Southfront: D.C. Establishment/Dirty Deep State Trying to Escalate Ukraine Conflict to Demonize Russia and Help Hillary

Ukraine SITREP: Kiev is Meddling in the U.S. Election With Potentially Faked Docs, Ukrainian Army Remains Woefully Unprepared for the General Offensive Hardliners Want

It should also be noted here that many of the Ukrainian individuals and the security service (SBU) named in the Southfront video posted above have been pushing documents regarding former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort‘s work with the previous Yanukovych government to a U.S./UK press corps all too eager to accept anything Kiev presents as authentic. 

Why documents allegedly incriminating Manafort in Yanukovych’s offshore holdings and corrupt payoffs only came to light after Trump’s recent remarks about potentially recognizing Crimea as Russian, and not during the Republican primary season when Manafort came to prominence again in the U.S., is a question those pushing the story to hurt Trump aren’t interested in asking. Nor do they care about the SBU’s history of pushing faked stories or ‘evidence’, such as the wild allegations that the Donetsk rebels were building a dirty bomb using old trash from Chernobyl as radioactive material. Apparently the only foreign power capable of meddling in a U.S. election for its own benefit via planting hacked or false information in the press is Russia, the current U.S.-propped up regime in Ukraine would never do such thing.

Even with the thesis presented in the Southfront video that many powerful individuals in Kiev want a full-fledged resumption of hostilities in the Donbass, we think the same armor and artillery shortages that prevented a general UAF offensive this time last year will block major action. Which means Russia is unlikely to be baited into directly intervening in the conflict with cross border fires and brief ‘Northern Wind’/GRU advised incursions for the first time since the Ilovaisk/Saur Mogila and Debaltsevo battles of August 2014 and February 2015. As we’ve said many times here at RogueMoney, if Washington wants to help Kiev get Donetsk and Lugansk ‘back’ non-Ukrainians will have to bleed and die alongside the Ukrainian Army in numbers too large to cover up in the home countries of NATO’s ‘Foreign Legion’-naires on the ground in eastern Ukraine.

Syria War SITREP:
The Turkish Invasion Comes At Last, But With Russia’s Tacit Consent (For Now), Turks Barely Pretend to Fight the Islamic State While Concentrating Their Firepower on Kurds

While rigorously training its forces at home, Russia is simultaneously stepping up its air support for the Syrian Arab Army in the meatgrinder urban warfare for Aleppo. Moscow is also seeking to defuse any escalation from the direction of Turkey, which has invaded northern Syria this week with a reluctant green-light from Damascus and Tehran. Both Syria and Iran are concerned in the long term almost as much as Turkey about the establishment off a Kurdistan claiming territory from all three states allied with the U.S. and Israel.

However, while the Russian Air Force is clearly not interfering as part of some sort of tacit or still under negotiations ‘deal’, the Turkish invasion has not been without bad publicity for Ankara. The Turks lost two tanks to Kurdish YPG anti-tank missiles on Saturday near the border city of Jarablus. The area was ‘liberated’ from Islamic State terrorists this week after the jihadists likely shaved off their beards, put on newly delivered uniforms, and either joined the ‘moderate’ ‘Free Syrian Army’ groups acting under Turkish tutelage, or simply walked across the border into Turkey. It remains unclear just how far Turkish troops will go inside Syrian territory or how many casualties they’re prepared to sustain before pulling back.


Much of that could depend on the outcome of secret talks between Ankara and Damascus as well as Moscow and Tehran that have been underway for some time and which accelerated after Erdogan’s meeting with Putin in St. Petersburg earlier this month What is clear is that Kurdish forces have vowed to fight and Kurds in Aleppo, who had previously threatened to cut the Castillo Road held by Assad government forces, are now renewing their attack on Turkey’s jihadi proxies in the city alongside the SAA.

The question of whether the missile used to kill Turkish tankers and troops was in fact supplied by the United States to its Kurdish proxies in order to ‘fight ISIS’ will also be hotly debated among Turks this week, as mistrust persists between Ankara and Washington since the mid-July coup attempt against President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Washington will naturally seek to deny, deny, deny that it is still sending arms to Kurdish groups who are now fighting its NATO ally while the Russians use diplomacy and informational warfare to widen the breach between the Americans and Turks. But many in the alternative media will insist that Turkey’s invasion of Syria proves their claims that the coup against Erdogan, despite the hundreds of lives lost, was fake. The Russia Analyst does not share that assessment of the coup, the reporting of Sibel Edmonds and Newsbud among others has convinced us it was quite real.

With that said, we have strongly considered the possibility in the last few days that Washington’s ‘Empire of Chaos’ is seeking to bleed the Turks in heavy fighting with the Kurds while simultaneously blackmailing Ankara with more exposures of its support of ISIS if it does not keep supply lines open to its ‘moderate’ jihadi proxies fighting Assad. In short, Washington is scorching the Earth even more and promoting a three rather than two sided conflict in Syria, with the hopes of weakening the Turks through the Kurds, lest they turn eastward and abandon their support for the Syrian jihad.


The risks of such a ‘screw everyone over’ strategy however, are going to become evident in the days and weeks to come. Particularly (as we’ve warned before) if Turkish nationalists decide to take action against the CIA’s warehouses inside their country in a sort of repeat of Benghazi. Once again, the Langley boys may think everyone in the Mideast is stupid and happy to bleed and die for them and their bankster bosses, but blowback and revenge served as a dish coldly are likely coming, beyond just casual snubs of Vice President Joe Biden being greeted by the vice mayor of Ankara rather than the President or Prime Minister at the airport last week.

While the Russia Analyst has been dealing with family health matters and has had less time to research or write of late, we do plan more posts ahead of any ‘October surprise’ designed to enhance the demonization of the Russians and thereby help the flagging campaign of low energy, #SickHillary. Suffice to say, the Russia Analyst believes escalation on both hot fronts of Cold War 2.0 in Ukraine and Syria is inevitable as we get closer to the election…and ‘W the Intelligence Insider’ and Russian sources concur with that assessment.




One thought on “Southfront: D.C. Establishment/Dirty Deep State Trying to Escalate Ukraine Conflict to Demonize Russia and Help Hillary

  1. first hope health matters become non issues and better health results
    not sure, nothing I have read has sounded too great for Russia with this move by Turkeyand the US…and very little talk about China and is the seizing of Syrian territory for real by Turkey/US?Obama mtg w/Erdogan Sept 4th..good?


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