establishment fanatics congregating under the #NeverTrump hashtag banner.


4 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Confirms She’s the War with Russia Candidate

  1. Israeli News Live is reporting a fair flotilla of ships with the Turkish flag heading into the Black Sea. Could be a couple of things. Waiting to see.


    • Mark,
      I saw that story and some Twitter chatter about a significant portion of the Turkish Navy surging through the Bosporus to the Black Sea, but didn’t think much of it. Probably an exercise intended to show the post coup purges have not effected the Turkish Navy’s operational readiness too much.


  2. The Emperors have no Pant Suits, no Pants nor Huevos anymore…the US is a Paper Tiger (i.e. Paper BS Guys, Paper Military, and Paper Mache Leaders). Russia and China are still being cautious, they know this Paper Tiger could be ridden, but until the time comes to ride it, they are not sure what the Tiger will do!


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