#TinFoilHillary’s Vast Right Wing Kremlin Conspiracy Theory of Putin as the ‘Grand Godfather’ of Nationalist Thoughtcrime Worldwide


Before we further analyze Hillary Clinton’s widely touted speech (delivered two hours late) on the Alternative or “Alt Right”, we first need to point out that we predicted this trend over a year ago. In August 2015, it was already becoming clear some Deep State and bloated military-industrial-intelligence complex forces in the United States were seeking to ‘link’ their critics, however dubiously, to the Russian security services and State. We wrote about this disturbing trend in our Lowdown Dirty Psyops series of articles here at RogueMoney.


Whether the connection was a tenuous one such as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts frequent appearances on RT or now Katehon’s website, or more ludicrous theories such as claims that the KGB secretly funded the fiercely anti-Communist John Birch Society and Willis Carto’s smaller and far less influential “Liberty Lobby”, @StopAgitprop and fellow pro-big government neocon conspiratrolls have been all over it for a few years. Granted, none of these individuals or networked trolls if paid by Uncle Sam enjoyed either much influence or followers. Eighties relics like “Reaganite movement conservative” huckster Cliff Kincaid, who tried to get traction among half-senile donors recalling the good ole Evil Empire days by bashing RT and going after Ron Paul supporters and Alex Jones, appear to have achieved little.


Ross Elder

August 21 at 10:46am ·

I warned you about Russian Active Measures. I warned you about Alternative Media. I warned you about conspiracy theories masquerading as news items. I warned you about the manipulation of the new “patriot” movement. I even warned you to “Just Stop” before climbing on board the popular meme train.

My hands are clean. You’re on your own. Good luck.


Nonetheless, individuals like J.R. “Jeff” Nyquist, with their notion that the Soviet Union faked its own death and that Russia only pretended to collapse while sucking in Western investment and technology to rearm for a nuclear war of vengeance, have actively promoted notions of the Russian security services as being quasi-prescient supervillians. Take this account @IFFConsulting as yet another example of Kremlin mindrays taking over ‘Trumpkins’ brains like The (Jim Carrey) Riddler’s TV signal in the campy 1990s, pre-Christopher Nolan Batman movies:


The irony of the situation is, for all the claims that the alternative media and especially the AltRight are full of “Putin fanbois” it’s the so-called “mainstream” media that simultaneously labels Russia a backwards basket case country, while ascribing god-like powers of manipulation to Moscow’s awesome propaganda machine. This is basically “conspiracy theory for me pro-government troll but not for thee conspiratard”. The contradiction between people like Ross Elder whose response to anti-U.S. government conspiracy theories is ‘just stop’ being plagued with bouts of “Russophrenia” (a term coined by Irish RT contributor Bryan Macdonald) is explained the following way: Russia may be “Zaire with permafrost” when it comes to building roads across the taiga or corruption, but it is supremely skilled at the dark arts of mind games and manipulation of ‘useful idiots’ all over the world, of chekism and skullduggery.


After several years of insisting that Russia Today TV and Sputnik International were a joke and that no sane person watched or read them, it turns out it’s more profitable for a U.S./EU government propaganda complex to insist that these Kremlin-friendly Russian media outlets do indeed, represent a grave threat to ‘values’ ‘democracy’ and our ‘(post)Western’ way of life. At least a sufficient threat to pump further hundreds of millions into the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG — the umbrella org for the ‘Prague Palace’ headquarters of RFE/RL and Voice of America). Some in Congress, not satisfied with the hundreds of millions Washington spends for propaganda both officially and the billions spent unofficially, want to do even more. Some like Dr. Paul Craig Roberts have suggested the goal is to simply start blocking or shutting down state-funded foreign media like RT.com (already subject to frequent denial of service attacks on its website) in the good ole’ land of the free. Perhaps with former RT employee and suspected neocon plant Liz Wahl leading the charge for Uncle Sam to impose Chinese style Internet censorship of any pesky Rooskie propaganda like that of her ex-employers.

It should be noted that Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA), a co-sponsor of the Orwellian, taxpayer funded agitprop enabling ‘Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act of 2016’ has accused Donald Trump of being cozy with the Kremlin and simultaneously, having an itchy trigger finger for starting a nuclear war — with WHOM exactly, the California Air Force Reserve Colonel doesn’t say. But Lieu apparently sees no apparent contradiction between his claims that Trump is Putin’s bosom buddy and the bizarre notion that Trump is more likely to start a nuclear war than the infamously warmongering Hillary.

Our point is, some of the substance if not the exact words of Hillary Clinton’s speech accusing Vladimir Putin and the Russians of being behind the rising wave of nationalism, ‘conspiracy theories’ and mistrust of Washington and Brussels on both sides of the Atlantic have been floating around for a few years. Brandon Smith of Alt Market wrote (in a piece critical it should be noted of alternative media who cite RT/Sputnik) as far back as September 2014 about how if the globalists decided to take the U.S. into another global conflict, ‘patriots’ would be accused of siding with the Russians or perhaps bizarrely joining with jihadists to take down Washington.

Brother Alex Jones, the King of Conspiracy talk himself now that George Noory’s purge of John B. Wells knocked Coast to Coast AM down a bit in the ratings, has discussed this subject at length on his show, including the ludicrous notion that gun toting ‘good ole boys’ or ‘Patriot groups’ would join with Islamists or the Kremlin’s intelligence agencies. Long before Hillary lumped Jones and Infowars skepticism about the official Sandy Hook school shooting story with the AltRight and Putin in one big ball of alleged racist kookery, Jones and his crew were responding to Cliff Kincaid’s allegations that he is some sort of Putin-loving Russian agent.

What the consequences will be for these developments, we don’t know. But we’re certain of the following:

1) As mentioned in the introduction to this piece, the Hillary camp is running scared regarding more questions about her health and will do everything possible to see that she faces Trump in just a single debate, if that. And the debate will almost certainly be in a ‘town hall’ format where planted questions helpfully provided by the mainstream media moderators in advance, plus and planned applause from a Democrat-stacked audience will be designed to put Trump off balance, all while reassuring her. Another goal of strictly scripted debate formats will be to prevent a Hillary panic attack or another extensive ‘bathroom break’ for more diazepam shots as during one of Mrs. Clinton’s debates with Bernie. The Clinton camp knows that if Trump is allowed to spar with her one on one and directly question her live in front of millions he will beat the hell out of her verbally and expose the Clinton Foundation as a corrupt pay for play Saudi/Qatari cash vacuuming for foreign policy favors scam.

Even setting aside substance (since so many voters make their decisions based on optics rather than facts) the imaging and Trump’s alpha bad boy smirk to her scolding teacher or nasty grrrrrrandma act do not favor Mrs. Clinton. Despite Hillary’s unearned reputation as a good debator, the shrillness of her voice and frail frame turns off more voters including young female voters who may be genuinely undecided than it turns on. As the Bernie campaign knew very well from her failure to excite young Democratic women, Hillary is a terrible candidate whose entitled and hectoring demeanor subconsciously turns off millions. Her handlers know this and thereby try to limit her exposure to the press or any unscripted situation with the public as much as humanly possible. Even The Washington (Com)Post, which has been in the tank for her, has admitted that the 260+ days since Hillary gave a live press conference rather than answered a few shouted questions from reporters is ridiculous.

2) As we’ve mentioned before here at RogueMoney, the Hillary camp’s own internal polling data especially about the all important black turnout this November in swing states like Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania cannot be nearly as great as the MSM advertises. This according to red pilled libertarian Stefan Molyneux (video posted above) was the likely motive for giving this speech now…to terrify black Democrats less than enthused about Hillary as compared to Obama with the specter of Trump supporters in sheets and Nazi armbands joining the deportation force and bringing back Jim Crow.

3) Hillary is not only pushing the ‘Trump = the Kremlin candidate’ line to win over Ukrainian and Polish origin voters in swing states (the same reason incidentally her husband wanted to get NATO membership for Poland, Hungary and the former Czechoslovakia done before the 1996 election). She is also pushing this line to win military industrial complex dollars for the Democrats. At present, team Hillary is out-raising Trump’s campaign and the RNC among MIC donors 5 to 1 and probably more. Whatever portion of the Republican electorate she picks up that is truly dedicated to a neocon foreign policy, in the 0.5-1% range of the GOP base overwhelmingly concentrated in the Virginia D.C. suburbs, is likely just cream on top. However, the problem with all of this Russia bashing up to and including accusations that Trump is the Kremlin’s man is that they come with blowback, which will come in waves.

The first major blowback is that calling Trump a Putin stooge despite his financial ties to the Kremlin being significantly more indirect and limited than those of Clinton camp’s is that it pisses Trump off. And an angry Trump is a puglistic Trump, able to unleash scathing mockery and expose his opponents weaknesses and corruption on live TV. Just ask ‘low energy’ Jeb Bush, sweaty performance anxiety propanolol-popper Marco Rubio and ‘Lyin’ Ted Cruz how ‘getting tough’ on The Donald worked out for them. If Hildabeast and the Dems are determined to make Trump the Siberian Candidate, that will only increase the Donald, campaign manager Steve Bannon and Roger Stone’s desire to go full napalm on Hillary and the Clinton Foundation’s ties to Saudi Arabia, as well as longtime Clinton aide if not lesbian lover Huma Abedin’s familial ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

When Trump gets called a Kremlin stooge on stage, all he has to do is smirk and bring up the fact that Hillary’s man Tony Podesta, not he, is the one who took millions from a Kremlin friendly oligarch run uranium company to lock up a percentage of America’s supply of that strategic metal. Trump can then go on to open a can of whoop-ass on the tens of millions the Saudis and Qataris gave to the Clinton Foundation and proceed to asking how much support for the jihadists in Syria via Hillary’s State Department did they get for their money. Trump can close his one minute rebuttal which the networks will be furiously trying to cut off by that point by also bringing up the fact that Clinton armed terrorists who killed four Americans at Benghazi in order to overthrow Gaddafi who was not America’s enemy anymore and to support the jihad against Christians and moderate Sunnis and Allawites in Syria. Boom! Clinton reduced to a quaking, potentially seizuring mass as her handlers collectively face palm off stage.

The second blowback that concerns the Russia Analyst though, especially if Trump refrains from going for the jugular regarding Hillary’s bought and paid for support for terrorism, is the damage to U.S.-Russia relations should Mrs. Clinton win. While we do not accept the validity of the Internet rumor spread by Sorcha Faal and other dubious alternative media outlets that Putin has already told his cabinet to prepare for war if Hillary makes it to the White House, we are worried about escalation to direct confrontation in Transnistria/eastern Ukraine and especially, Syria.

Given Hillary’s reduced mental capacity due to the powerful drugs she is taking and reliance on aides like Huma Abedin to direct her, what policies she may actually adopt while taking office are largely going to be a function of her handlers. Given neolibcon Washington’s revanchism over the perceived defeats of a Russian Crimea and their failure to topple Assad, as well as the expenditure of political capital in blaming hacks which may have been the work of insiders or false flagging third parties on the Russian Federation’s security services, escalation appears inevitable. If Hildabeast is elected, she will definitely NOT be a ‘Nixon going to China’, having proven her hawkish bona fides and then using them to negotiate in anything like good faith. The current negotiations between Secretary of State John F. Kerry and his Russian counterpart Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, as well as the Turkish invasion of northern Syria, do not suggest deescalation headed into the November election. Nor does the increasing aggressiveness of the Ukrainian Army in the Donbass and the disavowed infiltration attack on the Crimea by Kiev’s military intelligence officers.

Taken together, these developments suggest the hidden and not so hidden players behind the Clinton campaign are itching for greater confrontation with Moscow in order to keep ‘the Russians’ as a front burner issue for an electorate that would much prefer a focus on the slowly imploding American economy. As we’ve mentioned in our most recent Syraq SITREP post, the steady drumbeat of ‘Russian hacks’ ‘Russian aggression’ and ‘Putin’s useful idiots’ may be building towards some sort of planned crescendo this October, in the form of a provocateured clash between U.S. and Russian forces. One way or another, the Narrative of the Evil Russians and the awesome threat they pose must be maintained if Mrs.. Clinton is to overcome her considerable negatives and the apathy of the Democratic base to whom she (unlike Bernie Sanders) has little to offer. If you doubt it, take a look at this choice nugget from Mrs. Clinton’s speech:


Just yesterday, one of Britain’s most prominent right-wing leaders, a man named Nigel Farage, who stoked anti-immigrant sentiments to win the referendum to have Britain leave the European Union, campaigned with Donald Trump in Mississippi.

Farage has called for a bar on the children of legal immigrants from public schools and health services, has said women are and I quote “worth less” than men, and supports scrapping laws that prevent employers from discriminating based on race — that’s who Donald Trump wants by his side when he is addressing an audience of American voters.

And the grand godfather of this global brand of extreme nationalism is Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In fact, Farage regularly appears on Russian propaganda programs.

Now he’s standing on the same stage as the Republican nominee.

Trump himself heaps praise on Putin and embraces pro-Russian policies.

He talks casually of abandoning our NATO allies, recognizing Russia’s annexation of Crimea, and of giving the Kremlin a free hand in Eastern Europe more generally.

American presidents from Truman to Reagan have rejected the kind of approach Trump is taking on Russia. We should, too. – Hillary Clinton


In response to Clinton’s rant touted as a speech, Antiwar.com’s Justin Raimondo had this to say, mentioning longtime Clinton News Network presenter Larry King as a Hillary endorser who — gasp! — now works for RT:

…none of this is anything new: it’s a variation on the “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” theme that she has been dragging out ever since the 1990s. There is, however, a new dimension to this tired boilerplate, now that she’s running for President: the Vast Right-wing Conspiracy is being portrayed an international cabal with its headquarters in the Kremlin.

As her peroration on the “racist” sins of Trump reached a climax, she hauled out Nigel Farage, the former leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), who was instrumental in leading the Brexit campaign to victory. Farage – who is, in her view, a “racist,” a “sexist,” and god knows what other unsavory “ists” – “has appeared regularly on Russian propaganda programs,” she yelled “Now he’s standing on the same stage as the Republican nominee.”
What is she talking about?

Apparently, Farage has allowed himself to be interviewed by “Russia Today,” the Kremlin’s answer to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. If this is proof of his perfect perfidy, then what is one to make of Larry King – who has endorsed Mrs. Clinton? Mr. King has a regular program on “Russia Today.” So does Ed Schultz, a partisan Democrat and former MSNBC commentator and host who has defended Mrs. Clinton.


To the extent that there’s any actual ideas behind Hillary’s ‘vast right wing conspiracy’ speech from the late 1990s Lewinsky scandal updated for Cold War 2.0, it would appear someone or some group behind Hillary’s campaign has been keen to exploit Russia’s emergent role as a nationalist antithesis to the globalist thesis. And a PolitRussia article translated by Ft. Russ contends this is likely to be none other than G-NGO globalist kingpin George Soros — the daddy warbucks behind Mrs. Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic Party. The arch-globalist whom leaked documents show issuing orders to the post-Maidan coup government in Kiev and U.S. proconsuls running Washington’s newest colony in Ukraine. Certainly, Clinton’s speech following the dump of Soros files online by the group D.C. Leaks and the takedown of DC Leaks page/Twitter account seems to be more than coincidental.


Hillary’s speech writing team, after numerous appearances by weirdo campaign spokesman Robby Mook blaming the Russians for allegedly helping Trump with this summer’s leaked/hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee, took the Rooskie Bear-baiting to the next level. With both comical (Alt Right ‘s–tlords’ have begun referring to themselves as ‘comrades’ and ‘KGB agents’ on Twitter) and frightening results.


From the Kremlin’s admittedly paranoid point of view, how can it be argued any longer that Hillary Clinton isn’t serious about escalating Cold War 2.0 to the very brink of nuclear confrontation, if she’s making the ‘Russian threat’ a central plank of her attacks on Donald Trump? And shamelessly doing this just four years, it should be noted, after the Democratic presidential incumbent and her then boss Barack Obama dismissed the Republican nominee Mitt Romney’s attacks about the Russian ‘threat’ with a line, “The Eighties called, they’d like their foreign policy back”.

As Justin Raimondo asks in the piece linked above, how can Hillary easily do a 180 and seek detente after investing so much into the Russian threat Narrative in order to keep the bloated military-intelligence-complex campaign donations flowing? The Russia Analyst is certain that if Hillary is (s)elected, hardliners such as retired KGB/SVR Lt. Gen. Leonid Reshetnikov and Sergey Glazyev will likely gain the upper hand in Kremlin debates with those representing the more (post)Western friendly oligarchs in Putin’s inner circle. 

Of course, that the Democratic Party candidate considers the leader of Russia to be so almighty that he can “assign” the leaders of leading parties in the Western world is very flattering for our country. But Clinton’s words hide at least two falsities: (1) that Moscow has a decisive influence on the international political processes of Western countries, and (2) that modern conservatives and traditionalists can be called far right.

The popular American publication Huffington Post then published an article that hurled exactly the same accusations against the Russian government and Western traditionalist politicians as Clinton’s speech. The HP article has no direct references to Clinton’s speech, but the striking unanimity of its author with the Democrats’ candidate looks curious enough.

All the questions disappear if one merely takes a look at the biography of the author. This senior analyst from the famous neoliberal organization People for the American Way, Brian Tashman, lives off of the “donations” of the famous exchange speculator George Soros – the same man who once basically gave orders to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on how the American State Department should behave in the Balkans. This is the same person who gave a record-breaking public donation to the organization of Hillary’s election campaign.


So, where’s all of this headed?

The Deep State trolls attempts to ‘link’ any counter Establishment or nationalist force in the (post)West to the Kremlin, up to and including the patriot and 9/11 truth movements?

The steady drumbeat that any opposition to NATO or allegations of perfidy on Washington’s part must eminate from ‘Active Measures’, which supposedly dominate the alternative media, creating a pretext for wartime rather than the current soft (i.e. Google and Twitter search results manipulation aka Shadowbanning) censorship?

The constantly reported claims that Russia has hacked anything and everything, presented with flimsy circumstantial (the hackers spoke Russian! Well duh so do Ukrainians, Belorussians, Moldovans and some Israelis) or no evidence at all?


We’ll have much more to write about these trends and the Social Justice Cold Warriors CJC Michel and Sarah Kendzior as inspiration for #TinFoilHillary’s speech in a forthcoming post here at RogueMoney. Suffice to say, the politicization of the same FBI that refused to recommend an indictment of Hillary while acknowledging her supposedly inadvertent illegalities is deeply disturbing. And claims that the Russian security services are trying to hack voter rolls if not the machines themselves are a very ominous development noted by RogueMoney’s mentor ‘W the Intelligence Insider’.


To turn the tables on them using their favorite phrases, SJCWs such as @CJCMichel are just the useful ‘progressive’ idiots and Washington-approved tinfoil hat wearers (along with the ‘right wing’ conspiratrolls mentioned above like Cliff Kincaid and Ross Elder) for this authoritarian globalist push. How far it will go, and whether the American Deep State will go full bore and claim that the November elections are being tampered with and therefore must be postponed by President Obama’s executive order — remains to be seen. We recall the ‘Obama martial law’ rumors ahead of the 2012 elections and do not wish to join in an alt-media or alt-right boy who cried wolf chorus. But the mere suggestion in the oh so respectable Washington (Langley-run for decades) (Com)Post that Russia can remotely manipulate voting machines the Establishment once claimed were unhackable makes the Russia Analyst uneasy. Especially as Hillary continues to slip in the polls and inevitably will lose more Bernie voter support to third party candidate Jill Stein after Trump hammers her lies and corruption in the debate/s.


In the meantime, here is Alex Jones response to the attack on him and his alternative media organization by Mrs. Clinton:





8 thoughts on “#TinFoilHillary’s Vast Right Wing Kremlin Conspiracy Theory of Putin as the ‘Grand Godfather’ of Nationalist Thoughtcrime Worldwide

  1. Nice summary James.
    When I think how many regimes the Globalists have overturned or had their leaders murdered over policy disagreements, it’s SO hard for me to think they’ll let a renegade like Trump skate into the White House.
    There’s this executive order about treating the U.S. population very carefully during military actions within the U.S.:
    Which is such an ODD document in so many respects, both in content and in timing, near the end of Obama’s term.
    Also there have been these very public military drills, with Blackhawk helicopters and considerable display of force in places like Boston and Seattle over the last few weeks. Noteworthy that these areas are somewhat ‘left’ leaning, politically. People who might be convinced that the Government is there to ‘protect them’ if the right script could be played in front of them..
    It has crossed my mind, that they could easily rig the election for Hillary, put a few very well equipped provocateurs in the larger, liberal leaning metropolises and claim alt-right extremists, unhappy with the election outcome, were trying to stir up a revolt, but pursuant to the executive order cited above, were exercising ‘great restraint’ in combating ‘domestic terror’ while protecting and safegarding it’s citizens. We could see these recent drills ‘go hot’ to flesh out this script.
    So, demonizing the right, and building the narrative of ‘Government the protector’ and taking Trump down, all at the same time. It’s the kind of stuff they do.
    Just a theory, hope I’m wrong.


  2. I have had the same thought Mark, up to and including planting provocateurs in patriot groups who might be of Russian or more likely Ukrainian origins to say, "See, we told you the FSB/SVR/GRU were trying to use militias against Washington!"


  3. I did put this theory out for display on a couple of pretty public places in the Alternative media, hoping it would cause some chatter somewhere. Like Trumps’ statements about rigged elections, it’s possible to blunt somewhat any possible tactic if it’s discussed openly as a possibility in advance of the event.
    I probably should try to call in the Alex Jones Show with it. It seems to be one of the major hubs for this sort of thing. Thinking about it.


  4. Being so incompetent, they could wind up with a civil war instead of rallying the EU/Nato to attack the Russians!
    It seems to me by the time of the election, the Chinese may have place their ‘army volunteer trainers and equipment’ stationed within Russian and Iranian territories. Short hop, skip and jump to lend a helping hand to their allies if aid is requested.
    Of course this would meant that Chinese military hardware will be going through Russian territories just like Ho Chi Minh Trail…Russians will have no shortage of munitions…meanwhile the EU would chicken out (as they always do) leaving US military to face to 4 fronts (Internally, Europe, ME and Asia).


    • KW88 — We mentioned the potential for inter-operable parts between Russian and Chinese hardware, specifically Moscow’s modernized T-72M3 and the Chinese MBT-3000 which uses the T72 chassis in a previous post. We also discussed the prospect of Russia buying China’s land based carrier/AEGIS killer missile, the DF21, since Beijing has bought Moscow’s ultra-advanced S400 system with the prospect of following on with S500s.
      Mark Lytle — we think ‘the Russians tampered with the voter rolls/machines ergo we had to have thousands of provisional ballots cast in Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania just in case’ is the Democrat answer to Trump’s allegations about vote rigging. But for the FBI to play along spooks me as to how far the politicization of that agency has gone.


  5. James, I can certainly can see them playing the ‘blame Russia’ card more and more. I don’t think there’s any feedback loop telling them that most people in America aren’t falling for that. The disconnect is massive.
    It’s really hard to say how this goes, the elites have their backup plans A, B, C, and so forth, but I think even they are hesitant to pull the trigger on some of these. I think there’s some real fear in parts of the beltway right now. I see a lot of mixed signals, as though they are rehearsing/planning for multiple scenarios at the same time


    • Mark — I agree with you that the elites are to some extent believing their own BS. Not even the late Soviet Politburo thanks to Andropov’s support for Ostpolitik with West Germany (even socialists had to get that Druzhba gas pipeline built for hard currency) and the KGB’s worldly assets beyond ‘the Center’ believed in their own propaganda this much. It’s frightening because they’re pushing the thresh hold up to everything short of just taking the mask off and postponing the elections or launching direct attacks on Russian personnel by American personnel — since their proxies are mostly too incompetent to get to Latakia and the Kheimmim air base to ‘kill Russians’ and there aren’t nearly as many actual Russian GRU operatives in Donetsk as the CIA’s meat puppets at SBU claim. This is what the ‘cool kid’ Social Justice Cold Warrior hipsters like Michael D. Weiss or CJC Michel don’t ‘get’. The Russians really are preparing for war, albeit in their minds a counteroffensive war prompted by an attack on them first, and when they say they will be ready to ‘punish’ NATO assets they aren’t kidding. But one shouldn’t expect intellectual honesty or willingness to address their own cognitive dissonance (for example, Michael D. Weiss admission to Reason mag in an interview that his vaunted ‘Free Syrian Army’ was mostly a ‘Facebook Syrian Army’ flag of convenience for other more hardcore jihadist groups) from fanatics promoted precisely for their fanaticism. Anymore than one should expect Weiss to have the stones to be willing to report from areas getting bombed by the Russian Air Force.


  6. just called my DC representative and said I wanted ‘volunteers’ to count the votes…and there could be a parallel system that being the machine voting..both should match…the young woman in the local office sounded a bit surprised by the suggestion


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